I Wonder What Birthday Cake Tastes Like in Heaven....

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Today would have been my older brother David's 67th birthday if he had been able to stay here with us.


He was a year and a half older than me and we were pretty close. He was a pretty funny guy and smart.... our whole family looked up to him and valued his advice, which was only given if asked. Posting the below photo makes me laugh every time I look at it.


He was a great brother. He was always there if needed and he was quite a hard worker and believed in doing things the right way (in between the comedy acts).


We shared a BIG love of Christmas. The stories about that could go on for weeks and weeks !

DSC_0267 lightened.jpg

He spent his entire adult life in law enforcement. Even though he was retired'ish when he became ill at 60 years old, he had still been working part time for the same police department that he had joined at 18. He was highly valued there too and they put on quite the spectacle when he passed. It was so beautiful, I thought my heart might burst from pride and love. There was a video made of the service, but not of the LONG line of officers that the family walked through when leaving the service There are barely words to describe the feeling. It was really something to see.


He was fun and venturous and I believe he had a very good life. It had some lumps of course, like all our lives do, but he seemed to make the best he could from it and many people benefitted from his friendship and generosity.


There are many that miss him, that is for sure. I know I do ! I have to admit that going through all the photos brought back so many memories, that my eyes have leaked a little while creating this post. Those tears though have also been laced with quiet laughter as all the wonderful, silly and loving times have come flooding back through my mind.

me and David.jpg

Later I will be going out to Mom's. I usually do on Sundays, so it is not just because it is his birthday. One of my sisters said she was bringing birthday pie, till just a little while ago, when I received and email that said things came up and although she may be there later, no pie ! What !!?? No birthday pie ! It is a bit late for me to jump into the kitchen and make something, so we'll have to see what happens.

I hope you are all doing well and that you have a wonderful day.

Love you !



Today I watched an analysis of the work of Apollonius of Tyanaeus. There was a very special person, who lived in the same era with Christ. Philosopher, healer, teacher, or whatever trait you want can work for him! He was a very gifted person, that really the more you look for him, the more you want to learn. Apollonius was influenced by the work of Pythagoras and when asked about death, he confirmed this definition.

"Death exists for no one except in appearance, nor does birth exist for anyone except in appearance.

The turning of essence into nature(material) is considered genesis, while the turning of nature(material) into essence is considered death.

Neither is anything truly born, nor is it ever worn away, only at one time it becomes visible and then becomes invisible.

The first happens because of the thickness of matter, and the second because of the thinness of the essence! Essence, which is always the same and only differs in movement and posture .

For this is necessarily the very nature of change, which does not take place from somewhere outside, but the whole changes in its parts, and the parts in the whole because of the unity of the whole."

...i was wondering about it, the whole day and after that i see your post for your brother!

Indeed, the words of Apollonius are so comforting, but the most comforting for us, the modern humans is that they come in complete identification with modern quantum physics! Really!

Jacey, your brother energy-soul is still out their and you shouldn't be feel sorry!

...with all due respect for the pain of loss(separation)

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I do know David is not gone, but,,,,, gone from this world and I do expect to see him again one day..... another time.... another place.

Awww... what a beautiful tribute to your brother!
He seemed to be an ideal brother... just like my two elder brothers.
Sometimes you wish they'd be around forever.
God has his ways.
Enjoy, @jacey.boldart !
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Thank you !

It is always good to have a good brother or two. I'm glad you have good ones too. My younger brother Mark is quite a good man too and fortunately he is still here with us.

There is no way not to wish we could have enjoyed him longer, like my sister said, it's not like we don't know that any of us could go at any time, but we were hoping we'd be in our 80's or 90's before it began. Hey, we can wish for anything ....right ?

Fortunately, there are SO many good memories for us to share.

Thanks for stopping over !

We share the brothers with the same name. It's hard when we miss those who are gone. He looks like he was someone who really knew how to have a laugh. I hope you make a cake, can't not have a cake!

He really was the funniest !... and so much fun to be around.

The missing really is hard. Even though you always know the day may come (if you don't go first!)....when it does happen, it is still like a shock to your soul.

Fortunately, we made SO many good memories. When we share our stories, we still get the warm fuzzies and his antics still make us laugh.

I am so sorry for your loss of David. He seems like such a happy and fun person.

Oh no pie is a travesty. Perhaps a stop at Ingles could fix that. I know when I used to go down to Harry's I always enjoyed getting some goodies to take over from there. I sure could eat a mound of their fried chicken and their desserts were two thumbs up approved by this old man!

I hope you have a good day.

He certainly was a good man and a lot of fun. Although all we siblings think we are comedians, he had to be the funniest of us, so we all loved being around him any time we could.

Fortunately, one of my nieces dropped by with cake ! A new banana cake recipe with browned butter, cream cheese icing. It was pretty tasty.

My day has been good. I got to visit with Mom of course and at different times of the afternoon, one sis and her hubby and another sis and her grown daughter. I took in food from Golden China, not knowing who might show up, so we all enjoyed a little of that too... yum yum...

