BarterTrade Collaborates with Hive (community)

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📢We are really excited to announce that BarterTrade will be Collaborating with Hive (community) and utilizing their Blockchain for web 3.0 in our social platform. Additionally, Hive will be listed on BarterTrade as well.

We all know Hive is a community run Dao platform, so how does this collaboration works?
We will be utilizing data from the Various Hive Social platforms to improve the efficiency of our social trading platform. This adds a lot of Value to the News feed.

Hive Devs will help us make this possible and integrations will reflect once our Social trading platform is launched. This does not end here. This collaboration benefits Hive and its community as well.

In our effort to support startups, small caps, and decentralised products, ⚡️we will be offering a ⚡️portion of the Fee generated from Hive pairs back to the Hive community⚡️⚡️. Paybacks go directly to fund.

we will also be holding an AMA session at (A popular Hive Forum) which will be lead by @TheycallmeDan. Date and Timing for the AMA will posted soon.


Coming over from Bartertrade. Very excited to learn more about HIVE and help both our communities grow! 😎👍

Be sure to use Hive Keychain (browser extension) and (best HIVE interface :)

Good to see you here!

Awesome to have you onboard! Any chance or thoughts of listing hive engine tokens? It would be awesome for example to have LEO and DEC listed ! Both have big communities and very decent volumes!


Looking forward to the AMA. Do intimate the schedule well in advance.

Welcome to Hive! Sending Hive fees to the Hive Dao is really amazing!

This should be the norm and that is how decentralization can be adopted. By supporting the people who are making the efforts.

I'm holding a decent amount of BART.

The partnership with Hive was a pleasant surprise I must say :)

HIVE and BART to the moon.

BART is a bargain at 0.06$. Going to a dollar easy.

I just bought a big bunch of BART today. It was a bit of a nightmare doing so, first exchanging BTC to ETH, then transferring the ETH to Metamask as the wallet i exchanged it in didnt support Uniswap, then configuring Brave and Metamask to buy through Uniswap, but i got there eventually. First time i've bought any Ethereum

Yes those gas fees aren't fun but in the long run when your profits are in the thousands it doesn't really matter.

Wow que buena noticia, ojala sea muy pronto, gracias.

Absolutely good new for our system ☺️😊

I have to say, the roadmap looks spectacular. Following! :)

Thanks for your appreciation. Very welcoming and warming community at Hive.

Our global community is excited

Sounds like great news. Welcome @bartertradeio

Hi @bartertradeio I need some help with buying BART
I sent a message to Telegram group but a bot banned me!
Is there another email other than the general help one on the website which i might get a quicker response from?

Forget last message. After about 4 hours of research and playing with setting on Brave and Metamask i finally figured it out and bought a Big Bunch of BART :-)

But if you can help get me unbanned from the Telegram group it would be good please.

Welcome to the most awesome blockchain layer-0 !


Welcome aboard.
I look forward to seeing what news is to come from @bartertradeio

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