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This is what happens when you decide to quickly illustrate your own post....but for real, I couldn't do any better if I had taken my time LOL !! ... so go with what you got I told myself, it will work out alright.

It's ok to laugh, I did ! There is a reason my art is normally abstract !

To my knowledge, there are no photos of me dancing in real life, well, there probably was one night when the family was out celebrating one of my niece's husband's 40th birthday, but somehow my brother kindly lost those.


I've always liked to dance. I never pursued really learning how though and I have to say I don't guess I'm quite a natural at doing great dancing, but still, I always enjoyed doing it anyway.

In my later 30's, when my husband would go out of town, in the evening I would put on some fun music, turn out the lights and dance all around the living room. It wasn't any particular kind of dance, even though I use to know the Saturday Night Fever line type dance, it pretty much was just whatever the music made me feel like doing.

My husband and I had gone out to clubs and danced when we were dating and sometimes early in our marriage, but that eventually fizzeled away.


It feels good. I've always thought that moving to music was somewhat primal. Sometimes a good beat comes on when I am out somewhere and without thinking I want to tap my foot or bounce my head a little. Does that happen to you?

I am not nearly uninhibited enough to just break out and actually dance in a public place, but a few times I wished I was !


I confess though that on occasion I have done a bit of awesome sit-down dancing in my car going down the road or at stop lights. 🤣


Now my knee prevents me from dancing as energetically as I use to, but I can still move and sway and... well... it's not pretty 😄 and it's not going to get any better going forward, but sometimes I still like to do what I am able and I still enjoy it.


I was off of work for the Memorial Day holiday today. It was my intention to make it a day where I got a lot done around the house and maybe go purchase more flowers, but alas, it turned out to be nearly the laziest day ever ! I did manage to fry some cubed steak for my dinner and had some tomatoes and cantaloupe to feed myself and I did load the dishes into the dish washer, so the kitchen still nearly looks good.

It was a pleasant day though and I've been quite content.

I hope you had a good day too wherever you are and whatever you did.

Love you !


2b smaller.jpg


I love a good dance. I also dance in the car and have been known to waltz around the living room at random moments. I think yo have captured the spirit of dance well in the paintings above!

Well Boomie, that is quite wonderful. I expected a few women to admit they dance around from time to time, but I didn't think the men would admit it. LOL

It seems the majority of men around here don't like to go out dancing. I guess that doesn't mean they don't like to dance in private, eh?

Captured the spirit of.... yes... I guess I did that in a very loose way. ha ha

Even a loose way is still the way!

Thats odd. Mibbe it is just us Scots who like to throw our bits around in a dance at the drop of a hat!

I love your illustrations. Dancing is so much fun. I’ve never done it professionally but it naturally gets me smiling. Oh yes, I’ve struggled to keep my head, feet and body still when I hear certain rhythm and beats. 🎶

It IS fun !... isn't it ?

The only thing I ever did organized was when I was in High School. I was a boot girl with the band. We had to learn dance routines to do at halftime of the ball games with the band and in the parades. Not quite the same thing, but it was somewhat like dancing. I was also in our High School version of HAIR ! ha ha... we had to do a little dancing in that too, but that's about it.

Thanks for stopping over !

😃It is.
Great that you had that experience back in high school.
I love seeing choreographed dancing but I really love the feeling of unplanned dancing , letting my body move to the vibe. It’s feels free and relaxing. I get that feeling from your illustrations.

I can feel the energy escape with dance. I like whoever wrote the quote, "Dance like nobody is watching."

It is freeing and fun. I can just see you waltzing about the house, Alexa playing the Champagne Waltz, while you step into it. If I am by myself, I crank that music up and take a slide across the floor.

Your images are fun and fabulous! They tell the story, all by themselves!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

It's easy to dance like nobody's watching when you are at home and nobody's watching....LOL

At the clubs, back in the day, you had to do that, but then, most folks were having a drink and dancing the same kind of way, so it all worked out.

I have waltzed it is true, with an invisible man or two. (it almost sounded like I was about to create a limerick there).... but I am usually dancing a little faster than that to some quick happy beats.

They were fun to create !

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday too !

It was another busy day, so I am just back after my early morning coffee. That is the way it has been going, It is all good and even though I don't get as much time as I need/want I have to be happy that I am able to manage some time.

So many manage it all. I have to wonder what I am doing wrong. I never have the bulk of time, so I have to acknowledge that I must work in slo-mo... I had never been able to use the phone at work while working so there were hours and hours not belonging to me.

Le sigh.

It is mostly family but, I am good with that.

The dance. That is exactly what I want to do right now! We used to go to the Thirsty Horse Saloon in San Antonio. I believe it is on Military Highway or the Cowboys Saloon on 410. Get your two-step on!


May I buy the last painting, @jacey.boldart ?

Ummmm... which one are you calling last?

The actual last in black and white is just the second painting with a B&W filter. If you mean the third one from the top, that is a teeny tiny painting (4 x 4) that I did quickly for this post. I mean, I really did just dash these off for this post and they were all small so that I could do them quickly.

If you can use anything that tiny, I would throw a seal on it and give it to you, but to me, it shows up better with the monitor light than the real thing. If you STILL want it, you can send me your address to [email protected]


Those are some very nice renderings!

I am not known to dance, which is good coz it would probably lead to my arrest lol.


That made me laugh !

It's fun ! Music is fun, Dancing is fun.