Aw. This is such a lovely post. 💗💗
I can imagine how much you miss him. I enjoyed looking at the photos and can tell that he was a lovely person. You both have great smiles.
I can imagine the respect his co-workers had for him. What an experience it must had been to walk through the long line of officers. Enjoy the lovely memories of him. 🥰

Thank you !

He certainly was a lot of fun !

You see things on the net and TV that are amazing like that, but it was so emotionally overwhelming to be in that moment where the show of love and respect was visible and went on forever it seemed. I'll never forget it, I'm just sure of it.

Thanks for stopping over !

It’s only been a TV experience for me.
Now I understand more of how it can really be for family members especially. Though it was appreciated, I bet you wished it had been much shorter.
Happy birthday to your brother.🎂

I'm so sorry, Jacey, your bro really looks like someone who loved and lived. Good for him and you. I hope you improvised on that birthday cake!!

Your post really hit home as my big brother passed - it has now been three years ago - but he was also way too young and I miss him dearly.


Thank you @oceanbee !

Turns out, one of my grown nieces showed up with cake, so the afternoon was saved ! 😊

I guess there is never a good time or good age to lose someone you love so dearly. It always seems too soon no matter what. I'm sorry about the loss of your brother as well 💔

Thanks for stopping over !

Oh, David. You have one of those million-dollar smiles. The kind that is so infectious, you just cannot help but smile at in same.

I can only imagine the long line of people that lined up for him, law enforcement is so supportive of their own, aren't they? When someone is liked as much as he was, even more. I can understand the closeness, Irish twins almost! Even though I have lived mostly away from home, it feels like we are never far apart.

David and Christmas are legendary! He could put some elves to shame. Do they still carry on at his house? It sounds like today went nicely! It might not have started out the same as what was planned, but, frequently, the alternate plan (or happening) works out even better. I hope your Mom did well and there were lots of memories passed around. I have a brother David too. He is the second to last child.

The Chinese food sounded nice! Oh, that was from my page!

The photos are the best part. They can be shared with us, so we can see exactly why he was the best brother ever. I still cry at pictures, but, it is different now. I like to give pause to some moments, but, mostly treasure the ones I have. You were lucky to have such a cool brother, much like he was so lucky to have you. ❤️

Happy Birthday, David!

He DID have a great smile and an unusual laugh, that made it impossible for you not to laugh too !

He had been in the department so long and some of that time over the rookie training school, so nearly everybody knew him there, one way or the other. They certainly do stand together.

David's wife Tammy sold their house a couple of years ago, so there is nowhere to go back too where he once was now. It was big and every room, nook and cranny was filled with years of memories. That can be good or sometimes it can make it hard for you to become strong and carry on..... so she let that one go and bought another in a development where her previous husband had bought land for their two daughters to build on. Now her lot is back to back with one daughter, with a nice stand of trees in between for some privacy, so although she lives alone, it does not feel TOO alone. I was so happy for her and we all still keep in touch.

Our afternoon did turn out splendid I must say and you are right, plans, changed plans or no plans.... when family is together, something good always seems to come out of it.... at least with ours it does.

Sesame chicken with vegetable fried rice, broccoli and beef with pork fried rice... and a few spring rolls of course. I "thought" I ordered chicken broccoli and I swear I think I did, but when I got to Mom's, it was beef broccoli instead. Fortunately, it was still very good.

Although I think of David frequently, I don't delve into all the photos frequently because it is so emotional. It gets better and better and I love having all the photos. Brad, David's son, who now wears his badge and just made Sargant a few months ago (and is creating a legend of his own) put all of the photos David had taken that were on his computer(a vast amount through the years) and other external hard drives, put them on new external hard drives and gave each of us siblings and Mom a copy the first year after David passed. It is quite the treasure trove as David took photos of EVERYTHING. Now we all have copies.

Happy Birthday to David indeed !

I am so happy that David's wife Tammy is still in touch. Sometimes, I have heard that it can get different after one passes on, but your family reminds me of my own. I like that she moved near her daughter. That will be so wonderful when they have kids.

Family is family. and I am blessed to have one that is wonderful. I can't imagine life without them. Big families sometimes don't agree, but, we do agree we should take it to heart.

I am doing a copy of a video I did of my parents before my dad got sick. It tell their story, how they met, everything about their life and little tidbits about their philosophies. I am still editing it and hopefully can add some of my favortie pics of them at the end. If I cannot manage to figure it out, I have a photography place here that can do it. I won't wait to long, it is hopefully for Christmas.

That was amazing that David had the foresight to put it all together. What a guy he was. Honestly. I won't keep you as you have got to be exhausted emotionally from the entire day and leading up to it.

Sweet Dreams, girl. I have gotten nothing computer done since Friday really.

I am happy that Tammy still wants to keep in touch too. We treasure it for now, because we understand that if she ever remarries (and why wouldn't she?).... we might lose some of that contact. That is the way it is most of the time.

I understand good family.

Your video adventure sounds wonderful. I hope you get it all worked out.

Have a good evening !