Maya Bradshaw Deserves a Second Chance -- MCFD Adopts Out Her Daughter Against Her Wishes

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Maya Bradshaw LOVES her daughter, Victoria, with her whole being.

Take time to LISTEN to a mother's pleas to be reunited with her precious daughter.

The Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD), in the Province of BC, Canada, has snatched her child away and refuses to help this family.

Not only did they put her daughter in Foster Care, but she has been informed that the child has been moved to a new location, likely the Victoria area of BC, and is now in the process of being adopted to complete strangers.

This poor mother has owned up to her mistakes.

She stayed for too long in an abusive relationship, which caused MCFD to have concerns about her daughter, Victoria. Yet this legitimate concern for the child should NOT be a final sentence that separates a mother and daughter FOREVER!

Maya clearly knows where she went wrong and has successfully changed her course;
her life is back on track.
She has since done whatever it took to prove herself worthy of a Second Chance with her daughter.

She is still raising her other children, BUT they will not return her youngest.

They will NOT give a LOVING and grieving mother a SECOND CHANCE!

The Siblings are also barred from ever communicating with her.

MCFD workers are HEARTLESS!

They do NOT protect Children.

They do NOT protect Families.

This is clearly the Ministry of Children and Family DESTRUCTION -- not Family Development!

LISTEN to Maya Bradshaw on Youtube as she POURS out her broken heart, after discovering that her daughter is being given away forever.

Click Here or Click on the Picture Below:

WATCH & LISTEN for 7 minutes to this "Mommy's Movie for a Special Daughter Stolen by MCFD"

Click Here or Click on the Picture Below:

This mother has done interviews and has been trying SO HARD to get her story out to the public ever since MCFD took her child and refused to return her home.

Now Maya needs OUR HELP to locate her Legally Kidnapped Daughter.

This is simply WRONG. Will we as citizens continue to ALLOW those in government power to KIDNAP our children, and remove children forever from their loving families that are yearning for them to return home?

This is inhumane! This is despicable!

I found this desperate plea that Maya Bradshaw put out on a News Facebook Site, on November 24, 2017, shortly after she made the above video upon finding out about the adoption. It is a call for mercy to the family that is adopting her daughter, Victoria.

I am re-posting it here. It has not had much visiblity on Facebook, and it could be deleted. But now it is on the Blockchain forever.


My 9-yr-old daughter, Victoria, means more than anything in the world to me .... and as devastated as I am right now, and when I made this video (YouTube) today, I am not giving up on her.
She IS MY life, just as her 2 brothers are -- yes she has 2 brothers who love her dearly as well!

I will fight until my last breath to find her, and reunite, as today I am a proud mother, and have a good stable life, job, home, pets.

Today I have been doing my best to completely overhaul my life from what it was then, over 4 years ago, in an abusive relationship. Today I am a success story for an abusive past and starting over ..... My biggest regret, not leaving, and not listening to anyone and now I'm supposed to pay a life sentence with my daughters life for my mistakes then ....
I have always been a devoted loving mother, not perfect but what mother is .... loving, attentive, caring, and spoiled my kids!
There are thousands of children out there that need help, good families to adopt them as they have no competent families to take them legitly as they age out of care.
Yet there are MANY children that already HAVE good families and that if MCFD were to acknowledge significant lifestyle changes and give us back our kids when some of us have their brothers and sisters at home .... our kids in care would truly be loved and safe with their biological families!

I know you don't know who I am .... and whatever you were told by MCFD most likely isnt the truth. I don't fault you for wanting to adopt however you probably should have inquired better as she already has a loving family! I mean how can a potential adoptive parent not question where a child comes from and want to know more? I would never just take someones child if they were able to go home, and had a home!

I AM HER MOTHER! What MCFD has done is legally kidnap MY girl because they won a CCO after only a couple months to show change - they didn't allow me time, this is how they win. I attempted to appeal; however, I didnt have a lawyer at the time to fight!
Then they give her or sell her to you! You are not her parents, I AM! And today there IS NOT one reason that I cannot take care of and have my daughter home!
This is disgusting and inhumane, as my girl is 9 years old, she turned 9 on October 14th ..... she lost her mother, family, brothers, foster mother, school, cat and friends and her life in the Kootenays ..... to be moved far away with potential adoptive parents.
Do you know that my daughter wrote a letter to the Judge in March begging to come home. Do you also know the last time I saw her (before MCFD started alienating so she would forget me) she held onto me in the back seat and cried to come home! Do you know that MCFD just up and cancelled visits in April, just because, then didnt talk to me until August ..... so I never knew until just last week November 16th that you had signature required!
Do you know that I have never looked back from the life I had then, and that I will NEVER EVER stop trying to get her back for the rest of my life ..... that I am a good mother, who made some mistakes in her past but that changed, and I without a doubt deserve MY Victoria home!
I deserve to raise my daughter, to tuck her in, to teach her to cook, and to laugh with her beautiful smile and snuggle like mommies should, to do homework, make sure she is safe, and enjoy our family with her! 😢💖



I am in tears after reading this mother's plea.

