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Daily Prizes for Driving Traffic to Hive

Eyes on Hive is an initiative to encourage the driving of web traffic to Hive platforms. Skip down to the rules section below if you wish to participate.

Goal of the Project: To Reduce the Obscurity, Raise Awareness of Hive as a Social Network

It has been clear for a long time that Hive has a problem with obscurity. When you talk to people in the crypto space, nobody seems to be aware of it, despite the long history of the community and despite the level of passion and dedication we have for Hive, as well as trying to get it out there and known. I have been aware of this for a long time, but in the last couple of weeks two things really brought the lack of attention and traffic on Hive into focus.

1. Breaking a 76 Week Streak By Sharing on Reddit

I've written a couple of blogs about this already, linked below, but the long and short of it is that a small amount of sharing on Reddit was able to finally break an extremely long streak of hive-gaming (mostly Splinterlands) content being the top viewed posts on, week after week, consistently. It did not take much - showing just how little web traffic is required to take the top spot.

2. Coingecko's Tweet about "Decentralized" Social Media Platforms

This tweet along with the accompanying blog post caused quite a stir among the Hive community. The definition and conception of "decentralized" by the writer/researcher at Coingecko is clearly problematic, but if you look past the categorization, the mere fact that Hive platforms are so far below other platforms that themselves are very obscure, should be setting off alarm bells. The chart highlights the scale of obscurity that Hive experiences, and just how far the project has fallen in terms of public awareness from the heady days of Steem.

You can argue about the methodology, but realistically two of our front end platforms dominate above the others, and even if you add all the users together (where there is considerable overlap in unique users...) it is clear that the Hive ecosystem as a whole is starved of web traffic coming in from outside of our own space.

Contest Overview

Every day there will be two main prizes.

1. Author Views Prize

This prize will be granted to the author of the post which gets the most views in a day. Initially it will be limited to views on, for the simple reason that none of the other major Hive front ends a) provide a view counter on posts and b) allow me to search posts by view count. If those become available on other front ends, they will be included in the future.

Initially the prize will be set at 10 HBD. The prize will be paid out every day, with the possible exception being if I suspect that there may be fraudulent traffic (driven by bot nets, or similar). My accounts including @eyesonhive will also be exempt from the project in order to avoid a potential conflict of interest.

2. Sharer Prize

To compete for the sharer prize, you must follow the rules below, which are similar but slightly modified from the two contests that I posted in the last few days. Just like the author prize, it will initially be 10 HBD per day.

It is highly recommended that you register your account with HivePosh if you wish to participate in the sharer contest. Aside from Twitter and Reddit being good places to share and drive traffic from, it will make it easier to prove that traffic was driven by you specifically. That said, any authentic source of views is valid, so don't be discouraged from sharing on Facebook, Whatsapp or elsewhere if it works for you.

Sharer Prize Rules

  1. The post doesn't have to be yours, but it does have to be current (within the last 72 hours).
  2. You must register the posts you are attempting to push by replying to this post with a comment, linking the post you are entering*. You must do this before promoting the post, that way I can be sure you are not hi-jacking someone else's attempt to promote a post. Make sure you link to a front end like that tracks views.
  3. The winning post will be the one that gains the most in views between the time of registration and the end of the contest. Each contest will end at midnight UTC of the following day. The low threshold ensures that someone will always win each day - there is no high bar to win such as in the last two contests.
  4. The traffic must be authentic - you must not pay for traffic or use bots or any similar service to generate inauthentic traffic.
  5. Provide evidence such as links to your sharing on other social media sites to prove that you were the one who drove the traffic to the post. Evidence of the authenticity of the traffic will be required. As mentioned before, joining HivePosh will help with this part.
  6. You can make as many attempts as you like, within reason, as long as you register the posts you are promoting.
  7. I reserve the right to deny the bounty if the above rules are not followed in letter and in spirit.

Registering a Post and Understanding Where to see Views

Registering to participate means choosing a link that nobody else has already registered, and making a reply to the contest post. I will attempt to screenshot the peakd header of the post as close as possible to the time you register your post. If you create a screenshot yourself, that can help.

You can find the page for peakd most viewed posts here.




The money for these prizes will come from donations and from the daily contest post rewards. So far 150 HBD has been donated by myself and @dandays. If you would like to support the project, please make your donation to @eyesonhive. The project will keep going on post rewards and donations until it runs out of money.

If the project sees a degree of success and proves that it can successfully drive web traffic to our platforms, I may seek out funding from the DHF at a later point. In that case we may be able to raise the prizes and perhaps introduce a jackpot system, where some money will be put away each day until someone beats the top viewed post of the last 30 days, winning the jackpot.

Today's Contest Begins Now - Author Prize will be paid out tomorrow - Sharer Contest Ends Tuesday 16th May at Midnight UTC.


This post makes me wonder: What would it take to get the front-end projects to do an n-daily agreed upon format custom_json post on the chain with view count data?

Or alternatively, for one of them to provide a counter png that the others also use?

Feels it should be perfectly doable to have cross-front-end view-counting, either delayed or real-time, if one of these two options could be agreed upon.

I see no reason why it can't be done. I think it's just a matter of priority, for some reason we collectively did not prioritise views. used to have a view counter pre-split, but even they seem to have disabled it since (to hide their own embarrassing decline in traffic?).

I think that at one point Hivewatchers had a rule about considering posts that use rewards as prizes for contests as being 'abusive' - but I can't see anything about that in relevant places on Hive currently.

I wish to join once again in this contest to encourage everybody here on Hive to do their part of promoting their content not only here but also through different channels so that people can get noticed #Hive, particularly those who are not yet in this community.

Here's my entry about the Sleeping Dinosaur Island from the Philippines.

