Archdruid Gaming Contest | Gaming Decades: The 70's - Total Prize Pool: 35 STEEMs!!!

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Hi everyone!

Recently, @archdruid has acquired two new curators, @veryspider (me, a spider) and @elfranz (my partner in crime, a dragon), so we're like a zoo now :D...... uh, what I meant to say was:

"Nice to meet you all o/ !!!"

A bit of introduction from each of us:

  • @veryspider - I'm mostly a PC gamer, these days. Don't hold that against me, please :3 I have been a gamer since I was a very young spider, mostly on the Nintendo system, but I graduated through to PlayStation and XBOX consoles later on. The last game that I played was DIABLO 3.

  • @elfranz - BEHOL... oh the mic is off BEHOLD!!! The great gaming dragon!!! I've been hoarding games in my heart and shelves... ok hard-drive for decades, PC games, Console games, Tabletop games, Card games, even rock-paper-scissors, you name it... yeah tag too... and hide and seek... WE'RE GETTING OUT OF TRACK! I don't remember the first game that I played but right now I'm replaying Pillars of Eternity cuz is lit and RPG is the best genre FIGHT ME!

Alright! Now that's out of the way, both I and elf thought that (as new Oracles to @archdruid), we need to get to know our audience (that is you, gaming enthusiasts of Steemit!) and we both agreed that contests are exciting and provide wonderful ways to get to know people :)

So, let's jump into ~

@archdruid's first contest for 2019 !!!

We are one year away from wrapping up a decade, this year, and so I and elf thought that we should look back in time to remember and appreciate our gaming journey :D and so, we chose the theme for @archdruid's contests for 2019 is ...


For the first round, we are going right back to the 1970s, when gaming was still a brave new frontier for most!

FIRST ROUND: The 1970s

  1. You are to create a post about a game from the 1970s :D
    If you weren't alive yet (like me and elf), this is a perfect opportunity to do some research and maybe discover a classic title that you have always been curious about.
  2. The post does not need to be about a game review or a video of actual gameplay!
    You can do fanart, or fanfic, or commentary piece about a game's soundtrack, or a cosplay of a character from a game that was released in the 1970s, or photography post with your collection of oldie-but-goodie games, ... you get the idea, right? ANYTHING GOES AS LONG AS THE POST HAS A RELATION TO A GAME RELEASED SOMEWHERE IN THE 1970s! We are opening up the playfield and we welcome Steemians of various genres to come and join the @archdruid's love for gaming!
  3. If you do submit a post, please resteem this post :) Upvotes are not required but appreciated <3
  4. Please tag your post with #archdruid-contest if you are entering the contest :D
  5. Deadline is Monday 21th of April to give everyone a fair chance of pumping the nostagia and old-school vibes! Here's a countdown if you need that!
  6. Judging for this round is @veryspider and @elfranz!
    But in the future, we will welcome guest judges so if you are interested to help this community out as a judge, let us know :D In return, we will splash you with a short feature in the contest's publication to highlight who you are as a gamer and bringing exposure to you which may invite new follows to your page :D :D :D

What were the seventies like for gaming???

Here are a few examples of how gaming was that might inspire you but you can do whatever you want :D


Home gaming has never been the same since...!


The board game !!! :D

Dungeons & Dragons

The father of modern tabletop RPG's


Arcade gaming was coming into its own form * __ *

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The beginning of PC simulation


Alright, now that HYPE has been stoked, let's get to the juiciest bits :D

  1. First Prize: 15 STEEMs
  2. Runner Up: 10 STEEMs
  3. Honorable Mentions (x5): 2 STEEMs (each)

Total Prize Pool: 35 STEEMs

The prizes will come out of mine and elf's own pockets because we are passionate about this so, we hope you will really consider joining up and sharing our love for gaming because, you see, gaming is more than just a 'silly and childish' hobby for us, it is a brand new frontier that is coming into its own form and respectability, and we hope to meet others who also want to contribute making #gaming a thriving and fun community in Steemit :D


@geekgirl and @gibic has each donated 10 STEEMs to the prize pool, raising the total to 35 Steems! So check out the new prize divisions !!!!! EXCITEMENTO~

Any questions? Please let us know in the comments below :)

Hope to see a lot of posts and entries!


Good luck! Have fun!

