Travel with me #116 : Ürgüp, Pigeon Valley and the Sultan Cave hotel!

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Dear Steemit Friends:

Today we will explore more of the Cappadocia region of Turkey on the Central Anatolian Plateau. This beautiful area of the world is a mix of ancient human history and the dramatic landscapes that the natural world has to offer. Able to maintain all of its rustic and historical charm, despite thousands of tourists visiting each year, Cappadocia has more to offer in the way of unique landscapes that any other place I have visited in the world. Are other places more dramatic? Perhaps. But there are very few that rival this place for pure magical strange-ness.

I start my journey today in the wonderful town of Ürgüp which is located near the cave churches of Goreme where we visited together before. To see more of that, check out my post HERE. Of the 34,000 people or so that live in the disctict, 18,000 of them live in Ürgüp making it a sizeable settlement. The town is famous for being the centre of the wine production and trade in Cappadocia with 60% of the wines from the region coming from the Turasan Winery in the town.

As you can see the views from Ürgüp are not too shabby!

Ürgüp is famous for its conical shape, resembling a miniature volcano. That is very fitting since the rock formations found around Cappadocia were formed millions of years ago by three volcanoes named, Erciyes, Hasan and Melendiz Dağları. Fortunately, Ürgüp isn't a volcano and its same simply comes from the unique geology of the region caused by its volcanic past. Beautifully, the buildings and cave dwellings of the town rise up the slopes of the mountain side, many being carved straight into the rock.

In many places you stay in the town nearest to the natural attraction that you want to visit. Then you travel from the rather boring town to the place of natural wonder before returning to normality. In Cappadocia the towns are the natural wonders. Built into the very bones of the land are the living, working and socialising areas. So even as I was leaving for my day of adventures, I couldn't help but look back at the beauty I had just left behind.

Discovering Pasabag or Monks Valley

This remarkable valley is full of beautiful fairy chimneys but with very unique shapes! The fairy chimneys rise up from what is now a vineyard and the name Pasabag literally means, Pacha's vineyard. the word 'Pacha' means General, as in a General in the military. It is also sometimes named Monks Valley, probably because many monks and hermits carved their small homes in the rock here in centuries past.

One of the entrances to the beautiful valley.

My guide spent quite a long time convincing me that these looked most like mushrooms... but I have to say I think they may look more like something else! I don't think I can say what, in such tasteful company such as yourselves. However, the formations of Pasabag were truly impressive regardless of what you think they look like. Extremely tall, the tops of them look like round pyramids just balanced on top. Apparently there were even some hermits that carved their little living quarters right into those top caps that barely even look attached! I'd be scared about my room toppling off the top of the pillar!

I thought the pillar in the foreground right looked like a man wearing a wizards hat! There really were some amazing shapes that I had never seen before. Still kind of like the typical fairy chimneys that I had started to become desensitised too, they almost looked like the towers on a French chateau with the slate tiled roofs on top. So either wizards or chateaus, what do you think?

Walking through the huge pillars of rock made me realise how very big they were and made my small self feel even smaller than normal. Some of the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia felt quite delicate and looked almost fragile, but the pillars here in the Monks Valley felt very imposing. My neck started to ache from so many hours just staring upwards at them!

Behind me you can see some of the vineyard in which Monks Valley stands. Archaeologists believe that wine making in the region has been going on for at least 7,000 years, but the Hittite people are probably responsible for developing the bulk of the industry in the area between 1800BC and 1400BC. Even during the reign of the Ottoman empire, who largely suppressed the drinking of alcohol, wine making continued in the region led by Christian and Jewish settlers.

After the founding of the Turkish Republic in 1923 there was much encouragements made to the wine industry in the country and by the 1940s the industry was thriving. There are many award winning wines from the indigenous grapes of the region the best of which are reportedly Narince and Emir for white win and Bogazkere and Okuzgozu for reds. Their popularity is spreading world wide with many experts ranking the wines produced here very highly.

The beautiful village in Pigeon Valley

We saw some beautiful views together of Pigeon Valley in one of my previous posts but I never got up close and personal with the area. Today I was delighted that I would be visiting a little village nestled just inside the famous Pigeon Valley where I was going to get to get a real taste for the local people and their customs. Goreme and Ürgüp are well developed tourists destinations and though they've been very faithful to their routes and history, staying well preserved despite thousands of tourists, they are nothing compared to the village I was about to visit in terms of experiencing authentic daily life of local people.

It was a long way to find this isolated village and it took quite some time to hike through the valley to the hidden village. My excitement kept me going, however, knowing that I was about to experience more of the local life than most got to experience when visiting the area. I was told that this little village was home to farmers whose goal was to be self sustainable by growing all of the food they eat and rearing their own cattle.

Finally, after a treacherous hike down the valley in the blistering hot, I reached my destination. With no official name, this little group of buildings I have called a village was more a small community of farmers. Mostly run by middle aged women, they had created a beautiful area nestled into the side of the valley where they had planted and grew many different fruit trees and had live stock roaming free.

The shade of the fruit trees was most welcome after such a long trek but I knew this was going to be really worth it. I was welcomed graciously by a woman who introduced herself as Elif. I will tell you now that not a single person I met here spoke a word of English so we communicated by use of our tone, facial expressions and gestures! I felt so welcomed and was astounded by the generosity of the people here, who were genuinely excited to be able to show off their community to visitors.

Enjoying the shade of the trees.

As you can see the compound had such a variety of different produce and animals all in one place. There were grapes for eating and for wine, donkeys for transportation and labour (though this one was just a baby) and chickens and ducks too for eggs and meat.

What post of mine would be complete without a cute little animal?

As you can see the ducks and chickens were completely free range and loved the shade of the trees down in the cute valley where the farms were situated. They ran around all of the pots, baskets and carts used for the manufacture and storage of food.

I thought I would just be here to see the area but the women of the community embraced me with open arms and were genuinely excited to be able to show off where they lived and their industry. They wanted to show me how they lived and how they lived off the land. As you can see here, another bubbly lady wanted to show off the lavender that they produced to make essential oils and other gifts to trade and sell.

I wasn't expecting to eat here but they started bustling around me laying out food and invited me to join them. The food was of course the freshest I'd ever tasted with all of the products on the table having been grown by the women of the community, as far as I could understand from our gesturing.

It was the funniest meal I've ever had as we tried to communicate with each other, leading to many laughs at the different mimes we were giving each other. Never have I found a group of people so full of joy. This simple life gives them everything they need and their care free attitudes are testament to the good lives they lead here, showing you don't need technology or 'things' to be happy. You just need friends, a good home and good food.


After my beautiful meal the Turkish man you saw me with with the donkey offered to give me and another two tourists who had found their way to the farm, a ride back home. I was so grateful to accept because the trek down really had been arduous, though extremely worth it. I had loved every minute of my stay here and it was fascinating to see the lives of local people as they would have been lived here for centuries. Living in the caves and valleys and living off the land, with some minimal trade.

Overlooking Goreme at the Sultan Cave Suites

One of the premiere hotels in Goreme town, the Sultan Cave Suites are situated in stepped back terraces overlooking the beauty of the town and the surrounding areas. The hotel has 30 rooms and combines original features and cave architecture into modern, luxurious rooms that even the most seasoned traveller would marvel at. Of course, the inside of rooms are just part of the story because outside your room there are also dozens of little terraces spread all over the hotel for you to sit and enjoy the view and the atmosphere of Goreme.

Beautiful terrace right outside the front of my room for relaxing

I am so excited to re-discover the beauty of this room with you all. Honestly I was enchanted. A mix between the ancient cave dwellings found all over the region, and the feel of a historical french chateau, it just oozes luxury. Never have I seen such a perfect marrying of rustic charm and plush, soft furnishings.

There was a fireplace built into the original cave walls and ornate Turkish design mantel piece framing it. I have to say that it was very hot when I visited Cappadocia so the idea of a fire sounded absolutely terrible at that point, but I could imagine cozying up in here on the velvety red chairs and reading a book during the winter, when the region actually gets quite cold, even seeing snow.

A great example of the ornate furniture mixing well with the plain stone

Through a solid, rustic wood door was the bathroom complete with antique looking fixtures and fittings, but all of the modern conveniences of hair dryers and heated towel rails! Not large, this room was one of the original rooms from an ancient cave dwelling that was re-designed to fit the hotel room's requirements while still maintaining the original bare stone walls.

My absolutely huge bed was nestled into this lovely stone archway making the large room still feel cosy and snug. Every little feature was thought about from the small dressing table with fold out seat to the little original alcove features for ornaments and artefacts.

Enjoying the rooftop view from Sultan Caves Suites

The rooms are completely beautiful at Sultan Caves Suites but the real selling point that draws people from all over the world are its rooftop terraces. Overlooking Goreme and the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, you can't help but feel in another world as you sit on the traditional Turkish low benches and relax.

Watching the sun set over the town I had time to reflect on my day and I was blown away once again by Turkey and its people. Seeing the majesty of Monks Valley and then seeing the humble lives that the true local people lead here, so full of love and life and welcoming, I felt that the people here are right for this land. Their honesty and unique character is so at home in this land of rocks that are so beautiful and diverse.

Completely relaxed after a long day of wonder, laughs and joy

And so we come to the end of another adventure. My favourite part was definitely going to visit the real local village farm and being able to send time with the inhabitants of this region who have been here for centuries. It puts the cave dwellings and stone houses of the ancient past into perspective because people still live here and live that lifestyle. They farm and live off the land and live at one with the rocks and beauty of the spires and valleys around Cappadocia. Elif was so kind and welcoming as were all of the other women in the community and I can't tell you how special I felt to be so accepted by these people - what a special experience that I will never have again.

I remember when I first came here, I was so wide eyed and couldn't close my mouth because I was constantly in shock about what I was seeing. Over some time you start to become used to the crazy, different, unique fairy tale landscapes. But seeing the love that the local people have for their land and seeing how they still value and appreciate it every single day brought into focus for me that you cannot take anything for granted. Where you live, where you travel, where you eat, every moment is important and these beautiful simple people have brought that back in to focus for me once again.

Thank you so much for joining me in this tour of Monks Valley, the local village in Pigeon Valley and around Sultan Caves Suites. I can't wait so share more exploration with you in the future so if you want to see more, please follow my blog here and vote for this post! I always love talking to you all, you know me I can't resist, so please do let me know your favourite part of the area we explored together today so we can talk about it!





接着带大家去看看,我在卡帕多西亚住的最后一家酒店,苏丹洞穴套房酒店。这家酒店坐落于Aydinli Hill山顶之上,最迷人的是洞穴客房里,摆放满满来自土耳其各地的古董家具,酒店巧妙的设计,把大部分客房都安排在了岩石山之中,最好的发挥了在酷暑天气里,依旧可以营造清凉和静谧环境的优势。这次我的客房被安排在岩石上的最高处,推开门看见以大红色为基调的洞穴客房,温馨舒适的床,极具土耳其民俗风光的地毯,还有我最欣赏的土耳其欧式复古家具。古老的木质壁炉还有如同欧式复古电话机一般的淋浴喷头,都给我眼前一亮的感觉。没想到最让人惊喜的还在后头,当我走出房间,就来到了这家酒店最著名的全景日光露台,整个卡帕多西亚的广阔景致尽收眼底。


My video is at DLive



hmmm..what a fantastic moments did you have... well Done ... if there is just one thing that I can do for 7*24 and every single minutes, that must be TRAVELING and being in NATURE...
I wish I could have enough money someday to travel all around the world.

I have the same dream. Let's hope our dreams will come true! :)

I do believe on it , it would happen someday✌️✌️



Did you take this photos by smartphone? Amazing place with amazing colourful shots.

I used a full frame camera! Sony A9!

Wow! Such an amazing adventure. That video of the Sultan Caves Suite that you stayed in was incredible. Such a great view as well. Was it very expensive to stay there? I definitely need to put this location on my bucket list. Those Wizard hat rocks were so cool! They kind of reminded me of a "Smurf" village. lol Are you familiar with that cartoon? haha. Another great post! :)

Oh mrchef, I actually wasn't aware of the Smurfs until you told me, but not that you mention it, they do look verrry similar! The Sultan Caves suite is actually quite expensive for the average prices around the area but actually the prices in general are quite a bit lower than other countries you might visit!

Well great! Now you know what the Smurfs are. lol That is nice to know that it is a fairly inexpensive place to visit. You should travel to the United States! Lots to see and do here. :)

Ahh the US is definitely coming up after my Europe tour!

Awesome!! :) You will love it! You will have to come to Arizona and see the Grand Canyon! :)

The rooftop view there is absolutely stunning! Did you capture any sunset photos?

Hey livinguktaiwan! I actually did get some sunset photos but they will be coming in a post sometime later!

Wow its a beautiful village and you look absolutely beautiful as always.

moala, so sweet of you, thanks so much dear!

You still have no competition making posts.
This one was sooo loaded with content that my tablet and slow wifi wouldnt load all the pics!
Im sad that you have had to use bidbots, they have almost all the votes, now.
But, im very happy that you havent let us grouches run you off!
Thanks for keeping the competition tough at the top!

hi freebornangel! Always a pleasure receiving a comment from you! Thank you for the vote of confidence as always, as you know, I always try to do my best in my posts, and now with a dlive video in each, it does take quite a bit longer! As for bidbots, I was trying very hard to avoid using them for a while but when natural content discovery is being supplanted by lots of bid bot activity, it was a little disappointing to have less engagement which as you know, is something I care a lot about!

Thanks for dropping by again, I really appreciate it!

It is a sad state of affairs that the greedy have put their immediate profits ahead of building a currency that could change the world.
Instead of helping people that need this money to eat, we are buying 8usd lattes for folks that would continue to have them even absent steem.
They literally take candy from babies because they can.
All hail, crapitalism!

Hey Sandia, thanks for sharing your adventure at the Pigeon Valley. It must have been fun climbing all the way down and taking in so much of the view and feel of the valley. I see you have a good hat to protect you from the sun.

That has to be one of the nicest hotel rooms I have ever seen. It is so big and done out so beautifully. The layout of the hotel is quite clever. I like it how they have nice areas on top so you can experience the great view from the hotel.

Hey spectrumecons! Sometimes adventures can be deceiving (actually they are a lot of the time!), in this case, as you mentioned, the view was stunning but it was so steep so it was quite challenging to come down while being scared!

Sultan was such an esteemed hotel in the area, even though it isn't actually one of the most luxury. A lot of people stay there because of the spectacular views it has on the roof top and actually, it's the reason I stayed there too! Thankfully, the rooms were a blessing in disguise and turned out to be fantastic too!

有当地人领路,的确是另有一番滋味 :D


@sweetsssj is such a model and she always bring us with her journey to the world. One thing i really appreciate on her is the way she delivered her message her followers and how she showed to us what she had seen on her travel. 😊

hey elizahfhaye, thank you so much!

Great post! Thank you for your continued commitment to Steemit! We appreciate you!

hey brettcalloway! Thank you for always dropping by and showing some love!

that is amazing. a hotel in a cave. beautiful

it is right? So far, i've only found hotels like this in Turkey!

美! 卡帕多西亚在你的游记里变得更美了。

An interesting Travel based on innovative article, it has everything for success. i like this artile and i love travelling. so amazing picture. so beautiful place the Cappadocia region of Turkey on the Central Anatolian Plateau i,m try to travel this place. village in Pigeon Valley is the most beautiful and my dream village and outstanding food i like food.The hotel for you to sit and enjoy your life and fill your. Please tell me @sweetsssj how many hotel Pigeon Valley,Monks Valley and Cappadocia region of Turkey?
Because i,m love travelling.

thanks searchnew, there are quite a lot of hotels actually, they range from the cave hotels, to the regular more modern ones. I prefer to stay in the caves because it's more akin to how the original people would have lived in this region.

lovely pics

thanks ali :)

Beautiful pics

As always great blog. Sultan Cave hotel pictures are amazing

steemero, thank you! It's such a magical place!

Girl, you have the most amazing travel pictures!!! Looks like you had a great time like always ^^

You @sweetsssj really become my benchmark to make interesting content about traveling and food. You can drive your content so well that it is accepted to your readers.


@anggreklestari do you like this place and love this food

hey anggreklestari, thank you so much, hopefully you get some really good ideas how to spice up your stuff, i'll be dropping by to have a look!

Dear Sandia,

So now you are in South Africa, you know you are the one I tell people mostly about, when I talk with people about Steemit.

I like this photo:

But all your photos and videos are great.

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Steem on!


OMG! Such an adventure. But wait do you live in Turkey. Seems you got to know much about this City in just a day. You must have been smart if not so @sweetsssj

haha thanks so much lexymaine, I don't actually live in Turkey, I just travelled around for quite some time, and still got lots to post about it! :)

Oh that sounds awesome. Just wishing to be adventurous as @sweetsssj. Stay awesome love

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Hi @sweetsssj, I'm pretty wondering to see your amazing travel experience in Turkish. Actually middle east popular story indeed oldest kingdom and mummys. Photo clicks remind by you my school period friend. You found locations has amazing creativity. I didn't commented before you. I saw your every Dlive indeed geographical, historical and architectural places when you traveled. I don't need more admire you. But I never seen before like these fellow steemian like as you before traveling than you.
Booked hotel places also be romantic and wondering you stay alone without friend or lovely. Hope you'll find life partner for travel around with him soon.
Absolutely brilliant part of traveling blog with 100% achieved top classy photo clicks.

Yes @madushanka enjoying life best part traveling.

Why not friend... Travelling develop our mindset and improve our language barrios definitely. Travel build up relationship each others of global community.

hey madushanka! It's strange but in my school days, I never learned much about history outside of China so for me, Turkey was very eye opening! It's going to be hard to find a partner who likes to travel as much as me!

balloons coming soon!

Oh that's great:) hope to see it soon:)

I think this is perfect for the cover of the "Travel" Magazine I'm working on. From the beginning I was amazed at you! for this, I only asked for one of your images. Can I have it?

That's great, sure thing, just remember to credit me!

Thank you! Your so cute.

Hey @sweetsssj, I'm not speedy reader, But I want to tell you that, you're amazing traveler in this platform. Great photography.

yes friend amaizing picture and Dream place for Travelling. Do you Like Travelling?

Why not> everyone have big dreams where will them want to travel around.

that's okay, you can take your time, or just enjoy the photos, thanks!!

Hi @sweetsssj ! another fantastic post from Turkey ! loved your last one too, just as much ! Those formations to me look like Gnomes , lol! the valley is really cool, and what a awesome and cozy seating area you had there! I definitely would have had my Eyes wide open and mouth too , as im sure its so much more unique and awesome in person, hard to believe they still live there in stone houses and cave dwellings , and to appreciate every moment and never take anything for granted is so true my friend. The food of course and your room looks awesome ! Loved the DLive video too, thanks for sharing ! upped earlier now resteemed! will do the same into my @momskitchen blog!😀👍✌👌💕

Haha, as someone else pointed out, they seem to be like smurf houses! Out of this world! Thanks again Karen!

Hahaha yes I agree @sweetsssj , and your very welcome 😊 Thanks a bunch for upvoting my Booster Packs DLive video,much appreciated 👍😊💕

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I love this photo, its amazing view, you looking great, what a cool adventure @sweetsssj ^_^, I love your post style, it kinda looks lovely in this photo.

thanks for sharing this with us.

looking forward on your next travel adventure.
your so lucky because you have all the blessing in life.
God Bless you more.

take care always sweet.

Your number 1 fan


This picture is the definitive reason why Sultan hotel is so highly regarded! Great choice mrblu!

Really fun and vibrant post. I love the great scenery and the cute animals that always sneak into your posts.

I am also guessing that the Flintstones would love that hotel.


Man, you just go to the coolest places on earth. 👍👍👍

haha, more to come !!

Keep it up, you consistently produce great content and make Steemit look good!

Will have to do a steemit meetup when I visit!

hi @sweetssj i am new in your blogs and after seeing your blog i loved it because i see here you are interested in tour travel or trip and i also invite you to please come in pakistan it is the country where you see 4 session in different cities at the same time some cities are very cool and some cities are very hot ..
i hope you love with our city Abbottabad where the coldest city of the pakistan i think of the world if you can read me please reply i am here...!
reagards @abdt

hello dear, Pakistan is fascinating! I actually have a friend from here from Pakistan, so I expect sometime in the future I will make a visit!

can i know the friend

Thank you so much for informeshan

my pleasure!

Amaizing so old city but still is a really gorgeous place !

You have my upvote !




Is it okay to smile at you, I see you really enjoy your happy time and days in each of your posts. I hope that your health and safety always accompany you on every trip @sweetsssj....😊😊😊😊🐰

of course it's okay! Thank you for the positive vibes

Welcome back beautiful lady
I hope your all right...
You really enjoyed your tour
To Cappadocia...
It is very beautiful place and you make this place more beautiful dear....
Out class shots I love it...

thank you sadar-sani, of course i really enjoyed it and thank you for enjoying with me!

Hey you have what's app or some others account I want to talk
With you...

a pleasant trip for sure, someday I will follow in your footsteps.

that would be great! Hope you enjoyed!

Yes mam @sweetsssj i,m enjoy your foot step

Of course, one day I will follow in your footsteps, have a nice day @sweetsssj.

Awesome post! Following.

hey stanley, thank you so much!

Your articles are always so great, full of lovely remarks and beautiful photos. Excellent work, @sweetsssj! 😃

I wonder how you manage to get so many photos with yourself. Do you travel with a photographer or do you ask random people to take photos at you?

hey trincowski, thanks again! Good question! I usually travel with my mum and she's become quite the photographer now, but other times when she's not available, I like to bring some photo savvy friends or ask random people to take photos haha!

Hey @sweetsssj, Beautiful each publication that you do, I admire for a long time because your message has everything that I like and that every day I am working, a strong hug from Venezuela.

hey antonela, thank you so much, and greetings to you and Venezuela!

What a beautifull way to show us the world we live. Greetings and keep being so amazing!

hear dearw! Thank you! The world we live in is truly amazing, we just have to open our eyes!

Hello my sister @sweetsssj, when a visit to Indonesia, here too many there are a variety of tourist places beautiful, I am sure you definitely entertained if there is a visit to Indonesia.

You guys are too convincing, how could I not visit Indonesia!? It'll be soon!

thank you the maximum, I was waiting for your arrival in Indonesia. nice day @sweetsssj

Looks like you had a great time once again, I hope to see you at Steemfest this year in Poland because I really want to thank you for all your great content and all your support as well :)

hey tanbay! Thank you dear, i'm sure we'll get a chance to meet, I haven't finalised my travel plans for that time yet, but hopefully will make an appearance!

Sounds great, safe travels!

Pigeon Valley is such a wonderful place to visit. I think Pasabag, they look like the wild mushrooms in Thailand. In my village where my parents live. Our chickens and dogs are free. They can go everywhere they want. In the end of the day, they will come home. My parents feed them daily in the morning and in the evening. I'm missing my country after I ready your article. Awesome photos. Thank you.

so you have these kinds of mushroom stones where you live? Where are you right now, are you not in Thailand?

Fantastic photography and glorious place

hey wolf-knight, thanks!

Todays another moment to share true beauty of travel as always @sweetsssj. I guess this was fun as always. Its so obvious the happiness you share your travel experience with. Happy sundau from Ghana

thanks mcsamm!!

Looks like a very nice place. That donkey is very cute :)

donkey's make it better!

@sweetsssj Pigeon Valley and the Sultan Cave hotel pictures are mind blowing. Natural beauty looking amazing. Are you a professional photographer. ????

Thanks sabamalik! I'm not a professional photographer!

okay thanks sweetsssj

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hey stephen, thank you so much, what an honour!

You are very welcome. I want to start promoting good quality content that is being published on #Steemit to my Twitter account for my followers to see. This way it's easy to promote #Steemit. I try and post at least 6-8 good blogs per day. Keep up the great work. Stephen

Wow absolutely amazing, nice captures!

hey ruta, thanks so much!

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So, amazinly and lovely post!

hey bugavi thank you!

@sweetsssj This place is immensely beautiful, the entrance to the valley is a true dream. !Yes you are right ! It's more like that than the mushrooms Ja, Ha, laughter in between.
What a beautiful farm, how many animals can be seen there, the little foal is very beautiful.
The images in gif are truly very beautiful. congratulations for the beautiful shots
A real pleasure to accompany you n your trip, thanks for including us
I wish you a wonderful Sunday Dear friend

hi jlufer, thank you for sharing this dream with me haha, the mushrooms are so cute right? I haven't seem rock formations like this anywhere else in the world!

@sweetsssj This place is gorgeous ! That food ... looks delicious !!!
Great post and your photography on point as always :D

Best wishes to you always :D !

splendorhub, thank you!! Looking stunning as always dear!!

Omg..that place looks so divine! And the pictures complete the landscapes just right. The angles, the light, everything seems so perfect and reflect the whole beauty that nature has to offer! ♥️

hey gabriela, I completely agree, divine place, out of this world!

that sultan hotel looks LIT!!!!

it's really something else!

The pictures look extremely beautiful , I want to visit this location because everything here looks different and I am excited to look at pictures , great job thank you

Hopefully you'll get the opportunity one day, there's a lot of stuff to see and experience!

nice post by you

thanks shubh007 :)

Anytime dear

Hello @sweetsssj, Cappadocia of Turkey, is a beautiful place that in its wonderful publications inspire visit and run the risk of wanting to stay there, I do not lose the hopes of someday visiting it, I admire your publications are really great, full of inspiration and love for what you do, you are the beautiful woman of steemit that inspires us to travel and eat divine dishes of haute cuisine full of culture and tradition, greetings a kiss and hugs from Venezuela, success ...

hi felix! As always, thank you for taking the time to digest my post, really glad you liked it!

A Beautiful authentic place!

Completely agree!