Get off your ass and get moving

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The toughest part of exercise is leaving the sofa. I have said it time and time again and I still believe it to be true. For me, the most difficult part of doing a workout is putting my damn shoes on and leaving my computer and / or television and walking out the door to go do something.... anything!


It wasn't that long ago that I was a giant fat fucker and it was from years of not being motivated to get off the sofa unless it was to drink beer with friends that got me to that point. It took something rather traumatizing for me to turn my life around, so to speak, and to begin focusing my rage on the weights at the gym. IT really is a powerful motivator anger is, you can use it to your advantage or to your own detriment: I did both, but eventually used it in the right direction.

Some people feel demotivated because if they can't look like a fitness model right away, they don't wan to even try. Or because of the fact that there are people at the gym that are extremely fit, they don't want to even get involved.


Something to consider when you see people like this is that "how do you think they got that way?" They didn't just wake up one day and that is how they looked, they had to work very hard in order to achieve that and probably have a very dedicated diet as well. Don't ever let the fact that people are in better shape than you scare you away from the gym. This is only a competition between you and your own laziness.

That was the case in my life for certain. I was sad, fat, and not feeling terribly attractive at this point in my life. I started by drinking my pain away, which of course just lead to more self-loathing and therefore more drinking. It is a vicious cycle, that is for sure.

So instead I started hitting the weights and at first I wasn't capable of a great deal but it got easier. Or as this graphic says, I just got better.


It all has to start somewhere though and that somewhere is not as hard as you think. As I have said many times before the most difficult part of my runs, or my sessions at the gym, or my swims, or my bike rides, is the part where I put on my shoes and walk out the door of my home.

And I think the same is probably true for most people.
So get off your ass and get moving. You don't have to do much, but you need to do something.

I did it, and so can you


Let's check how you are good at completing your workout. I made a log book for - no pain no gain Your Log Book

I started by drinking my pain away, which of course just lead to more self-loathing and therefore more drinking.

Yep, it's the "I eat because I'm sad, I'm sad because I eat" conundrum. Personally, my biggest issue is time and motivation. I know I need to make the time, but that's hard to do when I don't wanna get up. Once I get moving, though, it's easy to keep going.

Once I get moving, though, it's easy to keep going

exactly. Even when it was really tough I felt a compulsion to keep moving, to lift a little bit more and the results i saw over time inspired me to make even more changes to my life. It's a gradual thing and even if you only have a little bit of time it is better than devoting zero time to it.