Interview with @andrarchy about TRON and OpenLink.

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Instead of running around like a headless chicken screaming any old shit and creating more FUD than anyone can stomach, @blockbrothers went and simply asked and got the answers from @andrarchy.

Simple right?

In the future let's be more professional, cause this was simply embarrassing. Especially witnesses should know that it's impossible to just copy a blockchain like Steem and paste it onto TRON.

We don't consider Tweets sources, and only what you hear directly from @justinsunsteemit and Steemit Inc. we consider real sources.

Witnesses should be calm and assertive and act like leaders until they have the facts. You can't go around creating FUD.

To recap this interview (from 00:00 - 24:10).

  • The team was part of the deal and no one was laid off.
  • They did not know when the deal happened (but were aware of talks with parties, basically they learned with us when it happened).
  • No ads soon on (thanks @justinsunsteemit).
  • No token Swap.
  • No moving to TRON.
  • Faster onboarding is something @justinsunsteemit mentioned as very important.
  • Communities on within 2 weeks. Go @roadscape!

Most importantly: The team is fully committed to the Steem community. The capital that the TRON foundation can provide towards Steemit can be a massive win-win for both parties, and it's time to get excited about the possibilities.

ps. Openseed will release Open Link within a month! Private Chat coming to you soon!

On a personal note, @blockbrothers thinks that @ned was dead weight. We believe he lost his passion for Steem and are happy he passed it on. We wish him all the best.

@justinsunsteemit now has the power to bring this place to higher levels than otherwise would have been possible.

But make no mistake: we as a community are strong. Why? Because we are real and we care. Never forget that.

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Am I the only one who's sad about the removal of ads ? It showed great potential and now that surviving isn't an issue, we could use that money to buy steem and redistribute it to community members that brought the most views to the platform (and thus earned steemit ad revenue). Which would both create buy pressure and incentivize people to promote their posts outside of steem.

Am I the only one who's sad about the removal of ads ?


Man you made me spit Ice-Tea through my nose reading this....

I would have had the ads as an option that people could turn off, at least. I didn't see the ads because I had them blocked. But I understand the value that they can have with revenue. So, if they removed advertisement, like that, then they are probably taking steps backwards. In other words, not good, most likely.

Ads were roughly $20,000/m revenue last I heard from Eli. Considering it's the only source of revenue, I am worried about that as well.

Any significant improvement can yield far more than $20,000 a month in revenue. If the price goes up 1 cent, that's $730,000 growth for Steemit Inc stake.

Im hoping each community will be allowed to do that. Remember the idea a dev had about implementing advertising revenue share to community member SMT holders.

If they can do as they say then this could be good for the Steem community. Some serious funding behind Steemit could help build the userbase and maybe get some big names involved. I know little about Justin, but it seems some do not trust him. He will have to prove himself to us.

What we learned today is that talks are underway between Justin and the team. There is a lot to discuss. Ultimately trust is earned not bought. We are happy that some of the fud is now adressed.

No ads soon on (thanks @justinsunsteemit).
No token Swap.
No moving to TRON.
Faster onboarding is something @justinsunsteemit mentioned as very important.
Communities on within 2 weeks. Go @roadscape!

So much good news. I think this should affect the market price. Steem dipped a bit thanks to FUD.

awesome. I was thinking last night @andrarchy wouldn't be working so hard on his dev if things were going to change dramatically.

Seems more a one sided deal favoring steem.. So tron pay your bills and tron gets nothing but a ty.. Seems like a bad deal

I see a lot of upside for Tron here. Having a social media platform with inbuilt atomic swaps, communities, and all the apps that Steem has with strong bridges to the Tron ecosystem is a major step forward in growing a community around not only Tron and Steem, but crypto and all social functions.

Bringing Steem to Tron's network also enables advances in decentralization through Tron's prior acquisitions of BitTorrent and Opera Browser. I'd say that Justin Sun is pretty carefully building an ecosystem that has deep synchronicity with society's communications and financial needs focusing on decentralization and censorship resistance, which both BitTorrent and Opera, that includes a native VPN, are noted for.

