iOS Beta Launch, 120Hz Screen Support, Block Users / Posts, HF24 Fixes and Several Other Enhancements

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Hello, We are very excited to launch iOS Public Beta Version for the HIVE community along with a lot of new features. There are a lot of enhancements that we did alongside with this and it is going to be so much fun to use the application. Particularly 120Hz refresh rate support added and now using on high refresh rate screens e.g ROG phones, iPad Pro, Google Pixel is going to be so much smoother. Details are given below -

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1. iOS Beta Launch

It took us some time to get Dapplr approved from Apple but now we have done it. Let’s celebrate! We are giving open beta access to all the users. Except Transfer feature, we have all the features as in Android. This is because of the Apple policies but we will be adding that very soon in the upcoming releases.
Link -

120Hz Screen Support

Flutter didn’t really have the support for high refresh rate devices earlier with its stable version. It has recently released its stable version 1.22.0 and which also includes a way to support these high refresh rate devices. This is still very experimental and its working quite nicely so far. We hope you will like it.

3. Blocking Authors and Posts

As a part of this release we have added the feature of blocking authors and specific posts. This will allow you to ignore all of the posts from a blocked author or some specific posts that you have blocked. It is very easy to access and we maintain a separate list of authors


4. Better Error Handling, Table Rendering and Faster Youtube Loading

We have made some minor changes which fixes the rendering of complex tables and also the YouTube image processing has been reduced to show in the list. Along with that, we have included some necessary Error handling which makes the whole UX a lot better.


5. HF24 Fixes

There are still a lot of issues with HF24 especially the delayed response from the APIs. It causes a lot of issue while performing operations on the blockchain level. We added most of the fixes at the device level itself until the blockchain fix is available. There won’t be any difference in the whole flow and things will work as normal.

6 Other Minor Enhancements

We have made several minor enhancements related to performance and accessibility. The applications now feel a lot robust, efficient and performant. We have also optimised the image compression at the device level. Videos compression is yet to be improved and we will keep adding these improvements.

Earn Dapplr Tokens And AirDrop

Dapplr token is not launched yet so this is the time for you guys to earn as many Dapplr Tokens as possible using your content. Currently we are giving away 5x amount of Dapplr Tokens that a post earns. E.g If a post earns 5 HIVE tokens then you will get 25 DAPPLR tokens. This is only for the authors not for the curators. We want to give users every opportunity to earn these tokens based on their activity. Read More

Public Beta Access

Android -
iOS App -


We will release out our 2 Year roadmap which covers Easy OnBoarding with HiveSSO, Encrypted Chats, Open Sourcing Modules for the community, WebApp, and a lot more. Stay tuned for the updates.

Dapplr Team Introductions Dapplr Team

Instagram -
Twitter -

Join us on Discord and help us with your inputs -


good job :)

Hi @woeldchen

Thank you for your support.

Why would you block @katerinaramm ;(


Because I was supposed to test the IOS version and have literally found no time to download and check it yet :P
(Just kidding .. thanks for the mention @acidyo :))

I will now make sure to get on board and write my IOS review!

Thanks so much for existing @dapplr is one of the dApps I strongly believe in!


Thank you for your continuous support.

Cheers and !BEER 🍻

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Yes, finally. Seems really good so far. The best Hive experience on mobile also now on ios. 🙂👍

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Hi @trumpikas

Thank you for your feedback.

Awesome work team....

Thank you for your support @guurry123

Good evening. Very good mobile application, I use it on android. Works smoothly and stably. This is a really big job. Thank you very much. I wish you success in your work.

Hi @saxx1304

Thank you for your support.

Awesome! Finally!

Hi @mammasitta

We are glad to present this version to the hive community.

i got testflight...whats next??

thanks for the work!

Hi @tobetada

Thank you for your support.

I have you on phone but have not signed and in. I need to learn more about you and for me that will take some time.


Sure, Join us on discord and learn more about us.