Children should NOT be Kidnapped away from loving parents and then Adopted out without permission.

In no way does this represent Child Protection or Family Protection and it certainly harms the development of all the children in the family.

I wrote a story about Kidnapped Children being adopted on my blog before. That story was a true account that my dear friend Anna experienced. When Kidnapped Children Get Adopted (FamilyProtection Series -- Tammy's Story)

Unfortunately, governments kidnapping our children and showing no remorse for the evils that they do, is nothing new. That is why @familyprotection was founded -- to reveal stories like these, and to come up with a way to stop these horrors from continuing.


Follow @familyprotection on Steemit.
Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or place them for adoption.

Share your own story and use the tag #familyprotection


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I joined Steemit thanks to @Canadian Coconut....thank you for finding me, following me and doing all this for me...this is amazing to get this story out there more, and to let others know this IS currently happening. I have since posted here as well, and can only hope that one day this will all be worth it, and Ill see my girl again....BUT for today, If my story can help anyone else, then I am happy for that. I have lived this, and its very difficult everyday not being with my daughter. Im making the best of my life and thankful for my son at home...and my other son (older) ....And thank you for all the support that I have received from all over. I love my daughter more then anything, and I am not quitting. :) Please keep sharing.tear pic.jpg

Thank-you Maya!
As you can see, your story has moved a lot of people. These injustices have to be stopped!

I am so glad that you have decided to join us here on Steemit. I hope that this community is beneficial to you.

Thank-you @canadian-coconut for submitting this post with the #familyprotection tag. It has been UPVOTED by @familyprotection and RESTEEMED TO OUR Community Supporters.

"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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Our law should help other not create problem for anybody

Great children nise

This is horrible, that poor woman and her daughter, both of them must be heartbroken. Anyone can see from those pictures and videos that she loved and cared for her children. How can this happen?

They took her children because she made a bad decision. I'm certain her son was returned because he was a boy, and older, mcfd clearly get more money for selling little girls.

It makes my sick, why is there not an uproar about this type of madness, oh yeah! Hardly anyone knows about it and the ones that do are scared shitless of what will happen if they say or do anything about it!

This has to stop!

We need to think of a way to petition and make the petitions visible. I went to sign one today and found it expired with only 25 signatures and I don't believe it's because people don't care... it's because they don't know. This needs to change... we have to find a way for Everyone to be heard!

She is desperately trying to get her beloved daughter back. It is not less than reading a horror story to me. This is basically child trafficking and selling to another family for money. I was watching her several youtube videos including recent one which made me very sad and I wish if I could connect her with Victoria. I am sure she will bring a positive result if she finds family protection as support.

More Victoria will suffer whole life if we can't raise our voice properly. Hope, you will find a way to do something which will not only support an individual family but also will able to stop these agencies to do such things. I am sending a small donation as mean to support the mum so she can find a lawyer and legal support and get her daughter back.

Thank-you for finding her brand-new video with updates of what is happening! And thank so much for your donation. I hope that there is some way that we can help her and that she is finally allowed an opportunity to appeal the corrupt Judge's decision.

I watched the new video in addition to what you wrote. Heartbreaking. I pray that your community, your project continues to expand because it's the only thing that gives me hope for people like this woman. It really feels like we've entered a dark age for families for so many different reasons, but in particular because the ones that claim to be there for our protection are the very ones who seem to be following an agenda to destroy the family.

You are standing in the gap. Thank God for people who stand in the gap.

Thank-you @dreemit !
These families need a voice. Hardly anyone is listening and therefore nothing changes. I hope that this @familprotection initiative can help bring changes.

I just dropped by to say thank you for your support in my first charity post. The family is the usual target of evil since once a family member succumbs to problems, others will probably be affected. I'm glad that there are people like you who tackle these issues.

My heart bleeds. CPS came into my life 3 months or so before my daughter's first birthday on a phone call they had received about me. After jumping through all their hoops a letter arrived just after my daughter's first birthday and into the new year. It said that the case had been closed. Cool.

