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Because steemit is a free platform where anyone can share what they want as long as they do not hurt anyone else directly, I would like to share with you guys how I was censured by @shadowspub on the PYPT show this Thursday. Enclosed the video of what just happened:

My video is at DLive

Some screen shots of the conversation:

it s sexist..png

whats sexist.png


women are paid more.png


axe to grind.png

And then got kicked by @battleaxe


Here's the link of the show:

Minute 22:00 to 25:00


Discord is not Steemit. PYPT is an independent show with its own agendas. No streaming radio show is obligated to give you the time of day. A certain standard of quality is expected and content not meeting that standard is rejected. Your rights to spew nonsense do not trump the show host’s right to mute you. Get your facts straight. You’re gaining a reputation as a troll and a publisher of biased information.

if it wasn't for the dog saving you do i'd flagged you here with 100% because @blackliberal has my support on his posts because they are objective and neutral which can sometimes be difficult to write down properly. And the server is a nice place but unfortunately has some extreme lefts or PC people or 2 or three, not you btw.

You want to flag me for what? Disagreement on rewards? Fraud or Plagiarism? Hate Speech or Internet Trolling? Intentional miss-categorized content or Spam? Those are the options Steemit gives for downvoting. The only other option (and it actually isn't an accepted option) is censorship of content. Isn't that ironic? You disagree with my opinion so flagging seems like a reasonable action to take. Interesting.

I'm glad blackliberal has your support. The way he's going, he will surely need it.

Hate speech or actually trolling? "you are gaining a reputation as a troll and a publisher of biased information"? Based on what? You guys have not even proven me wrong of what I just said. I'm still waiting for the information, many of you said I was right in certain aspects, but I was wrong, so where I'm wrong I still no see any arguments, where I just shared biased information.

Nobody cares enough to waste time re-proving what all of us already know. You may know things about the economic and employment situation in whatever little backwater, third world village you're from--women there may very well work fewer hours and have different work ethics--but you're talking out of school when you address this issue with women who've spent their lives being independent and self-supporting in more advanced regions of the world.

I think you have tunnel vision, and I think I think you love to stir controversy because it gets you the attention you can't get otherwise. Most of us at PYPT can spot personalities like yours from a mile a way, and quite frankly, we don't have the patience for babysitting them. The only reason I'm responding to you at all is because I don't think you're totally evil or totally dumb. Somewhere in there may well be a savvy, teachable man. You just have to get past your own ego to find him.

Keep avoiding arguing from the reason, keep using your emotion and your anecdotic experienced.

No more to say, you are clearly a waste of my time.

DUDE -- I have no desire or motivation to engage in your argument. Your point bores and annoys me. My point is that you're a crybaby who went after a show host for doing her job, and you refuse to listen to the truth that you were kicked for not respecting the show's format, not censored. And that makes you a waste of my time.

You written so much and said nothing... Your arguments are based on emotions and anecdotic evidence, your point is that you are being offended by facts and you can't counter those arguments with reasons and statistics. No one answered yet why the information is wrong.

Because nobody cares, doofus.

Biased information? I was censored just because the host did not agree with me! Is that a real argument to not let me finish what I had to say? Just because she could not be objective and rational? I was kicked out for no reason. I was censored because of what? "You’re gaining a reputation as a troll and a publisher of biased information." Please tell me what is biased here.

Too bad you're so inclined to beat the hell out of the truth. When you present a post you are expected to present a summary of your post and then leave it up to those in attendance to read your post and comment as they choose to. It is not for you to argue your case. Argue your case in the post. I've also interceded when people have chose to read their post instead of summarizing. The show is not there for anyone to hijack.

As for your claims of being censored. I really wonder if you even know what censorship is. Censorship means the suppression of information so it is not available for consideration by others. I invited others to read and draw their own conclusions, the material hasn't been removed from my published recordings and let's not ignore the fact that you had posted that article on my server four days earlier and it is still there.

That is not censorship. That is a host keeping her show on track. As for you being kicked, the mod who made that decision doesn't do so lightly with anyone. I trust her judgement or she wouldn't be a mod.