And that makes a lot of sense right. Thanks for being level headed.

Indeed haha 😆

We just have to look at the plain and simple facts. Justin Sun is an entrepreneur and businessman in the crypto space. And what do all businessmen have in common? They want to make money. Preferably loads of it.

Therefore, him stomping into our community and razing this place to the ground makes zero sense. We all lose out. Remember, he is also actively "invested" into this blockchain, no matter how bad or good a deal he got. Hence from that prespective, we also all stand to win too, right? That being the more wholesome outcome to the situation, I'm sure we'd all agree. So after listening to this interview, which succinctly addresses the myriad of concerns making the rounds during the last couple days, I'd say let's push all the FUD aside right now and allow more of this picture to take shape organically first.

Emotional extremes are never a sound basis for good judgment calls. However, a little patience and clarity is all that's needed to remedy that. After being on the fence too myself, I'm at peace with this new operating environment we find ourselves in and have decided to give Justin the benefit of the doubt. It just seems like the logical thing to do. The greatest burden Steemit Inc. have been facing, in terms of "funding", appear to be alleviated. With the financial noose now removed, the untapped potential for Steemit (and in turn, the STEEM blockchain) has a chance to shine. Very brightly, might I add.

Let's embrace it and labour toward a more unified approach going forward. As I said, if everything works out like I think it might after hearing the above, we "all" stand to gain massively in the end.

Well said, and good to see you as always!

Welcome back! :)

Thanks for the very informative interview!

Thanks, mate. Wishing you all the best in these volatile and trying times.

Absolutely I think that riding out the storm and just relaxing is going to be the biggest part.

There is always going to be somebody upset.

However in my mind seeing the price jump as well as the extra exposure is definitely swaying my mind....

This is looking like it's going to be a pretty good thing.

We could compare Sun to Mark Zuckerberg who makes a lot of money.

We could compare Sun
To Mark Zuckerberg who makes
A lot of money.

                 - joeyarnoldvn

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you for this! I'm glad to finally see something basic and understandable from someone who's actually at the source. These swirling rumors and all the FUD has just been really frustrating to sift through.


We always try to be informative and transparent

No ads!?! Who the hell does this guy think he is!? Maybe we'll just fork the chain and keep our ads so there!


Pretty sad how this comment of yours here made my brand spankin' new Sarcasm Detector 3000 — unboxed and plugged into the wall only seconds ago — explode into thousands of tiny springs, cogs, and tiny worker robots resembling ants. It took all morning to assemble properly if you include the three hours I spent on technical support hotline hold listening to Aerosmith's I Don't Want to Miss a Thing on repeat until finally some dude suggested I blow into it like a Nintendo cartridge. The cloud of smoke set off the sprinklers and I don't have any clean towels because tomorrow is laundry day, not today. I may have to sue, I just don't know who yet. Someone's gonna pay though. Can someone here please remind me why I chose to live today? Had I known this would all suck so bad here on my end, I would have pounced on this crazy contraption at the first sign of imminent doom, saving you all from the shrapnel that is my fucked up life.

Aha!! I can answer this clearly and directly...

You chose to live today because tomorrow is too good a day to die.

Tada!! I am setting up a phone line to dispense further wisdoms. Of course, it will be a premium line but the answers that each of us seek are never cheap!

Good day to you! :0D

That makes sense. Thank you Sensei.

We chuckled! lol.

Hehe, good work on this man. Nothing like a bit of clarity amidst the chaff.

I don't mind adds. Don't see them unless I want to. They were making paying for devs sustainable. Tron have money to burn now but how long will that last?

Well, they weren't really, the last count was approx 20K coming in from intrusive ads versus 180K I think it was outgoings.

So ads and still burning 160K is not quite sustainable in my book.

I didn't mind the ads so much as the way they were implemented. If you use a mobile version of the page is quite unusable at times, jumping around whilst loading them leading to a frustrating UX.

I would much prefer the deep pockets of Tron to take em away. But hey. who knows what will happen in the future.

