@quinneaker Stabbed Multiple Times On His Own Land; Assailant Walks Free. Graphic Photo Included.

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@quinneaker was stabbed multiple times in Texas in the very early morning hours of May 23. Injuries to his arms, chest, and legs. Thankfully no critical organs or arteries were cut, and he is now in stable condition.

Attacker was a formerly homeless man Quinn provided refuge for at the Garden of Eden.

As unsettling as this incident was, it is extremely unfortunate that Arlington police once again demonstrated their bias and dishonor in investigating this crime. Although Quinn was obviously stabbed, bleeding profusely, unarmed, AND asked to press charges on his assailant, the assailant is free. AND in a shocking and appalling turn of events, Quinn was arrested! 

This leaves us no choice but to share our experience, witness testimony, notarized affidavits, videos, photos, etc. that clearly demonstrate the grievous mishandling of this “investigation” to expose the well-known corruption of police and defend Quinn’s well-known honor. 

Police officers were on the scene for approximately 16 hours. We recorded proof that during this period they lied multiple times, misrepresented their intentions, ignored due diligence and due process of law, entered and searched the property and structures without consent or a warrant, and opportunistically seized a target (i.e. Quinn) and community they have harassed and terrorized for years. (See SWAT raid of 2013 and pending federal lawsuit against the City of Arlington for more perspective.)

Our media is now focused on sharing our experience. WE MIGHT SHARE GRAPHIC PHOTOS OF A GRAPHIC EVENT so the graphic truth may be seen.


We live in a police state, and the struggle is real.

Something that greatly disturbs us is that if Quinn had not opened his home to share his resources and abundance, then this person would not have been at the property, thus this incident would not have unfolded as it did.

We hereby declare that at this time we are no longer focused on giving away free food, clothing, housing, education, and healing to people in need. Instead, all resources we generate through all of our operations are going towards freeing Quinn.

Quinn has been in police custody since approximately 7 am Wednesday, 5/23/2018.

Quinn is currently being held in the Tarrant County Jail, 100 N Lamar St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

He is scheduled for arraignment Friday, 5/25/2018 at 9 am, at which time we expect bail will be set. We plan to do what it takes to get him released right away.

You can donate towards bail and legal defense using the donate button on our website, OR you can transfer STEEM or SBD to the @gardenofeden wallet here on the blockchain.

Stay tuned for updates.

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THANK YOU all for your outpouring of support! It means so much to us! #doingitforquinn

We want to address every one of you individually and we will because we are so grateful for your concern and consideration. Please understand that right now things are extremely hectic and we love you but time is of the essence while we work to #freequinn

Please help us make any and all publications go viral! We are posting on the Steem blockchain first, and are already finding shared links censored and removed by old paradigm social media like Twitter and Facebook. We need your help in getting this message out!

Special thanks go out to @cryptomancer for making a generous donation to Quinn's Freedom Fund. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, we are very blessed to receive your gift and will use it for the highest good.



even tho i have been trying to save my upvotes man fuuuck i had to 100% Upvote and resteem and I am sad to hear the Police seem to hate this program to just help the homeless off grid.... really sucks....

but just keep posting and keep making videos your use of dtube and dlive is so important right now, you guys need videos, dtube, dlive (and youtube for long term storage) you really need to document all opf this and show us all whats going on over video you will probably get most of steem behind you so yeah i upvoted and resteemed

THANK YOU one and all for your comments, concerns, and well wishes!

We are juggling our time staying up on caring for Quinn, protecting our people, connecting with lawyers, getting info from agencies, the flood of phone calls and questions from supporters from all over the world, in addition to the events that continue to unfold in real life - including evidence that Quinn's attacker continues to trespass on our property.

Please understand that we have lots of priorities in this chaotic time and not enough time to address each and every one of you!

Our evidence is forthcoming, and we believe it speaks clearly for itself that Quinn is innocent, his attacker is guilty, and the APD once again targeted Quinn and mishandled this situation.

We are grateful for the great support you have shown us during this highly stressful time!

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This is shocking and terrible. Quinn and all you folks at the Garden of Eden have always been pillars of the Steem community. I have enjoyed your posts about sustainable living and admire all the good you do for others. And many times have I drooled over the food you cook! Always thought it would be fun to visit the Garden of Eden if I'm ever in Texas.

