Addressing downvotes. Recently, posts have been downvoted in our Informationwar and Deepdives community by non-community members

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Hey hey, super quick post.

I have seen some of the posts written by @lucylin @thoughts-in-time @jasonliberty @r0nd0n and others, regarding receiving some large downvotes by non-community members.


"Be the change you want to see in the world"

I want everyone to know in the IW and DD and general politics/news/truth/anti-censorship/pro freedom/pro decentralization/etc communities that the @informationwar curation trail is now following @deepdives. I encourage you to be the change you want to see in the world. There's no need to power down your HP and go to another platform, that's the easy way out and I'm not about that life.

Informationwar curation trail following DeepDives

I have made the choice to combine efforts with the @deepdives curation trail so that we can pool together our resources. I am also now a curator for @deepdives and an Admin of the Deep Dives Community! :) You can see who is following the trail by looking at or There are other larger stake holders who also upvote follow informationwar and deepdives but just are not listed on assume they use their own script or another service).

If you would like to continue to support the work of Informationwar and DeepDives please consider going to and following informationwar or deepdives curation trail. By following the informationwar trail you will automatically follow deepdives, so everyone who is currently following informationwar doesn't have to make any changes(neat huh!??!?).

JPG Version of truthforce logo sun.jpg

Thank you to all who follow the curation trail, and any others not mentioned who follow via other scripts or methods/manually curate :)

See the latest contest here!!! ->

What is the @informationwar about? See here ->

What is @DeepDIves about? See here ->[email protected]


Right on my man, better together!
Let's do this.


Right on and the community can do way more than. A hater that don't have much.

Well thank you for the support and help with creating content and rewarding it.

Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love :)

And stack that crypto!!!

people gots to let shit go at times because right now there is more than enough pie for everyone to go around imho
it's a solid partnership , am looking forward to watching this evolve in a positive way.....things evolve

We ain't done yet :)

Last time we communicated you did me dirty. Are you saying I should just drop that? Lol you make your bed. And trust lost isn't easily gained back.

dude, this was aimed at everyone and you uv me so I was saying thanks back. Would you prefer to have me retract my vote on your comment then? no skin off my back

Lol don't care. Do as you wish.

And you did me.personally dirty and violated my trust.

Maybe it's not me that's the issue and the people speaking with you are tired of your behavior. Maybe you can make things right and maybe get some respect back. Or not.

You are free to be who you are and we are free to build who you are out of your actions.

this is true, the fact we both got our empathy taken advantage of by wire hippos years ago I really have gotten over ages ago but God Bless I'm interested in these two groups in which I'd like to personally see succeed. I leave Stinc history pretty much there

Ha. Not even an apology or any responsibility for your behavior.

Yeah by all means go your way. We arnt friends not do I wish to associate with you.

Best of luck and you haven't changed. And are the same person I met last time.

Shame. For all your new words and ideas you are the same person.

righty o, maybe take me off your voting list then cause this seems melodramatic and I suppose Tiger's don't change their stripes nor do I wish to associate with you. Easy enough, just mute each other and carry on :)

I'll do what I want. And by all.means be a hypocrite and go pretend to be a good person.

You know you arnt. Same behavior and backstabbing.

Have fun. Go be you.

I'll do what I want. Go have fun. I'm sure the rest of the community will see your behavior even if you didn't

And you even had a chance to apologize and make amends. Instead of shirking any personal responsibility.

Yep I've had enemies that I've had more respect for. You? I couldn't care less... Lol

We are about to see #informationwar on the rampage again! Thank you!

Yes sir :)

OK I have read and understood about this. Too bad the downvotes can't be helped.

We will do what we can. Everyone who joins our curation trail helps us get closer and closer to the goal of being able to counter any downvotes. We have maybe 3 million HP in total behind our upvote currently(curation trail + other people using different upvote follows)

Yeah a lot (including me) getting these b.s. 'scoldings' that are so hypocritical it's laughable. I'm happy to hear of this "merger" so I can use the tags even more :)

Be honest with you the entire need for a downvote system is stupid and should be removed. If you seriously have to rely on downvotes to try and keep people from spamming etc well there there's something seriously flawed with the system itself. Downvotes should be removed in HF25 and replaced with something else to prevent spamming. They are misused far to often. With tribes I believe some people simply mark wrong tags and can be downvoted because of that. Instead I'd like to see something like a flag where if that tag doesn't belong to that community it can be flagged by trusted curator accounts to not receive rewards from it. No negative effect other then you're not getting payout from that tribe because the content doesn't below there.

Would be interesting to see something like that.

I only consider downvotes to be legitimate for if someone stole my content or tried to start some violence against someone(like doxxing someone and saying lets go kill them). Other than that, I don't think there should really be downvotes.

But they don't mind seeing the same people on trending every single day for a full year now.

This place is starting to be irritating.

You don't like seeing someone's travel pictures everyday? The food they eat everday? What about all those color challenges in photography? ;)

hehe. I agree, I don't like the trending page for the most part either. There's rarely anything trending that is actually trend worth or interesting in the slightest. As with Steemit, most of the trending page is garbage from twitter/facebook.

Only starting?

Many of us have been here for a solid 5 years, and things are better now than they have been at any point prior, I would say :-)

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i also follow the @freezepeach trail (apply for countervoting on their discord chat) that basically upvotes wrongly downvoted content for freespeach (u kno freezepeach)..... also a bunch of content upvoting countries in developing countries and stuff you know like we got lotsa venezuelans and nigerians on hive

Interesting post. I just found it. I'm new here but finding lots of different attitudes about the downvotes. I was curious if you saw @ryzeonline's post on censorship and if you did, what your thoughts were on it?

If not all good. Still interesting pov and comments.