Announcing #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action on June 13, 2020

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Announcing #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action on June 13, 2020

WHAT: A non-partisan coalition of alternative media organizations and activist groups are calling for a Global Day of Action to #ExposeBillGates and his control agenda.

In the first few months of 2020, billionaire Bill Gates has been promoted as the savior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although he is lauded as a hero Gates has been a force of disruption and shaky science. The truth is Bill Gates hides a darker agenda.

Gates has made numerous media appearances calling for extended lock downs, contact tracing surveillance, digital certificates to travel and work, and announced his intention to vaccinate 7 billion people. Gates' family also has ties to discredited eugenics science and believes billionaires like him should help reduce the world's population. (For those who might be new to this information we recommend watching The Bill Gates documentary series from The Corbett Report and/or reading The Bill Gates investigation from The Last American Vagabond.)

It's time to #ExposeBillGates and expose his agenda. Together we can shine the light on Gates' true intentions and change the course of humanity.

WHEN: Join us on Saturday June 13, 2020 as we spread the word about Bill Gates' agenda. We encourage everyone interested to organize and host documentary screenings, share articles, pass out flyers, drop banners, and share on social media using the hashtag #ExposeBillGates. We encourage everyone to share accurate and credible information about Gates' goals. This is a non-partisan event and activists from all sides of the political spectrum are welcome.

To help spread the word about #ExposeBillGates Day please make this image your profile pic on all social media accounts.

#ExposeBillGates Day is being organized by The Conscious Resistance Network, The Corbett Report, The Last American Vagabond, Activist Post, The Free Thought Project, The Anti Media, We Are Change, and Wake Up News. If you represent an alternative/independent media channel or website and would like to be involved please get in touch.

CONTACT: Derrick Broze / [email protected]


This is Awesome! I was just in front of his house last week. I may have to go back this time with a kayak so I can get a better view from the water. Maybe even go to right up to his dock! When I was there last week I caught him violating Governor Inslee's stay home orders. He had multiple guests at his house in defiance to the orders he praises Jay Inslee for making. His security violates the privacy of anyone who shows up at his house. It doesn't and won't scare me away.

that is so amazing newsnownorthwest!!!! that you could possible get video and expose the utter hypocrisy. thank you for your bravery and service in these times.

If I will remember the date I will for sure make a post about him. This guy definitely deserves to be exposed and get to jail as well.

As a matter of fact, I've also shared an eerie feeling about all of these promotions announcing Bill Gates' plan to vaccinate everyone. The lady I walk with is vehemently opposed to vaccinations, and I trust her, being the professionally experienced and educated nutritionist and birth doula that she is. Something's not right in all of this billionaire propaganda, and I'm glad someone is shining a spotlight on it.

I'm so tired of all the conspiracy theory stuff surrounding Bill Gates. You want to hate Bill Gates? Fine, I have no problem with that, but hate him for something real. Let's start with his shitty Windows software. I can hate him for a few years just because of that.

Theres ALOT of conspiracys like this on here sadly. Just because hea got lots of money doesnt make him evil

Oh, I think he's evil for creating such a crap operating system. He could have invested more time and effort in preventing windows virus problems and left the medical issues to scientists and doctors. To be clear, I'm no fan of Bill Gates!

did either of you read the article series or watch the documentary or are you just commenting based on assumptions?

Yes, I watched the four videos and I am not convinced.

Not sure if this is true (see link) but maybe this will also help to shine a light on this matter?

Earlier this week, there was a date for the Rothschilds hearing as well, not sure which day it was, but it seems postponed now..

Good luck! The older he gets, the more insane it gets

Bill Apple wants to put microchips in 3veryon3 This is animal farm 1984 all ov again. Krusche= ril3s the 2”5):*#