You have all built a wonderful community for yourselves and it's so sad to see such mistreatment and discrimination from those who should know better.

Sending you my prayers from Japan and well wishes for Quinn's speedy release & recovery. I have just donated 500 Steem to the @gardenofeden account. Please use it as you see fit for Quinn's defense.


Very sorry to hear this, Upvoted and resteemed, and I hope you all can continue posting to keep stacking up Steempower. One day soon this will be over and we should all just life safer lives. Also we should all be writing our Last Wills and testaments just in case.

It's better for your heirs if you avoid probate altogether. I simply provided bills of sale to those I want to have my stuff after I die.

It's nice of them to let me use it while I live =)

You guys need to move the homestead from this hostile region to somewhere that has an understanding city government that is libertarian and would never do this and there are plenty of good states and counties left in the US where they would never fuck with off the grid people like this but yeah it would really help if this post was edited to include a little summary of what you guys actually do because most steemians have not heard of your organization and dont know about all the good work you do in your area, so it would help to show some screenshots of past posts or just a summary of what you guys do and how this happened because of someone "biting the hand that feeds them' sort of scenario unfolding Im assuming, some sort of fight must have happened, but what really sucks is that it is more evidence towards the whole argument against helping those in need because this will just happen and yeah it makes me worried that many steemians are actually hurting rather than helping by giving money or even food and resources to those "in need" and maybe Aynn Rand was right...... maybe we also should realize that if we would just save ALL of our own resources well then we could get rich enough to maybe one day actually afford a house for the homeless people here and we could help them a lot more... just an example... but what if instead of sharing all of the resources he had shared he had just sold them or kept them, used that money to buy more land, use THAT to give homeless some homesteads.... I dunno I just like to wonder about these issues... even though we all agree we are all arguing about it on steemspeak.com discord too

The whole Aynn Rand idea of Altruism being bad makes too much sense to ignore... when u help others they will just take advantage because they must to survive its an instinct and when u present poor and desperate people with an opportunity to rob you, they are going to rob you,a and it just sucks that the police make it worse but what can you expect

It is better to find poor people online who will work hard and appreciate a dollar , instead of trying to help people who just take and take and take like we see more so in the USA which is a generalization but its so true man I try to help -people here in the USA and they just act like if i had $20 to hand out, that $20 must have been nothing to me, when it still is worth something to me, they just act so entitled and fucking welfare is to blame for that so many people walk around the USA acting like they will always be entitled to have someone else pay for their fucking food just because.... and yeah when the federal reserve and treasury just print up trillions of fiat paper money you start to not give a fuck... why care anyway?

well now with crypto we can LET the fiat people implode while we get to pick up all the pieces! we will end up with the stable currency and Steemians are going to come out of this stronger, just like our friend here. I am just happy to hear he did not die, so that is good and he will learn a lot out of this, and when he gets out of jail soon and his bail is paid I am sure he will be able to pack up and get the fuck out of that hell hole of a town wherever it is, why subject yourself to that tyranny. There are plenty of places you can homestead where counties will be HAPPY to see you living in their low population counties! Not all of the USA is like this, you will find better homesteading lands

upvoted 100% and resteemed

I am an Ayn Rand fan, but I think what these folks do is marvelous. You can't just NOT be generous because someone MIGHT bite the hand that feeds you.

Matthew 25:40 says "Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me." This is an anecdote to say that when we serve the least deserving, we serve the most on high.

The people they serve do not take and take and take. Many of them are invited to cultivate the land, help repair tools, clean, maintain the housing, offer first aid, prepare oils and herbs for medicinal purposes...they pitch in. It's part of the whole thing. They have dignity in it. A lot of folks who walk into places like these are yearning for a better life. They may have come from a place where providing for themselves is simply not an option. They learn how to take care of themselves here, how to grow and cultivate, how to gain friendships and become a person they can be proud of.

What these folks will likely do in the future is be prepared to spot the signs next time something like this is looming, if there are signs to see. The fact is, this incident could have happened to anyone in a situation like this. Nurses, doctors, care-givers, therapists -- they all run the risk of hazard whenever there are less fortunate, vulnerable, or unstable people involved.

GOE will be back at it again, they will just be more prepared to either prevent or minimize this kind of thing in the future.

