No investigation Before Taking Teenage Mom's Baby: Pamela's Story -- Part I (FamilyProtection Series)

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The day before Christmas, 2014, I discovered that my friend's son had arrived in town the night before and stayed at a motel, so I invited him to come stay with us.

Joe had arrived on the Greyhound bus because his girlfriend's baby had been brought back here by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), after being forcibly removed from Joe's home .

Pamela had broken up with Joe before the baby was born, but after re-evaluating her life choices, she had decided to come visit him and his parents for Christmas, so that he could see his 5-month-old son and they could discuss getting back together again. Joe lived with his parents a few hours away from her. She was 16-years-old, not yet an adult herself and had been living with her mother. He was just a few years older than her. Joe's parents were more than happy to let her stay as long as she wanted.

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The same night that she showed up at Joe's door, MCFD Social Workers showed up too along with the police.

The Social Worker told Pamela, Joe and his parents that they were there because the baby urgently needed to be "MEDICALLED" and that the baby had to be returned to the grandmother's house.

Baby Noah used to have reflux while he was nursing, and a doctor said that it was Laryngomalacia. Most babies outgrow this and baby Noah had not been showing signs of it anymore. But to appease the Social Workers, Pamela decided to go right then and there down to the emergency doctor and get the baby looked at.

The doctor did an examination and told the Social Workers that the baby was perfectly healthy and he saw no concerns.

Yet the Social Workers and Police STILL insisted that the baby had to be taken back. So Pamela, called her father and asked him to come pick her up and drive her and baby back to her mother's house.


Before this date, Pamela had never been contacted by MCFD or aware that they had any concerns about her parenting.

Her mother, Ivy, (the grandmother) was a controlling woman who did not like the baby's daddy or his family. She had convinced Pamela to break up with him, and apparently now that her daughter had decided that she wanted the father back in her life, Ivy could not stand that her daughter had a strong mind and will of her own.

Grandma Ivy ran a Mom & Tot's type of service that was partially funded by the MCFD, so she knew Social Workers. Apparently she called in a favor on the day that her daughter, Pamela, decided that she wanted to leave her mother's home and go stay with her boyfriend's family. She found out her daughter's destination and arranged for Social Workers at that end to pick up her daughter and baby and bring them back to her home.


So ... I had invited Joe to stay at my house and found out what was happening. Pamela was obviously very, very upset at her mother for calling Social Services on her, and I figured that she would not want to spend Christmas under that type of duress, so I asked her if she wanted to bring baby along and spend Christmas with my family. She would have gladly accepted. Except that she was to discover yet another giant hiccup.

Her mother told her that she was NOT allowed to leave her mother's house or her mother's prescence with the baby, or the police would be called on her!

Pamela came over for a little while on Christmas, but then needed to get back to the baby to breastfeed him.

The grandmother informed her that there were also other rules that she now had to follow. The baby was NOT allowed to be in Pamela's room at night but rather had to be in a crib in grandma's room. Of course this interrupted night-time feedings. And when the baby would wake up in grandma's room crying to be fed, Pamela would not hear it and continue to sleep through the night, while Grandma gave baby a bottle of formula.

Baby was being partially weaned against the mother's wishes! Pamela knew that it was best to continue breastfeeding until age 2, and had planned to do so.

Ivy told Pamela that there was an Order from MCFD with these rules written down. I wondered how this could have happened since an investigation had NEVER been done of mother and baby and Social Workers had not bothered to get her side of the story, or observe her with her own baby, or ask questions, or anything! They had already completely made up their mind just from whatever Ivy had told them.

On Christmas Day I decided that I had to go and talk to Grandma Ivy to find out what was going on. I asked her why on earth she would interrupt the breastfeeding process, and damage that mother/baby bond, ESPECIALLY since her own mother had been a midwife and she should know how important this was! Ivy told me that she had no choice because MCFD had told her she must do these things. I asked to see the paperwork for this "Order." Even though Ivy had been unwilling to show it to her daughter, she did show it to me, and I took pictures.

