With Great Responsibility Once Came Great Privilege

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We’ve all heard the saying that “with great privilege comes great responsibility”, and it’s undoubtedly true, or at least it should be. But, isn’t the reverse also true? Shouldn’t those who bear great responsibility also enjoy privilege? Or at least respect and gratitude?

Apparently not. “Privilege” has become a bad word among Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) and feminists of late. Privilege isn’t something to be enjoyed in peace as a consequence of shouldering a disproportionate share of some burden but rather is something about which we should be...well..if not outright ashamed at least a little embarrassed and remorseful. For the SJW, privilege is something about which others should be taunted.

Nowhere is this more true than with so-called “male privilege”. It’s undeniable that men have historically born a disproportionate share of certain responsibilities (the reverse is also true, btw, but that’s a story for another day). For instance, males in most cultures have generally been responsible for working outside the home, defending the home and homeland, inventing and innovating, building structures, laboring in the fields, hunting, exploring, etc., all functions essential to human survival and progress.

And while the responsibilities shouldered by men and women have changed some over the last century, men still bear disproportionate responsibility for many important things (again, the reverse is also true, but that’s a story for another day). Men are today still far more responsible for defending the home and homeland, and the overwhelming majority of war casualties are consequently male. Yes, women now work outside the home far more often, but men still do nearly all of the most dangerous jobs (with the possible exception of prostitution). Men comprise nearly all linemen, oil rig workers, miners, loggers, fisherman, construction workers, etc. And the vast majority of modern innovations and discoveries still originate with males.

Shouldering these responsibilities comes at a significant physical, emotional and financial cost for men on average, a cost that feminist and SJWs tend to ignore when they focus on “privilege”.

For instance, labor of the type traditionally done by men is quickly being replaced by machines. For this reason and others, the unemployment rate for men has averaged two to three full percentage points higher than for women since the Great Recession. Men commit suicide at rates four to five times that of women. Men are physically assaulted far more often than women. More than 75 percent of the homeless, and more than 90 percent of prisoners, are men. Men are actually raped more often than women (when prison rapes are counted). Women live an average of five years longer than men. Twice as many men as women become drug addicts each year, and three times as many men as women become alcoholics. Females who work outside the home do so on average for two and a half weeks less per year than their male peers. Women own or control more than three-quarters of the nation's financial wealth. Women make more than 95 percent of all household purchasing decisions. Middle aged white males are presently the ONLY demographic group with a declining life expectancy over the last five years. Life expectancies for all other demographic groups has actually increased dramatically over that time. (All the stats above are accurate and easily verified).

I could go on an on, but my point is simply this: The disproportionate responsibilities born by men come at a considerable physical, emotional and financial cost that simply can’t be denied and shouldn’t be ignored. Were women “subjected” to these same costs, the outcry would be positively enormous.

So, at a minimum, men deserve some respect for shouldering these burdens, no? They may even deserve some privileges—for instance, the “privilege” of getting paid more on average than women partly because they do far more dangerous jobs on average and because, partly as a consequence, they die five years sooner.

But they don’t get respect today. Instead, they are shamed for the remaining “privileges” they may enjoy, and they are admonished to “lay them down” or “check” them at the door.

Is it any wonder that the physical and psychological health of men has deteriorated so remarkably over the last ten years? Is it any wonder that silly men’s rights activists are gaining so much traction? Is it any wonder that some disenchanted gamma males, who bear much of the burden and enjoy few or none of the remaining privileges, all while being relentlessly criticized for being male, are “going postal”? I’m not saying its justified, just that it’s understandable under the circumstances. When we demand extraordinary sacrifice from others and not only deny them basic gratitude in return, but actually heap condemnation on them instead, what else should we expect? If you abuse the dog, don’t be surprised when you are bit.


Well, I am not a feminist but I disagree with one thing; I don't think man should be paid more. Or to be more spesific I don't think gender should define the salary. If you do the more dangerous job you should get paid more. Whether you are a male or female. And If you do the same job, whoever is better at what they are doing, they should get paid more. I agree man work at dangerous jobs but for example in Turkey, young females work on carpet weaving may go blind working so detailed. And there are many more examples. But you said it is for another post. But as someone who grew up with only my mom without a male figure, I don't think the responsibility is fully on male :)

With great power comes great responsibility. And to who much is given much is also expected. And the seat at the top bears a very heavy load

These people have a lot in common with communists. There is a reason why privilege is a bad word these days. Even when that privilege is well deserved and harms nobody else.

I wonder what feminists would say when you tell them that the podiums they shout out from were literally built by men .................. oh I actually know what they'll say - Patriarchy!

Men can at least handle it to a degree. I am worried about little kids and particularly boys. I kid you not that I saw this video where the mom was forcing her boy to play with dolls and doll houses (I say force because I could clearly see that the boy had not been given a choice to select his own toys). What made me nauseous was the fact that the people interviewing her were so full of excitement about this 'experiment'.

I think the little girls are not immune to this pervasive way of thinking either.

As a guy who has been conscripted before, indeed.

Shove conscription unto females. The outcry will be loud.

I think that the radicalization of the genres, whatever the side, is wrong! In large part of what you speak you are right, because as a man I was taught as a child to "take care of the house", to work for the family and to "be someone" to be able to maintain a good home some day.

I feel it is not wrong for women to deserve some privileges for the simple fact of being the fundamental pillars of parenting and family education, but at the same time it does not seem fair that they feel they "deserve" to be rewarded for things they do not do nor do they know, like the hard work you mentioned earlier.

Of course, as in all our existence, there are exceptions to the rule in which, there are men in the house while the woman works or women doing heavy work (I mention this because I have seen them). However, I totally agree that respect should prevail and that everyone should be treated according to their merits, always maintaining a minimum of respect.

Also, my friend, these groups that you mention if you watch carefully, you realize that they are minorities that claim to be "oppressed" because at some point in their lives they experienced existential traumas and probably do not have a very stable mental health. So, we share opinions and I hope to continue debating in these cases, excellent work!

There has been a lot of man hating the last couple of years, I agree there should be more respect towards men! Some of them indeed do very dangeroes but hard needed work.
The same thing can be said for woman ofcourse without them we would all be lost😂