As far as the location, you may be right. They could relocate I guess. But this is their home. They have cultivated the land and the resources for years here. And this is not the first time they have had to relocate. Ron Paul has fought for them as well. I think no matter where they go, they will draw negative attention and persecution from fear. But you may be right. There may be a place that is more suitable for this kind of arrangement.

I'd be curious to know what the circumstances of the attack were, and what kind of reasoning the police came up with to "finally get their guy." I'll bet it was something like this,

Homeless guy: "Oh, police people, he was assaulting me so I knifed him out of self defense!"

Police: "Thank you for your statement homeless guy. That's all we need. Quinn, you're under arrest, anything you say can and will be used against you..."

Quinn: "Wait, don't you want to hear my statement?"

Police: "Sure. But it doesn't really matter what you say. We've got it all written down the way we need it."

GOE: "Wait, don't you want to hear what really happened? We have dozens of witnesses. Video footage. Testimonies. Evidence. We'd be happy to share. This was not his fault. He is a peaceful man. The man who stabbed him is unstable and we are not sure what his motivation was. We have fed him and housed him at least a dozen times in the past without incident."

Police: "Um, no thanks. We've got all we need. Don't call us. We'll call you."

I find Ayn Rand absolutely abhorrent and to use her repellent selfish ideology in this post after this horrible incident is beyond distasteful to me.

The guy who came in and stabbed this poor guy was probably mentally ill. To use him as an excuse to prop up the idea that freely given care and hospitality is wrong just blows my tiny mind.

What the Garden of Eden people do is brilliant and beautiful.

@sue-stevenson While I urge you and anyone to research objectivist ideology further to understand why self-interest is necessary and not nearly as abhorrent as blind altruism to society, I agree that this is no argument to change the mission of the GoE.

@ackza The most important piece of the ideology is the internal locus of control. It is up to every person to determine their personal values and to act in accordance to those values. GoE clearly feels it is in their best interest to serve their community in the manner of food and shelter and feel that what they donate is in excess of what they desire. I also hope that they are acknowledging the potential for people's reliance upon their charity and considering that impact on the community as well, but someone more familiar with the project like @littlescribe mentioned that often people will work to demonstrate gratitude/pay their debt. But bottom line is that those agreements do not concern you or me. I'm always glad to discuss with a fellow objectivist, as I believe it to be the most moral ideology, but it can often be twisted into "evil" by others, so I hope that you may grow in your understanding that the key tenant is that no person can determine for another what is in their best interest.

Bless you @cryptomancer!!!! Thank you so very much for your support in many ways. We will take this energy and send it to Quinn. Thank you for the blessing.

You are most welcome. I hope very much that this tragic incident can have a happy ending. All of us here on Steem are rooting for you guys!

I have no doubt that this too shall be an opportunity to shine the light on the darkness and that truth, love and honor shall prevail. Your support is indeed a blessing. I know for sure that all the great vibrations are helping him/us heal! <3

Same here! I've always wanted to visit. It seems like such an awesome place to dwell. I love the whole sustainable living concept, and all the fresh and healthy foods they cook and prepare. Blessings to you all at GOE!

This is terrible news to be heard. Quinn is the one I have known when I just starting things out here in Steemit. I hope we can find justice for him. Luckily, nothing serious injuries happened on him. I hope he can back on track again providing good value to the community

This is aweful! As a long time Steemian, and the Creator of STEEMIT GOT TALENT (main acc is @bambam808) and the Host of Steemit Outdoors, I have had MANY conversations with @quinneaker and am hurt to the core. I was blessed to be able to watch him and @qiqi-power show their amazing talents! I dont have much, But I am sending you what I can to help the cause, as well as upvoted resteemd on both accounts! #freeQuinn! Prays and Blessings to him, his family, friends, and the entire @gardenofeden community! <3

i just sang a POWER bhajan for quinn.. whilst singing i got a message that might be nice for him to hear:

"Quinn.. stay strong brother.. you are SO loved and supported. Don't let Karma or Maya disturb your heart or your mind.. you are far greater than these events.. that happen for reasons beyond our understanding. It is not important why they happened, but just that they had to happen. Sending you a bounty of light and love, and know that you will continue to shine because you are unstoppable!"


Thank you! Will be sure he gets this download <3

My thoughts and prayers are with Quinn and your community.

So terrible to hear that something like this could happen.

