4th Hive Anniversary

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Insert a mental image here of the cream on these cakes melting before your eyes in the hot weather and berries sliding down the sides because that was the reality of it xD But hey I wanted to recreate my digital cakes in real so give me a hive five for the effort!

Hello Strangers! It is my Hive cake day! Year 4 wasn’t all about sunshines and rainbows and my blogging pace dropped significantly. It was all I was capable of both physically and mentally so I hope you can forgive me. I will do better going forward. I miss my brushes and watercolors. I think I also for the first time in a long time believe in myself again and that I don’t suck at the artsy stuff after all. The other day I flicked through my works and felt inspired again. And you know what? I dare to call myself an artist too, despite what society might argue about who is worthy or isn’t worthy of the title. That is the life I choose. My path. I want to make my pile of works grows and I want to expand my creative horizons in as many ways as I can. Thank you all, who have stuck with me for the past 4 years! Your support and your words have always helped me to keep going and I hope to create more colorful, bright entries on the block for years to come!

Hive did change my life and I would say in all the best ways possible. Hive was my red pill and I am still tumbling down this rabbit hole, and I still love it! I would have been such a brain-dead NPC consumer zombie if I was never introduced to Hive, that is for sure! How lucky am I? So freaking lucky!

But damn, just look at that, 53 moons it says! ^^ Oh, and eating a cupcake did not make me sick, so that calls for celebration as well!

How has Hive changed your life?

Song of the day: Van Halen - Jump


I'm so happy how this spontaneous and totally random encounter a bit more than 4 years ago keeps giving until today. In a normal world, everyone would've moved on and forgotten about the past. Hive blessed us with this friendship, and for me personally it's one of the best things that happened to me here.

Absolutely amazed by your development, both personally and "professionally". Thank you for being you!

Aww! To this day I am convinced it was some sort of happy miracle by universe, there is just no other way to put it. Thank you for being my friend and for always encouraging me even when the times seem the darkest. It is one of the best things that has happened to me as well. I will never forget that and looking back, I still remember the magic tucked in that timeline and I can't help but smile and feel so happy.

Thank you for everything! Hugs

Woah, those look really good (though not quite as cute as the ones from your NFT Bakery) and I want one! I am glad that you are survived the cupcake as well... it sounds like you are well on your way to a speedy and complete recovery!

As you probably know, "cakeday" as the name for an account's anniversary began on Reddit because of the slice of cake that appears next to your name on those days. It feels a bit strange to wish a non-Redditor a happy cakeday when no such slice of cake appears here (well, I guess on the block explorer it does, but that doesn't count :P) and yet "Happy Hive Account Creation Anniversary (Well, It Was Called Something Else Then Which We Both Know And Won't Discuss, But Realistically It'd Get Tiring To Specify That Each Time I Talk About Hive Before The Chain Split [But I'm Still Doing It])!!!" just seems so long-winded.

So since there are cupcakes here I will instead just say Happy Cup-Cakeday ^_^ and, I am really glad your confidence is improving. You've always been brilliant, you just haven't always known! It sounds like there may be more watercolours coming soon? :o I am excited to think about it :)

How has Hive changed your life?

Hmm, tough question :P I'll have to think about that one ;)

Great choice for the song of the day. A bit thematic, no? Fun fact: I can play the keyboard solo from that song :D and that's pretty much the height of my repertoire, but hey, it's something!

Complete recovery would be if I did not get nausea in the mornings or pain sometimes and I could have coffee, but unfortunately no coffee for me. I tried two days in a row and both days I felt the shittiest I've been the whole recovery time. I also felt nausea from two table spoons of honey xD Like, I felt like I was about to puke or something.

What's Hive without community, right? Since community moved here, I don't feel like much change other than the name, but the idea is the same and therefore I don't feel like going in detail about Hive's history, if it makes sense. I've been part of this community for 4 years xD I think.

It is difficult for me to see that while I am working. I am extremely hard on myself. The worst critic. You know? I see it only later when I have forgotten about what details I was struggling with and what I would have done differently, when I forget about imperfections and look at something thinking like - wtf, how did I do this and why the fuck I was not happy with it in some way? Like when I take that pile of works, and look at them, I am proud. I really am.

Is it really that tough? :P

Hey, one day when I have a guitar and learn how to play, you will play the keyboard solo and I will do the guitar solo and we can start a band! ^^ Deal?

Well, you're still recovering after all. Let's hope the coffee and honey will be fine someday too. When was the last time you tried those?

I feel really detached from the Hive community lately because, well, I have been. You'd think being stuck alone and inside all the time would have strengthened my online bonds, but honestly this past year and a half or so I've just retreated into my shell most of the time. It's still got a place in my heart and I'm still involved on the technical side as a witness operator and also taking care of a lot of @curangel stuff, but I'd be surprised if the majority of people here even know or remember that I exist.

Glad you can be proud of your works. You should be.

Is it really that tough? :P

Well, one life-changing thing that happened here, which seems unlikely to have happened anywhere else, was that I made contact with an alien and got abducted. A+++++, would recommend. Aliens make great travel companions, and they're extremely cute. I hope to get beamed up again soon...

