An open book AMA: LVL, PSYBER X, and Royal Reptile Studios

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An open book AMA: LVL, PSYBER X, and Royal Reptile Studios

First, I’ll start with an introduction. My name is Justin Moore, I’m the founder/CEO of Royal Reptile Studios. I established the company right after the start of COVID, in May.
We’re located in Huntington Beach, CA. Yes, my mailing address is a mail station.
It’s a 100% digital business, and everyone works remotely.
We have a wide range of skills sets. Some of us focusing on games, others on applications (many are businesses, but we get the occasional educational platform, or dating app)
I’m the latter, fully dedicated to Unity/Unreal development.
I’ll supply a list of our clients, and testimonials as I think it’s important everyone knows we’re here to fulfill this project. Just like any other we’ve done.
My team consists of myself, 6 developers, and 4 artists/designers.
Everything else we source, but I always go to the community first.
I’ve already found our voice artists for the main characters (one of them is famous with the kids lol)

And James is a true artist, and our main character. Gigas!

Back on subject.
I started getting actively involved in learning Unity development in college.
I was taking business at UCSM at the time. Somehow, I managed to work full time at Fry’s electronics (Now closed 😞), juggle college classes, and learn a trait I was eager for
(I could never do that now with 3 kids)
I started freelancing for quite some time, getting the odd job, here and there. It paid the luxuries, but not the necessities.
Before 2020 I had worked for car manufacturers for the most part, helping with their workflows, and employee frontend systems (DMS)
When COVID happened, things changed… (It did for everyone).
My daughter was born in November of 2019, so a new born with a father interacting with a lot of people was not going to work for me.
I left my job, and here I am.

Successful enough to have a team that can create a game we’ve all been wanting.
I’ll be completely straight forward; we’re looking for funding. We’ve saved what we can to endure any issues along the way, but we’ve landed on Hive as it’s an up-and-coming community. I passed on Enjin, and any ERC-20 token, as I’ve seen it all before.
Hive felt different. The community has really welcomed us, and it really makes me want to give back.
The biggest. Most bad ass blockchain game… yet.

The plan for LVL:
We will continue to allocate funds through selling LVL until we’ve reached our funding goal. Our goal at this time is $100,000. (We are using our own funds for everything else, until the ball really gets rolling.)
Everything will be poured back into development, and promotional material.
This will fund the first part of the game. I read an article on Reddit about someone trashing our Kickstarter campaign a few months ago, and it hurt. Kickstarter gives you 30 words to describe your entire game idea (during the preview phase - before officially launching the campaign) The title for our GDD is longer than that!
Regardless, the first part of the game will be simple.
It’s in the benefit of everyone while we build out the much larger, more intricate gameplay.
It will be a Battle Royale style game play. Picture Fortnite/COD Warzone. We have a few twists that will make this kind of game really fun for the people that don’t like them (Never have been a fan of this genre, until now)
The plan is to keep these two games separated, but tied together with NFTs and lvl.
Some like Battle Royale game play, some like Open world, world building games. This way no one is left out when it comes to earning.

Our testimonials from clients/Work experiences

(I’m going to include as much as I can, including our Upwork profiles - don’t laugh at my picture!)
Agency profile:

Our Yelp page:



Some of our clients:

We’re building a POS system for Costa Oils, and a propriety software for their Franchises
We’re creating a software for multi-family homes. It will expedite their work flow, and open many opportunities for them.

We’re creating an interactive educational/Financial game for students, and music creators. Randall (The CEO of EVCCOT) left the Yelp review above.

A longtime client of ours, we’ve done a lot of work together.

We’re working with a few clients I’m not authorized to speak about, but Neko Sparks is a true partner.
We’ve done many projects together.

We’re working on creating a health based educational game for children. It will help kids learn healthy habits, with reading, and basic math.

More of a personal friend, if you need great SEO. This is the guy!

We have many other jobs that are from individual clients(or businesses that would rather be unnamed), and will keep their projects less known. You may see pictures of some of them on our portfolio, or our website, but I'll keep their names private.
We’re even working on another blockchain game you’ve probably heard of.

I really hope this clears up a lot of questions.
Obviously, I can’t answer everything will ranting, but if you have questions. Please reach out to me, I’d love to answer any questions/issues you may have

You can reach me here, or if you’d like to speak privately you can speak with me on discord : JBOSS#5082


We do not use any other forms of social media.

Here is the previous article about PSYBER X if you missed it:

You can join the pre-sale for lvl here:

For the trailer, I’m making an adjustment and will be a few days late. I was thinking we’ll launch it in about 10 days.

LVL can be found here:

I’m happy you made it this far! I hope I didn’t make that too boring.

I’ll thank you in advance for your support, let's pack our bags and go on this journey together!


Hi mate, just came across your project. Looks interesting. I DM’ed you on Discord.

Why should I buy LVL token?

Good question.
If you believe in us, and see the future of the gaming industry on the blockchain. I don’t see a reason for this not benefiting everyone.
Even the players of the game much later down the road I see benefiting from this greatly.

