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I don't know what kind of car this is. HRG? Maybe that's the guys initial. Does anybody know what kind of car this is. Could just be a retro vintage car. Still expensive.

Just a cool car I saw in Culver City walking around. Went to the groceries doing some day job stuff. And there was this car outside of pep boys, I think it was. One of those automotive supply places. You know where you go and get your oil and charge your battery. Kind of like an AutoZone. But it wasn't an AutoZone. Man. I can't think of the name of that place. Can't think of the name of this car either.

Walked by Just had to take a picture. I mean how can you not take a picture of this beautiful car. Imagine driving around this thing up there in the hills. Wind in your hair. You know I always wondered why an old movies. They wore a scarf while driving around. Ever since being out here in LA. I know why now. It's cold! You can't just drive around in it. Sweet car like this without your scarf on. You got to wear a scar. And maybe a sweater at least. Yeah put a sweater on buddy.

I mean you think about LA and you think it's all like really nice and hot and stuff. Heck no. Especially not on the west side. It's chilly. 70 tops. Usually in the '60s. I know that sounds warm to some places. But you can't go walking around in a t-shirt and 60° weather all the time. And then it drops down into the '50s and then the upper 40s at night. I know that sounds warm some places but then there's that breeze that's coming off the ocean. So you got to wear your scarf. When you're driving around in a sweet car like this. Doesn't look like it's got much of a roof at all.

I mean I like to have a coffee when I'm driving. I haven't had a car for years. But when I did have a car I'd like to have a coffee. I'm not sure where I would put my coffee in this car. But I do like how there's just one big seat. Hey scooter over honey sitting next to your buddy. I mean isn't that the way it used to be back in the day. You and your lady could sit close to each other driving. Or if you're a lady you and your buddy.

I don't know nothing really. I just think it's a cool car kind of like a motorcycle. Yeah it looks a little bit like those electric cars that are coming out. Not really but got that size of those electric cars from Solo and archimoto. Those things are three wheelers. This is a regular old old car. I like this. The more I think about all those electric vehicles coming out. The more I want some kind of old vintage car. What kind of car do you have.? Oh just some really old car don't even know the name of. Hahaha.

Work is fine. Trading is fine. Everything's fine. Life is what it is. But If you got a car like this, I guess you can kind of slip off to that imaginary place that Los Angeles and Hollywood gives that dream off to the world to think about. Well, that's enough dreaming for me. I hope your dreams are nice. And what kind of car is this for goodness sake. If anybody knows please let me know.








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HRG were one of many British car companies back in the early 20th century, but not a name I recognise. It is a beauty. I do like the wire wheels and all the leather. Someone obviously cares for it well. It is crazy that there are some 100 year old cars that can still be driven, but this one may be about 80. It may be less likely to rust in California than in the UK.

Yeah thanks for that tip. I didn't know that. Yes, there's a lot of classic cars out here in Los Angeles. Angeles. I keep meaning to go to this one car museum out here. I just remember watching a lot of Jay Leno videos where he would drive around cool cars. But yeah the classic cars probably don't rust. I like the classic trucks. The more I keep hearing about the Tesla truck or new electric trucks, the more I want an old 1977 Chevy. 😂

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