You will never make money preventing others from making money!

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You all rejoiced when 50/50 + Downvote pool was enabled, but now you are all crying because as I told you before - you cannot make money by preventing others from making money.

@Booster is open for business and you all should use it instead of "fighting" your stupid battles that only make you poor, and destroy the motivation of developers and business entrepreneurs.



You all rejoiced when 50/50 + Downvote pool was enabled..

That is in fact NOT true. Some were happy, some were skeptical and some were against it. For most part people wanted to see what will happen and if the effects would be positive.
Even you yourself were for #newsteem until you realized you would have to curate instead of just sit back and collect bot payments, which you are obviously not happy with.

but now you are all crying because as I told you before..

Nope, this again is in fact not true. I see very few people crying. Those that are crying are some bot owners, and i emphasize the "some" since many have pretty much adjusted to the new system. Its just you that has a hard time accepting that the old ways are done for.
Ofc there are also the garbage posters the likes of which you can find in this comment section that are unhappy that they can no longer buy votes for their posts.

The opposite is actually true. Even though the trending page is far from perfect and the votes are skewed towards influential individuals and the trending page lacks diversity, this is still better then what we had.

you cannot make money by preventing others from making money.

Who is preventing you from making money? Go curate, you can make as much curating (or more even) now as you could have selling votes in the old system.
Its just that youre mad that the stake holders no longer want to have a trending page where you can promote your posts basically for free thus destroying the value of a trending spot, they dont want people breaking proof of brain and buying themselves a trophy, they dont want STEEM to be seen as a garbage blockchain where everything said about it is fake and a lie...

destroy the motivation of developers and business entrepreneurs.

Browsing social media i can confirm that alongside the high inflation, bots and vote selling is the prime reason people gave as to why they stay away from investing in STEEM. So yeah, id say the opposite is true, this in fact might have positive effect on developers and investors.

I suggest you stop crying and start curating, or get someone to curate for you. Bidbots will not make a comeback, you dont have the SP to take down smooth, dan, traf, acid, blocktrades, etc...

Adjust and make the $$$

What he said but more politely. xD

Geez. What has everyone against salt?

"if the salt hath lost its is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot by men."

Salt clogs your arteries.

That's not true. You cannot provide any example of arteries clogged with salt. Prove me wrong.

Even though the trending page is far from perfect and the votes are skewed towards influential individuals and the trending page lacks diversity

Back-pedal much?

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Bid bots and bid bot buyers killed STEEM's market value, because major players on both sides were dumping their profits from manipulating the zero-sum reward pool game for Bitcoin. Damn right it was harming everyone else, and downvotes used to remove the incentive for such behavior are good for the STEEM economy as a whole.

So, no, you didn't read my article. You haven't done the math. It's no wonder that everyone on Steemit is constantly upset about the wrong things. They don't know how anything around here actually works. :/

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I disagree with your analysis and conclusions.

In what way?

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I still love @booster all the time even i recieved lot of downvotes on my posts

Booster loves you too! And you are in luck - these days he have to buy his friends.

I'm pretty okay with the new changes. I used to NEVER get curated lol now I'm getting a few peeps checking out my stuff more often which is nice. I can't speak for everyone's experience but thats been mine so far

so you are a fucking retard then - not understanding what economic is or how an ecosystem works.
You have been built up - do you want to be destroyed and demolished?

incredible, simple but hit the point.
I understand, why, who, how doing this.

In capitalism, you either adapt or perish.

"I ❤️ Steem" posts survive all HF's ... just sayin'.

Each hardfork takes this platform farther and farther from capitalism. Show me where Adam Smith and John Locke said a downvote pool was a good idea...

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Capitalism is specific, not a loose set of general ideas. Economies can be capitalistic, mixing it with other concepts. But weighted voting and downvoting would be antithetical to the premise of an open market.

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I don't downvote to make money. Not that my few cents make a big difference. There are so many people just milking Steem that I feel I have to act. The profitability of your business is irrelevant to me. You can adapt to the new Steem model and still earn. Meanwhile haejin is downvoting me out of pure meanness. He won't scare me away.

C'mon styk, we did it your way up to now, look where it's gotten us.
You gonna do to us what got done to golos?

You put out 'good' content, why do you have to bully the rest of us with your stake?

Don't kill Batman!

You sure you want to be supporting this guy?

If i had your stake I would pull the numbers on the biggest sellers and they would never get another dime from the common reward pool.

We are trying to attract more holders, not give the current ones a living wage.