Then about a week after the letter arrived they again came to my home, this time with 6 uniformed back ups, and took my daughter claiming, this time, that the mother was not fit. That was one of two abductions over a six month period.

It is a business. The same agency taking the children are adopting them. It is no surprise they only want the younger one as the others are less attractive as adoptions.

After almost six months in one of the final weekly visists, before a familiy court judge finally threw it out of court, they were asked by me if they could not simply say that they had made a mistake and walk away? They replied that they would never say they were in the wrong. They had as that conversstion was being recorded by me.

CPS workers are one of the lowest forms of life in existence. They deserve more than contempt yet in this public forum allow me to leave it to your imagination what that "more" might be.

P.S. Oh don't think it was mentionex yet not one of these scum of the earth had children of their own! Maybe that will resonate with parents out there.

How horrible. Yes, these Social Workers are monsters.
It would be great if you could write up a post describing your experiences with CPS.
Make sure to use the tag #familyprotection so that we will be sure to find it.

This article will be featured on Jane's Chaos Show from 6 pm Central on
I also aim to provide an audio experpt of the segments relating to this post.

Kidnapped Legally. Kidnapped Unlawfully!


Thank YOU for leading the charge in bringing these cases in the court of public view.

Literally, my heart was in a rent!. A lot of loving parents are going down the drain each passing day, it's hard to keep count in my own little town, you can imagine the number going down the drain worldwide, losing their beloved children to CPS. My heart beats genuinely for this family.
Thank you @Ca-Co for immortalizing this account on the blockchain.

I see that the post you made only 15 minutes before mine ALSO talked about Second Chances and how families/parents/children get none from the CPS system. It is sick!

Child Protection Services in general has become a weaponized tool by governments to enforce compliance to unjust laws. If you don't vaccinate, they will take your children. If you don't follow the standard drug and cut medical system "treatments", they will take your children. If you are a perceived as a threat to the system in any way, they will take your children. etc. etc.

As can be seen the example you've provided as well as many, many more examples, these people have no care for children or families because that is no longer their ultimate job. I'm sure there are still people in these agencies that think they are there to protect children, but these are just the lower level dupes. Their real job is to blackmail parents and families with the loss of their children in order to force compliance to unjust / illegal mandates set upon parents and their families.

On top of this, I would assume there are also children sexual abuse rings run through number of "child protection" organizations similar to what was discovered with the Franklin Coverup at Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. The documentary, "Conspiracy of Silence" explains how children were being smuggled out to Washington D.C. to sexually service the Washington elite. The banned Conspiracy of Silence documentary is below:

There are nothing but horrendous stories that come out of the majority of these organizations and they must be stopped. Unfortunately, their secrecy and what is essentially government immunity, allows them to hide behind the children they are supposedly protecting and effectively stop most proper investigations. It's a tragic story leaving parents with little to no legal recourse. I'm very sorry for all the truly good parents and their children that are forced to go through this nightmare.

Indeed really sick, they leave families in wreck by creating more heavier wrecks and hindering reunification

I've just found an incredibly ridiculous and scary story to back up my previous comment that Child Protection Services is just a weaponized enforcement agency to ensure compliance to unjust government mandates.

Below is an excerpt from the full story here:

Mom Trey Hoyumpa shared a letter last week on Facebook from a dental office called Smiles 4 Keeps in Bartonsville, Pennsylvania. It informed her that if she did not make a dental appointment for “regular professional cleanings” for her child, she could be charged with “dental neglect.” Citing a law called Pennsylvania Act 31 on child abuse recognition and reporting, the dental office threatened to report the mom to state authorities if she did not schedule an appointment.

So now if you don't take your child to the dentist enough, this can be considered child abuse and Child Protection Services can be invoked to stop the "abuse." If this doesn't exemplify the ridiculousness, overreach, and corruption of these agencies and the medical industry that is in bed with them, I don't know what does. This is sick..

Posts like these are difficult to read and listen to. But important.

"Why is Victoria not in school? She's not home, they moved her out of the town into an adoptive home."

The gut wrenching feeling of hearing that your daughter was moved to an unknown location. I could only make it through the first video about 7 min until she started tearing up... the second video is like an eulogy. I don't let my wife watch these.


Victoria needs to be back with her mom.
The MCFD are the TRUE CRIMINALS that should be put in jail for kidnapping and SELLING something that is not theirs, but something that belongs to someone else and something that they kidnapped.

