#CommunityAMA Initiative

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Hey Hivers!

It's time for another Initiative. This time we will do an AMA!

But there is a twist with this AMA; I want to hear your questions AND answers to other Hivers!

Do you have a question for someone on Hive?


  • Write a question to a Hiver that you want to hear from and tag that person on your Hive post.
  • If you are tagged for a question, respond to the person asking you a question by making a response video on https://3speak.online
  • In your 3Speak response video, use the tag #communityama as your first Hive tag & put the link to the question the Hiver asked you somewhere in your video post.
  • Share your HIVE video answer to Twitter; use the hashtag #HIVE and #3Speak in your Tweet. Share a link to your tweet at the bottom of your Hive post or in the comments of your Hive post.

10 (or more) video answers (shared on Twitter) will be rewarded with 100% upvotes. Even if your video answer isn't in the top 10, upvotes will be given in lesser amounts to active participants.

@threespeak will be curating the initiative as well!

I will also be giving out random Hive rewards, 25 HIVE each, to random participants asking questions!

No need to drop your links in the comment section of my post, as you will be curated via the #communityama tag more easily.


We already have something like this going on, in-fact, just about finishing editing my video reply from a question asked by @nonsowrites :D

The question was;

What do you want Out of Hive?

Isn't that an interesting entry question?

Also waiting on some replies from like 10 other people hope they see this on time.. @adetorrent @joythewanderer @priyanarc @josediccus @hauptmann @prettynicevideo ....guys, tag the rest :))

Seeing that it fits all the criterion, I'll submit it as my 1st entry! Great Minds do think alike!:)))

Great Initiative Dan!

Hmm, I will make a video answeringt this question soon...

I hope you're keeping track, this is your task 3 from the 2 we already have going on😂😅

I have completed one today, will upload that one tomorrow... Hmm... This one is no2 and another one is private I guess..

It's coming up. I was also tagged :D

Thanks for letting me know about @nonsowrites post, I’ll curate around that one as well. Cheers!

@nonsowrites yeah that's true I answered one question he asked, and I'll continue with asking myself. Here's a link to nonso initiative and my answer too.



Hey Dan! I help mod the AMA community here we'll see how we can help this initiative! 😀

Hello @theycallmedan, brilliant initiative, I'm thinking through this AMA we might even get some serious issues resolved and talked about, o think communication would be one vital success of hive and it's also great to healthy community members interaction. I'll be posting my question and I'm also open for questions in case any hive members want to ask me. Cheers Dan. Thanks a million.

Cheers looking forward to your question and hopefully a answer too. :)

Definitely, thanks for making this possible.

extraordinary initiative.
I am very happy to be able to share questions with my newest friend here.
I will do it...
In the end I want to say to you @theycallmedan "That is you, you are strong ..... @theycallmedan

Tough ... fighting for the progress of HIVE, and I'm happy to be a part of the #HIVE that I love.

"After rain comes sunshine"
Thank you so much

I truly love this initiative !! Well I do have a ton of questions to ask and it would be interesting to see the opinions of multiple people upon a single question.

I would love to grab opinions over the Bitcoin's PRICE effect on Hive.

It's visible that many altcoins are facing fluctuations in their prices with respect to the price of BTC but that is not the case for HIVE. Why does so happens ?

@theycallmedan @steemer-sayu907 @alokkumar121 @hafizullah @cryptospa @joy-only-joy

Can't wait to get opinions from you guys and also can't wait to get tagged for some answers as well :)

Thanks for bringing this up


Thanks dear for tagging me, I will try to response your question. Stay Safe!

Thanks, Alisha for asking the question and I will share my video response on 3speak soon. Stay Safe

What I really love about this is that it fosters and feeds decentralization. Awesome idea - you were on fire when this one popped up! Shared to the @naturalmedicine discord and have invited participation.

Shared to my twitterfeed #POSH:

This is a great idea.... will give this a try. I have a lot of Questions.

Thank you, Mr. @theycallmedan. This is a very interesting challenge. By the way, are our posts required to use English, or like I am Indonesian, can I use my native language? Thank you for your answer.


I have curators for many languages, we do have Indonesian so feel free to participate!

Okay, thank you

Ready to roll on this one! OONNNNNWAAAARDDDSSS!