You apparently are unaware that government is the largest industry in the world, as well as being a liar.

Prey elsewhere. Plenty of soft, white economic underbellies remain for your delectation. Steem has evolved to defend itself against you.


Yes. But, I'm a bitter man, so don't expect me to get all soft and lovey dovey any time soon. A curmudgeon is what I aspire to be, and telling kids to get off my lawn is my highest calling.

I didn't rejoice about EIP, I was one of the very few who opposed it.

time to call the troops together and make some serious change or I wont ever be able to onboard investors and STEEM needs investors or we will go BUST!

Not if "investors" means more cracked out people like you.

Btw it's fun watching you struggle lately

If you were going to onboard investors to any significant degree you'd have done it 2-3 years ago.
You're full of hot air.

You have NEVER in your years here brought on any significant “investors”. Quit blowing hot air, nobody believes a word coming out of your drunken mouth at this point.

Time to shut the fuck up and actually do something other than bitch and whine.

It’s not worth another heart attack.

Please, post an audio rant. At least you can provide satisfactory entertainment with a raging, drunken ramble replete with ad homina, lies, and fantastic hallucinations.

I, for one, would be very likely to curate it as a high quality post.

You missed all the action on Discord!

Sadly, I have been held hostage by my hammer of late. Season has transitioned however, and presently I am the captive of mushrooms, whose siren calls lure me into their soggy domain where their spores are demanding my deposition of them thither and yon. I note with a twinge most every Friday that I have missed yet another Full Force episode of #crimgiggles.

Thanks for noticing. I miss ya'll. and Leo is for investors. Steem is for rewards pool protectors who want to help with user and investor reduction. lol

and you don't understand how the steem reward pool works. When you boost your post up, you rob from everyone else. It's a finite supply of inflation. Your justification of your greed isn't fooling anyone anymore.

But when the system allow it, the system is wrong. People are doing greedy things.

But when the system allow it, the system is wrong. People are doing greedy things.

The system gives us downvotes to limit them in their greed. They don't like that :D

The trending has been amazingly better since these changes. And people still use upvote bots to advertise stuff it just comes with people not getting any ROI because of some downvotes... BUT they still achieved their goal of getting a post into "trending" so their marketing dollars seem to still be working.

So i hope @booster and a couple others stick around I see no issue with a few sticking around. If i had something I wanted to advertise I'd use booster and others AND i'd say at the end of the post that I don't mind and even expect it will get some downvotes because that's the nature of steem. I expect to not get a free money because of advertising I expect that exposure actually costs something.

And finally promotion should be more in the hands of the UI anyway. Let's hope interfaces make some changes to help give users an option to advertise things they find important.

Fuck Trending - our MarketCap is a disaster - The Dollar Amounts is not even realistic

Do you really think that putting those bots out of business had a bad influence on the marketcap?
the people using those bots were those who were cashing out every cent they got here and just left enough in to shitpost and upvote and selfovte with 10-20% apr every post with almost no risk.

@fyrstikken, someone on Discord (or you) has recently sent me a message seemingly trying to make amends as we have not seen eye-to-eye for quite a while.

I replied harshly to that person as I immediately assumed they were a scammer. (Their name is "fyrsticken" which does not match your spelling).

However, @drakos informed me that is indeed your account (why do you have so many discord accounts?). If the fyrsticken account belongs to you, then can you kindly reply to this message with a verification?

The actual discord tag for the user is @frysticken#1337.

I will await your verification on-chain before proceeding to chat with you, or anyone claiming to be you, via discord. If you do verify the account belongs to you I will give our "relationship" another chance.

Not sure i care as much about the market cap as you do... obviously you can see my wallet. haha

I just want a nice place to create and consume content. For me i don't create much content so mostly i just want to consume content. There's a thought that maybe market cap being down will stop this place being so reward pool centric and bring in creators that like the other aspects of social media on blockchain. But yeah i guess higher steem value increases the reward pool and that may increase the amount of creators... but I just kinda doubt serious creators will ever ever ever view the rewards pool as a real way to make money. They do this for a living and are good at it... they know they can't support themselves or sometimes entire teams of people off of this. Solid money comes from having the eyes and ears of tens of thousands if not millions of people and ads and connections with really wealthy companies like sponsorships. Reward pool is fun and nice and gives people a bit more of a voice but steem has a lot more to offer than that.

Anyway i thought your post about paid votes was about marketing a post and getting into trending.