According to Longman dictionary, censorship is _the practice or system of censoring something_. Whether you liked it or not, It was just 1:20 min, and then based on your feelings you decided to censor me. You are a biased person, whose lack of rationality convert you into a bigot. To be honest, I'll keep talking about this, I'm neither a troll nor a lier. I just talk about the truth. You accused me of trolling and using biased information. I would like you to provide me the real arguments on what I was wrong based on REAL information, not your feelings.

I don't really know what you are trying to do by providing such irrational arguments but you should take a look at what you are really saying. Makes no sense.

You said and It's clearly stated on your own show that you would not give me the voice anymore bc it was YOUR SHOW and you would not let anyone come to your voice and spread "lies". If that is not biased... You are only seeking to censure anything that you disagree on, just as a third-wave feminist loves to do. Very sad that a host in a show is such an irrational person, who only wants to have biased information, and is not open to hearing any other arguments that you do not support.

What just happened when somebody tried to say something that you guys did not agree with? CENSORSHIP. And then your mod kicked me out when I did nothing wrong just defending my point of view. It's a fact don't try to hide the truth of what you just do.

oh you poor little snowflake... you only got 1:20 ... so sorry ... I should have given you 2 minutes for me to realize that you were NOT summarizing the post ... you were arguing your case in a venue that is not setup for that purpose.

I don't need any feelings to know when someone is trying to set his own agenda instead of following the show's format. It just takes listening.

Since you had made a point of making sure I knew that post was there on my server by DMing me, I had read it and was very aware of the content which improved my ability to know what you were up to. Nice try.

"Improved my ability" You did not even read the whole thing, you did not even prove me wrong. Still waiting for the counter-argument of the post.
You had enough time to read it and at least give me an argument that's not based on your feelings.

Keep arguing about the summarizing. You clearly stated it was not due to the summarizing now you just want to change the narrative of your bigotry.

Let me make this very clear to you little one.

YOU behaved badly in my forum and were stopped from doing so.

YOU didn't like being accountable for YOUR behaviour.

If YOU don't want to behave property in other people's spaces then don't got there.

Can your brain absorb that message?

Well said.

really? xD

Whilst I understand your reason to post such a post the least likely statistics I would believe is the government and the media, who will create such statistics to make things look equal. You did not get off on the right foot saying that men and women have different skill sets, and characteristics well you are just rubbing people up the wrong way. Now go and speak to half a dozen women in different countries and ask them and see their evidence.

Upvoted, everyone is entitled to their point of view, agree to disagree like mature adults. A+

It's terrible that people don't accept different thoughts, especially when they are based on evidence and statistics, like Ben Shapiro would say: "You are being offended by facts".

¿Hasta en Steemit hay censura? No puede ser, si les molesta oír la verdad, pues no la oigan.... Deberías unirte a @informationWar.

This is just an example of what happens when you try to give your opinion on a topic and it is not "politically correct"

that server has some strange people inthere but in general its okay.. i see you've met the strange ones here

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  1. Your post was biased.
  2. When you started presenting it, I rolled my eyes and left to shower.
  3. You weren't being censored, because Discord servers are dictatorships, not democracies. You have no "right" to free speech on any of them.

Bigot. 😄

Still waiting for a real argument that proves, that my post was biased.

Sure, I'm a bigot. Whatever helps you sleep at night, sugar.

As I said, Still waiting for a real argument that proves, that my post was biased.

Every post is biased by the creator's worldview. My three points are related, whether you choose to isolate one and ignore the others or not.

Of course, every post is biased. But you are using that narrative to say that my post is wrong. That's the problem, I based my arguments on what a research said, not in the reports of the media about the research. I think that's what you should take a look at, and learn how to use the data.

Still, don't know how could you be a libertarian and being manipulated by this narrative. Sad.

I didn't say it's wrong. I said you are not entitled to free speech within what amounts to @shadowspub's private dictatorship on Discord.
Now I'm saying you're the one who should do you research before making wildly off-base accusations against someone who teaches anarcho-capitalist theory on this platform.
I'm not a libertarian. And you're not anywhere near as clever as you think you are, passive-aggressively condescending to someone who is clearly out of your intellectual league.