Before I left, she asked me for my business card and name. I told her that I don't have a business card and that I am a good friend of the father's mother. She looked surprised. Later on Pamela told me that Ivy had thought that I was a lawyer ... lol ... I guess I can appear quite professional and legal sounding.

Well GOOD! I was glad that she thought that I was a lawyer even though I wasn't trying to pretend to be one. She probably wouldn't have allowed me to see the paperwork otherwise.

So what was this mysterious paperwork that had stripped this young mother of all her rights with such ease?

I had to closely examine the document once I was home, because I wasn't sure what I was looking at at first. What I discovered was the first obvious abuse of power -- an outright illegal action on the part of MCFD.

The document was a
Ministry of Children & Family Development

Notice the purpose of a Safety Plan as stated right on the form.

This short-term safety plan is in place with the AGREEMENT of the PARENT(s) and it is understood that it remains in place until:

___ a) the parent(s) and the child welfare worker agree that the immediate safety concerns have been >addressed,
___ b) a new short-term safety plan has been put in place; or
___c) a longer-term safety plan has been put in place.
If at any time parents or other participants are unable or unwilling to their role in the Safety Plan, please notify the worker immediately.

Now my question to the readers is this ... Would ANY parent willingly create an agreement to have the Police called on them if they leave their house with their own child?

Of course not!

Besides common sense that this is not an agreement anyone would ever make, the real proof of this is that there is NO PARENT SIGNATURE on the form!!

Missing Parent Signature!

You can see where the two Social Workers signed. (I erased their names, but you can see some remains of their signatures.)

Hand-written on the form is:


Except that the whole purpose of this form is to be an AGREEMENT, not an order that is "STATED."

The information never ever was 'stated verbally' to the mother or father by any Social WORKERS. A copy of the document was never shown to them. If I had not gone to the grandmother we would have never seen it.

A few days later, I drove Pamela and Joe to the police station to show this fraudulent document to them, and to get them to confirm that they would NOT actually answer a call now that they could see how protocol had not been followed when filling out this form.

The Police response was astounding! The Officer acknowledged that the document was not signed and was not used properly. HOWEVER, the Police Officer said that if they did get the call that Pamela or Joe had taken the baby out of the Grandmother's house, that they indeed would respond to the call!

The reason was because the MCFD had WAY MORE POWER
than the Police and the Police had to do what they were told.

It did not take long before the tensions and arguments between mother and daughter became too much for Ivy, and she kicked her own daughter out of her house.

Pamela, a teenager still herself, was told that she could not live with her mom anymore. She had no where to go if she wanted to stay close to fight for her baby, so I took her in to live with me.

Effectively, the teenage mother had now lost her baby. She was not allowed to bring her baby away from Grandma's house or the police would respond. And most of the time the grandmother would not even allow her to visit her son! MCFD's involvement in what they call "protecting" a child, had resulted in another child (Pamela) being put out on the street (if it wasn't for me and my husband being willing to support her.) Baby Noah was weaned way too young, and the bond with his mother stripped away.

We didn't know what would happen next. With the holiday season, nobody at the MCFD office was answering the phones. Legal Aid and lawyers offices were closed. We didn't know if or when there would be a chance to be heard in court. No answers were to be found anywhere.



(Names have been changed to protect those involved.)


