Mini Golf

in #golf2 months ago

HI Friends,

We recently took the kids out for some fun time on the mini golf course! The kids had fun and so did the adults :)

The golf balls were a floating kind so that was helpful for the numerous times my son got carried away and whacked the ball into the water!



Great times! Do you like mini golfing?

Thanks for coming by,


One of my friend has been working in a golf course. He used to bring golf balls and we used to play amateur golf in our childhood :)

I remember that a golf ball was too solid

The kids are looking happy. Happy golfing 🙂

Lol. Your son was very amazed playing the golf😃😃.. I have never tried it before tho and I wish I will try it out one day..

cool!have a nice day

Play great golf. I like this game. The kids are looking very cute playing. Thanks for sharing

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