Well, the way the reward pool works you are literally making money by preventing others from making money

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Use BidBots and let us destroy the idiots who downvote paid votes or we will have to go blackmarket and let these fuckers look in the dark.

Why haven't you retreated to the highly financially rewarding black market for bot votes? You're late to that party man.

Probably because he doesn't know how, or too much work for him to set it up.

There are so many fucking idiots downvoting paid stuff..., what is the benefit when i use booster ?

You get attention - you trend - you get booster-tokens, you get your voice heard, you climb on google trends, you climb on everything search engine shit.

People who stand in your way needs to be nuked because this shit with downvoters is not going to work. It never does.

whether with the number of retreats Because downvoting will affect the price of steams to rise?
I feel the price of steem is still the same.

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what is the benefit when i use booster ?

You show how much you like your own contributions ;)

So true my friend!!
!giphy cry+babies

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We kindly ask you to remove your downvotes. You're free to do whatever you like, but attacking people for moving on into #NewSteem is not the right move. We're all in the same ship and we want the STEEM price to rise again. Buying votes is not the answer, the past 2 years should be enough of an experience. If you'd like to talk, so we can understand each other's viewpoints better, you can find us on discord:

Lol, the irony,...

I would like to take you seriously @freebornangel, but your never-ending salty behaviour is repulsive. How about actually doing something useful for Steem, besides being disappointed about everyone and everything on here.

Well, he's been flagging with SFR since the beginning. Before free flags. Before EIP.

Think about that for a moment.

You can blame stimiliati for that,...more irony.

I would like to take you seriously, @therealwolf, but your never ending profiteering of the commons is repulsive.
How about putting out real content, or fund your work through the sps, rather than reap the rewards we are supposed to be attracting newbs with?

My disappointment centers on the sellers.
Until they stop getting rewards, we are doomed to a falling price.

All these career steem people are hilarious...

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Not shitting on the floor is a good thing, but to claim you are all better now, while still shitting on the floor is too doublethinc for me.

Agreed, and if I'm being honest I want to smack Mr. Double speak in sheep's clothing! Muting people with opinions u don't like is weak. Af

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For the record.Screenshot_20191022-185601.png

He put me on his blacklist, that is eve worse

His stake is tainted, you don't need the karma that comes with it.
He should burn it, imo.

He muted me as well he is a real pussy

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Yeah, that's a class snob for you.

I cannot see a direct correlation between bid bots and the price of steem falling. Instead, it's apparent even spammers were buying steem. All ROI from bid bots goes directly to steem power (its not liquid!!) and thus increases the size of the reward pool.

One the flipside, downvoting in general and for whatever reason upsets people and makes them leave steemit and sell their steem.

But I doubt you'll do the math, even if I showed it to you.

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even spammers were buying steem

Yeah, they buy that initial few hundred or whatever and just use the "profits" to continue to bid. You obviously have no clue how those bots work. Nobody would use the bots if they didn't offer a return.

All ROI from bid bots goes directly to steem power (its not liquid!!) and thus increases the size of the reward pool.

Horseshit. They have to pay their delegators. Do you know why many are always powering down?

But I doubt you'll do the math, even if I showed it to you.

You math? Last time I checked, you make "dictionaries". I can name at least two entities that bought more STEEM than your sorry spammers since the HF. The real math here is most the whales prefer to cash out faster than people buying/creating value.

You leaving won't make a difference.

Lol I do a lot more than that! Here's the math breakdown from an article I wrote back when it was still 75/25. Let's see if you can follow it. ROI is impossible now at 50/50. One would naturally be powering down if One uses bid bots so that One can reinvest. Why stop that cash cow???

Bots Are Not What You Expect. Let’s Do The Math.

Regardless of the bot you use, you will be lucky to get a 300% upvote. More likely you will get 250%, which is what I found the average to be. So let’s say you pay an upvote bot 1 SBD, and in return you get a $2.5 STU upvote. Hey, pretty good, right? Not quite. Only 75% of that is yours, the rest goes to curation. So you get $1.875. However, that’s not 1.875 SBD, that’s 1.875 STU (Steem Token Units), which is split 50/50 into SBD and Steem Power. So that’s a return of 0.9375 SBD to the 1 SBD you paid. You just lost 0.0625 SBD. What about that Steem Power? Well that’s not 0.9375 Steem Power either. That’s $0.9375 USD worth of Steem Power, which of course depends on the current market price of Steem. As of this writing the price of Steem is currently at $3.21 USD. That means that’s an earning of 0.292056 Steem Power. If we were to magically convert that back into SBD without having to go through the 104 week power down process (at the time of this writing 1 SBD costs 1.02 SP which is nearly equal) we can say we earned a total of 1.23 SBD for the 1 SBD spent, but the earnings have gone straight to Steem Power, and are therefore not liquid, not something you can walk away with, not going to be a daily paycheck.

