World record for burpees just got broken by a woman

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I hate burpees but there is no denying how beneficial they are for you, even if executed less than perfectly they are a fantastic full-body workout that you can do just about anywhere. I will sometimes do say, 20 in a row before I go running and you can definitely feel the burn in an all over type sense. Now imagine doing them for an HOUR straight.


Alison Brown is a personal trainer from Ontario, Canada who decided to try to break the Guinness world record just because her family had recently bought the Guinness Book of World Records and were running through the pages and found that there was a world record for the number of burpees that are done in an hour.

The previous record was 709 in and hour and Alison managed to do 730. I cant imagine doing 730 burpees in a week or a day, let alone in an hour. She is definitely NOT a normie and what gets me is when you look at her physique, you wouldn't guess that she would be the person to hold this record.

She is also very modest in her victory when she said this:

I'm a little bit competitive in nature and the original record-holder set the bar very high, so when I saw the number I was just ready to give it all I had and I knew I wanted to set the bar even higher. So it's pretty cool to know that I did it."

She has been getting a lot of attention in fitness circuits and this could be a good thing to motivate some people to start doing burpees, which are an excellent all around exercise when executed properly. This could also be a bad thing because there is a good chance that there are a lot of fitness enthusiasts out there that also were unaware there was a world record for burpees in an hour and well, now she might have some serious competition coming her way.


Did she even break a sweat? I know it is cold in Canada but not one drop of sweat is on the floor... seriously?

Many professionals in the industry are on the record encouraging people to not try to break her record out of fear that there are going to be a massive increase in burpee-related injuries and well, I just had to laugh at that.

I know one thing for sure, I will NOT be one of those competitors that is going to try to beat this. Maybe i'll just try to do 30 instead of 20!