2020 Pacific Northwest on Fire..

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Dust Storm Sept 7th... Richland WA.jpg

I walked out on my porch, took a picture of the sky at 1 pm.

It's been quite a day in Eastern WA. My daughter and her family were stuck in their vehicle in traffic for 5.5 hours in Ritzville on I90, here was their view.


There were widespread power outages and life feels a bit surreal.

One small town in Eastern WA lost about 75% of the homes and several historic buildings.

2020 is relentless.

Today in Oregon my friend was stuck in this:


Entire towns in CA and WA have been destroyed.


In the small town of Malden 80% of the residents are now homeless and many historical building gone.

Fires and emergencies are part of life, how ever you turn on the TV and it is all Election BS and Covid.

Crazy times.



2020 is almost over. That's my goal. Stay strong and God bless.

Man it's kind of crazy how i don't hear about fires often except for people who live in those areas. its just not a common thing in the east coast to hear about fires this often but 2020 i feel like it's every week recently.

San Francisco today taken by a friend. I just moved and it looks like we got out just in time, but it sucks to see.
This was taken in the middle of the day btw...

I'm so glad you got out

holy shit! this post is punching me in the feelz, glad you are safe, am pretty much getting most news from here and discords so to see actual community users pics is gut wrenching,

I watched the smoke roll in like fog on Friday. I am prepping to relieve a crew we have in the Okanagon area rebuilding the power lines. I went there a few years back and I guess this year it is far worse. Hey, I guess this gives us a real reason to put on a mask. 😜😜


The Blue Bridge over the Columbia River on Saturday.

We are headed back to the Tri-cities tomorrow. We are in Goldbar today, not that bad.

It’s pretty bad still in Walla Walla. The mountains tend to keep things locked in over here for a while.

never seen anything like this, wish there was something to say or do besides just praying that the good in humanity can prevail :(

It very sad... the countless people who have lost everything due to a couple a-holes lighting fires.

This is really bad, I can't imagine what those people are going through who has lost their homes!!

Another summer day in Ca.


oh man, that sucks so much, we had that the other day, but it has cleared up now.

Take care, be safe.

Crazy times is right, I have so much fun and also just friendship in "The Pulse" . It's been great to still have the "OG" gang together after so many years. Seeing pics like this get to me, feel like everything is just falling literally like chicken little. There is nothing to even say in words as to the level of wanton destruction and things that can never be replaced. Thank you for sharing these pictures, people should see them and hopefully makes us all take some pause to have some more kindness to one another during times where over a million acres have been destroyed....probably is millions now, it's unreal.
<3 Axey

Seen lots of pictures from it on the news but it never seems real from social media. It's only when your read more about it or see real people dealing with it that it becomes more valid. Looks very serious right now.

yeah, WA calmed down a little today and interestingly they arrested some people on arson charges as well.

The Creek fire by Yosemite is where I grew up. My Dad had been ready to bolt and I saw a video today of my high school science teacher driving her tractor down the road to Oakhurst as her wife followed in the rv with belongings.

The entire west coast is on fire it seems but there is a big human part to play. Forest mismanagement has lead to the massive amount of fuels low enough for fires to burn. Forests need regular low level fires to burn the undergrowth out and California has been the antithesis of proactive in that manner.

Pretty crazy the Yakima train trestle burning down.

Wow, Yosemite is such a beautiful place it is heartbreaking.

Regarding the forest mismanagement I agree and also they are arresting arsonists today all over the place in WA and think there might be a connection.

It seems odd/strange that these type of fires are now so common on the West Coast, when for many years prior, they were rare.

Some say that the lack of logging has created a tinder box, I'm not sure.

Everything has to be political now, so I take it with a grain of salt.

Climate Change is natural and something that has always taken place on Earth and there does seem to be some evidence that things are shifting regardless of the spin put on it. (whether or not it is human caused)

My suspicion is that the fire problem stems from a multifold of factors; some of which are malevolent. But, what the hell do 'I' know...I'm just 'me'.

Is it extra hot?

Have you looked into causes?

Curious as to how they are doing this...

Yeah, we did have a record hot summer and it is dry and windy.

You are right to be suspicious though as several arson arrests are now being made.

As with the fires in Aus I'm sure the fires are man made, but I'm interested by the stories of new military weapons being trailed

DEW directed energy weapon?

I was in Malden a couple of years ago. I needed a ride and sort of just followed my front wheel down into those little towns of Whitman County. I'd left my brother's place in Spokane by sun up, it was a Sunday and by the time I got there it was church time.

I've looked. I didn't take a single photo of Malden, but I was struck by the beauty of it and the other towns. I lingered. I'm sorry that it's gone.

Fire in that part of the world (any part, actually) is such an incredibly powerful force. Frightening times.

yeah, it is a crazy time and I have a love of small towns and random drives as well.

Good to see you bigtom!

..buckle up - it's gonna get crazier, methinks...

The train has left the station and we have no choice but to be on it ..

What we do have a choice in, is how we experience the journey.
(That's my spiritual, guru thought, of the day! lol)

I still owe you a couple of hive!lol

You were the only entrant into my competition - months back! -
I totally forgot about that - until this very moment!
(not sure what promoted that though....more guru thoughts needed...)

lol, i forget what it even was but certainly will take what I can get lol, yeah it's kinda odd when you give out 'free money' and people complain about it or don't bother. Guess am the sort who bothers, oh well! :) guru thoughts indeed