Help us bring multisig to Hive!

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The return proposal recently went up and we were unfunded as a result. Since this is an essential addition to our ecosystem, our dev is still working on it while we collect the missing votes.

If you don't know why multisig is important, I invite you to read our original proposal. In a nutshell, here are a few advantages of having an easy-to-use multisig functionality :

  • Enhanced security
  • 2FA
  • Community consensus decisions
  • Trustless DHF proposals
  • More authority granularity (i.e. you could decide to use a posting key for votes only)

As mentioned, our dev keeps working on our frontend page in the meantime and has already finished displaying current authorities.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 12.33.33 PM.png

The next tasks will include implementing a login, updating authorities, and initiating multisig operations.

Besides this frontend, we will also work on a communication protocol to relay the multisig transactions, extensive documentation, and a library for dApps to implement. More information in our original proposal.

Support Hive Multisig Development by voting for this proposal on Hive Keychain, [PeakD](, on HiveSigner or from Hive Keychain's governance page.


I always appreciate every of your efforts and keep up the good working moving.

Tanks, will do!

I really admire your endeavour we need more people like yourself @stoodkev in this Blockchain because with all this proposal i see a better HIVE tomorrow, I will love to join this moving train of success.

Just submitted my support! Good luck with your project :)


Went to support but found that I am already supporting it...hehe. Thanks for your hard work and dedication towards the Hive blockchain. 🙏

Btw, love the idea of authority granularity. I have always wondered about that.

Thanks for supporting us twice ^^

I am just knowing about the multisig but it really sounds like a good project for development.

all updates and improvements must be supported to achieve security improvements

Oh, so it is about off-chain communication for acquiring enough signatures for a multisig. Anything that makes it easier to use is worth it.

By the way, I wonder if anyone thought about replicating proposed transaction feature from BitShares - it is similar in its goal but uses regular node communication channel.

I'll look into it, tks!

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Support Hive Multisig. You Must.

Do you have a flowchart?

Hmm nop, but I think the user story in the original post describes the flow quite well.

@stoodkev! The Hive.Pizza team manually upvoted your post.

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Thank you very much for all the effort you make every day for the benefit of the HIVE family

Welcome =)

Supported! Good work!

Damn, sad it didn't got funded :/

It is now, though we're just above the threshold so it's not super stable.

What would 2fa consist of? Do we have our own 2fa dapp.? I ask about this as I know it is not always secure.

We will implement it in Keychain / Keychain mobile so that you'd need double signing ( extension + device) to validate active authority operations.

I did vote for it as the keychain staff has done so much good work in the past.

Personally I don't see much use for it at a user level and maybe others are the same? A lot of work for little return or maybe it's just above my paygrade.

I would much rather see somebody build a proper account creation process for apps to implement or other basic tools that are still missing from the chain.

But either way it's great to see more tools and options being added to the chain and you'll have my vote again.

Thanks for your support!
I think the use cases are many and at different levels.
At the user level, account security enhancement and 2FA would be the most common use case.
For power users that share their accounts with others, account granularity would be interesting.
And at the community level, DAO funds management, and consensus decisions would be a game changer.




hello sir help me for grow.

Community consensus decisions
Please tell more about this.

Thanks for your work.

Sat Nam

That's great having the multisig. I shall support !

We support this project. Multisig is needed when a group or community account is manage by many users.

Yup, thanks!

That's cool and opens more ways to handle different stuff! I love it!



As mentioned, our dev keeps working on our frontend page in the meantime and has already finished displaying current authorities.

This to me, speaks volumes. Developers that believe in their projects so much. That they continue to work on development, even after the funding support has expired...

Less about the money... more about Community

You've received my vote and support.


Some years(?) ago, I created different posting authorities for an account and could allocate weight to them, just as the screenshot above suggests.
I didn't try what would happen to a tx that was below the threshold.

Don't we already have multisig?

We do have multisig, the point is making it usable.
Currently, if we both need to sign the same transaction, there's no easy way to do that.

Edit :

I didn't try what would happen to a tx that was below the threshold.

It would fail

I think the title is a bit misleading then.
I didn't try to be a smartass about it, but I honestly wasn't sure.

Love your work; I use keychain all the time.
I'll give your proposal a vote, just because of that.

Hmm yeah, you're right.
Way more details on the original proposal that is linked in the post.
Thanks! =)

I went to go vote and was already supporting it🤭 if only I could vote again 💯 Since I can't.. I'll reblog 🤗🥰

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