My heart goes up to the poor mom and all her children especially Victoria.
Watching the video broke my heart and this is so wrong and I feel so much anger toward the government and MCFD.
This is inhumane! This is despicable! Absolutely.

I think the mother deserves her child, that proves that she really is a caring mother. thanks for sharing @canadian-coconut.

thanks canadian coconut for producing a forum for people to grieve and get their stories out. Everyone deserves a second chance (99% of cases), especially when it comes to your babies.

Seriously. Sometimes I wonder how heartless are those that make these laws.

I mean, how can you take a woman's daughter (Victoria) and refuse to return her. Like who does that?

The worst thing is that its legal. How do we appeal to these cconscienceless rogues in power? Who gave them these power in the first place?

These are all questions that make me go mad. I support the fight to get this precious daughter back and reunite her with her mum Maya.

Thank God for @Familyprotection. I join forces with all those fighting these battles for life, family and peace. I support @Canadian-coconut in this battle.

Children should NOT be Kidnapped away from loving parents and then Adopted out without permission.

Quote of the year!


Dear @canadian-coconut, this is once again a crazy and stupid move from the government. Giving a mother not a 2. chance. But to strangers, rapers and killers, the government gives them another 2. change or many times more, if they behave well.... what illness is this in our world?

I saw many times in the news that rapers got in chail, after they behave well, the got earlier out and raped again....

very sad, I dint know what to say....

I will share this, my heartbreaks but not only for the mother, but also/more for the child and adoptive parents. I find it hard to read how the mom kind of attacks the adoptive parents. As she says what they might have heard about her is probably not true.. so how can she also state that she would never adopt a child that already has a loving home?

I know what you mean. But it is such a difficult situation. Whether these new parents know it or not, and they probably don't, they are part of a child trafficking ring. They are guilty of at least not asking enough questions and not digging deeper to confirm that child was not stolen.

The problem in this world though, is that most people don't even know that there is a question to ask!
They would never suspect that our governments are involved in such horrors against children.

When you are right in the middle of a situation like this, it would be very, very hard not to blame the new adoptive parents. I posted a story that my good friend, Anna, experienced with her friend, Tammy. Anna was Tammy's midwife and knew the birthmark. Tammy's baby was stolen and then adopted to a new woman. Anna later met the girl and new mother, and had the new mother tell her that the girl's mother, "Doesn't care. Never did!" -- Needless to say, Anna was furious and told that child right then and there the truth about how much her REAL mother loved her more than life itself! She was SO ANGRY that this woman could not only believe that but also say it right in front of the precious child. What a horrible thing to make a child think that her parents never cared!
Read the story here:

That story would wake me up in tears after I posted it. It is so tragic on so many levels. And yes, it is tragic for the adoptive parents too. I admit that I cringed when Anna told me that part as I felt that it might be too harsh on the adoptive mother. Yet I can not deny that it is true. It is true! She is housing a stolen child and believed the kidnappers made up story about where the baby came from. And probably clung to that story for her own personal reasons -- but not because of the best interest of the child.

I truly believe this is more frequently said to a child as anyone will ever believe. What I simply do not understand is why CPS/the government does not show up in real bad cases (force the child to stay) and in normal, loving cases interfere. Also I notice around me frequently this happens to single moms or unmarried couples. I will read the post now. Thanks for sharing it.

This is happening in the U.S. too. Also children being put with the abusive parent instead of the safe parent or taken away from families completely. Here in the U.S. CPS and States make thousands of dollars off of each child placed in foster (with additional Fed money - millions) for adoptions. It has become $$$ above lives. I don't know much about the Canadian politicies but it sounds eerily similar. It also hurts that these agencies do not have to be 'transparent' to courts, parents or lawyers in pursuit of truth - their records are sealed 'for the protection of the child'. However, it has served to further empower these agencies with cart blanc inhumane behavior with immunity. I am truly so disgusted and so heartbroken over what is happen to our children and parents. My sister was in a similar situation as this mother and it is not easy to pick up and leave with no money or protection (often times these are the most vulnerable times for a domestic violence victim) and the domestic courts (with no due process). There truly needs to be more support and help for mothers (or fathers) in this horrible situation. AND most of all these agencies need not have 'immunity and non-transparency'. This needs to stop and the public needs to be made aware of this. Just tragic! You can clearly see the love between this mother and daughter.

