Vegi Juicing - Not What You Expected From the Goblin.

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A little while ago I decided I wanted to start juicing as a way to get more vitamins and minerals into my system. You just can’t pop pills and expect the same results. For one - popping pills doesn’t contort my face as much as downing a glass of freshly squeezed spinach / Kale and bell pepper juice.


My theory and also my experience is that the worse a juice tastes the better it is for you, with that in mind and the research I came up with some super healthy drinks you can only ‘chug’. I look forward to them as much as I’d look forward to giving blood via a sawn-off drain pipe.

Kale, spinach, ginger, turmeric and bitter Mellon (also known as Kaela) are just some of the hardcore materials I am using that’s like super greens.

Bitter Mellon - like the name is very bitter so really good for you.

For juice that is not as hardcore as that, … tastes nice(ish) and is also good for you, the favourite as popularised by the Gerson clinic is carrot and apple (both Organic). I can drink this without having to neck it and actually on a hot day can be nice with some ice.

I won’t say this has become my passion, but I feel like I need to be doing some good. My favourite drink is still a nice dram of scotch with a little water. But If hit the gym and torture myself with some greens I feel like I'm balancing out a bit.

There may be some that poke a stick at me by suggesting that I'm undoing all the good work of the green drinks by drinking scotch.

My objective is not to live like a monk treating my body as a temple (damn fine people those monks – living without scotch or a bit of rumpy-pumpy), but it’s to enjoy life, so a bit of the yin/yang if that applies,.. Good with the bad etc. (any other fitting analogies)

Here is a picture of the juicer I bought, it's not quite the ‘Rolls Royce’ version but it’s not far off. More like a Mercedes S class with electronic self-levelling suspension (available as optional only).


some of the raw stuff

Some of the hardcore greens (or swamp water as @slobberchops calls it)

IMG-20160227-WA0005 (1).jpg

Got to finish the pics with a Dram
Nikka from the barrel - it's not 'scotch' but it's damn nice.


feel free to ask any questions - Goblin.


It looks very green;)

@ttg, .. its totally green, .. drink enough and you turn green (like me) :-0 .... thanks for reading and vote !

That is awesome that you are trying to get more nutrients in your body. I prefer to just eat them. I haven't tried any of the Asian whiskys yet. Are they good?

hi @bozz, ... when i first got this bottle i was dissapointed TBH, .. i heard all the talk about it and it didnt live up to it, .. but i have to say its become one of my favorites over time, it just goes to show how the flavour can change after being left in the glass or an opened bottle for a while. The photo honestly is from a few months back when i opened the bottle, .... there's very little of it left now. We can only get it in 50cl bottles here. (looks like a big bottle of aftershave!). So far as the nutrients - eating the whole food is best as you point out, .. but to get the equivelent nutrients id have to eat about 30 carrot, 2 bags of kale, and a knuckle of ginger (yuk), ... thanks for vote and comment.

Please tell me you have other bottles you drink! I am lucky if a 750 mL bottle of whiskey lasts a month in my house. I am the only one that drinks it too, so how sad is that? I bought a bottle of 1792 small batch a little bit ago and I hated it when I first opened it. I soon came to really enjoy it after time so I understand what you are saying.

Hi @bozz, .. lol, .... i have about 5 bottles open, 7 if you count the Rum. taking inventory iv noticed that i tend to have about 2 smoke/peat - not too expensive and also 2 sherry cask ones and possibly 1 or 2 bourbon. if i find one that iv been wanting to try that number can go up, ...i do know what u mean tho i'm always wondering how much is normal.

Oh thank God, you had me feeling like an alcoholic there! I usually only drink on the weekends and I don't start until after probably 4 pm. I had three different bottles open at one point, but I think they are pretty much all gone now. All I have left is a bottle of Knob Creek Rye. That probably won't last me through the month. I've only had Scotch once, so I need to branch out into those a little.

Whisky is good for you! (In small doses.) That's why its Gaelic name, "uisge beatha", literally means "water of life".
In a previous life I used to run a juice and smoothie bar. A television actress used to sometimes place orders for green juices made from cucumber, spinach (or kale), lime, celery, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric and black pepper. I thought this combination was disgusting at first... but weirdly, after a while, I started to like it! It was too much of a faff to make for myself regularly, so these days I have a green smoothie every day instead.

hi @natubat, i have smoothie maker too, but find that as it contains all the pulp its more difficult to get more in the system, .. plus if if i try to smoothie the hardcore stuff like kale and/or spinach i get a belly ache. (apparently that's all the non digestible fibre) which is normally extracted out with a juicer... you are totally correct about the water of life, .. makes me feel a lot better for posting with the health tag, plus i might have a dram to celebrate later. .. hehe, .. thanks for the comments and vote. :-)

I still have the industrial blender that I used to use in my juice and smoothie café. It's great at smoothing out the roughage and making it more digestible.

Crap comes out of the left (as shown) and juice comes out of the right?

What is that sludge you are attempting to extract juice from?

hi @slobberchops, .. indeed 'crap' comes out of the left, .. apparently void of all nutrients as its all gone into the spout on the right, ... you can see the final result in the mason jars i filled, .. but the 'crap' in this case is a mixture of carrots, ginger, apple, and some kale (from a seperate juice) which has given it a darker colour.

Was it bitter? I curious after looking at the juice you produce ..hmmm the name is bitter mellon..yeahh it must be bitter then..right?
Thanks anyway.
And I hope you can read our guildeline using #naturalproducts here.


hi @bahagia-arbi, ... apparently this bitter Mellon can cure Type 2 Diabetes, and yes its really bitter, .. have you tried it ? ..... its used in cooking around Asia but is not really know that much in western food.

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Looks like interesting Whiskey!

I just rely on a nutribullet, frozen berries and wheatgrass powder.... and then just eat a LOT of fruit and veg, much less washing up!

I did spend £130 on a juicer a few years ago - it was painful, the nutribullet in contrast is superb.

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Hi @revisesociology (krikey I have a problem spelling that) .... there is a lot of maintenance with the juicer .... all that crap etc.... ah well maybe it's not everyone's cup of tea .... let's hope Bangkok have a nice selection of the fire water tho 🤗😆

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I didn't think Thailand was that well known for its Whiskey?!

You should try pronouncing it!

Bitter melon is not for all, but all the Indian ladies say it's the best way to keep skin young and beautiful.

Hi @justinparke .... I'm just going to get down to the wholesale veg market before it all runs out 😆

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