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So you get $1.875. However, that’s not 1.875 SBD, that’s 1.875 STU (Steem Token Units)

Actually, it's essentially the same thing as @dragrousa pointed out.

not something you can walk away with, not going to be a daily paycheck.

You obviously have never seen the chronic bot users in a state of constant power down. Once you have the cycle primed, you always have enough to keep bidding and sell the portion.

Regardless of the bot you use, you will be lucky to get a 300% upvote.

False. There are a good number of bots that don't have ROI cap. They aren't the vocal bots you see usually. Pretty easy to get more a lot more than you put in if you know what you are doing.

You are doing outdated math. Time to stop.

Yawn. You're just speaking from emotion. You haven't done the math. You haven't looked at the code. And you haven't tried to make an ROI from bid bots. It's not as easy as you think. But even if it was, you're real problem is thinking that the STU payout reflects the quality of the post, just like everyone else here. You seem wrapped up in pyramid-scheme thinking.

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And you haven't tried to make an ROI from bid bots.

Okay. Whatever you say.

Just don't forget that when I was onboarded by @someguy123, he told me to use bots for profits.

You may go ahead and call him an idiot.

I had plenty of profitable bids before I stopped due to my commitments.

So yawn to you.

It's sooooo damn difficult to make ROI with bots.

P.s. how old are you? I'm convinced nobody here is older than 25.

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Old enough to know that you were downvoted for legitimate reasons.

"Legitimate" lol! So no, you're not older than 25.

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Whales will do whale things. But if new money was coming into steem the price wouldn't still be in the teens. Steem will be $0.05 by Jan.

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I think you should consider converting some of Booster's Steem to another token like Leo or Pal or Neoxian or any other token. lol
I miss using Booster but it's pretty illegal for me to use it. :( Steemit has always been about reward pool protection at the expense of users which I think is a good part of the reason Steemit is missing about a million or more accounts.

If there's an actual quality behind payed article i personally don't mind it, otherwise i consider it to be a spam.

Is it alright if I farm your nc planet?

I've been away from Steemit for a while now, but I agree, downvote is stupid. If you don't like a post, just move on to something you like, no need to downvote something you are not interested in. This just leads to more bullying on the platform. It even looks like it was just created as a weapon for someone to use their massive SP against other person they don't like. Although I can see how it can be used against people that bought their way to the trending page.
Steem has the best platform to get people to use this coin, not to mention most coins don't even have a platform to work with, just dreams in the air and talks about "mass adoption".
Instead of working on useless features like the downvote, that just cause war among the community, people should be working on taking projects like Steepshot, Esteem, Musing, Dtube, Dsound etc, one step further. Promotion of these is key in getting people to adopt Steem. The concept of this site blows their "notblockchain" counterparts completly out of the water, yet few people using them. Once Facebook/instagram, Google, Amazon create their own blockchains, it gets much harder to get people to start using Steemit and its "sons" . Making registration simpler and easier would also be a major thing.
Seriously which other blockhain out there has a platform like this one?Or the others I mentioned?? This is a treasure and its slowly being buried. My two rusty satoshis on this matter.

"...useless features like the downvote, that just cause war..."

You really have a flawed grasp of society. War may be the most fundamental cause of eusociality in H. sapiens. It's anything but useless. In terms of profit, war is probably the most profitable function of government, provably the largest industry in financial terms today, and surpassing agriculture sometime in prehistory.

Consider that flags return VP to the rewards pool, and further that the most substantial stakes on the platform extract ~90% of rewards +/- 10%, and you will see the financial potential of flags and flagwars to increase the ROI of the most substantial stakes in Steem.

Congratulations @fyrstikken!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 1 with 103 comments
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Initially when i was new i use to buy it but last few months i had bought zero upvotes but as i visited the Steem Bot Tracker there i found so many profitable bots and even i used @booster the quality of my post was also good as well as i had used a very small amount of upvote and when the next day i woke up it got downvoted.

