Hi, new player here in diamond since June/July. Playing is NOT profitable as a renter. It's so bad, I left Champion league to stay in diamond and I'm now playing solely for leaderboard position rewards. I would appreciate some low rental cards, thanks.

Great post, sir. I can tell, that you're not doing this for gain, since you could find a more profitable way to do this.

But i have to add a little correction. Grinding out of bronze takes barely any investment (Definitely not thousands of dollars). As a silver player I fall down to bronze pretty much every end of season and I grind myself up. I DO use mylor sometimes, but since the ruleset is mostly based on low many and no rules, most of my winning decks are completely made up out of starter cards. (Fire is an absolute killer in bronze!)

My overall deck is worth less than 300$ and I regularly touch gold.

So while I like your Robin Hood attitude and hope for you to go through with your plan on supporting beginners, I have to make it clear, that you're overstating the trouble of a beginner.

There is no reason to max out your card lvl to enjoy the game. As a beginner you can rent a ton of cards for 0.1 DEC per day each and build decks that easily get you to silver. And at that point you should really be able to enjoy the game on your own.

It seems that where there's will there's a way!
I wasn't actually aware that you could reach gold (even if just slightly) for less than a thousand.
When I joined the game a few months ago I played two allnighters in a row and I got to champ II purely on rented cards and I was profiting. Just the season after that I was renting the exact same collection of cards but for a much higher price and actually lost money for playing. That's when I looked into the economy and thought we were going down a dangerous path. I hope to have at least some impact on other's journey :)
Let's see

I also want to say, that of course I am also doing this to make money. I am not stupid.
But what people don't understand is that with quest potions and my it skills (and tools I had already developed) I had the means to scale out bots exponentially and rug the entire BSC pools for both SPS and DEC since the ROI was so fast with potions. I didn't do that. I instead sounded the alarm regarding potions to the bot operators who then sounded the alarm directly to Aggroed. I want the game to thrive for the long-term and be invested in it profitably for years to come.

Oh yeah. I'm at 1793 rating with a total value of 270$ right now. Touching 1900 pretty often. It's just not worth renting enough cards to get the power.
My alt is at 1960 right now with a networth of about 450$.

I like your outlook. You seem aware of the power you wield and try to handle it responsibly. Still it is scary to see you talk about the damage you would be able to do. I hope you stay on the right path.

Luckily they were fast to patch Quest potions and I can't do nearly the same damage anymore and with current economics any major damage I potentially could do would be too risky for me to attempt. I am not scaling out to more bots than I have right now for those reasons; I don't know if they will ever pay themselves. So I think you can rest assured :)

I will study your deck, looks as if a great deal of thinking went into it!

Hey Fireking, thanks for the offer of renting out cheap cards. I have many newer players in my discord server for Splinter Games who are constantly looking for cards to rent to help with their daily quests. We also have a donation-funded faucet for players to collect DEC and/or SPS.

If you would be interested in helping provide either of these to the players, please feel free to join the server (the following link will be valid for one week):

Thanks a lot for approaching! Will definetly look into it.

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@fireking im happy to see if someone is lucky ,, for everyone here im happy if someone can earn and is profitable, and i hope this game and everyone will go to the moon my misstake was i bought yesterday a legendary card for 38 $ fomo lol today you put tousands of the card for 18 $ in the market,,is there a possibility to let me know before LOL :) i wish a good season every1

Splinterlands let you. They gave you free 'ghost cards' that were sold under the condition that they were limited issued NFT cards that would be winning the rewards. NOT. They gave you counterfeit server copies of the cards, that you and many other used to make a MINT. The newbies are the ones that will suffer in the end. The values in the game will go DOWN after CL is released. The cat is out of the bag, they killed it by obliging bots: I am unhappy about the precendents being set over there. I believe they have TERROIZED the values and principles of BLOCKCHAIN GAMING. SHAME SHAME.

NFT = Non-Fungible Token, a unique digital asset which can be traded / destroyed / combined (up-leveled) etc. The "ghost cards" are not NFTs. They have no value in and of themselves and will not yield anywhere close to top earnings in the game. They merely give a path for new players to try the game at a very low barrier to entry before deciding to invest. Before this was implemented, many witnessed discussions about this topic in realtime and there was a lot of support from individual players (not bot operators) for these ghost cards. There is a valid concern: what helps a new player by reducing entry costs to get to earnings faster can often be exploited by bots - those exploits are continually discussed, analyzed and fixed when necessary.

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Hi @fireking! If you don't mind, I am curious about these two questions:

  1. Around how many % of the reported total increase in Splinterlands players do you think bots account for? (I am assuming that you have a rough estimate on this one, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)

  2. Which programming language do you recommend for those who want to learn coding bots? This one is not specific to Splinterlands bot.

Thanks, and hoping to get an answer from you!

I understand that you want to recover what you have invested, but I ask you please that when you place an order to sell a letter, look at what price it is at and do not drop the prices to only sell them, because doing this the others lose, only you I ask that you place orders at market price, and not $ 1 or $ 2 below the price, in this way you will not have as many enemies as you say, I only ask you to reflect on what I say, and if you listen to me you will see that with The less cards you sell you will earn more and you will not have so many people find yours.

Greetings and I hope you get your health back soon :-))

Several comments...

First, I think you're brave to state your reasons and make your motives public.

Second, while I would like the game to plug the loophole that enables such a high return on "phantom cards", I realize you just did what the Devs allowed. If it wasn't you, it would be others at some point.

Third, you did take a chance and it definitely paid off.

Fourth, I'm glad you love the game and hopefully you give back in your own way as you discussed (or any other way) in the future.

Fifth, I like that you seem to care about the new players. So I hope you continue to care and continue to make sure everything you do in the future keeps that point of view.

Again thank you for taking the time to explain your thoughts and time will tell how this all works out.

Thanks for the write up! Love to hear how people play / do splinterland's. I'm all for how the creators believe bots and humans can co-exist and wish you all the best :)