I Bought New Art....

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Hello ! Happy Weekend !

I answered phones all day and BOY ! ... was I ever glad for 5 o'clock to show up ! Now it's time to put that behind me and pretend for two days that I never have to answer work phones again. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...... That's it.

I bought a fun little piece of art from the Daily Paintworks site. I just recently got around to checking out that site. I'm always looking for ideas on possible ways for me to make a little extra cash for when I do decide to retire. The site has a good amount of original artwork on it. From things I have read though, it sounds like it had a great "hay day" some years back, but is not quite what it once was now. Still.... I loved looking around to see what was there.

A few days back, an artist named David Peine put this painting up and for some silly reason, I attached to it immediately and it did not take me long to purchase it. He called it "Nightly Walk". I believe I laughed as soon as I saw it.

It is so whimsical and there is so much to see in it. I loved all the fun elements in this folk art-like small painting. It is an 8 X 10. The star of the show to me is the skeleton man wearing a hat and shoes and smoking a pipe. The pipe was a comical touch. Then the black cat on the leash with green eyes. On the horizon you see a darkened tree line and then there are other bare trees whose leaves have fallen to the ground. There he goes down the crooked little sidewalk on a fall evening with a big full moon and stars of various sizes.

Nightly Walk.jpg

This fella makes me laugh for some reason. I like things that make me laugh.

skeleton man close up.jpg

This cat is either saying "meow"... or hissing at me because I am staring at it, I'm not sure which.

cat meow close up.jpg

I don't know much about the artist except for this little blurb that is in his artist information on the DPW site:

After I graduated college with a major in illustration (Art Center College of Design) I thought my path was set.
After enduring a marriage, Dad-ing two amazing sons, a long time in the hand painted sign business and alot of very quick years, I find myself returning to what I've always loved...pushing paint around, trying to make beautiful things.

It made me laugh again that he said "after enduring a marriage" 😂

Anyway, now it's mine and I am very happy it is.

moon and stars and bare trees.jpg

On a different kind of note, I am not plumber, that is for sure, but I can usually figure out the smaller stuff. My bathroom sink drain has gotten slow from time to time and I have plunged it a little now and then, making it act better, but it was just slowing down again too soon. I decided to try this Drain Weasel. It's a cheepy little thing. I am sure it is on sale somewhere for less, but I got it on amazon for right at $20. I knew it was a gamble and that it could work or not work, but, you never know till you try... right?

It got here today and had 5 of these flexable rods in the package along with a handle with a crank on it, so it was good for more than a one time use. One end of the rod would snap and twist into the handle and the other end......

Drain Weasel.jpg

Looked like this ! Little plastic curly hooks covered the tip. You feed this end down the drain and it is flexible enough to bend. After you got it down as far as it would go, you would just turn the little handle round and round and when you felt like it, you pulled it back out and when you did, it pulled out a really gross string of hair and slimy drain goo with it. I would have taken a photo to show you but for real.... it was just too gross to share. 🤢 What came out did not surprise me as on the Amazon reviews, some others folks had put some photos there. I have to say mine wasn't as gross as some of their photos, but it was still awful. Ugh.... but.... now my sink drains so fast, it seems that for me, this worked, so was worth my gamble to try it out.

prickly end drain unstopper.jpg

I also bought a little strainer to try to help keep some of the sneaky hair from going down. I have long hair and I nearly never see a strand in my sink. If I do, I never wash it down, I take it out and put it in the trash. I'm not sure how so much of it got down the drain.... but it did.

sink strainer.jpg

It's Friday, my new art came today ..YAY !.... at lunch time I unclogged my sink... YAY.... I feel so accomplished now. LOL !!!

I hope you all have something fun planned for your weekend and if like me, you have no plan, I hope something fun happens anyway.

Love you !



Sounds like you are well on your way to an outstanding weekend! I love that he is smoking a pipe best of all! It is very whimsical indeed!

My daughter has long hair and I once pulled out what looked like a squirrel from her shower drain lol!!!

Well done on the drain and the painting!

I love weekends ! I'm hoping this will be a good one. No reason for it not to be.

I did think the pipe added the greatest fun touch to the painting.

When I read that you pulled out what looked like a squirrel, I laughed and laughed ! No telling what lurks in my tub drain since I wash my hair in the shower. So far though, that drain has handled it. crosses fingers

Thank ya !

All the females in this house have long hair, so you know we have weaseled it out a time or three. I am not sure who put that thing down the bathroom tub drain, but I do remember screaming when it came up. Not only gross looking, but, looks able to jump. Ewwww!

