Can’t Even

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Hi Friends,

Even though I like to eat, I confess that I am not an expert in the kitchen. I can grill a nice steak, make some fantastic scrambled eggs, and serve up ice cream well, but beyond those things, I am a novice.

Take for instance this:


I can’t even make a quesadilla without setting off the smoke alarm, lol.

Cheese between two tortillas can be tough, I guess.

Oh well, it gave it some extra crunch.

Thanks for coming by,


I thought it was pizza though and the part about not being an expert in the kitchen…I think most men are not too😂. I don’t know how this will taste like even though I haven’t taken one before

You are cooking it with to high of a flame. Quesadillas and grilled cheese is done on medium/low, to melt the cheese before the outside burns. This will get you the results you wish for.

I thought it was a pizza :) it is good to try anyway, you might do better next time ;)

It looks very tasty. There is no shortage in this. Sometimes it happens that it is not made as per our requirement. Thanks for sharing

You can try feeding it to the chicken