Yes, the implementation was bad. How long will Tron have deep pockets? My concern is that they wont want to bleed money and at some point they will do what Steemit did, cut costs. Losing the add revenue speeds up that process.

Isn't Weku a fork?

It is/was indeed

As a employee, @andrarchy cant see the whole picture, just like us.

There is too much blind Faith being deposited over Justin Sun. And I think it's really naive to assume that his priority will be other than growing Tron blockchain.

Here is my vision on how things will pan out.

In the end, everything will be kind of fine, but at the end of the road, we will see steemit Inc/Tron withdrawing the support for the old blockchain.

PS: like @andrarchy sad himself, employees are under a contract, so don't expect them to provide the whole plan (when they know what it is) to the public, unless they are instructed to do so by Tron.


Justin released a bunch of trash on twitter and did a embarrassingly bad AMA and you guys from said fuck all...
What again is your job and title, can you remind us?

During the bear market when didnt do anything for a full year and just dumped on STEEM to survive it WAS US, THE COMMUNITY that stuck around being the lifeforce o the chain.

You might not have a contractual obligation, but you have a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY towards the community to make yourself heard on all this!
There were serious talks about forking the chain. There was fear (im still really cautious no matter the video) about multiple things, fears that were legitimate.
And you said nothing...
Major fuck up from your part. (And dont give me the "it was the holidays or whatever)

Other thing is the TRON marketing team. WE NEED THE JUSTIN TWITTER ACCOUNT TO RETRACT ALL THAT CRAP and set it all straight.
His twitter account or a video directly addressing all issues.
Anything you say here dont mean much. We need the word from the source.

Ill think of more stuff over time but for now im willing to wait and pay attention to changes.
If you will tell Justin one thing, tell him that the community is more then willing to flip him and his money off and pack our bags if he ever attempts anything close to what he and his retard marketing team was insinuating.

"'s my wife?" hahahhahaha

I know it was not 100% professional...but was too good to leave out :) We must never forget to laugh and have fun imho :)

Man!!! it has been an amazing interview, including the wife or the cat or whatever did the mess there!!!
Well done @exyle !!!

Good because this does reflect what Justin released on his Youtube Channel. It's still not deleted by the way. You would agree leaving conflicting information out there can lead to a lot of chaos.

I would advise he delete the video to show his earnest. If he fails to delete the video, good chance something isn't smellin' right if ya catch my drift.


Already sitting at 63 downvotes to 16 likes. YEEESH.

As for the promised, I will wait and see. Not take any drastic action..

"For Now"

Haha, it's fcking hilarious how this clown can moralize about FUD, and consider @andrarchy to be the one source of truth for Justin Sun's intentions, as the Sun hype machine continues to spew out misinformation. Especially considering the indications that steemit inc was left largely in the dark about the buyout.

Yes, I'm hardly inspired that one of the possible solutions to censorship on the centralised web has just been hoovered up by a World Economic Forum Davos "Global Shaper." What in any way shape or form is "promising" about that?

thanks exyle, andrarchy.

You are welcome, man!

Why did he say a "Tron-based 'steemit' token" and not a Tron-based STEEM token? I'm beginning to wonder if we're going to see a completely separate asset from STEEM emerge that will actually compete with STEEM...

I was imagining something more like an SMT designed specifically to be the currency of Tron could then host a "sister" currency on the Tron blockchain, and with cross-chain atomic swaps, a user would be able to exchange their Tron-based token for their Steem-based SMT and vice versa. Cross-chain atomic swaps would enable an infinite variety of such token exchanges. The Steem token would remain the base currency of the Steem blockchain which would mean that the more tokens, and the more token exchanges, that are happening the better it is for STEEM. Cross-chain atomic swaps enable capital to flow more easily from Tron into Steem, which is a good thing for the Steem Economy.