This is cool. I do have countless questions to ask. On a good day, some people ignore dm when questions are asked, and some ignore questions on their comment too. I've seen that several times. This initiative would at least allow some of them to answer peoples questions. Dan, you always come up with intelligent initiatives, and I give you a plus for that.

I just thought of something. What if someone ask me a question today, and I make a video tomorrow to answer the question, and I get another questions from different people after that day. Will I make another video answering their questions too.

Is there a limit to the number of times video can be made?


There is no limit. Please answer as many questions you get as you can. Thanks!


Nice initiative by theycallmedan, I will fully partake in the AMA...

great initiative , i am new to hive and want to learn more and get more involved. thanks ☺️👍

Hey, Dan, I really wanna ask you about something... And I think you gave me the perfect opportunity.

It's a spoiler about who my question will go to, as well as a thank you for the opportunity.

Well I don't know if this counts because I didn't use the tag and it was before you started this initiative but I posted a few questions to Jutineh about her $30k proposal here and through her response, my self and others got some clarity about her rationale.
My questions led her to make an entire post that you can see here
Mistakili also responded to my question through this post where he justified the reason for supporting the proposal.

My initial question led to a productive discussion that we could all learn a thing or two from. It is all about progress and development of the platform.

Haha as a matter of fact I have tagged YOU today (before you even published this initiative) in my newest post and I had a question for you and for some other stakeholders regarding your decision making and thought processes when it came to some proposal votes.

Also to any1 reading this. Feel free to ask me anything!:)

This is great idea, this is how i love Hive because people find it's way to collaborate and engage..

Thanks for this brilliant idea as will sir.. i will check our 3speak creator because i have something to ask and i will look for the person who can answer it easily. :)

sweet idea

SWEEEEEET! You have the best initiatives....I'm definitely doing this one. Thanks Dan.

I'm new here. I made my introduction post few hours ago. I dont know who to ask questions. Maybe I will also get to know people here with time. I'm liking it here.

Please, I need the link to join the hive discord, bdcommunity, and other relevant discord server. If anyone could help, I would be glad. Thanks.

you can ask to me dear @iamwinning most welcome

@theycallmedan 👍💪👍💪
Awesome way to make the place beautiful, infact it is a great way to know your favourite hiveans or anything about them...I was kind of stopped using 3speak due to restriction of the platform to support mobile upload. Now I think I have to start using through direct upload videos....looking forward to get some great Qn A among the different community member

can we post a question in video, it is really great idea of contest

Hi! Mr. Dan
Really fantastic initiative.there is lots of question arising Hiver's mind related videos topic as 3speak encoding, related 3speak related mobile app etc and they are looking for some positive response anywhere. now through this initiative one can exchange their thoughts and ideas by questioning and answering.
Appreciate this initiative..
Thank you..

This is another great initiative, I hope that will creating more opportunity for increasing our engagement.

awesome ... i was posted a question just not too long ago by someone within the community while doing a HIVE AMA online ... i could not answer it .. and have posted it up. Hopefully someone is able to answer

Hope non-tech/crypto questions are acceptable too? I'm not so techy, thanks.

Yes any question is welcome.

Who's there to send out a question, got some free mins tomorrow for the session.

Honestly can't think of any (meaningful) questions to ask anyone.

Hello, hello, hello Hivers community. Thank you for this beautiful initiative Mr. @theycallmedan, to make the HIVE platform more interactive, more usable and the best social network in the world.

Beyond ALL the AMA!

I would like to take the opportunity to ask you the following:

Are there any other marketing campaigns planned for the adoption of #hive that will impact the community and make it more interactive, usable and secure?

As opposed to the polarization: HIVE and Quarantine, what do you see as positive aspects in the Network?

Thank you, a greeting from Venezuela

GOD bless you greatly 🙏😇😘😘

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A very interesting initiative that helps to strengthen community ties. Thank you so much.

My post.


My Tweet.

This is indeed a great initiative to ask questions and also we can get the opportunity to answer and this way more engagement will happening on the platform. I am going to participate shortly. Thanks @theycallmedan

This one seems more interesting.
Re-blogging the post cause I don't want to forget this one.

@yousafharoonkhan why do you think hive will be better and live longer than Narrative? We meet there and then became friends on steem and how we are hopeful for Hive.

Kenapa anda meng uvote saya salah saya apa sama anda, ya saya tau anda power nya banyak, jangan main uvote orang sembarangan lah pak, kan saya gak salah sama anda.