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This story is appalling ! This poor woman :( why not just help each other best we can instead of playing matriarch. I do hope they can reunite.

great story...I can feel this inside of me, I too had a "safety plan" not signed or endorsed by any judge or rcmp...the MCFD have more power and they can do what they chose, IF they call and tell the RCMP to show up, they will usually bring 2 officers. MCFD told me my ex wasnt allowed around my children, when we were still together mind you...(Had I been ready to leave and saw him for the monster and abuser that he was I would have gladly welcomed that but it was forced upon us and by that they were attempting to take away the financial security from us as well so I fought it)
MCFD holds all the cards, they write something, you sign it, they tell you, you do it, or you try to, however the way you do it will most likely not be the way in their opinion that you should do it....and then you risk losing your child.....MCFD can prolong cases indefinitely, the words they use are hamful and manipulative, they coerse judges into making orders, as in most cases judges collude with them automatically. The parent has to PROVE beyond anything normal that they should parent, and even then their opinion holds more ground in court then actual supportive letters from esteemed therapists! As a parent, a good loving parent, we can never give up, for one day our child will see who the devil really is!

This is so hard to swallow, what a vile woman to do that to her own daughter! How you were able to stay cool and collected when you confronted her is beyond me...

Bless you and your husband for taking Pamela in and trying to get her child back with her. I hope this series helps to open up even more people's eyes!!

Oh my gods. This has me sitting here gasping in tears. I had to ugly cry for several minutes before I could type.

This makes me so ill to my stomach. Ivy, CPS, EVERY "authority" involved is so fucking evil! Can we get her a lawyer? I have seen the power of the #Steemit community and @#familyprotection. Get that baby back to his mama where he belongs!!!

I will donate!!!!

thank-you, but this happened December 2014.
She did end up getting a pretty good lawyer who did a better job for her than most lawyers would have probably done. I'll still be posting part 2 and probably part 3 in the coming weeks.

But you are right about how horrendous their behaviour can be! I had heard horror stories before about them but to see it with my own eyes was quite an experience.

I got so emotionally wrapped up I missed the date at the very beginning.

Thank you for taking her in and helping her out. I can't imagine being in her shoes and being betrayed by her own mother like that. So, so sad.

Linda the lawyer ;) With all the knowledge you have I can understand why Grandma would have thought that.

It is interesting to see how illegal documents such as this are still being used implement control. And what good are the police if the MCFD have control over them???? Crazy they admitted that to you.

What a wonderful thing you did by taking Pamela in.

Have to admit... I'm curious to read the rest of this story! Really hoping for a happy ending.

Yet another shocking and disturbing abuse of power. I find it difficult to comprehend why a mother would visit this level of scrutiny and abuse of parental rights upon their own daughter. This is the largest child kidnapping ring in the history of the world and indeed it's also indicative of the fact that legality and morality parted company many years ago!

Thank you so much for continuing this fight and for bringing an ever increasing awareness to a public whom without the work of people such as yourselves would remain unaware that this happens! Keep shining your light @canadian-coconut @familyprotection @markwhittam because one day these people will have nowhere left to hide.

Thank-you for continuing to read and comment and for seeing how important it is to get these true stories heard by the public.

No thank you for being the change you want to happen in this world and for making a difference. I really feel and understand what you're trying to achieve here, and it's initiatives like this that will change the world. I've resteemed this, I don't have a huge audience but I at least hope it might give this important post a little boost. Thanks again @canadian-coconut

It is amazing the power they hold. I cannot believe they stated they would call the police if the baby was taken out of the grandmother's house and that baby had to sleep in her room! How absurd!!! That doesn't even make sense! Insane that the parents did not even sign the form and yet the police said they would reinforce it. Wow. It definitely does show CPS power over and above the law. So glad that you were willing to step up and take care of the mom so she was not out on the street. I can't imagine what she was going through getting kicked out of the house...and having to leave her baby or risk going to jail if she took him with her! Thank you for sharing this story. Looking forward to the next part.

Another heartbreaking story. Simply reading them is difficult, I can't imagine how it must feel to have gone through them.

