Introducing @Abundance.Tribe with a 1100 HIVE Prize Logo Design Contest ::Entry Post::

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Authored by @elamental

Calling all artists, graphic designers, and creative humans of all stations. @steeminganarchy, @in2itiveart, and @vincentnijman are sponsoring a 1100 Hive prize pool design contest to manifest new logos for the migration of our community to the Hive blockchain now known as:


Abundance Tribe is a community abundance generator, supporting over 100 content creators directly, as well as supporting a variety of other communities through delegations of HivePower. You may be more familiar with our old name: @TribeSteemUp... but obviously after the fork, we needed to do some re-branding.

You can find a breakdown of the types of content we support here in our original 8 Pillars post, and you can scroll back through our history to easily find examples of what our members write thanks to our Weekly Gems posts by @trucklife-family.

If you would like to support our community, you can do so via the Tribe Vibes curation trail, by delegating HP to @Abundance.Tribe, or simply by following our members (@clarkkozak created this great tool to follow any/all members quickly & easily.) If you'd simply like to come chat with us, feel free to join us on Discord.

The Decentralized Community
These are the other communities that we support on Hive; maybe one of them is your new home on the blockchain.

Hive Community: hive-120078

Hive Community: hive-123046

Hive Community: hive-199420

Hive Community: hive-110786

Hive Community: hive-129017


As the design contest coordinator, @ELAmental has organized some spectacular designs for several communities on Steem and an event logo. These contests included entries from some of the most prolific insignia artists the platform had to offer, which include but are not limited to: @EDXserverus, @theMonkeyzuelans, @CritterCrats, @Gade4rt, @Erune, @Kayrex, @theWalker, @StateofAnarchy, & many more. We would also love to see illustrators from the COMIC BOOKS fan/pro Community such as @ArsenicLullaby participate if they are willing. Below are examples of some top entries from previous contests as an offer of inspiration:

@EDXserverus' TSU Design

@theMonkeyzuelan's' TSU Design

@Crittercrats' Earth Tribe Design

@Erune's Earth Tribe Design

@EDXserverus & @theMonkeyzuelan's Collab Anarchapulco Event Design

@Kayrex's Tribe Vibes Druid Djinn Commissioned Design
TribeVibes druid_djinn.png



  1. Re-Hive this post to your blog
  2. Submit a custom and original logo for "Abundance Tribe" in the comments section of this contest entry article (below) within 2 weeks from the date of this publication.
  3. Please be sure your design incorporates symbolic elements of what our community represents, and the fundamental principals we do our best to exemplify (see below in the "Community Description" section).

There is no limit on the number of designs you can submit, but we are encouraging quality over quantity.


All participants are encouraged to create a blog-post on Hive explaining the meaning and design elements of your crafted logo for this contest. We will do our best to provide up-vote support on one post per account that enters this contest/properly meets the required criteria.

We also STRONGLY encourage creating a banner and page separator(s) that correspond with the "Abundance Tribe" logo you create. We are also in need of these graphics types, and participating in this optional part of the contest would certainly not hurt your chances of placing for a prize.

Below are some examples of page separators and banners from previous contests:













We have decided to award first, second, and now also third place prizes for this design contest which will be distributed as follows:

1st Place - 750 HIVE

2nd Place - 250 HIVE

3rd Place - 100 HIVE


Abundance Tribe/Tribe Steem Up Community Description


Thoughts to Consider

While professionalism should be a footnote in your mind during design creation, we also ask to keep humanitarianism, environmentalism, and elements of the elemental at the forefront of your designs. We are a community that promotes harmony, respect, peace as a first resort, as well as art, and the rights of nature, Earth, plants, animals, and humans alike. We offer a lens to peer through that allows anyone willing to see the truth - that we live in a world where we are surrounded with abundance, and teaching ways to harness that abundance through symbiosis.

Be creative and original - I visualize a lot of circular energy, possible rotating arrows, and similarities to symbols that typically represent recycling and re-using. While this type of symbolism would be appropriate for what this community actually is, I would like to see many varying design concepts that may not necessarily include this types of circulating imagery. Do not in any way however allow any of these words to totally dictate your design creation potential - there are no barriers or limits that should be applied to your artistic talent EVER! The only thing we ask is that whatever you submit is appropriate and not potentially offensive or contradictory to our missions.