Signing off,
@veryspider & @elfranz


I would like to add 10 Steem to the prize pool.



Here is my post :D i cant resteem cause the post is too old, but i share the link in my post and upvote it.

Monopoly: Gift of the god of fun


I like the idea oft this contest and want to add to the prize pool. And since winning isn't everything I will give an SBI-Share to one randomly chosen contestant :)


(also please enter, though)

Basically, let's just enjoy my 4.023K word entry that's a fanfic:
Click here now for a Galaxian (1979, still 70s) fanfic!

OMG FINALLY. I was waiting for you to come back with this kind of contest. time to take my first place once again. @veryspider Hi .my pleasure that you are part of this... @elfranz a ver si pongo en practica con este concurso tus consejos en las mentorias de curacion.

:D :D :D Looking forward to seeing your entry, @wisejg !!!

Que la fuerza te acompañe padawan!

The intro part in this post is DA BEST!!!

Elf, if you hoard games in your heart, I think it might get full up there? Hehe

1970s games eh... they look pretty strange and different than the games I know. I should read more about them.

Good luck to everyone who is entering and I hope this contest will get lots of entries :D.

wait for my entry , I assure you to make a good work. I expected archdruid contest return this years. but I need to star my research of 70s game. cause I was born in 90s

A DRAGON HOARD IS NEVER ENOUGH!!! And since it's in our heart, a metaphorical representation of our conscience and memories it is never full

The 70s was a great because games were primitive short and hard lol

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Have a nice Day!

Lol, the intro 😂 Cool contest!

Mine and @veryspider's collective nonsense can make a really entertaining post, we should do this more often lol

our collective nonsense is the best kind of SPARKLING MAGICAL nonsense \o/

please, do it more often. Steemit need you. Lol.
as for the judge, I'd like to recommend LKP. I support anything that will make the lord slowing down a bit. LOL.



(pls come judge next round? it will be awesome~ it will be the 80s! gaming in the 80s was INCREDIBLE~)

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I didn't knew @veryspider was a part of this community and a mod for such!!!! <<<<3333!!!!~ Welcome girl~ So yah play PC, we definitely need to gush out about the games we play. :D

(I definitely have a childhood game I need to check back with the internet on the date - I spoil this much now due to my father introducing me to such.)

Him DanceTM.gif

Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to gaming :( since adulting and full time job takes the lion share of my time now and what's left has been used up in tending to steemit and its communities ...

But, I do hope to return to gaming soon :D

Ah, damno mango - truly. Wish we could have some steemit-version of patreon now to help great curators like yah.

But I shall await that graceful day now!!!!~ <<<<3333!!!!~

squints is that a mod for doom?! I APPROVE!

Indeed it is!~

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Nice to see another contest!

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Hey! Thanks for entering <3 You rock !

Ohh! Archdruid is still alive and kicking! Cool!

.. And nothing wrong about being PC master race! The console kiddies don't know what real gaming is...

Hahahahah, thanks for the back up, @Bengy!!! :D Will you be entering?

(i will totally send spiders to you if you're not entering)

(that's not a threat!)

(it's motivational~)

Hmmm... I think I would prefer if you sent very instead of spiders...

I have some fond memories of games in the 80s, I will have to check to see if any of them existed in the previous decade...

Does 1980 count as a valid date?

1970 to 1979 for now! But next round will be the 80s! That one will be smashingly fun, I expect :D

Resteemed so I remember - I wasn't actually alive in the 70's but I may have some input :)

I hope you will enter !!!! :D :D :D

For those who want a list of the games of 1970s I found one on Wikipedia!

Thanks, still trying to come up with an entry though.

D&D was my game in the 90s. I was too busy chasing my friends in the 70s and boys in the 80s. My family and I play lots of boardgames now. I love the idea. I will try to get an entry in from the @rubberduckiemom account in a couple of days.

I Cant reesteam this post :(

I think is too old to resteem :(

I had such a crippling migraine last night I just couldn't get online to post my entry, so I have missed the deadline. But that said, I was going to say this is too long, and as it is fiction, I wouldn't have expected it to count anyway, it was a fun one to write, and I have you to thank for inspiring me to do so, so i wanted to give you credit still. I appreciate you did ask for anything, but such a long story feels like an imposing and abusing your open rules, this is a great contest and hopefully I will get in on time, and at a more reasonable length next time. Thank you <3