I hope he will be set free as soon as possible and that the injuries will heal well.
I just sent you some SBD, hope it will help. Good luck at the hearing tomorrow


Thank you @sirwinchester! We are very grateful for your support and will use your donation to secure Quinn's freedom. His bail was set this morning, we posted this afternoon, and now we are awaiting his release. Unfortunately the system is so inefficient that it may take 8-12 hours or more before he is released.

@quinneaker, get well soon from all of the DLive Team.

@quinneaker, as someone who has been watching your videos since the earlier days of DLive, this is super tragic news and I hope that you have speedy recovery

Thank you! <3

Wow, this is terrible! I'm so sorry to hear about this. What were the charges filed against him?

Yeah this is really ridiculous. He's charged with assault with a deadly weapon and an old traffic violation

Assault of whom? The assailant?

WTF is this. Terrifying news! Wish him full recover very soon.

I have upvoted, resteemed, promoted, and minnowboosted this post. Hoping to help in my own little minnow way.

Thank you so much for your support! Every little bit helps <3

oh my god,.. this is horrific.. i hope quinn will manage to get through this psychologically.. this is the saddest post ive ever seen on steemit.. I dont understand.. WHY is quinn being held? this makes no sense???

thank you for your support. Will send your loving energy to court with him today and for his healing. If you feel so called, please resteem this post.

for sure it is resteemed! sending love.. i hold you both in a perfect outcome

Thank you @eco-alex. We're obviously blessed already! <3

could go on a Huge rant.. but im holding back and being positive for you.. but Fuckkkkk!

Damn, right? These are indeed intense times we are in. He has chosen a very interesting role in this life and I feel certain that this will change the fabric of the bigger picture. I don't mind the ranting, feeling like doing it myself!!! Sometimes we just have to get it out of our bodies so fresh energy can enter in. Thanks so much for your support @eco-alex. Having love on our side makes all the difference.

Quinn's energy is beyond amazing and I have no doubt his mental well being is all good. The man that attacked him has severe mental problems and called the police afterwards to claim himself as the victim of the incident. Thank you for your support in this!

I am so heartbroken! I remember when @quinn first signed up on here. I thought he was the coolest dude. It was so clever when he started selling the wristbands and t-shirts, I loved his awesome cooking videos from a hand-made clay oven like a year and a half ago. He has stayed true to all he does. He is so unique and willing to try new things. And I have always loved his stories of feeding, housing, and healing the homeless and aimless.

He seems like someone who really tries to live what he believes. I always was happy to see him and GOE able to raise money on here. I am horrified by what has happened. I know he and GOE have been under attack for years. But an insider, stabbing him? And then police dragging HIM off to jail? That's devastating.

I'll hop on over and give what I can. It's such a shame. What are they "charging" him with? And why did the attacker get off scott free? Do you have any info? I couldn't find anything in the post.

I'll be sure to resteem. And rather than donate a few bucks, I think what I'll do is minnowboost this post for the amount I would have donated, so my money can go just a little further to the cause. And the post will be promoted in the process.

The jackboot police state goons picked on the wrong guy. Quinn would never hurt anyone. This is nuts!! Lets stand together against them. Please keep us updated!!

It is really sad. The world needs more solidarity
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

Awww man. Heal up Quinn and stay strong.

@quinneaker @everlove @saramiller and the @gardenofeden crew, I am so sorry that you are all going through this right now. Love you guys, you are all awesome human beings doing incredible things for others in a sometimes fucked up world. This breaks my heart and I hope that once this madness had settled, you are able to continue having the big hearts and big dreams that you have. I hope that the nut you tried to help and the abusive police eventually get what they deserve (nonviolent karma) and that this somehow, I have no idea how, but somehow this works out for your benefit in the long run.
I'm glad to hear Quin is not in critical condition.
What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger brotha! Big bro hug to you!!!

Thanks @scottshots, super duper grateful for your support <3

It wasn't much but I hope more supporters kick down a little SBD too. If anybody can turn this bs into a positive thing, it will be Quinn.

I'm in Mexico city at the airport and I'm just now learning about this. This is an outrage! OMG!

We are all a loving family. This is a beautiful man.

He's also super powerful. He will pull through this and be stronger than before.

I'll be home soon.

I've posted this image few days ago, and now I'm seeing this horrific scene.... WTF ? Hope this turn up well .... Any background story, why he got stabbed etc ?