Keep on fighting @canadian-coconut!

how do we stop this legal kidnapping, maybe we could sign up for at least 1 million people to stop it , because it's hard for a child growing up without her real parent, it is sad to think a child missing her parents. :(

Thats absolutely crazy, how this all happened. A young mother, which will loose her Baby . When the public holidays are, there is no change to know where the child is. I truly can't understand the people in the office who make such rules. They have no experience from life or no soul at all....resteemd to more people, that much as can, will see what happened out there

Some people want the state to raise children. When I say state, I'm talking about governments. This kind of thing happens in many countries. Dictators try to do this or similar things. They tried to steal me & my siblings away from my mother for example. But some people do believe in central planning education and in that government can raise children better than parents can or maybe some people just want to destroy family values, local communities, humanity.

This is absolutely heartbreaking to read. What a horrible mother she has to do this to her! My heart cries for her, I am very curious how this story continous..

Wow Linda, you have been involved in Family Protection for a long time. Thank God for selfless, caring people like you! Just a few paragraphs and I'm already emotionally invested in Pamela's story, will definitely be watching for more, I really want to know the outcome.

Sad story. Thanks for sharing. Police & CPS tried to take away us kids from our mom in Oregon in the 1980's but my mom stopped it somehow. I am encouraging my mom to join Steemit and maybe she will someday. It is better as we talk about these situations. It is also good to find out how CPS is funded. Find ways to defund CPS and other things maybe. Follow the money. Maybe it is in the laws. Maybe it is government sponsored or something. I am assuming many countries have these type of problems.

Another heartbreaking and getting my blood to boil - account of the lawlessness of the state.

It will be featured on Jane's Chaos Show next Friday.
@canadian-coconut: Linda, pls check discord DM from me.

thank-you @globocop!
I am glad that you are helping these stories to be heard by the public.

... because the evil attacks the defenseless and the innocent. We shall never stop shining light onto these organized crimes and their perpetrators.

incredible, how she could be able to do that to her own daughter without caring how necessary it is for the baby to have contact with her mother. How strong all the resentment you can feel for your own daughter to do this to you. How sad

What really amazes me the most is the spitefulness that would drive a mother to do that to her own daughter. Always about power and control at the expense of others. All I can say is that I'm going for a positive ending to this story.

interesting ..
In the end who work hard deserve
Great post .. Thank you for sharing your words..

It breaks my heart to read stories like these. It also angers my heart to see folk have to put up with the BS factor. There is already enough of that in this world, why create more. Yet the Social Services are experts at creating unnecessary BS in people's lives. Shame on Ivy. Why can't people give others a chance. Kudos to the impersonation of the lawyer. I just wish folks would make it easier on others. But I have to keep reminding myself this is their heartless business model. Thanks @canadian-coconut for your continued dedication to bringing this subject in the light so resolution, justice and truth can prevail.

After the first few paragraphs I was already raging against Ivy as I hate controlling mothers. Waiting for the next part as I'm wondering about the extent of her involvement with the CPS and that horrible piece of paper...
On the other hand, the reaction from the police clearly indicates how CPS operate above the law.

What the heck?! I can't even grasp how the police could follow those orders with fraudulent paperwork and acknowledge that it was fraudulent too. My mind is reeling! Although, Matt and I have witnessed this with corrupt government where citizens riot and police protect the politicians at all costs even though they are being done disservice too. I have no doubt our "education" system is just a form of mind control because too many follow orders blindly without question. What a shame. I sure hope she managed to get her baby back. I don't think I could forgive my mom if she ever dared something so brazen. -Aimee

More tears and more pain and more anger.
I get so mad at the social services and what they are doing and all these stories just break my heart, but these stories need to be heard and I am glad that I got to find out the truth about the whole messed up system.

just a bureaucratic "mistake" , one in which you would need a lawyer. Yup that's : $1000's for a lawyer (forget about doing it yourself), heartbreak, time, anxiety, stress...

laws.. who needs laws.

Wait what ? really ?
That is so sad :(

at first i tought it is just a tought up story.

But when i reached the part with the papers and when i read the end.

