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RE: Why Feminism Still Doesn't Make Sense To Others

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I enjoyed your post. I think you have basically hit upon the fact that Meghan Trainor has no intention of doing anything to help any women. She is just playing to the current culture of fake-regressive-activism for the constant parade of claimed victims for money, while doing her best to assuage her own ego in the process. It's pretty clear that Meghan Trainor is a narcissist, look at her obsession with flashing her awards in the "Me Too" video.

Honestly, I think that video alone is almost enough that I'd diagnose her with NPD:

Feminism has been co-opted by third-wave and other late stage feminists. It is no longer about helping women, it's a political identity politics block and victim movement. It's BlackLivesMatter or Antifa for women. It can't be taken seriously on any objective grounds because it has no reason or facts to fall-back on - things like the "gender-wage gap" are quite literally complete lies. There is no institutional sexism left, and women have a great deal of advantages over men (ineligible for draft, title IX suits protect job, alimony, drastically reduced criminal sentencing, presumption of better child custody, presumption of truth in rape/DV claims, child support, ability to get a Lacrosse team ruined with one sentence and no evidence, sometimes hired thanks to appearance, etc.)

Where are men's institutional advantage? Can we name one?

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I've the same thoughts too. Tbh feminism is ywt another labeled movement which some can't fully fit themselves in, and it really doesn't cover many other important gender-related issues.

One should be highly skeptical of all -ISMs. They are almost always hate movements.

One (all) of these things is exactly like every other: