Ecency development update 17/07/2020

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Hello everyone,

We are 5 days away from official release of Ecency (22/7/2020). After release of Ecency website, we will be rolling out Ecency mobile and desktop apps with improvements we have been working on. If you missed last development update read about it here. In this post we will talk about some changes in mobile and desktop apps.


Ecency Web

First, let us start with progress of website. We have all social features implemented, these days finalizing wallet and points operations. We think for initial release we have majority of the features we want and after official release and rebrand, we will continue to add features you all love. While keeping performance of website top-notch.

Ecency Mobile

Mobile app will have better support for communities, new branding images, improvements in push notifications, signup within app in seconds, request delegation boost if you run out of RC, with app it is super easy, couple clicks away and you are good to continue enjoying Hive experience. Search page will also get improvement which will include community posts and unified search feature. Many more design and post rendering improvements, bug fixes. Ecency website will have mobile friendly interface as well, so we expect mobile and website experience will compliment each other.

Ecency Desktop

For last couple years, we have put most of our efforts into this product (Esteem Desktop/Surfer app) instead of developing website. It was great experience but we learnt that in today's world not many people prefer installing apps on their computer. Desktop apps are more secure and unstoppable, so we are going to continue preserve desktop app for as long as we can. Because it serves decent number of people who like more security and privacy in crypto space. We will likely port our new website into desktop application.
In desktop app, you have full control over which server you connect to, you have full control of your private keys and it gives you access to truly uncensored data. Websites are prone to DMCA and other government laws and they are enforced by domain/server service providers, but desktop apps doesn't have such limitation making them best way to access uncensored content. After website and mobile updates, we will publish update into Ecency desktop application as well.

Stay tuned, stay excited!

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So Ecency will be an other app and we will have to delete Esteem and download Ecency?

I don't have your desktop because I find it confusing to down things from Github.
It would be easy to pakcage it and let me downlosd it from your website or something :)

Ultimately we would like to upload them into AppStore for Mac users and Windows Store for Windows users etc. And yes, we will make download easier by detecting operating system you are in and offer relevant download links, it is pointing to Github for now, we will try to improve that after updates. We will post later about how we proceed with desktop app updates

Okay perfect!
It sounds amazing :D

Ye, for someone who have never used github its quite confusing a lot :c

Also, thanks for explaining that its more secure to have the desktop version than the webpage one, I didn't know that :o

Websites are prone to DMCA laws and they are enforced by domain/server service providers, but desktop apps doesn't have such limitation making them best way to access uncensored content.

Not many understand this fact.

This is frankly the best thing about @ecency/@esteemapp by far!

Thank you! With time when we harmonize all products, it will all become more clear to everyone. Steady and make progress along the way, of course we could do more with more resources...

I am so happy. Thrill is on the way.

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been waiting for the website a long time and i'm stoked! let's go!

I have no idea? What is this ecency? Is it another dapp like Esteem, Altyes, and PeakD?

Ecency is our new name. Esteem is rebranding as Ecency. Read more here

Ohhhhhh..... Wow... This is it! This is what I am waiting for before. Thanks for the info.

Looking forward to the release :)! Also excited to try out the web version.

Excellent, successes in this new application

Gonna replace esteem or something?

Rebrand, yes!

So I will have to delete esteem and download it?

No, update will be made on same app.


Thank you

Looking forward to this since it was announced. Only a few more days, thanks for the hard work!

eagerly waiting for ecency. 😀

I’m waiting for Ecency mobile