I have simply one point rather downvoting someone people should focus on promoting small creators but what they will do is downvote a post with just few dollars of earnings but at the same time they will upvote there friends with over 100$ of upvote does it not an abuse as to earn some huge amount you must have friends and if not then just wait so that someday by mistake someone will come and upvote your post.

I am fine with both buying as well as not buying but not in favor of downvotes.

It feels great when at least someone is raising the question of many even i have written a post regarding it.

Thanks for listening.

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I'm going to agree with Fyrst. Flagging/Downvoting people because, You, arbitrarily "feel like" they do not deserve what they make is wrong. That's abusing the flag/downvote system.

Flagging/Downvoting should be reserved for instances where someone is flagrantly doing something that is against the Terms & Conditions of this site.

It's always been my opinion that Downvoting and Flagging need to be decoupled from each other. Downvoting should only affect the visibility of a post. Flagging should only affect potential earnings.

Also @steemitqa had a great idea. Completely remove post earnings from public view.

Steemit is most definitely a website. Which should not be confused with the Steem blockchain.

there are no Terms & Conditions or any other such agreement

Maybe you should read the Terms of Service then.

I am going to inform many of you about a POSITIVE aspect of purchasing a vote from a bid bot.

If you place a link in your post, it is registered as nofollow.

Once the post gets to a value of $10, the link turns to dofollow. now has high domain authority, so a dofollow backlink from your post to your website is very valuable for SEO.

I will purchase bots for this purpose to boost my backlink SEO strategy for my website,

Sure, people will down vote me, but to me, it's worth the risk to increase my website rankings.

You're welcome!

There needs to be big changes ASAP, the site traffic is getting worse by the day. We are sub 10k on Alexa now.

On the other hand, SteemPeak is getting better and better. Maybe just a change of preferences?

whether with the number of retreats Because downvoting will affect the price of steams to rise?
I feel the price of steem is still the same.

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Planting a seed today and harvesting for its fruits for the nextday is completely impossible.. ^^

And authors and curators.

You are right my friend,we all will stand together and we will wipe those downvoters together.

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This is the topic I was looking for... We are tiny steemians. We do engage with steem, make posts, but this downvote is really annoying. I make post regularly, I have some viewers, getting upvotes from them. Also trying to be noticed by buying some upvotes from @booster. And then these guys try to show their power and keep downvoting till zero. And I lost all my viewers tips. Still fighting with hope.

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Now this is what I call steem! I've never used booster or any other service but if it's going to piss people off, get me flagged, and tempt keyboard warriors to type shit they'd never dream of saying to my face so that I might happen to see them in BKK and settle shit with a dust up I'm all in.. What do I do exactly delegate to booster and make a post? I sincerely don't know how it works but I'm done playing nice here and just wanna fuck shit up..

Edited I figured out, unfortunately I didnt have much steem..

Once all this was already happening in the GOLOS.IO
I remember how it ended...

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That is absolutely right. I so much dislike that downvote

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Sincerely, let them know. People trying to feed off from others with careless downvotes.
Majority of them, pay for steem Sp delegate with little fiat and be harassing authors carelessly.

@fyrstikken Heya the title line is correct but I want to include that instead of looking at others wallet we need to keep a check on our wallets first!!!! Every individual needs to grow themselves as a person which will grow the society and jealous factor will also shoot down!!!

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this is exactly what is happening on steemit since HF now few people will decide how much other are worth impressive

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You've inspired a post. HF21 has been one of the most divisive forks on the blockchain thus far. I've noticed, it's like one of those optical illusions that shows two different things depending on how you look at it. With the new update, I tend to see the old hag more than I do the beautiful young woman. Give it a read if you like, you might find it interesting. I find it outrageous that some folks are damn near encouraging large stakeholders who've run bid bots to leave the platform. Little do they know that large stakeholders are a precious commodity for the market value of the token. I have a feeling they'll soon find out.

Dear @fyrstikken

hard not to agree with you.
The way downvotes are aboused is surely puting off many users.


I am always with you bidbots, specially booster, you can see i still buying Daily upvotes many times from @booster. Love you @booster.
Keep fighting and never loose hope. People will come and join you soon and you will be voice of us


this aint google circle.

Google Plus is already dead.

what is google circle?

4 days ago I was buying votes at booster. The quality of my post was good. Yet my post has been downvote.

give me a list of who downvoted you and let me see if I can downvote them

their real accounts

Yeah, you boosted a post telling everyone that spider is an "insect".

That's quality promotion for sure.


Here...take my three cents! I like to make-a tha monay!!

Yeah, I will take your cents.

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