This is just incomprehensible, terrible an ungoing horror. Lik @onetree said, thank goodness we live in South Africa. Here 53 people get murdered today but at least mother's babies don't get stealed by the government. The state has enough real orphans to deal with. Parents and grandparents that died of AIDS, they cannot make up cases against not so perfect parents. Nobody is perfect. And this comment we should seriously look into @canadian-coconut.
@leighleigh said this in a comment below:

There needs to be an international family protection body that has enough support financially to to be seen and heard (like a UN for families). In cases like this a representative body should be able to be sent to fight for the family. Blatant child theft must be stopped.
I know if you get a certain number of votes you can present a case to the UN. I mean this is also a human rights violation. I will go do some research. Blessings!

Just the fact that one and not all children have been removed says all there is to say. If a parent is not fit, they are not fit to care for ANY children!!!! Thank God I live in SA.

This is so painful to even read, I can wonder what Maya must be going through. So inhuman of MCFD to take such an action. She should be given a chance to prove herself. Mistakes happen with everyone but when one reverses it and works towards it they should give her a chance. I am hoping and praying for Maya that she gets a second chance to be with her daughter again and the family unites.

This is so bad and heartless. She even have brothers. So for whatever the mom might have done, will MCFD also punish the brothers for something they never did by separating them from their sister forever. I feel the pains for the mother, I know what children are to mothers. Sometimes I wonder if those who do this actually have a child of their own to know the pains.

God bless you for raising the issue week after week. We shall never stop creating an enviornment where families can protect their children, and their right to self-determination.

This is monstrous - I agree with what Rich said above,it's not because people don't care. The people involved, sure, but the masses of people that could fight for this? They don't know. And we need to make them know, get the word out. This is horrible, that this is happening. I couldn't possibly imagine what this poor woman is going through, but my heart is with her <3
Thank you, Linda, for shedding light in such dark, horrendous corners of the world.

There needs to be an international family protection body that has enough support financially to to be seen and heard (like a UN for families). In cases like this a representative body should be able to be sent to fight for the family. Blatant child theft must be stopped.

Its heartbreaking, I know... I was fortunate enough that my grandma took custody of me. She took care of me for about 10 years. I don't really wanna go to deep on it, my mother had me at a young age and was not ready for the responsibility. She was around and she wasn't I guess... We are cool these days, I'm almost 30 now (in April) and took the chance and found my dad last year. He now lives in a diff country and we've met only once so far. Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get, unfortunately. I hope this resolves well for Mays and Victoria. God bless them both!

Indeed this is sad and brings tear to my eyes of the evil that is preying on the innocent. When did we ever agree that it takes a village to raise a child? And secondly who the hell gave this organization exclusive rights on this? You know we have evil folks like George Soros organizing demonstrations across the globe. Perhaps if we had the positive good counterpart standing up for folks like here. I do not mean to be a butthead but if we had 30 or more people walking into one of these offices and demand the release of some of these children in a non-violent way, perhaps evil would realize we are not playing games.

Sad story though. And I so feel for her. Some folks do not have good loving parents in life who truly care. I just will never understand why this has go on. Why do people have to make it so difficult? Why can't we all love each other and support each other? Perhaps they have never had children of their own. Thanks @canadian-coconut

Thanks for informing us of this, and putting it on the blockchain, I'll be sharing it everywhere to help spread the word!

May this beautiful family be reunited, NOW!

This is SO ABOVE WRONG! If she went through everything she was supposed to get her kids back, she should get her kids back! That is how that works! Why would they let her keep one kid and not the other?


Read that again.


So touching story. Somewhere in Africa, Nigeria precisely. Terrorist are kidnapping school children but I see now in Canada that the government are the ones stealing children and selling them out legally claiming is Child protection. Those that works at MCFD are now acting as human traffickers and since they are protected by the law, they do what pleases them. Those that works at MCFD are not perfect and some might be worse hiding under shadow.

Everyone deserves a second chance, I can imagine the trauma and sleepless nights crying but they don't want to listen to her cos they are doing business with people's children.

A tag should be created to further create more awareness #MayaDeservesAsecondChance

I feel for this little girl and her family that wants her home with them. It makes me angry and especially when I read they placed her far away, so hopefully the mother and siblings will not be able to visit her easily. Because of course this is all part of their horrible plan .. separate them as much as possible. I sure hope someone out here can help in this case, and this girl will soon be reunited to them. Shame on the people doing this to them. They look so happy in the pictures together.. :( Don't give up, you are not alone!

i am utterly disgusted. there aren't strong enough words to articulate the absolute ridiculousness of 'mcdf'. i hope karma comes swiftly to those who partake in the kidnapping of kids and destroying families. i dont understand how you can take just 1 child and say you can't have contact?? i encourage everyone to look into the 'birth certificate'! it's a deep rabbit hole but worth the knowledge. sending you lots of love Maya, Victoria and family.