Judging the Contest

Since this is a design contest for the new Hive community @Abundance.Tribe (formerly @TribeSteemUp on the Steem blockchain), it will be the members of our community that are voting on all the entered designs. This contest design discussion/voting will be held privately in the "members only" channel on the Tribe Steem Up discord server after the two week contest entry period concludes. The winners of the contest will then be promptly announced and rewarded via new publications on the @TribeSteemUp & @Abundance.Tribe accounts.


You have a full 2 weeks to enter this contest starting on 4/17/2020 - which means you may continue to make submissions for another week after this post pays out. The contest entry period will officially end on Friday May 1st 2020 at 11:59 PM PDT, and the winners will be selected and announced on the following day.

Submit as many different QUALITY design entries as you desire within the allotted time frame in the comments section of this entry article. We are sending a huge blessing of gratitude in advance to all the participants that are willing to sacrifice energy from their life for this project - thank you, & good luck!


nice dream-catcher, entry confirmed.

I based my entry on the 8 pillars. Check out the full design set.


Link to blog

nice job daltono!

Thanks a lot for the support Alex 🤝

sure, it was a solid and good design.. ITs hard with the tribe logo because it represents so many different kinds of people with different tastes. Lets see how it goes!

On another note, maybe you would be interested in helping me with a logo!? I could offer some HIVE, but sadly not 1000 .. Let me know if you are interested. It's for a good cause.. the ecoVillages branding.. I was never happy with what i made, and was waiting for an old friend to help me with it..

I am a web developer and designer, but for some reason i can never make my own logo well ;_) You can check out the site now if you like.. i went for a weird green as i was trying to stay off the typical blues and pastels.. but i think i want to go more cozy than it is..

let me know if you have time / interest!

Yes I would love to help. Can you message me on Discord?
Discord: Daltono#5080

Cool concept, I would love to see an alternate blue version. Entry confirmed.

I can do a blue version.

Saweet! I do like the Hive colors though too.

Entry received. Thank you.

Amigos de @abundance.tribe aqui les tengo el diseño de mi Logotipo, ademas incluye 3 Banners y un separador de página espero les guste!!! // Friends of @ abundance.tribe here I have the design of my Logo, it also includes 3 Banners and a page separator I hope you like it !!!

logo abundance tribe.jpg

banner Abundance 2.jpgbanner Abundance 1.jpgbanner Abundance 3.jpg
separadores abundance.jpg

brutal hermano!

@auelitairene que bueno que te gusto! 😁

Very Creative, entry confirmed.

Thanks @elamental hope you like these designs!!!

Tremendo diseño! Mucho éxito!!

Gracias hermano esa es la idea!

This is very interesting & spooky, loving the separator/banner and color choices! I will read all the posts later this evening.

You like it, I have another idea and I'm about to put it together.

I would LOVE to see another design of your making! You got some talent homegirl! Run it!

I'm just messing up with creation...
Work's not finished yet...
It's so much fun playing around with those alien & mandala symbols...
More to come... soon...

Very cool, I would recommend trying to make the word "Abundance" a little more clear in terms of where it starts and ends.


New version of my #2 entry with dear @elamental opinions.

This is sick how kool it is !
PERFECT ! I hope you win 🌿

Very nice work! Loving the addition of the sunlight - which we all need every day. Gotta have that shine and glow!

this is really good, nice job x

cannot stop creation...
& I love doing designs LIVE!

  • social element with some brain storming...

Very psychedelic designs, keep em droppin' if you cant stop 'em haha!

For the record I think this design is really cool - projecting hearts around the outside of spirit. I probably should have added this design to the update post with the other top logos (imo) I selected... I still can if you want me to. Just let me know if you change your mind - much love!

Thanks man :)
I changed my mind and now I'm really ready to support the tribe :)

Honored to have you back! No hard feelings here - sending you love & blessings.