Anyway, if you learn guitar, I'll brush up my keyboards and maybe I can try to learn bass. We can both do vocals, but I can't sing and play anything at the same time so we'll have to work around that limitation. @cuddlekitten seems ready with the guitar, but I think we're more in need of a drummer.

About a week ago. I guess I could try one now as I need some energy to bake cinnamon buns in the middle of the night since that is the only cool period in my home xD Will report back later.

Well. I think, that everything needs to be in a balance. It can't be just everything online. Everything online makes me mostly feel lonely. I dunno. Maybe I am strange that way.

I remember and I am sure others do too unless they have gotten busy with life or have taken off from this place. It is sad that it happens. You are still doing important things for Hive, but I do miss your blogging and I hope you will start again some day :*

Hehe! Soon indeed.

Why not, right? Better late than never. Guitar is one of those things and it will happen. It has to. It is part of my bucket list xD

Happy 4th anniversary! 2020 was a hard year but I'm glad to hear that your inspiration is back. Cheers to another 4 years to come!!!

Thank you @leaky20! ^^ Cheers! I feel like myself again at least and like I can sit down and just work. It was not possible some time ago. So I hope as well that next 4 years will be filled with a healthy bunch of creations :)

And you know what? I dare to call myself an artist too, despite what society might argue about who is worthy or isn’t worthy of the title.

Good for you...!!! You've awakened to a certain personal truth, it seems @m31. Doing what you do, creatively, according to what inspires you in any given moment is certainly art... and that makes you an artist, regardless what anyone else thinks😎

Thank you for your kind words @angryman! You know, in the past I have been insecure about my works, like I would get praised for a great artwork and in my mind I would go like thanks, you can hardly call it art, but it is! And I just no longer want to be shy about it and I want to shine even brighter. And all the society's forced definitions and exclusion from groups based on some sort of bizarre standards or qualifications have never helped much.

I can relate to your past insecurity regarding personal creativity; I've experienced it as well and only overcame most insecurities in recent senior years.

I just no longer want to be shy about it and I want to shine even brighter.

You shall... Perhaps you are shining brighter than you realize, already...😎

To this day I'm amazed by the chain of events that lead you and subsequently me to the platform..


Me too and right after I looked up at the night sky and asked Universe to guide me as well. That's pure magic there!

@tipu curate 🍷

Cheers @rozku! Thank you for all your support! :)

Looks like we joined at the same time. Hope all is well, and take care

Happy 4th anniversary to you too! All is indeed well, Thank you! Hope you are doing well in this crazy world of ours too :)

Happy Birthday <3 <3 continue your great work on this beautiful platform.

Thank you @equipodelta! I owe Hive at least that much, you know? :) It has given me so many wonderful experiences and people in my life, I am forever grateful.

I feel the same, that's called: love <3

Happy Hive anniversary, you loseeer.

Thanks duuuuuuuude! I am really happy to be here still and happy to see you around here as well! :)

Happy 4th!!!

It was only a month or so after that we met :D

Gotta run for now, but drop me any kind of message anytime.

Thank youuuu! 4th feels like 40th when you being sentences with back in my day xD Kidding, the day is still young. So much still ahead. Crypto to the moon! Right? Right???! :D


Time is not a straight line on the blockchain.... weirdly

Just think about all the time wasted spent on and around the blockchain in the last 4 years.

Better not.



Aww kitty do you want to be in my band too? You will have to share guitar solos with me! ^^

Happy Hiversary! :-)

Song of the Grey:

- New Year's Day - U2

Aww, thank you so much Gandalf! Hive wouldn't be the same without you and I am so happy we've met because of it :)

In the end of that video he says - U2 is just a letter and number :D M31 is also a letter and number and so is Z74 no just tho, Hehe! Awesome as always! hugs

So testy

Haha! Yes, it was very testy! :)

Enjoy meal

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Awww Happy birthday to you, happy birthday you 4 year old Hivey girl🎉🎂😊💐😃 I am only a baby next to you, 1 year. Hive has been great for me, it helped me get out of my shell slowly and in my own rythm.
How is your health? Feeling better? I see that you indulge yourself with pretty good looking sweets, yum yum😋😍

Imagine celebrating our 18th year on Hive. Oh... Wow.. That would be something... Then we will remember how it was when we used to be babies😂

Congrats on your anniversary, hive is a great outlet for creative people like yourself.
Best of luck now and in the future. Go get that guitar @m31

I am reading this now. Yes. Unfortunately. Here we typically comment within the first day or two of a post. And then…the post stays and collect dust. I always wonder why this is the hive etiquette. I have a theory but I won’t go there.

Sorry for the long intro, but belated congratulations of your 4th hive birthday. I never celebrated mine (hive one) so I can’t tell you how I felt. But to me everyday is a new day at hive and I spend inordinate amounts of time here. I am unsure why. But I do agree with both Phare and you, that’s it’s a lucky coincidence that we met here. This became the only social network I care about and the only people I care about apart from my immediate family.

Thank you for the friendship and your tolerance.