Hello Steemit! I'm back

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What the hell did you guys do!?

@abit flagging... users fleeing... price crashing... @dantheman leaving... @nad is now just @ned :(

Jesus I take a break for a few days and Steemit completely implodes!

Anyway, I decided to ignore the flagging and fleeing and crashing and quitting and post again, albeit in a much more relaxed manner.

So what did I do with my few days off?

I started a Tumblr called Comicbew where I will be sharing my webcomics, regardless of whether or not Steemit makes it out of intensive care.

If anyone has any tips on how to market Comicbew I'd really love to get some advice. It's not going to be fun trying to build a following again in a totally different environment.

Here is a little more about Comicbew





If anyone has any tips on how to market Comicbew I'd really love to get some advice.

@hilarski might know a few things about that.

But, hey! You made it back just in time to save Steemit! Don't ever leave again!

OMG my vote gave you 1 cent!
I love the experiment !!!!

I just gave you $.32 !!!!!!!!!

could it be the ever increasing time between post? Kinda like the Brix of shipping numbers.

Here you guys go for Tumblr domination buy the TumbleNinja bot. I used it in the past with ok success. My problem is that I hate these kinds of tools. Tumblr is great for content like yours Brian. Follow people in your desired niche. We all know how important engagement is. It is difficult to get that for new accounts on Tumblr. I just use it for SEO backlinks now. If you buy the bot set the timeframes longer than what it comes with. Also take it easy on the following. I would not recommend more than 50 follows per day until you have a few hundred followers. http://ninjapinner.com/

Diversifying is just smart business...like the intro, lol ;) On the upside my votes are worth between three and seven cents on posts under a few bucks now...

I can see someone over here which has being getting ready with his life-belt without knowing that, when coming back to Steemit the boat was really sinking.

Yes, talking about Brain :)

classic @mynameisbrian.

welcome back

Thanks! It was a short break, but very refreshing ;)

Bri-an! Bri-an! Bri-an!

It's about damn time.

wow, the experiment is definitely working for you.

Make Video Versions of these comics with a youtube channel.. then make the same content in two verions