Namaste ॐ

this is sweet x

Thanks! :)

Hello , i share my Gif and follow the Link for the Banners and presentation .
Thank you for this Kool Challenge , that was fun to make 🌿

Finally someone included cannabis in something! I am always happy to see that! Will check out your blog post momentarily - entry confirmed!

nice one beautiful xxx

Thank you sweets 😘

Nice Work! Entry confirmed.

cool, so much included in this, nice one xx

Hi, This is #2 my entry for @Abundance.Tribe Logo Design Contest.

I like this one, it sort of reminds me of #naturalmedicine which is a good thing - these two communities are very tied together.

1000 Hive - Holey Moley - THAT should get some talent out from under their lockdown logs. LOL. 🤣 Great way to manage the new image question. Reblogged and shared to the @c-squared contests channel in Discord.

Nice, clear post @ELAmental - appreciate your effort.


Is this your entry? - HAHAHA - jk.

Shared to my twitterfeed. POSH:

Thank you for the promotion, I am sure it will attract much needed talented recruits. I have also transmitted the message to as many star-systems as I can reach. Let us know if you have any further ideas to extend our range. Blessings.

The need for a rebrand hadn't even occurred to me, that 'steem' word was quite well buried in the old account name, but I guess this makes sense, and an appropriate new name as well!

Hive on!

Thank you for the support fam.

I would like to throw in 100 HIVE for a third place and am already looking forward to the entries :>)

Looks like we have a 3rd place slot open now - thank you! What do you think @KennysKitchen?

I don't see any reason not to.

Updated the post.

Another great initiative from the team! Keep up the good works guys, resteeming for more visibility.

Thank you for the support.

Re-Blogged! Excited to see what new designs unfold :-)

As are we - thank you for helping spread the visibility.

Excited about this - a fabulous offer. Looking forward to the amazing designs!!! Hope people get to see this! xx

I am looking forward to seeing many new artists pop up as well as some familiar faces. Should be a good one.

I'm in! Starting a draft right away! ;)
Blessings, hope & abundance!

Awesome, greatly looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

My first simple idea...just testing out some symbols :)

Nice, is this your entry?

Yes, it's my first entry...

Entry received - thank you.

Upvoted and shared to the member of #informationwar :)

Thank you so much for the share and support!

I like where you are going with this idea. Entry received - thank you.

my third entry has some variations...



I just realize how amazing these prices are, with the current Hive price. The power of the blockchain!

no doubt, even halved its still a great prize pool!

80s retro style, very nice. Has a Stranger Things vibe going on.


entry confirmed.

I quit the contest.

please don't use any designs I've created!

I do not want any prize...

I am sorry to hear this. You have entered several designs into the contest, are you sure you do not want any of them to be considered for a prize when the tribe votes on all the designs? I will of course honor your request and not use any logos you created if that is really what you want. Is there anything in particular that spurred this decision/any way we can improve the way we handle these contests? I am sorry if I offended you in any way - wishing you the best blessings friend.

Sorry man :D I needed to let go of my emotions :)
my fault :D
i'm very happy we got in touch like this real :)
I still have two days to improve my design...
please forgive my messy~ness...
I was drinking good Rakia with one of my best friends and had a lot of fun :D
It seems we have to spit everything right here in the blockchain... and heals wounds :)
I'm not going to edit my trashtalking... and probably gonna add everything into a new post...
As every designer needs... to have some input~output emotions for the correct arrangement of the appearance :)
... and my english is not so good to express what I feel :)


No worries at all family! We are here for each other - that's what its all about. If anyone understands blowing off steam and handling tough emotions its me. I just went through the darkest nine months of my life. Here are two posts of mine I think can help you no matter what you are dealing with - this isn't spam and I am not looking for votes or anything like that, I just know how tough life can be at times and I truly hope the words I wrote within these articles can help you in some way:

How I Healed from the Worst Hurt of my Earth Life

Loving Energy Booster - A Surge of Blessings & Abundance - Be Happy for Yourself - You Made it to NOW!