This is legit the best dapp I’ve ever used on Hive. So smooth.

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Hi @hive.consultant

Thank you for your feedback and support.

Using it now and i love it. ♥️

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Hi @guruvaj

Thank you for your feedback and support.

Speed up the “sign up” process within the app, cant wait promote the app to all of my friends.

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Not available in my country! :(

When will it be made available in the UK?

Hi @marki99

You can change your region and you will be able to install the application. We haven't restricted any country but still this issue is coming to some of the users.

Cant login with iOS Ipad version. Looks like login is correct, but no screen is shown.

Hi @klausklaus

A few of other users have reported this issue. you can restart your app and you will be logged in. We will look more into it to resolve it for better. Thank you for notifying us.

Yes, thank you. Started new, and it works.

Shared this on Torum! Good job guys!

Hi @zord189

Thank you for your continuous support.

Greetings excellent the tool I have already used it on my android phone equipment


Thank you for your support.

What purpose will the tokens serve in the future and will we be able to buy Tokens in the future for fiat?

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We have quite an extensive plan for the Dapplr Tokens. There are a lot of services that can be automated to provide Fiat tot Token conversion instantly.

There are some long term plans in terms of its utility e.g A market place or integrating Dapplr services to existing market places.


Finally! Installed and rolling...


Let us know your feedback.

You are all very pro... really nice. From the back end to the front end... really smooth. Any statistics on how many are using your front end that you can share?

Love the double tap feature.

Is it possible to get dapplr to open when I click a peakd link on mobile??

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No, not really.

Aw man :c
I can do that through Ecency, but I wanted to use your app instead x)

Great job, guys!
Have a 🍻 !BEER and a huge hug! 🤗

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I'm unsure whether or not this comment will be posted, but I'd like to report a bug. I'm using the latest version of the app for android, and I cant post stuff; it always gives an error message despite my net working perfectly. Also, I replied to a comment three days ago, two times, and they never showed up.

Hi @airiam

Is there any error message? It would be very helpful if you can share some more details and we would resolve it ASAP.

I have this problem too, it says missing active auth and I can’t always login and the one time I logged in it didn’t let me post and said Broadcaster didn’t have permission

Hi, can you logout and login again? It may help regenerate the authentication token.

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Hi. I just downloaded this but there is no way I can login with my posting key? It keeps asking for my active key which I don't want to provide.

Hi @intrepidphotos

You will need active key to authorise dapplr for posting operations. Once authorised, you can use your posting key for future login.

We would recommend you to go through the HiveSigner and in case of any queries, please connect with us on Discord or the HiveSigner team.

Yes but there is no way I can verify that the HiveSigner version is legitimate as it opens within the app. Other than showing a logo. I cant see what html its referencing or if its SSL. So there is no way I would put my active key into an unknown app. All the other apps let me use my posting key as that is all I will be doing via dapplr; that is the whole point of the posting key.

ok @intrepidphotos. We can understand your concern.

You can authorise dapplr account on web with the following link -

Once authorised, you can sign in using posting key in Dapplr app. Let us know if you face any issues.

That is slightly better as I only have to trust hivesigner; but there is still something wrong if I need to use the active key to authorize posting . That defeats the whole purpose of the posting key.

Hey @dapplr team...
It was a long time waiting for the iOS version.
But I got it a few days ago and I’m facing all kind of troubles.
Can replay to a comment, can’t create post and add a photo to it.
In general I don’t think I have other options except voting ;)
I try to find a way to report the issue as a bug or so but I didn’t find ant way to report it.

Thanks for your great work ;)

Namaste 🙏

Hi @iliyan90

If none of the operations are working then there is probably an error at the public node APIs. Some of the hive blockchain nodes are a bit unstable and that's why this is happening.

We will be launching our own node so that this problem can be resolved.

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Thanks 🙏
Waiting for that app looks great and have rich list of futures, all it needs is to be running well.

Namaste 🙏