Cheated by a friend

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This is an article where many people will probably think I'm an idiot. But actually I trusted this friend too much . image.png
the story is like this. That friend is from Bac Giang, we met when we went to the same college. After the 2nd year, we moved schools, our feelings became tighter because we lived together. but near the end of the 3rd year that guy went out to live with his lover.
but at that time we were still friends and also very close .
After graduating from college I worked at a garage with a starting salary of $130 for a month and that guy fell in love with another girl and did another job.
After a while, this friend asked me to borrow through a credit party called home credit. I also agreed because I thought it was okay to be my friend. he asked me to borrow with the amount of $ 1800 and pay the principal within 36 months with a total value of up to $ 3600. after we got the money we still kept in touch for the first few months he sent me the money on time but a few months later i couldn't call him i don't know where he was so many times he called but he do not pick up. or pick up the phone but beg me again and again . At the end of 2021, I went to my family with @xuanphuc98 to claim, and received an extremely irresponsible question from my family. I'm sad, but fortunately, my brother @xuanphuc98 also helps me in difficult times. Fortunately, I work at the factory, so I get accommodation, so it's not too difficult. but really sad for that friend . I helped him because I thought he was a friend but I didn't expect him to treat me like this


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Never trust anybody when it come to money, you got to learn it the hard way, not even your families members, remember that, dont let anybody borrow money, in vn a lot of that are happening, if they dont have money how can they pay you back, they rather cut the friendship than repaid you the money.

thật vinh dự cho em khi được anh đăng bifh luận ạ

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