3 Sites You Can Visit to Buy Bitcoin in Indonesia

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After reading articles about bitcoin, have you become interested in buying and investing with bitcoin? It's easy, you just go to the bitcoin exchange, which is a digital market where you can buy bitcoin that can accept fiat money and other digital currencies.
Want to know which sites you can visit to buy bitcoin? Let's find out about it in the following article.

1. Local Bitcoin

This local bitcoin is a market that brings buyers and sellers of bitcoin from all over the world. Fun again, you will be met with the seller or buyer who is in the closest location in accordance with the IP address that you use. If you are in Jakarta, then you will choose anything that likes sellers that are close to your location.

Payment is very easy. You can use a local bank transfer or do COD if your location with the seller is close enough. Fun again, you can make a bargain.

2. Luno

Luno is actually a site taken from England, received in London. However, this site also allows buying and selling bitcoin in Rupiah. Luno is a site with high credibility because it is trusted to be operated in 40 countries in the world, including Indonesia.
Shhh ... even the experts who work in Luno are workers in large companies like Google, Amazon, Barclays, and so on.
Currently, there are two crypto currencies that you can buy on this site, namely bitcoin and ethereum. The advantages of this site are the very low transaction costs and super-short deposit and withdrawal process.

3. Indodax

Indodax is known by the name Bitcoin.co.id and is the most popular bitcoin buying and selling site in the archipelago. However, now this site has changed a little. Not only bitcoin can you buy here, you can also buy various other cryptocurrency.

If you want to buy bitcoin on Indodax, you can buy with Rupiah or other cryptocurrency such as altcoin, ethereum, and so on. In a way, Indodax is one of the safest sites for buying and selling bitcoin for Indonesians.
Now, visit 3 sites that you can visit to buy bitcoin.