I got so sad because it is actually happening :(


usually reflux is generated by the immature gastric system in the small, this if it is treated properly with the months disappears, these processes are totally illegal, seem to be carried out by individuals with emotional imbalances, since they do not care about the integrity of the baby. I would like to invite you to the forum that will realize projectmilkbox in discord, it is psychological first aid that can be used in the forced separation of the infants from their parents, this forum will be answered by me, I really hope that it will help you to help the victims of the CPS .@canadian-coconut In my last publication you can find the discord link.

This deserves more attentions. voted to support.

Joe's story is very interesting, his parents were also very supportive. I like families who always live harmonious and harmonious.

Thank you for sharing us sir. Resteem done.

nice story maam @canadian-coconut, full of lesson about of teenage mom .. but my heart was breaking its really sad story of pamela.. excited for the part 2, maam.. god bless! your such a good writer. followed upvoted and re-steem.. :)

Thanks for your written such a great content.

This was a wonderful story
"grandmother informed her that there were also other rules that she now had to follow. The baby was NOT allowed to be in Pamela's room at night but rather had to be in a crib in grandma's room. Of course this interrupted night-time feedings. And when the baby would wake up in gransma's room crying to be fed, Pamela would not hear it and continue to sleep through the night, while Grandma gave baby a bottle of formula.
Baby was being partially weaned against the mother's wishes! Pamela knew that it was best to continue breastfeeding until age 2, and had planned to do so."

However the lesson I get from this selected text is that everyone ought to know what their duties are in their various dignitaries.
Let's mind this.

Very interesting to enjoy. You write with an incredible ability.

Pamela had broken up with Joe before the baby was born, but after re-evaluating her life choices, she had decided to come visit him and his parents for Christmas, so that he could see his 5-month-old son and they could discuss getting back together again. Joe lived with his parents a few hours away from her. She was 16-years-old, not yet an adult herself and had been living with her mother. He was just a few years older than her. Joe's parents were more than happy to let her stay as long as she wanted.

Married at a young age many unpleasant facts. Among them, in addition to economic problems that have not been established, also has not had the mature power of thought. They just assume that marriage is just a relationship like dating. Do not blame them for this concept. Because it is in the teenage age range, they only know the extent to know each other and have not known the concept of marriage in a way.

Usually divorce happens due to small problems that should be handled (in adults) but they prefer to split up because they assume that they are not compatible with each other simply because they differ.

this is a very good story.
we must think about the safety of baby babies around the world.
thanks for sharing

I start to read your post then i saw it is very best and amazing for us i read full content then the story of baby i very like this and the teenage mother is very brave women...

thanks for very good information, good job friends, her mother would be very happy to be with her child again

My point is, since there was no written signature on the documentation, then the MCFD has no basic right from withholding a mother from performancing her responsibilities for her child the way I see things, I think there is really something wrong, what if somebody is tipping the MCFD? because it's seems fishy, Joe and Pamela has not really committed anything for their human rights to be taken this way

This is very nice.
thank you for reminding us all to save baby baby.
I am very touched to read your post.
I will always follow your post

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Thank you in the first place
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A really sad experience. Do these social workers really have conscience at all?

Why oppress a girl and her baby? God have mercy!

It shouldn't happen that way. What's going on with the world today?

This is insane feeling. How can one parent be so cruel doing all this shitty things.... These are traits of egoistic parents nothing else...

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

YOU are a knowledgeable person mam ...tour work is really great . I always support you ...Thank you.....

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So cruel of her to do that to her child. We should join hands and stop this

Together let stop legal kidnapping, rape , killing, war. Absolutely!


Hello Linda, i definitely support this together we make the world a better place. I guess i'll start writing about this

good post
@Canadian coconuta

good story about you having a soul that cares about clean justice rather than corrupt and I am happy and agree that corruptors should be destroyed. good work is respect for others

Oh, my God. I cried reading this story, hopefully, it will not happen again, I will share this post, thank you, Linda, @canadian-coconut.

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