There is nothing wrong with your designs btw - there are just a lot of entries and a lot to consider, and I apologize if I did not give you fair recognition. Your numerous entries, energy, and hard work are greatly appreciated by all of us here in @Abundance.Tribe. Thank you for everything good you do.

I'm just going out of my darkest period(s) too..
And you give me the so needed support and the last spark for the break through.
Also I felt the urge to connect the tribe onto the new level.

for the designs I still need some corrections to consider them real entries...
just because I don't want to do it by my own...

and for the articles THANKS!
opening right now for a glimpse... and later for a deep read..
too much powerful energy...a lot going on...
trying to ground myself

You have made some awesome entries with tons of vibrant colors, you are doing a great job!.. and glad I could help you, always feel free to reach out if you ever need help or have any questions/concerns about anything - on the platform or in life. Much love fam.

This is my second entry :



Link to blog

You should do logos for football leagues



I’ve made a couple before. They were a lot of fun to do.



Looks good, kinda glows almost. I like the light blue, maybe it would look even better in black with the light blue for harder contrast, but either way this color scheme is great.

If you decide on this logo I can make it in any color combination you’d like.

Here I leave my proposal along with a Post explaining the reason for this design.

Thank you for the opportunity

Such a cute entry, have a feeling some of the ladies will like this one. I like the rainbow stripped back on that little guy - entry confirmed.

Well well! After a couple weeks of research and development, we come up with some strong concepts based on the @abundance.tribe project ideology.

Here's our entry post where you'll find a deep explanation of concepts and graphics, along with many more branding items, as logo versions, separtors and banners:

[ESP/ENG] ABUNDANCE TRIBE (Diseño de Identidad Visual/Visual Identity Design)

Thanks in advance to @elamental and @abundance.tribe for this opportunity, congratulations to all the participants as well. No matter the contest results, you all rock!

@themonkeyzuelans! It's so good to see you two pop up again! Great design per usual, very professional and reminds me of an atom which is really cool. I will check in and comment on all the new contestant's blog post today - entry confirmed.

Thank you @elamental! We really appreciate that you noticed us about this contest even when we were a little off for a while. We're so glad to be back and what a way to do it that with one of your contests 🐒

I like it a lot , very pretty 😊

thank you very much very kind @opidia

I like how it looks like the leaf is opening up to let you into the secret parts of nature that the naked eye cannot usually perceive - great work! - entry confirmed.

I'm glad you like it, thank you very much @elamental

My first entry.

Blog Post

Thanks for the Opportunity

Wow - cool animated GIF banner! Entry Confirmed.

This may be your best one yet imo. Great job! - entry confirmed.

Loving your persistence fam, thank you for all the great entries! -this one confirmed too.

EDX! So glad to see you back here! Great entry per usual for you - fantastic work! - entry confirmed.

Thanks, i am glad that you like it and i hope the community too, great entrys i see in this contest, good luck to all.

Hello :) Here is my entry:

Read more:
All the Best :)

up - snake eating the tail! Thinking of using this ancient symbol is brilliant! I was hoping someone would - great job on short notice! - entry confirmed!

Thanks a lot, i enjoyed creating this 😊

Hi, This is my latest entry for @Abundance.Tribe Logo Design Contest.



Design #1


Design #2


Another great entry confirmed! Thanks for all the numerous creative entries friend!

Very appropriate entry - so creative! This contest is just going to be more and more difficult to judge by the tribe with all the amazing entries that just keep pouring in. I have lost count of how many there are at the moment. GREAT WORK! - entry confirmed.

Its 14th day Hope my Entry get a place for the Contest.

Page Seperator

Banner Without Text :P

Check my working steps on the post

Loving the meditative spirit art - its electric! Great job! - entry confirmed.

Thanks for appreciation and Confirming.

Hi again.

My 2nd Proposal
Post Link

Awesome energy in the GIF! Another good entry confirmed!

Loving the alien looking heart - fresh! - entry confirmed.

Here is my entry (might have another when I wake up before deadline, currently 5:40am). I'll do a post later to explain the symbolism of different parts ;)

Sweet Celtic knots! Nice color choices too - entries confirmed.

Hello Abundance Tribe! What is the difference between badges, tribes and communities?