Farewell is a very painful thing. Especially if this condition occurs between a mother and child. Mothers who had grown up since then, suddenly accepted the reality to be separated. read the story ** Maya Bradshaw LOVES his daughter, Victoria, with her whole being **that is separated by MCFD. I am reminded of my past that had been separated with my mother by my uncle and aunt for 6 years, for reasons of debt, which caused me to be a guarantee. they have snatched my childhood in a loving hug and affection. day after day I passed without seeing the smile of mother. 8 years I have to be away from my mother and family. what is wrong of a debt that causes the child and mother separated ?? really nasty. I really understand the feelings of victoria because I also experienced. thank you @canadian-coconut for sharing this story. I hope a lot of support for Mom Maya Bradshaw and victoria and they can come back together.

Fuck governments. The idea of people putting themselves above the rest with the sole purpose of abusing the power is inherently evil.

This is heartbreaking! You cannot just take away somebody's child, not when her mother is really fighting to get her family back and whole again. It's so obvious this woman cares for her daughter...
And forbid even her brothers to keep in touch - does anybody care how troubled this girl will grow. She's old enough to remember - what will she think? That she was abandonded by her family?

Government should help their citizens. This is not the way to make things right you can't separate mother from children just can't understand these rule.

Wow this is so touching, Government is meant to protect our interests not to harm us. This is getting out of hand but we will raise up together as one against this brutal injustice.

MCDF but why? It clearly states that Maya is now of good conduct and ready to take full custody of her child, since she's raising her other children, I see not reason why her last child hasn't been returned to her.
This is taking away her human right she eventually turn out good, now the YouTube video clearly shows how hurt she is, I hope she gets returned.
If not then awareness needs to be made of. this

A very pathetic story, a show of brute force, the little Victoria can't see her mother nor her siblings ever again because of a wicked and corrupt government system, imagine the bitterness that will be bottled up inside these children and tomorrow they will turn out bad and inhumane, this is child destruction and not protection.

In this situation, I feel very sorry for the children. We need to help them - support them morally! Good luck in your charity business!

I like family protection
Thanks for sharing family
I love your family
I appreciate your post

Your article touched my heart,thanks for sharing.
Maam i have posted something yesterday that u might read which is on parents love.Maam if you want to read it than ask me for the link and plz suggest that should i have posted with the tag familyprotection

Great post
I love your familyprotection
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You are doing a amazing job mam... great information you have brought here. These type of family is in this condition think no one know it. it is obvious that there has to be second chance...& it should be spread as much as we can.

I am very sad to hear the story of a friend and I hope penderitaa best friend soon passed hopefully son fast friends can quickly find it again hope and do, a I thank

wow fabulous article. Really I'm loving it a lot. Fantastic story! Thanks for your kind of share. Have great day dear.

She's so beautiful. <3

Such stories always break my heart, children should not suffer. This girl is only 9 years old and she deserves to have a happy life with a loving mother and brothers. I feel such a hatred against government that ruins the lives of children.

People's happiness as well as plea's should sometimes be considered above the law.

Taking this little girl away from her mother may do more harm than good to both parties. I totally disagree with the action. It's heartbreaking and inhumane.

Setting should be done to amend this asap

She is cute may God bless her with all the happiness n joy ameen

This is pathetic, how could they deny the woman taken her child back for goodness sake. I don't just get it. What sort of legitimate whatever would take absolute control of family related matter just like that. Something must be done. So bad

Ohhhhh My GOD, what the hell they (MCFD) are doing with Maya and her cute daughter victoria. I am feeling much sad to read the whole story of maya. How can anyone apart the natural relation of daughter and mother. very disgusting and human-less sense they have. I am feeling upset to know their whole story. and hope that they (MCFD) review there decision and do in the favor of this poor family. My best wishes and hope for both mother & daughter.
Thanks @canadian-coconut for raising always real #familyprotection related such cases. My Appreciations and Support with you.

My heart is crushed, reading this and after listening to Maya. How can the government take away her daughter like that? The child is old enough to say if she wants to stay with her mom right? How can the government be sure that Victoria is better off in a foster family? Complete strangers? That is so unfair... 😢😢😢

like me love

This is another sad case. Most people deserve a second chance if the facts of the situation are presented. There needs to be a way that local people that really know the family can sign a petition, present it to authorities and have a lawyer represent them whether than they have money or not.