I was imagining something more like an SMT designed specifically to be the currency of Tron could then host a "sister" currency on the Tron blockchain, and with cross-chain atomic swaps, a user would be able to exchange their Tron-based token for their Steem-based SMT and vice versa. Cross-chain atomic swaps would enable an infinite variety of such token exchanges. The Steem token would remain the base currency of the Steem blockchain which would mean that the more tokens, and the more token exchanges, that are happening the better it is for STEEM.

This would be a great. This is the sort of information that gets us relaxed to see a future with this partnership. Thanks for explaining.

Posted via Steemleo

Okay, thank you for clarity.

I have no doubt that this is what will happen.

Wait, so when OpenLink gets here, it will also be the first time we'll see the new sign up process? That's what I'm most excited about. With this, SMTs and RC delegation, plus communities I'd say we're pretty close to the perfect blockchain. :)

This definitely helps to ease a lot of the uncertainty that has been going around.

I think the speculation that the community has had regarding these communication gaps has been spot on — clearly there is some kind of marketing machine going on the tron accounts that is putting out information that is a bit contradictory. It seemed that they hadn’t done their research on Steem and Andrews answer lines up perfectly with that — these communications may have been put together by people who don’t technically understand Steem and our community/technology. They also may be using language that doesn’t correctly identify the processes (ie saying token swap when they mean cross chain atomic swap — two very technically different things that have similar names).

It seems that the Steemit team was thrust into this thing the same as the Steem community. Ned’s whim strikes again.

I also see the potential for better Leadership and resources from Justin as compared to Ned’s lack of leadership, resources and general sense of not caring about this community.

With all that’s happened and also with this new information, I continue to take the stance of cautiously optimistic. It sounds like Andrew is also on the side of cautious optimism as well.

This could be a great rallying point for Steem and I’ll keep my eyes peeled for both the potential downfalls and potential opportunities that arise out of this.

P.s. openlink and openseed sound amazing. Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on it soon and the Steemleo team can test integrating it into the as a communications channel between buyers and sellers 🦁

Posted via Steemleo

They also may be using language that doesn’t correctly identify the processes (ie saying token swap when they mean cross chain atomic swap — two very technically different things that have similar names).

Indeed. As much as I do not like Justin's style of doing things, having an auxiliary set of tokens representing STEEM on the Tron blockchain yields some benefits. Having a TRC20-Steem token opens the door to Tron's smart contracts, potentially higher liquidity on exchanges and access to Tron's fanbase. More details in my recent post.

There are many things that can be said about Justin, but one thing that we can probably all agree is that he is not stupid. No businessman will buy a company just to see it fail. So far Justin has not made massive changes to his acquisitions (Poloniex and BitTorrent) and I anticipate he will do the same to Steemit. Without doubt, Justin will eventually look for ways to see how Steemit can help boost the Tron ecosystem. But so far this "partnership" seems like a win-win to me, at least in the short to medium term.

Holy Cow this was a Hundred Dollar Post already when I voted on it......Great Job @blockbrothers ............

Screenshot_2020-02-17 George Washingtons Birthday is Actually February 22, 1732, It's Still a Holiday Today — Steemit.png

Great news! This is an amazing interview, thanks for this interview and clearing out some of the confusion.

Thanks @coingecko!

You both look happy as usual.

Let's all use steempeak (screenshot included), share steempeak links, support the steempeak proposal and praise the steempeak team.

Steemit is Tron, steem is not Tron. That said, I wish the Tron team and blockchain all the best.

PS 3speak is great for videos =)

Finally some clarity, really appreciate it I said the same thing, the best future for both would be to have a dual chain approach with atomic swaps since steem can do things tron can do and vice versa.

Together we can be the best dapp recruiting platform and provide a superset of resources and developer tools that ETH and EOS cannot. The more dapps the more chance to bring in users, the more value for both chains

Thanks for speaking to steemit and getting information from "the horse's mouth. There was a sickening amount of FUD all over the place which was pretty toxic and it showed in the AMA.

This should put all that to bed.

#nofudhere #steemon

So people should stop the FUD and only take what Justin says as a true source.. but ... What Justin has said is the source of the FUD.

Are we unaware of that or just attempting to spin a narrative that includes denial?