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We need a prototype before I invest in anything, do you have it?

Not even ingame photos, just game 2d art so far...

You can find some (if not all) of the assets for this game on Unity from $29.99.

One's called Elite Soldiers Pack ...

FWIW, you can buy full game code for a couple of hundred $ or less and make a few changes here and there and give it a new name. But they're pretty easy to spot if you know the Unity scene and the asset store well. It took me 10 minutes to locate most of the assets in the trailer and what's posted on their Upwork page. Go compare them for yourself if you like or I can post the screenshots I shared in my private Discord tonight.

I hope they don't convince the Hive Community to give them $100,000 for this before ever showing anything outside of a trailer that can be created in a short period of time using cheap Unity assets.

Please consider the goals stated and the fact that they're only asking for $100,000 to create ...

"the biggest blockchain game yet in the industry"

While at the same time presenting cheap Unity assets used by thousands of others.

let that sink in.jpg

That's simply not going to happen. A solid blockchain developer would eat through that alone and still need more to complete such a lofty goal. Have you seen Star Atlas? Compare that with this trailer, then consider the millions upon millions they have to work with and yet ... still no game.

Also keep in mind this statement ...

"I’ll be completely straight forward; we’re looking for funding."

Best of luck if any of you invest in this!

And @saltyreptile if this is proven to be true, your approach on hive is toast.

Here's your proof ...

This is Maksim Bugrimov confirming these assets are his and not their creation.

Screenshot 2021-10-04 151003.png

... well the whole email seens "valid" with no source of email front him or even worse, if you claim he told you that by social media it would be insta redflagged because instagram and facebook were down today...

Email him yourself and ask if you like. His email address is publicly available on his profile page on Unity.

So he is claimingthat he did those assets and he is developing a game yet he dint and probably he dint even buy it?

Question, because once this user is flagged as plagarism, is toast. so please provide evidence.

This is listed on RRS "Portfolio" page as well ...

And once again this is Maksim's work ...

You can purchase this soldier separately for much less.

They can spin it to say something like, "Oh we're just showing what assets we use", but that's disingenuous in my opinion. You don't show other peoples Unity assets they created on your own "Portfolio" page.

If they do end up producing some actual "alpha game" or "production game" to show everyone something, in hopes people will buy their token/NFT, I'll bet that it's purchased source code off Unity or one of the other popular sites and that they paid less than $500 for it with Maksim's (and others) assets slapped in it.

So sure, there may be a game one day ... it's just going to be someone else's game using someone else's assets and would cost under $1,000 and a weeks time to produce.

The point being ... it's not going to be "the biggest blockchain game yet in the industry" or anything close to that by any means.

I simply don't think it would ever get past that point, if they even make it to that point. That will depend upon how many in the Hive Community are willing to give them money to keep this likely rug pull greatest blockchain game going.

@psyberx your voting power is so low that the downvote on other people is literally nonsense. Even the downvote bot anddumbcunts at -0.01 downvote is highter than yours ....

So pls do advice as a user, try not to push far, because Tuck have enought friends and users around him to start a downvote war and plob your token to -0 values, imposible and so low that people will close infinity just to look at it :).

Try to tell me why you are using cheap engine and cheap resourses in order to make a game for the block chain, the ONLY PLACE ON EARTH where people focus only on; ORIGINAL and SELFMADE CONTENT. Is like playing with fire @psyberx... Is this claim something you accept to be true?

Nice info dumb, very well done :D


Have you checked our Twitter?
We have quite a few in game clips…

Check them out here:

I have, still not earning any confidence, even kojima ended up making a half bake game, and he is a very respected icon of the industry, why do you think noone trust you, couse noone trust that whole industry, the ammount of half baked games, unfinished ideas, bankrup games, development hell, etc of the gaming industry is so high that if you check any data you would go: WTF?

About 0.3% of games are actually made, and of those the good ones are a small porcentaje. Most of the games are crappy at best.

Is not your fault your industry is filled with scams and money grabbers. So im actually putting foward some trust on buying some lvl, but that is it. Do not ask again, is like hive copys, there are 12 now, noone even knows they exist, there is one on etheral, one on bnb, one of each of the popular coins, not even a single one of those have more than 1k of people and all of those are hivers testing waters...

So telling you, is the nature of each community, hivers back wharever try to be rev and underdog, by default, dont miss that backing.

Btw try to make a post each day, it would help you gather pcked change but would make you more influent on hive, with time you can grow your account to a absubt level, if you wanna be look up upon, try making your acc one of the curation ones.

A curator is allways respected if their vote is worth more than 20$

And gaming community would love to have more curators, small and big alike.

Still if for example, gtg or hivecg call you scam, you are doomed on hive. Be carefull of keeping the curators happy on your content, publish a ingame video on 3speak and talk us about, try to make content related to it to earn some trust on hive.

Do your best to end up making the game and dont be like kojima leaving a good project half baked out of running out of cash.