Oh my god... I am in Egypt, I have nothing to do except pray... I'll pretend for this a lot... I hope she meets Maya soon.

Thanks for this inspiring blog @canadian-coconut. It made me appreciate my own mother even more. Thanks a million. I owe you one.

Children must live together and until the end of their childhood. The importance of this problem can be felt from various mistakes, in terms of children's education. Because the mother is the satisfaction and the formation of the child's personality from the moral and morals, where most affect him in childhood. If the mother has to work outdoors or travel, choose a baby sitter that is familiar with the children and pass most children together lovingly.

In societies that do not have principles to live a life or do not have a clear policy, all issues including education problems are unclear, even chaotic.

How many moms would prefer to do activities in various places and leave it to the babysitters. For them it does not matter what happens and will be what kind of person in the future. Being separated from children is not seen as small or simple. But if it has to happen, the mother should go for self-examination and the money needed for the child.

Young children are very sensitive to parting from someone and they can accept the new condition, even if someone loves it, but still it is not good for it. Small children who parted with mother will feel bad. The world is considered dark, alien, without love, and has even lost privacy and the world. The distant and separated child of the mother is always sad and depressed. He can not speak from the mind and there is nothing good, not even an appetite. His face was pale and restless always. Sometimes he wakes up at night and often seeks excuses. The little boy can accept his absence knowing that he will return home after some time traveling. But if anyone reveals that it is impossible as usual, the delivery of this news can surprise. If a mother had to part with her, she would have to make sure she would come back and see. Wrong if small children can not tell which mother and what not, make the children can be used parting with her mother.

The results prove that children who are one and a half months will react when compared to his mother, although the problem can be nutritional. The child of that age had already felt the pain with the separation. The separation of the child from the family will cause disturbance in the child's self and behavior. The introduction done in this issue indicates that little, not attack, unbalanced, empathetic and selfish action. He likes to isolate himself and does not want to socialize. Others are stubborn and like to find excuses. They come to understand how to run away from home, no one loves it and from the psychological side can never be satisfied.

The child needs caress and true love. What a baby sitter does can not meet this need completely. In conjunction with the problem of child growth, studies have been carried out in accordance with children who grew up in such conditions. Growth and distance. Increasingly widespread, increasing, and also slower. Especially for children who have brain intelligence. The personality of this child from the moral and emotional side is not fast growing, even this problem will affect it to be great. This includes the problem of child's psychological growth and the treatment of children saying that they are suffering from psychological growth delays. The absence of a mother on the child's side when it occurs over and over will make the child from being a careless person and this is very detrimental to the child. Children also do not want to accept others as emotions and always fight back.

Back again that the longer the mother is not present at the side of the room, then the losses suffered by children is also getting bigger. If the children begin to get used to this, in themselves it will not become dominant and will not know his mother. While it is not there, the child will come to a conclusion Not willing to accept his mother. But keep in mind that the absence of the mother on the side does not have long, because the mistake of the mother's absence can only be acceptable in the child. Never leave the child by taking advantage of his negligence. If after the children go to groups or kindergartens and mothers want to travel, then because this already exists. Because getting the kids back from school, he expects to find and find, if not find his mother, then it will be very painful for him.

Someone is getting paid, seen a few cases of this in Michigan. Of course no one will do fuck all about it, there is good reason to fear child protective services.

yes ,, nice @canadian-coconut

I've come to facebook

I have shared this post.

Police took my sister from my mom in Oregon, USA, in the 1980's, one time, and it was very unfair. Police gave my sister back to my mom but they shouldn't have taken her in the first place. But police did take other kids and never gave them back. My mom told me of these situations. Another kind of situation that may not be related to this is trafficking which is also a global issue.

1988 fammm.jpg

Kidnapping is happen once or twice, but sexual abuse [Close relation uncle or grandpa arent the answer for makin em living safe], killing till mutilation toward the young kid almost all the days. Their environment and parent responsibility is biggest things to realize.


great post
i like to read it
thanks for sharing

The most wonderful and faithful relationship in the entire world is of Mother and Daughter. In the religious book of the Muslims the Quran God stated

Seek heavens under the feet of your mothers

This clearly shows how big status of the mother is. No religion in the whole world allow to separate one young kid from her mother. I am not saying that Maya is a perfect mom but who MCFD are to decide that young kid should remain away from the warmth of her mom. This is exactly not at all the development rather the destruction of the Family institute.