Strange world lately...

Thank you for the good news!

I fiund this a really steadying, important post. Thank you. As a fairly out-of-the-loop crypto newbie who believes so much in the concepts underpinning steem, I feel encouraged to relax, breathe & allow for the possibility of this being a truly awesome leap forward.

Great you used @threespeak... am reminded to plan my next video.

Hi God bless you..
I'm new, can you help me in the page?

This publication is really soothing. It is an eye opener to the opportunities that are possibly opening up for Steem and Tron users. Beginning to see a future with this collaboration.

Posted via Steemleo

No token Swap.
No moving to TRON.

And we can now relax. Time to look forward to what comes next.

"for now"

Hi @blockbrothers.
It is true to keep calm because the waters are calm, do not be alarmed by speculation without foundation, caution and patience are the key and continue in what we are as normal as possible.

Posted using Partiko Android

Chears to this!
Please continue open communication!

Let's see how it turns out...

I am not too assured on the token swap outcome ..."for now" I think it will happen gradually within 1-2 year...

Finally some concrete information at last.

I have no problem with Justin buying over, Ned appeared to have lost direction. As long as they keep these promises we'll be alright.

Glad it was helpful.

Good. Their marketing team needs to get its ducks in a row because my god I’ve seen people who have spent a single day on the platform be more knowledgeable than what they have been pushing out.

Good Job @blockbrothers @exyle @andrarchy

This are good news!

Thanks for the clarification!

You are welcome.

A breath of fresh air!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks for doing this. Clears up much of the confusion out there.

You are welcome.

Why didn't they talk about all these things before putting out news about Steem having a token swap? It will take a long time to recover from that, as it went all over social media and everyone that dislikes Steem was spreading it. They aren't likely to tell all their followers that they got it wrong. I know Tron do this sort of thing all the time but it seems unprofessional and they should of learned from their many previous mistakes. I hope the swap is dead and buried now but until the Tron team get their act together, its hard to get excited about their investment.

Fantastic interview!
Thank you both for putting the time to go through this answering key concerns spanning the whole community. Awesome!

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Very happy to see this interview with @andrarchy, who surely has cleared up a lot of questions that have been troubling ppl about the sale of Stinc, as well as gave such an optimistic timeline for the release of his new project.


Thank you for making this interview.

What a great interview @exyle and @andrarchy !

I have been not knowing what to think and quite pessimist during the past 2 days, thanks to this video, I am actually very EXCITED !

If Justin is not taking us over against our will, this could be great for both ecosystem even if I believe STEEM had SO MUCH to come with openseed, openlink, etc...

What a time to be alive !

A very interesting interview. At least it's in Tron's interest to help Steem succeed.

Thank you... You both rock! ❤️

Great interview and congratulations on landing the interview. It says a lot about your credibility and your importance here!

Thanks, man!

Man I am so excited to hear all of this. Powering up my account very soon! The sign up seems to be a lot faster already, the last couple of people I onboard got their emails in days rather than weeks. We've also been testing the communities out on the beta page, and really like it. So this is all perfect timing, especially with the bull market seemingly starting.
I'm going to bring a lot of extreme sports, and downhill longboard racing to Steemit. The ultimate dream will be to sponsor races, and the riders, using the race footage as content to create their prize. Going to be a lot of eyes on steemit if I can make this happen, and I might just be able to create and curate longboard content for a living! ❤️

If no token swap
No moving to tron.
Then, let's await next decision

Thank you @blockbrothers and @andrarchy for this. It certainly helps to clarify a great deal. I shall be sticking around and hoping that Steem recovers again soon. We need a Crypto spring!

Congratulations @blockbrothers!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

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So many thanks to you @blockbrothers for stepping ahead and give us some direct “sun” light to our fuddy darkness.
You @exyle always at the front such convinced and excited!
@andrarchy thanks for that useful info and all your efforts for our loved steem ecosystem, may that help us achieve that “New world” we are all wishing.
My previous asTronnishment has changed to consciousness, thank you!
Hugs over there 🤗

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