Thanks raf! We have a lot more to share and will release it on the blockchain so it can't be censored
We have a lot of questions too - there are many factors that don't make sense.

So Sorry to hear about this guys! :( Wish him a speedy recovery!

Just vote on this post and get me some money. This would be lit asf if u guysknow woulda, upvote it,.

What the hell, its so shameful. This is against humanity.I pray for him, he will recover soonly.What a shocking news! I am really feeling very sad about his condition.

Thank you for your support we really appreciate it!

Horrifying. How in the world can someone be attacked on THEIR property and then be arrested? This country is disgusting. A very mentally disturbed man, is walking around free right now, right this very minute, while the most generous and benevolent person I have ever met is incarcerated. Truly makes me sick to my stomach.

Blessings to Quinn and the entire GOE family. I pray that he is healed and released quickly.

Thank you, we are focusing our energy on that as well!

Damn. Send him our love.
There's no situation so bad that it can't be made worse by calling the police for help.

That is quite the statement. We didn't call the police for help, but their presence certainly didn't make things better..unfortunately that's no surprise.

It's scary .. I hope Quinn will be managed to get through this psychologist .. I do not understand .. why quinn is being held? Does not mean ???

Oh damn it! Hope he is well soon! Best wishes my dears! Let us know what happens! Hugs to ya

Thanks for the support

Damn it indeed! That's putting it mildly!!! Thanks for the hugs and support. Check back for updates and more information as it unfolds.

I will and if you need help let me know! I would come to see what to do for you! You have good doctors?
Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu
I will check out what’s coming up from you fellas

Thanks for the offer @akashas.
Quinn is an amazingly strong being with a supreme foundation of health and well-being. I have no doubt that this will only make him stronger in the long run and inspire him to shine his light brigher.

Great to hear🙏🏼🌸🌞💕that makes me happy!
Hugs to you @everlove

Thank you so much for your support!

This is shocking - it makes me think of our Police force - a lot of corruption. What am I missing? Why was Quinn arrested?

Great question and we don't know. We do know that this police force has a history of targeting and harassing Quinn and violating constitutional rights.

Just not right - I really hope he is fine. Like I say in our country also some are targeted and some literally get away with murder - so sad. Good luck to you guys - you are doing such great work, you do deserve good in your lives

May it be so that soon all will be well and peaceful in Eden again. We will make more posts with more information. Thanks for being here to share with us @anneke.

The man that attacked him has severe mental health problems and called the police after his attack to claim himself as the victim. The police used this as an opportunity for further harassment of Quinn. Thank you for your support in this!

It is like I am reading and waiting for the punch line like APRIL FOOL or THIS IS A MEDIA STUNT. This is terrible - I hope he is better soon and this gets sorted out

Unfortunately this is real.
Thank you - we too are wishing for a speedy recovery and resolution.

I wish the punchline was a different one. Thanks for the well wishes for his recovery and clarity on the matter. We appreciate your support @alishi.

If only that were the case, it does feel very surreal like trying to wake from a nightmare. Thank you for your support!

Tarrant county law enforcement is way dirty. This guy Quinn is screwed, that jail is so nasty and inhumane. I'm not from Texas but was arrested by one of their fascist anti human goons a few years back while attending the Colonial golf tournament. The horror began when a plain clothed officer stopped me on the walkway up to the entrance, illegally searched and stole my property (tickets, cell phone, and a little over $1000 in cash). They held me at the venue for over an hour and then the same undercover arresting officer transported me to the Tarrant county jail and forcefully pushed me into the jail entrance with his last words being "welcome to Texas". Then a host of robotic prison staff subsequently booked me. Conditions in that jail are less than ideal, there's blood, pubic hair, snot in the holding cells which are cement and cinder block. There's no benches or chairs, so you are sitting on a cold hard floor similar to being in a medieval dungeon with the ac fully cranked. You literally shiver on the floor with your nose running in handcuffs that they won't remove and any requests for blankets are met with laughter by the torturers in costumes who take great pleasure in knowing that you're suffering. They ridicule, mock, and antagonize their victims who have been kidnapped and interred into the disgusting cages these subhuman monsters get paid to operate. I don't know why Quinn is still in that torture chamber because after you are processed and see the magistrate they transfer you over to a private prison in Mansfield, where you go through the process of being photographed, finger printed and violated with a full body search all over again. Fortunately I was attending the tournament with a good friend who was able to track down my whereabouts and come bail me out so I only spent about 13 hours in total being kidnapped by those criminal subhuman torturers, if not for the kindness of my friend I might still be in that horror show. Please pray and send positive energy to Quinn and call the county to see what it will take to get him out.