I strongly condemn the coward act of MCFD and request the higher authorities to take the notice of this incident and for heavens sake let the young kid go back to the Innocent Maya Bradshaw, Off course she deserves second chance!!!!!

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lovely mother deserves her child.nice post.thanks for sharing.

You can imagine the number of people lost around the world, losing their beloved children to the CPS.
Thanks for sharing @ canadian-coconut

Happy Birthday

No matter how much children love their mothers, no one is more than a mother loves her child. Because, the mother did not give birth to the mother, the mother gave birth to the child.

so painful to read such stories... I'm sure every Mom reading is crying because it's just impossible to imagine ourselves on that woman's place..
People are afraid of Hell after the death, but what is happening now in real life is much crueler.
Hell is on the Earth, and CPS is a part of it for sure.

I hope you approve of my post. and the link to this post

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Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your contest

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it is a very heart touchy fact of human story. the authorities have not fair, did not give a solution. thanks for sharing.

Hi dear! Really my heart broken when I read what’s happened for this mother! It’s so painful to separate a daughter from her mother, MCFD
should look for solution for this mother to live together with her child not to separate them.

I see reading and enjoying, amazingly good postings you, innovative and and add knowledge. Thanks for sharing

the same story I've ever experienced

"A mother will sacrifice her own happiness for her child's happiness"

That is a sentence that I always reflect on almost every breath of my breath.And back to look back when I was with my family.Mama, the mother who always put her happiness for her son.I remember it.Sometimes I feel guilty for myself because I have sacrificed my mom's feelings for my desires.The feeling of regret sometimes does not stop there.Mama repeatedly put her children's desires first before all that has been lost from me.the complications that hit my country have taken my mother's life by the greedy rulers of office.I pray that
Maya Bradshaw LOVES her daughter, Victoria can come back with his son,
Thanks for you @canadian-coconut

Im Resteem

Maya Bradshaw LOVES her daughter, Victoria

Publications like these are the ones we should see most often in steemit, great from start to finish.... A whole message that leaves you thinking and above all helps us to reflect.

at first thanks god making my mother ,all mothers tray to best his chaildren develop your crearer . thanks mom .

Poor little girl, she needs her mother. It breaks the heart to see the video, it rages against the government. Thanks for sharing these questions. You are of good heart, friend. regards

Taking a child away from the mother just because the mother was in an abusive relationship is horrible. I really hope the kid unites with her mother.

BC is the worst province for child stealing social workers.

Heppy bresday

how much Mother's affection, sincere love, tender heart, and endless love for us her child. Mother never tired tuk to take care and care for her child, mother never think for herself, his son is pearl of his most precious heart of any and will always love him forever .....
Farewell is a very painful thing. Especially if this condition occurs between this loving mother and child.
read the story of Maya Bradshaw LOVES her daughter, Victoria, with her entire being separated by MCFD
I was touched and today I find a story that is almost the same, from a mother victim of konplik. the story I posted a few hours ago and there I mention your name @canadian-coconut as my motivator. if you do not mind you can visit and advise on my writing @canadian-coconut
Thanks for this

My heart goes out to Maya and Victoria!

This is horrible.

Thanks for writing that much about it. I am sure this post will surely make an impact to some people and will change their attitude.

you have done a great job by posting such a serious post about a serious topic.

You may like my travel series too- Travel Series (Part #2) Rome, Italy, Must visit Destination

mother is a very precious in this life, a mother sacrificed her whole body soul to raise her child.

Good post friends, children are very influential in our encouragement ..
You are amazing my friend upvote and resteem ...

What sadness this story generates, especially when we can not do much to change the future of this girl without her mother, it hurts me enormously to know that these things still happen.

child is the most precious family treasure ..
for the sake of children happiness, must be in striving

I love your post, I really congratulate you, I hope to see you always here collaborating in this way with us, thanks for good

Oh my, but if the child was kidnapped then they should be reported to the police, right? The police should be able to help her out too.

I'm not sure if anyone with power to do anything about the situation is here on Steemit but hopefully it reaches some people who can do something about it.

Happy birthday... always happy

I sometimes feel the MCFD does more harm than good. They're aren't human and wouldn't even care to understand how you feel.

Regardless of mistakes, we all deserve a second chance especially when notuceable changes take place.

Not allowing her other siblings communication with her is far worse. Humanity died a long time ago.

I know the poor girl would want to see her mother so badly, unfortunately regulations wouldn't allow. Poor girl.

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