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The @curx curation project searches for exceptional content on the Hive blockchain. With our votes, we've supported 61 distinct authors on Thu Jan 7. Join the curation trail to support our authors! Here's a selection of the top posts curated:

"Fact Checkers," Snopes, and Other Propagandists of the Oligarchy

Author: @kennyskitchen
Category: #palnet
Created: Thu Jan 7 19:55:21 2021


Author: @marytp20
Community: Foodies Bee Hive
Created: Thu Jan 7 05:41:45 2021

They say an Elephant never forgets, What they dont tell you is you never forget an Elephant

Author: @pradeepdee6
Community: Black And White
Created: Thu Jan 7 18:44:51 2021

[Eng-Esp] A beautiful gift from a friend. --Un regalo hermoso de una amiga.

Author: @shirahoshi
Community: GEMS
Created: Thu Jan 7 14:34:03 2021

💗Just Love💗 / Paso a paso (Eng subs)

Author: @anira.art
Category: #spanish
Created: Thu Jan 7 00:35:03 2021

January Daily Vlog #6: Have You Checked Out The "White Rose?"

Author: @kennyskitchen
Community: Threespeak
Created: Thu Jan 7 00:45:09 2021

Primer año de Jesús|Challenge of the Week: #MamarazziChallenge Part III [ENG – ESP] || Motherhood On Hive

Author: @mafalda2018
Community: Motherhood
Created: Thu Jan 7 04:00:09 2021

Pensando en las estrellas

Author: @wartrapa
Community: Cervantes
Created: Thu Jan 7 09:21:45 2021

Homey Remote Work Friendly Coffee Shop : Dogel Coffee Shop

Author: @macchiata
Community: Haveyoubeenhere
Created: Thu Jan 7 15:00:00 2021

Get it while it's good

Author: @rossfletcher
Community: Surfing
Created: Thu Jan 7 20:23:00 2021

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