Now that's an idea! Maybe we could all call the county jail and inundate them with nuisance. Although, maybe his attorney would advise against it....I'd be curious though.

Wow, thanks for sharing your experience. Unfortunately it's not surprising at all. The system is archaic and barbaric.

what were you charged with?

I'm not sure what the charges if any are. The first criminal that went into my pockets without my consent on the walkway leading up to the entrance said I was being arrested for "copyright infringement" which I laughed at because that doesn't even sound like a real thing. Then while I was being held in the Tarrant county dungeon, the order followers that processed me and wouldn't give me a blanket said they didn't have a charge for me yet. Then when they dragged me in front of the "magistrate" he said I was being charged with "criminal assimilation". Which he explained as meaning when you give value to an instrument that has no value. I was confused by that because it sounded like they were charging me for a crime because I had Federal Reserve notes in my pocket which the undercover stole from me. The next day when I went the police station to try to get my property back, they told me no charges had been filed and there was no police report. I then left the state without my phone or my money and called several times in the subsequent months to the police station to try to get my property back and they said it was being held as evidence but haven't filed any paperwork on my case. They gave me the phone number of some detective and told me I had to talk to him about it. Upon calling him many times on various occasions his phone would always go to voicemail and when I left messages they were never returned, and that's where things stood the last time I tried to get my property returned to me.

I would call your state attorney general's office, the ACLU and/or a private attorney.

that should be your picture next to the definition.

How many times did you call the ACLU over similar issues?
Zilch, but keep giving people advice as if there's a lick of expertise or experience in that.

That's fucked up in so many ways. What a bunch of criminals in uniform.

I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened. None of this is right. I am curious though, what charges Quinn is being held on? It doesn't make sense for them to be able to actually hold him without something even though this is done in police jurisdictions from time-to-time. I know there could be other things at play here as well to be fair to all parties involved.

However, the stabbing should not be ignored by the law.

In your story, there are many pieces of information missing. What charges is Quinn being held on and are you guys working on resolving/abolishing those?

He's charged with assault with a deadly weapon and yes of course we're addressing this injustice - it is our #1 priority.
Forgive the late reply as dealing with this requires a lot of time and energy.

Yes there is much more information, and we will bring forth everything we have. Unfortunately there is not quite enough time to do everything that needs to be done in real life to protect and defend Quinn and to be online at the same time.

OMG Get well dude. what the fuck is wrong with people.

For real! What. the. fuck.

Holy shit - I'm so sorry!

Hope Quinn recovers fast - and that the truth comes out!

PS: That picture was truly graphic - could you make the warning bigger? <h1>WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE</h1>

Yes edited

Thank you for your suggestion and support! Much appreciated.

if there is ANything you can do to embarrass them maybe try it.. social media would be a good start of course.. i would do a facebook paid ad targeted to that location highlighting this.. .. since the audience is small in that area it could get a lot of attention.. i wish i could do something to help QUinn from here.. i will send Very positive emotional support to him at least..

Yes please help us make this and our upcoming posts go viral! This injustice needs to be exposed. We have so much video footage and other data yet not enough time to share it all

let me know IF you need help ! i can make a short punchy movie with that footage and captions that COULD be used on facebook promotions. i would say that is the best way..

WHEN you have time you just have to stick it on youtube and i can grab it try do SOMETHING with it.. im guessing you are probably too overloaded to even do that.

Could you make a video if we shared the footage and photos with you from a Google drive?

For sure! Id just need some caption text with a few details to put in

Great! We will be in touch. Thank you!

Thanks @eco-alex we would love to take you up on that offer. This is important to get out! Do we have your contact info?

U can mail me on [email protected]

@everlove im SO sorry i made a typo on that email address! oh man.. ive fixed it now! I hope you guys are doing ok!

[email protected]

We have posted this twice to FB but it doesn't appear on our page. We, for right now, have a post there to share with our networks. Any thing you can do to help us spread the word would be greatly appreciated.

"Something that greatly disturbs us is that if Quinn had not opened his home to share his resources and abundance, then this person would not have been at the property, thus this incident would not have unfolded as it did.

