It's Friday ! I Have Donuts

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Happy Friday !

It's Friday and I have donuts.


I also have about 13 minutes to finish this post... LOL !!! I'm pretty sure I've never made a post in such a short time. I'm not sure what else I had to tell you.

When I was a child my Mom cooked all the time, well, I mean for meals and she has always been a great cook, however, once in a while we got to have something terrible and fun, like donuts. I guess they weren't worse for us than waffles or pancakes, but we didn't have those frequently either.

donut 2.jpg

Occasionally, the folks would buy a pack of these little white powdered donuts. They weren't this brand, they were called "Sweet 16". There were 5 of us kids and in being good parents, it was always limited how many you could have, which was never all you wanted, but some is better than none, right ? Still, we were excited when we saw a pack of these come in the door.

As an adult, I have had some once in a while. I guess there is a little nostalgia attached to them. Normally if I buy some for myself, I get them in a small package that has only about 6 in it, but yesterday evening, while I was at Dollar General for some other things, I saw these and wanted them. I walked away for a while to think on it. I had a very stressful work afternoon yesterday, so in the end, I went back and grabbed them off the shelf in the name of comfort food..... and here they are.

donut 3.jpg

It was a whim. After I got back from the store last night, I ate supper and did some other things and forgot about them (what ???)... but about bedtime, when I was turning off lights and the such, I saw them and my happy brain light came on as I realized I could have some of these for breakfast as I started my Friday morning work day. That thought made me smile.

So... here I am, a few minutes before time to sign onto my work station and my donuts are on my tray, waiting for me to enjoy some of them. I'm sure over the morning, I will eat more than I should, I mean, I could say I won't, but I know I will.

No sense lying to myself, right ?... but sometimes I do, just for a few minutes. LOL

Ok, I hope you have a very happy day, however you choose... or however you HAVE to spend it.

You know I love you ! 💛 ... that's right YOU and DONUTS !



I know that feeling when mum bakes delightful snacks and you can't seem to get enough of it because there are many mouths in the line.

It's nice you still eat these as an adult. I love donuts too. And every time I see them, I never pass them up. I always buy a few and even as an adult, the quantity isn't always enough.... Lol.

But I have to eat less mostly because the funds I had as at the time I found them wasn't enough or I am trying not to eat too much in order not to gain weight.

How was work ? I hope you fared well? @jacey.boldart

I suppose it was good that we couldn't have all we wanted every time, in the name of health, but that certainly didn't stop us from wanting more at the time. Your later health doesn't always seem that important when you are a child... ha

I do buy myself fun treats more than I should as an adult. I wish I didn't, but somehow I still do, even though now that I am WAY past grown up, I DO know better.

Sometimes in my life, I have had more extra money than other times, but I suppose I have always had at least enough for essentials, which I count as very lucky. Of course when times were leaner, I bought less extras like this.

Work was ok as work goes...LOL Thank you asking. I seemed to have survived it all ! It didn't hurt that I had a little fun food to cheer me up.

Yeah. That's true. These days I wonder why as children we never cared about how we looked or our body size, we were only concerned about all the sweet things that could go into our mouths down to our tummy. Well, maybe, this is why children hardly have any worries.

Or wait, maybe, it's because we increased our knowledge, you know when you know too much, it becomes a problem. So, I am thinking, we grew up, expanded our knowledge, and once we found out eating certain quantity of food isn't good for our bodies, we became concerned and paranoid.... Hahaha

It's great that you can afford to buy any amount you want at any time. I envy that.

I am glad work was fine too. Do have a great Sunday. ❤️❤️

Going out on a limb here and predicting a nap in your future. Well at least that happens to me if I have a few bunch of those soft, moist, delicious treats. Can you tell I want some now LOL?

I made sure to each some protein before I got into them to help soften the sugar blow to my body. If I eat them while I work, I have to stay awake !

They weren't bad, but not as good as the ones we use to have.... or maybe my tastes have changed now.

I still enjoyed them.

I ate the last of them while I was doing forced OT this morning.

I used to love the little ones but they aren't like they used to be at all. They used to taste fresh and yummy. A real treat. To be honest, my favorite, growing up and even now are Dunkin Donuts. I know, Krispy Kreme is king down south and west... and I won't lie to you, I couldn't find a Dunkin in some of the places I lived out west. Krispy Kreme was everywhere in San Antonio and in New Mexico and and and... and one day! I found a Dunkin on Nacogdoches Rd!!!! Yippee!

Anyway, I hope you didn't have to work too long today. It was nice here and the outside called my name, it was that nice! Now, my day is trying to wind down and I am thinking: Simple supper.

Maybe donuts?

I have to agree that I don't think they are as good as they use to be. I know brand makes a big difference. Although I can't remember the brand now, I bought some once that were so yucky, after two bites I threw them away ! These weren't as good as old times, but they weren't terrible either. I guess that's a good thing they weren't amazing, so I won't want them again any time soon. LOL !!!

If I go to a real donut shop, I have nearly never bought a cake donut and if I did, I was just trying something I was not familiar with and it was probably not the only one I bought, just in case it was terrible. In a real donut shop, I want something fried ! I once had a traditional style donut with maple glaze and bits of bacon on the top. It must have been made that day, because each bite just melted in my mouth... OMGoodness ! I like vanilla creme filled too, but I'll take a warm regular glazed one anytime..... but only the day I buy it. I do not like leftover donuts the next day.

The few things I've had from dunkin, I wasn't impressed with, well, let me back up, Someone brought some to work one time and there was a french crueller that was absolutely devine ! I couldn't wait till the next time I was on the other side of Burlington, to go through the Duncan drive through and get another, which I did, only to find it wasn't even close to the original taste and freshness as the first. It actually tasted bad, like it was cooked in old grease. I was highly disappointed at the inconsistency and have never gone back for another.

Krispy Kreme is ok, but we have a different donut shop here that makes donuts as good as they use to be when I was a child, so the chains don't really get my business unless I am with someone else that wants to go to one of them. The local shops are far superior in product.

I worked till 1. It was forced OT. I never work on Saturday voluntarily anymore.

It has been a little cool here today. I thought I was going outside to weedeat a little, but it was only about 50 degrees and breezy, so I didn't do it.

Good Grief! It was 62 today and I thought WE were cold. Tomorrow will be chilly (58) so this yoyo cold/hot game is getting old with me.

The donuts my mom got were Merita Sweet Sixteen - Then Hostess bought them out and they have been doggie poo since.

Dunkin is a hit or miss. As they baked their own, one shop from the other was good or not.

Well, 2am... off to bed. :) Good night!

[email protected] poo

Nighty night

Good night. My book was tooo good!

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