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RE: Why Feminism Still Doesn't Make Sense To Others

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Correct. Feminism still doesn't exists too me. I stay open though. In my eyes every woman, and this is not sexually meant at all, needs the male body and otherwise. The biggest feminist will still do some things between the sheets that they never thought they would accept. This is just my view.


That is a very existentialist view, I like that, but it really isn't necessarily a feminist issue I would say although it kinda is (haha you get me?). To "do some things between the sheets that they never thought they would accept" applies to any gender anyway, so yeah.

Sorry? What do you mean that every woman needs the male body, but it's not meant sexually? How do you mean? And also, why do you think this?

I am implying that the woman can be independant, but there will always be a temptation and hunger. But as @thegiamarcos says, this applies to any gender.

I see. I think that's a fine thought, but I have a few counterpoints:

  1. some women have temptation and hunger that is fulfilled by other women, not the male body.
  2. some people (and I have a friend like this) don't experience temptation and hunger the way I think you mean.

while these people are a minority of the population, so are left-handed people, so it's worthwhile to acknowledge their experiences, too. My grandpa was left-handed.