I always love the art you find. I know you are perusing for ideas on what to do with yours, but, I look and look at those sites - I like it all, but, I have a lollipop tree that I love more.

He is a fun little sort, isn't he? I would say scary if he weren't so funny. The first thing I thought was Vincent and his starry, starry night, but Vincent is no longer... and well, he is a skeleton, so maybe.

I have a basket for the hair too, but, I am thinking that the hair might just slide down anyway.

I hope your weekend is wonderful! I am thinking nice weather is in order!

Woo-hoo! Let us break out the weekend snacks!

Well... three people lived in this house together before me, so no telling what might have been left way down the drain already. LOL @you screaming when the bathtub creature was pulled out of the drain.

He is quite a fun one and it is all just too hilarious to be scary at all ! Maybe it is Vincent. If he loved a starry night, maybe he came back to walk around in it a bit.... and of course take his cat out for a prowl.

I know the little screen basket could let a hair or two go down if they hit it the right way, but it is just a little extra precaution and and we'll just pretend we know it will help... until it doesn't. I guess that will be what the other 4 flexy rods will be for. Should take a while either way to accumulate THAT much more.... should.

I would think about weekend snacks more if I had not been snacking all week ! Tonight I had broasted chicken and fried onion rings at supper. Talk about weekend food ! Yum ! Yum !

OH ! ...and thanks for the gift ! You are just too darned good to me.

You are still up! Come do some Markets for me! Lol

It seems I went to bed right after my comment....LOL... sorry.... Hope you're not still up doing that Market Friday thing.

Ha! You probably read that and ran off to bed! LOL No sorry. I wrote it and went to bed. I woke up this morning and hoped you didn't think I was serious... Although, I would have let you do a few dozen or so. No, it has been coffee and marketing for a few hours now.

Well, I hope you got a good rest! It is a beautiful day out! I already did my walk it was so heavenly when I got up. I could do a string of this kind of day.

Good morning to you!

I went to bed, but didn't drop off as fast as usual for some unknown reason. I did go to sleep but was awake again in an hour. I got up, took a pill I missed before bedtime and drank a small glass of milk. After about a half hour, I went back to bed and it was all good. I slept in, but still, it was dark'ish when I got up and I asked Alexa if it was raining and she said it was. So.... cloudy morning that is about 67?? Cool for here for now. Only supposed to get up to about 75 today. I'm curious if that will be true. I only had a couple of plans to do a very small thing or two in the yard. I may have to regroup on that, but that it is ok, because there is always 50 things to do inside or I could just ignore it all and play in paints. I haven't done hardly any of that in a while.

Holy Moly. It seems to be a cold front, but, that will pass quickly. It has been a sunny and beautiful day- s I type this, the gray crept up and blanketed the sky.

I didn't even see it coming. I think we are no longer going to be as warm as they thought. Time will tell. Alexa keeps changing her mind, although, that could just be Mother Nature trying to make Alexa look bad.

I have a paperwork kind of day, plus Markets, plus making a few things for next week's dinners. Spaghetti Sauce and maybe some Chili. Tonight is meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I was hungry when I got up. Also, I am busier in the week and love it when I have something made. I will put half of the sauce and chili in the freezer for another time.

I know!! Lazy! LOL

Maybe I will even get a post out of it. Well, I hope you are having a great day! :)

At first glance of the art I thought that doesn't look like her style, but then when I read the description and looked closer I realized it is indeed. In my opinion the cat is smiling rather than hissing.

Ah drains. Such an adventure. Are you on spetic or city? Septics are such an adventure sometimes ;)

You know, it's not really my normal style, but then, these days I never know what is going to draw me in. Since covid, I have bought more art than I have made. I have chosen a very eclectic assortment. I don't even understand it myself, but in each one, I've found something that appeals to me. I have hung most of them on the walls around my work desk. They keep me company and help get me through.

I am on septic. The good thing is, if the septic decides to get too persnickity, it belongs to my Uncle next door....LOLOLOL ! No worries here !

I am envisioning a whole gallery crammed together around your work desk. It sounds lovely.

The walls ARE a little busy around there. 😆

Your weekend is going great. I love the feeling of getting even small things accomplished. I could imagine the feeling of having your sink unclogged. You found two useful tools. The painting you bought looks quite fitting for the autumn season. The cat looks very happy and energetic. I don’t know if Mr. Skeleton will be able to keep up. 😂

If he keeps smoking like that, he's doomed ! Oh wait... he's already a skeleton.

🤣Haha!!! He’s somehow living the “life”.

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