Learning Solidity Programming, Sequelize ORM and Expanding Future Horizons Via Self Education Lately.

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No, I'm not leaving HIVE. Will be more active on here in the upcoming weeks!

Coding on ETH

Been focused on developing the past bit on the Ethereum blockchain, over the past month or so started to dive into the Solidity programming language. Being no stranger to coding in other languages decided to dip into Solidity after being approached by a client to build them an ERC-20 along with a "DeFi Yield Farm" that exists decentralized on the Ethereum virtual machine. Going into an unknown, strictly typed language with new seemingly abstract ideas to learn can be daunting at times, but gladly have started wrapping my brain around how things work and peered into the possibilities of workable decentralized code via smart contracts. A bit blown away by the tech.

Now I'm no fan of the governance model and rollbacks that the ETH chain has exhibited in the past with their DAO hack.. But after spending a while looking into it the underlying tech is spectacular, albeit overpriced in my opinion on the ETH mainnet. While still not my favourite thing to code on will likely do some more things with Ethereum in the future after this projects is completed soon.

Took Time at the End of Last Year to Learn a New ORM

A friend of mine challenged me to rewrite the data handling on a sister site to Hive-Roller.com with the Sequelize ORM in order to get faster queries and easier data handling and after about half a month of tinkering witrh it can gladly announce that in the next few months updates to projects both launched and in development will be switching to more robust data handling methods.

The benefits of using Object-relational mapping for database entries and in applications is nearly endless and should hopefully hoist future project updates into a higher tier in terms of application bandwidth architecture and more responsive user experiences.

Nearly Ready for New Challenges

While I've still got some serious patching and updating to do for some future versions of already active projects as well as to get a proof of concept alpha test going for the Hive.Loans service slowly gotten geared up with more working knowledge of how to attack various engineering problems that arise when developing new software on various types of platforms. Part of the charm of software engineering is learning new systems.. and then coming up with arrangements of words used in the syntax to make an orchestra of smaller functions and arrays amalgamate into a sum greater than the parts. It's sort of magic in a sense.


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You making a living on ETH yet?

Starting to understand it a fair amount. Still think it's over priced but it is cool tech.


I swap.app 20 Steem from @luckyolddaddy for hive last month but didn’t put hive in memo and never got hive.
Just now 74 Steem from @heatherlovelle to a Bitcoin wallet and never received btc! Please check and refund

OK, remember that we have discord support chat. Will handle this ;)

My bad! I didn’t know how to get a hold of swap.app support. But now I do and the transfers in question were made to a scammer with a double p’s in his nick. Never knew misspelling a userID could be that costly! swap-app.app or @swap.app rocks!

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