OCD Community Boost Contest S2 #3: Highlighting The Anime Realm

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Authored by @ybanezkim26

And we're back!

We promised that OCD Community Boost Contests will be back because of the overwhelming response of the first round. We started that round on February to increase the number of subscribers and engagement of the communities that are under the incubation program. It was a success, but we had to stop it for a while to redirect our energies to other initiatives. This comeback has been brewing for a while. So, buckle up and ready your entries!

OCD has been at the forefront of supporting different niche communities in Hive. Under the Community Incubation Program, OCD has been helping community leaders and moderators grow their genre-specific communities through focused curation. As observed in the latest update, communities under the program have grown both in number of subscriptions and in engagements within their members. By highlighting great posts by users in a particular community, they are encouraged to level up their game or maintain the quality of their posts.

To further help communities, OCD is now conducting weekly contests! The aim is to increase subscriptions and engagements by highlighting a particular community for a week. All other communities within the incubation program will carry on with the usual curation activities. With the help of community leaders and moderators, we at OCD will focus more on those posts within that highlighted community for a week.

Community of the Week

The Anime Realm Community

About the Community

About: -
Description: In an attempt to grow and encourage anime lovers here on Hive, I created this community so people can more easily find anime content. Reviews, Opinion pieces, Personal Stories, AMV's, Fan-Art, news, and cosplays are all welcome here. Feel free to join the Discord as well.



(1) No Uploads of Full Episodes.

(2) Posts that Are Purely Memes will be removed.
(3) For original content.
(4) NSFW content allowed, but must be marked as such or it will be muted.

Contest Rules

1. Subscribe to The Anime Realm Community.
2. Post in The Anime Realm Community. Be creative in your post(s).


Theme: If you could be the protagonist of your own anime, what would you be like?

One morning you get out of bed, go to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth, then turn on the computer and are mysteriously sucked into it, knocked unconscious. Later you wake up and the computer's artificial mind speaks to you, telling you to select the traits and characteristics you will have in your new world, your own anime. What would you be like in it? What would your anime be about?

More Notes:
[A] You must explain the characteristics you would like to have and how this would influence the anime you created. Explain the role you would play in it, skills or abilities you would have as a protagonist, and then develop your environment. The most important thing is the development of you as the protagonist. The world in which you find yourself will be secondary, but you can also go deeper into it if you like. Let yourself go.

[B] Only one entry per user or participant.

[C] The post must be at least 300 words.

[D] If you decide to make a video you can upload it to 3speak, which must be at least 1 minute long and have text in English and then your preferred language.

[E] You can use all the resources you have available and help yourself with images from the Internet if necessary. Remember to add their respective sources.

[F] Please be original with your title and do not simply copy and paste it from this contest.

3. Reply the link of your entry(s) in this contest post for easier curation.
4. Engage within the community. This will be given consideration during the evaluation of your post(s).
5. Quality content is still given much premium and that's subject to the current set of standards of The Anime Realm Community.
6. All valid entries in the community within the week will be curated by OCD. However, plagiarism attempts and other forms of abuse will also be reported and dealt with accordingly.
7. At the end of the week, OCD will highlight top five (5) posts within the week. These posts are the ones that truly shine within the community.
8. While not mandatory, retweeting this contest post will be very much appreciated.

Contest Rewards

All the rewards (100%) of this post will be used in the prize pool which means the winners will receive:

1st Place: 35% of the rewards of this post
2nd Place: 25% of the rewards of this post
3rd Place: 20% of the rewards of this post
4th Place: 10% of the rewards of this post
5th Place: 10% of the rewards of this post

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Time to check my Isekai world to see where will be the best place to be.

Otaku(s) unite!!! hahaha
Excited to read other entries for this post as well. Will have to think about mine... (though there's already a kind of character I've always wanted to be. haha)

Indeed! I also want to read the entries for this contest, it'll be really fun to see what the rest of the commnity have in mind about their own animes :D

Let's look forward to it. :) I'll be making mine in a bit... ^^

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Time to participate in this wonderful contest, let's get to work! 😎

Wow wonderful contest

Great contest ... i will join it.

Wow interesting

Interesting contest, I'll be submitting my entry very soon

Wow this will be fun 😍😍🎉. Thanks for the amazing contest

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It would be nice if I can think in a good idea for this contest, I'll take time develop a concept, if I like it maybe I can do it 😅. I'm going to join to their discord to ask some questions.
Thanks for sharing this community, I did know about it.

Here's my entry! I loved thinking and writing about my own anime, it was a very creative idea for this contest!



Here is my entry, I hope you like it and I hope it entertains you, I really thought it was a very cool and fun idea and theme :D


Greetings to all ;D

Hi, I have a question, when they say protagonist is it the good guy/girl? Can it be an antagonist? Or just the protagonist?

Protagonist is just another name for leading characters, can be good or bad or even neutral

No quería quedarme fuera de este concurso así que aquí les dejo mi participación.

My entry to this contest :D https://peakd.com/hive-158489/@jesustiano/becoming-a-40m-hivepower-curator I decided to do a Slice of life with comedy and fantasy elements, so a Dragon Nephew <3 that forcest me to eat the terrible food that Abi loves. While I start a quest to become a 40 millon hivepower curator just because yes, and several other coins just to become a cripto guru.

Greetings The Anime Realm community, and OCD here I leave my participation:

https://peakd.com/hive-158489/@mafalda2018/the-sword-of-sumuzo-lost-world-of-shiro-iwads of

aca esta mi participacion para el concurso espero os guste https://ecency.com/hive-158489/@ppvicente/the-search-for-light-or

Hola amigos, aquí de mi participación para este concurso, con mucho cariño y respeto, gracias. / Hello friends, here is my participation for this contest, with much love and respect, thank you.


I hope my submission isn't late..

This is the link below


Read and commented every entry, now following up replies and all entrys posted off time limits, still they deserve attention and readers, brb <3