We hereby declare that at this time we are no longer focused on giving away free food, clothing, housing, education, and healing to people in need. Instead, all resources we generate through all of our operations are going towards freeing Quinn."

NO good deed goes unpunished. NONE. Bank on it.



"Warren v. District of Columbia[1] (444 A.2d. 1, D.C. Ct. of Ap. 1981) is an oft-quoted[2] District of Columbia Court of Appeals case that held that the police do not owe a specific duty to provide police services to citizens."

PS - This news is shocking, btw, wish I had something more than practical dad-advice to add.

Get a (big) dog(s).

Sadly, cops like to shoot dogs.

Much better than a lawyer, cheaper, too.
If you want somebody on the side of freedom, and not the cops, get busy learning how to defend yourself from them.

Has he been heard from?

This is just awful! Thank God he was not killed! There is another steemian suffering under the jackboot of the police state, I wish they had your kind of reach. When they cried out for help they got a bot accusing them of tag abuse... on a post that made 45 cents. There has been no word from them for weeks now, I suspect they will not be back on steemit. It is a shame that steemit cannot rally around the little users as well as they do the big names.
100% upvote, resteemed and praying for justice...

I wouldnt be surprised if the police sent in the homeless guy to attack him which would, in turn, have them called to come and raise hell. Sounds like another set up.
Land of the free eh...

for all u know the So called homeless man was paid to do that if nothing else i guarannte u a dark spirt was around him helping him 2 do that in some sort of way. quite the drama there u guys heh...... thats pretty fucking funny they'd arrest quiin though lol ... whoever is over the cops is a dark fucker 4 sure!

The darkness is indeed deep. We will continue to shine the light brighter so that it outshines the darkness. The are major forces in play.

unbelievable that this guy survived

gosh this is so terrifying! i hope he gets well very soon.

Wtf...I just read the details of the 2013 police raid on the garden of eden and certainly sounds like police harassment and intimidation.

The police seized “17 blackberry bushes, 15 okra plants, 14 tomatillo plants ... native grasses and sunflowers”


Local authorities had cited the Garden of Eden in recent weeks for code violations, including “grass that was too tall, bushes growing too close to the street, a couch and piano in the yard, chopped wood that was not properly stacked, a piece of siding that was missing from the side of the house, and generally unclean premises,” Smith’s statement said. She said the police didn’t produce a warrant until two hours after the raid began, and officers shielded their name tags so they couldn’t be identified. According to ABC affiliate WFAA, resident Quinn Eaker was the only person arrested — for outstanding traffic violations.

Damn, hope you're alright @quinneaker, glad there are no serious injuries, stay strong.

how can anything you have said be illegal?? sometimes i read things that make my shudder in great disbelief.. i hope there will be a HUGE pushback on what sounds like a VERY personal attack.. unbelievable what power the police have in the USA.. shocking..truly shocking

It's super sad an quite unbelievable....at least I want it to be unbelievable. We greatly appreciate your support and will send your loving vibes to his arraignment this morning. Love back to you.

you don't have to mow your yard where you live ?

Read about the raid, you will likely understand more @funbobby51.

you don't have to mow your yard where you live ?

you don't have to mow your yard where you live ?

ohh, a double reply, nice and triggered, you don't have to mow your yard where you live ?

Thank you we appreciate the support!

I remember reading about this raid years ago it’s awful that people who are trying to live sustainably are being victimized because they want to live separately.

@v4vapid yep they have a long history of harassing and intimidating us, not to mention rights violations galore

Holy shit I hope Quinn recovers :(
Please keep us updated, much love to everyone at the garden <3

Thank you very much for the well wishes and support!

Nothing we have seen can hold Quinn down, not even government soldiers . Thank you @ausbitbank, grateful to receive your love and we're sending lots back to you! <3

maybe u guys should just leave there? fuck dallas big cities are way overrated anyways 2 much pollution especially all that emf pollution i covered my smart meter with alimum foil. though but hey good luck with all that ur police are cum sluts! i wouldnt be suprised if the reptilian police chief is from the orion star alliance.

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Wow this is so horrible. I can't believe it because he just replied to my post recently. Its really sad that he was being charitable and then this happened. I hope he recovers soon!

What a shame, wish you all the best

I hope he gets better soon and everything gets sorted out.

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