Thanks for the input. I won’t take it lightly.
I’ll definitely keep active and I’m engaging with the community… not just with my own content.
The trailer is also going to be released soon. Keep an eye out for it.
I know it will change a lot of opinions.
I’ll be posting it on 3speak within the next 10 days

Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

Btw so you do not get banned, do not post the same trailer on 3speak than on youtube, if you do so, is basically callign 3speak to bann you for good.

3speak rules that noone actually reads clearly states that it should be original content XD be carefull on that one.

Im just triying to give you a head up, i have been looking at your proyect in the past months, since reddit boom about it, and kept an eye out for it since, never speaking up on twitter or anything, just keeping tabs, now that i see you here, is that i find time to actually engage and talk you about it.

Be carefull with the downvotes, if for example you anger one curator is the same as burning your account, no kidding, hive stacks are to each curator to use as they like, and keep an eye out for not post the same text or images several times, hivewatcher will not be forgiving, event if is a game, ask unsung hero who got black listed by hivewatcher for a while...

That is another game that is being made on hive btw. Just look it's buggy quality and image and see what you are facing XD

Thank you!
I didn’t plan on posting on YouTube actually, so I’ll be ok on that aspect.
I’ve heard of unsung heroes… yeah I was not impressed with it.

Thanks for the wary support by the way.
I hope to see you around more often

No prototype as of yet.
Being worked on.

Work on a prototype first before asking for funding, we are not bashing here but we just want to point this out

we will inform you when the 50 vs. 50 brawl style is released, by then maybe my sell orders of LVL will be filling.

I would be very interested to hear your goals with the type of game, a general idea of what it is and how Hive would be a part of it. Perhaps even venturing into some side projects along the way as there have been a number of things I wanted to develop for Hive but just haven't found a team to do it.

Thanks for the question!
This will probably be my favorite one.
Our game will be rolled out in 2 phases.
The first one much more simple than the other. Think “Fortnite” (yeah, I know… I’m not the biggest fan) we have a few awesome additions that we’ll add to that style of game play to make it feel refreshed.
Have you seen the amount of Cosmetics in Fortnite?
It’s unbelievable the amount of revenue generated by them.
Imagine an auction house of sorts within game where an individual can create their content, and be paid by whoever purchased it with lvl.
Every kill you get within game will award you lvl, but, if you die… you must purchase your new life with lvl.
It’s a give, take.

The second version will only build on this.
Housing, compounds, crafts, vehicles.

The first version will make this tangible, and liquid.
The second version will be the halo of blockchain gaming.

Hi Justine! I do like to know more about the royal

I’m glad you’re happy about learning more.
Please send me any questions.
I’m as excited as you are!

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Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from Day 15

To be honest, i read about your project all the way back since kick start... I do not trust you, or any of your claims but i still am planning to buy at most 10$ of lvl to back you as a benefit of doubth.

Im just being clear, that every one deserve a shot, and if you get into hive, is because you surely believe in your project, so will support that faith placed on our community with those lvls.

So far just bought like 20 cents or something like that, i will be buying the whole ammount in a few days when i pull out some profits front other tokens from games.

Anyways, big hug, and pls, do make a good game bro xD

btw, Hive engine market can become blood cold on new tokens, there is a chance of lvl become the hive swiss or another one of those tokens that are demandless and there fore, worthless. Be carefull on that.

Can I ask why you don’t trust me?
I practically laid it all out there above.

Regardless, we plan on making the next big game on Hive.
I think it will benefit everyone…
Wether everyone is on board now, or later.

The same reasong noone trust the game industry, splinterlands took years to actually deliver half of the initials promises xD And is a well respected game, pvu is struggling with is backers right now as we speak, crypto blades was big, and it was a scam.

Should i continuate with the "next big thing" games? Most of those games market as the next big thing end up on trash or plain garbage, you do not earn trust saying something like that, in fact it makes you look scammier.

Axie infinity was made with a shitload of effort and is still buggy and have someissues, dragonary is crappy at best...

If one dint earn money on those two, i woulnt play them at all.

Because they are badly coded, have some mayor bugs and have some small issues on quality have no story and they lack any deep story or lore...

you have good points yet to say here is $10 lol why don't you just ignore the post instead bring negative attention to it? Yes this is a dream yet with the help of the community it will have much better chances than $10 with spit in the face.

Because soon someone else pointed how deep the rabbit hole was and how far it goes.

Because i wanted people to carefully aproach the guy. But the current price, was crazy, because 10$ later on became 0.25$ i invested 10 and it went so down below the ground...

My approach could be a bit hostile, but took a longtime reading and you see people are triying to drill evidence to it. Anyways we shall see. I already sold my tokens when it got down to 7 $

Buy high and sell low eh... I first bought in as the game I have dreamt of is in 1st funding phase, yes the most dangerous investing zone ever yet also the once in a lifetime zone that I dove in and am actually trying to help as much as I can yet other smarter witnesses and much larger investors have done some digging and are now helping them out in ways I just want to buy more LVL even though I have 10 million already...

Nice, if Lvl was able to be stacked and voted, we could use it for mining perhabs I love the fact your back up the guy, while i actually stay on the grey area, giving him the benefit of doubht.