Thank you for the reblog, I am so grateful for doing this and I am also looking forward to reading your blogs. Peace be upon all bloggers, what an interesting name @oadissin. You really helped us a lot, for bloggers like me who is just a newcomer on this platform this helps.

I was absent for a very long time although I first discovered this platform during the year 2019 but only this February 2023 that I found the courage to be back into blogging here on Hive.

Best of luck :-)

Screenshot_20230516_071444_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Great initiative! I only wish firstly that it had been around for the last couple of months (so I’d be a hundred bucks richer) and secondly that it didn’t require people like yourself offering a reward to get others off their ass to actually do something!

There is an interesting psychology at play on a platform that rewards people for actions and it seems that as time goes on, people want more for doing less (or perhaps that’s just the way of the world). Surely it’s in everyone’s interest to promote Hive and more specifically their efforts on Hive as much as possible without being offered an explicit reward but thank you again for doing so, if that’s what is needed then it Will certainly help us all in the long run.

I don’t think many people are even aware that you can see the top viewed posts and even fewer that they can view the insights page to see the performance of their posts.

On that note, just watch out because the ‘top daily’ category doesn’t always register. There was an issue with it late March/early April but the team managed to fix it pretty sharpish.



One of the biggest problems with gamification is that if the "game" aspect is not well designed, you can encourage a kind of tunnel-vision where everyone is pursuing certain metrics nearly completely, while pretty much entirely neglecting others that may be just as if not more important overall.

In that sense we just have to continue to iterate until we have a "game system" that encourages exactly the kind of growth that we want to see.

Hi, I am seeing how your posts are always close if not quite at the top of the top viewed posts lately. Do you mind telling me where you share your posts, or otherwise if you know how you get reliable traffic?

Do you ever share your posts on Reddit?

I share a snippet of the blog I write on Hive on my domain here.

My site gets pretty decent traffic (15k visitors a day) on a number of the stats pages I create there and I encourage people to click through to the blog. Most of my sites traffic comes via search engines but users can subscribe to my site and get updates every time I post. That means I have a hardcore following off chain who can deliver about 150 views per blog here on Hive.

Site stats from yesterday. You can see the blog post at the bottom.


March to May is the peak time for my site as it coincides with the IPL.

Unfortunately, the big subs for cricket on Reddit don’t allow users to promote their own sites or articles from anywhere that isn’t an established news site.

Probably, one of the reasons why Hive is in "obscurity" is because it lacks sufficient exposure in search engines like Google. There are many people creating content here that have low to zero notion of SEO and digital marketing, and the layout of the text editor doesn't help too much with that either.
There is a need for more SEO content.

When a site duplicates the content of another site (such as happened when Hive forked Steem), Google will generally heavily penalise the new site. This is likely part of why Hive is so low in results rankings. There are ways around this but I am not aware of them ever being implemented by UIs like Peakd.

That's correct.

I try to share post on Twitter but i can't connect my Twitter or register to posh account that's why i didn't succeed to get posh but I'll learn it soon about sharing post to Twitter

What happens when you try to register on

I think I didn't get the correct link to register on posh ???

The link in my post will allow you to register with both Twitter and Reddit.

Okay I'll try to register both

Nice idea, but the top viewer price via peakd will only incentivize the ones that since years grab anyway the by far most author rewards. Those max. 10 users who always lead the ranking in e.g. @dalz top payout posts.

This is based on views not author rewards. The top viewed posts are actually very rarely the top in terms of author rewards.


Not a single one of these is in the top daily viewed for the past year.

This is surprising to me, thanks for the info.

I would love to participate in this! Unfortunately I cannot participate in this one since the logo you used above with the all-seeing eye and the black/white/red color scheme are against my religious views.

We do our best to bring new people to Hive though and will continue to do so and thank you for your great initiative! 💪❤️

You are ok taking money from customers you claim are pedophiles but an eye is too much for you. Your ethics are fascinating.

This awesome, I'm trying to do a similar thing with My Hive growth initiative

I would love to chat more , you got a discord ?

I just got this post a 14 day ecency promotion

Wow, thanks!

Sure, you can find me by the same name on several of the Hive Discord servers.

Can you suggest one so that I can join it , it's not letting me message you because apparently we don't share any groups

Discord - bitcoinman#9716

No luck even after i joined a group you in, you got your own discord group or care to join the hive growth initiative one i recently made ? I think its inline with the eyes on hive campaign you got going

I have sent you a friend request.

I'll participate in this because it is a good one but I do not know if I can get the highest views

But you should try it for sure.

Great initiative, I am so in and thanks for the reward, well received.

I wish to register this post.

Good luck again :-)


Thank you

I love this :) !!! Is it still going on?

As I understand it, I was blocked in a very decentralized way in HivePosh :)

Hey @demotruk, here is a little bit of BEER from @talesfrmthecrypt for you. Enjoy it!

We love your support by voting @detlev.witness on HIVE .
The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @demotruk ) sharing the post on Reddit as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Should I write the post with

Only the link being registered needs to be

I post using ecency mobile app. Can I share that link?

No, that won't work. You can modify the link by simply replacing '' with ''.

In the future I would hope can be included if there is a views counter, but not as it stands now.

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if the "game" aspect is not well designed, you can encourage a kind of tunnel-vision where everyone is pursuing certain metrics nearly completely, while pretty much entirely neglecting others that may be just as if not more important overall.

In that sense we just have to continue to iterate until we have a "game system" that encourages exactly the kind of growth that we want to see.I wish to join once again in this contest to encourage everybody here on Hive to do their part of promoting their content not only here but also through different channels so that people can get noticed #Hive, particularly those who are not yet in this community.

Hi @soneyatoma, you can enter the latest contest here:

Please make sure you read and understand the rules!