This is called the HIVE AirDrop Exclusion List. (HIVE 에어드랍 제외 대상 목록이라고 합니다.)

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  • This is called the HIVE AirDrop Exclusion List.

  • Don't forget your steem is treated the same.

steemit accounts


tron puppets


Accounts excluded who voted a minimum of two sockpuppets or proxied someone who voted a minimum of two and who didn't unvote before the hive announcement with more than 1k sp


  • 너희들 스팀도 동일하게 대우된다는 것을 잊지 말거라.

  • Don't forget your steem is treated the same.

  • 그리고 아래 이미지는 프록시토큰의 증인보팅 내역 입니다.

  • And the image below shows the witness statement of @proxy.token

  • 너희들의 이런 결정이 중앙화이고, 검열인거야.(Your decision is centralization and censorship.)


How do you define "blockchain"? Is it just a centralized database controlled by one person or something more? How can you support someone who intends to run a blockchain like a centralized database? "Ethnic cleansing" is absolutely ridiculous. This isn't about race at all, it's about those who chose to attack Steem and made it clear by their actions they are not interested in what Hive represents (decentralization).

That said, I didn't agree with the criteria used or the subjective method for how it was determined. I understand the perspective of those who came up with it, but I would have preferred to just exclude the Steemit ninja-mined stake just as v0.22.2 did. You can read my witness post here for more details. Those who were excluded can submit a proposal to get their Hive tokens, as far as I understand.

Don't forget your steem is treated the same.

Maybe something is lost in translation here, but what do you mean by this? Do you mean in the future Hive might restrict your tokens? I would not support that as long as I'm a witness. This initial launch of Hive is about separating out those who actively attacked Steem by centralizing it.

Judging from the previous conversation, I believe that you are worth talking to.

You read lots of replies (including some on your own posts) or postings that explicitly say "korea" and/or "chinese". I don't think we need more evidence.

I am still waiting for the official airdrop and launch to confirm. Yet, such discriminate behavior contradicts the main value of Hive - decentralization.

Will write more after the fork. Good luck.

I am still waiting for the official airdrop and launch to confirm. Yet, such discriminate behavior contradicts the main value of Hive - decentralization.

There was no discrimination at all. It was clearly stated in the Initial Hive Blog Post on steemit, who was not going to receive airdrops, and what one had to do in order to receive the air drop. There are people from all over the world, not just Korea that did not receive the airdrop. They are not talking about being discriminated against.

Hive was created by a benefactor group of people. The chain came alive when others understood what the chain code was and decided to join the cause based on what they had read. All projects start with one persons ideas and one persons goals. I don't know who that initial person was, but my hat is off to him/her. They saw the path of destruction that was being laid out, and chose a different route.

All anyone had to to to get the air drop was drop their witness proxy for two days, yet they did not. They stood firm to their convictions, I respect the stance they took, they believed that Sun was going to be good, they felt that Sun was right, and that steemit was going to be their path to the future.

Hive chain is open to all. The initial airdrop rules were laid out in the Hive Post Announcement.

I am not going to check HIVE often, but I found that you made a reply so I will write a short one.

  1. There are many users who asked the same question as the new added blacklist criteria was not clear at all. go check what neoxian wrote.

  2. it seems that you do not know the "rules". The "blacklist snapshot" was taken as the hiveio posting time. someone actually took a screenshot of a guy who unvoted Justin witnesses after hiveio post (trevonjb) and it seems that he did not get the airdrop.

Anyway, except these two I don't think it's worthwhile to discuss any further as the deed is done and we are not the ones who may change it if necessary.

I agree the deed is done, things are moving on and along for both chains. i certainly am not the one that can change it, I have enough problems with two accounts and places now.

Ethnic Cleansing? That's a little harsh, maybe hostile to counterview is warranted.

The ethnic group of people who vote for fake witnesses to subvert community consensus.

Seems to me that such an ethnic group would be those subject to the correct accusation of 'ethnic cleansing', not their targets, which was everyone else not part of that community.

I don't believe Hive plans to censor opposing views like Sun has

But Hive block the air drop of the opposite thinker.

Hive excludes the airdrop from people that voted to attack Steem. An opposite thinker that votes to centralize a blockchain is certainly thinking oppositely towards reality.

Hive decided not to gift funds to those who are hostile to it, Steemit on the other hand hid all posts that it disagreed with. If Sun achieves full centralization like he intends, then he could edit the blockchain itself and remove posts.

What I'm talking about right now is not JS's steemit. Hive said to himself opposes centralization, is blocking airdrops to opposing thinkers.

Yes, Hive is built around decentralization, like Steem used to be. That's the reason why Hive was created, because Steem had become centralized. The people who are blocked from receiving the airdrops are the people who oppose the foundation of what Hive is built on.

Who decided the air drop block? Few witnesses? That is centralization.

Yes, I guess you could say all creations begin centralized by their creators. I would say though that the witnesses were elected by the community on Steem, and after the airdrop is finished all changes to the blockchain will be made by community elected witnesses.

It is impossible to ever achieve a fully decentralized platform imo, but we can do our best at working towards it. Sun's vision was a heavily centralized and censored blockchain that Hive rejects and hopes to avoid while improving the governance system. I believe the price of Hive and Steem will be a good indicator of which the community stands with (if the vast discrepancy in number of witness votes does not already)

Anyone who is running the 0.23.0 code.

Why do you cry foul when you are not given free tokens to harm Hive with as you did Steem? Should we shoot ourselves in the foot?

Submit an HPS proposal and quit whining like beggars.

I see your mate's on the list, I guess he'll be moaning about that.

Sad not to see crystalieu or however you spell it there.

I was also wondering whether blockbrothers might be on there, they did kind of say they were happy to consider working with Sun.

Work, why would you want to do a thing like that!?

I thought about this for a while and there's no way around the fact that this list must be addressed. Sooner rather than later.....
Apologies it took so long to notice, it has been a very hectic few days and week.


^ who owns these accounts @sirvotesalot @ngc @z8teyb289qav9z @innerhive that were flooding comment sections from around 5 hours to 0 hours ETA for the HIVE snapshot of the STEEM blockchain to be taken?

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Those are all accounts owned by @berniesanders, which is easily ascertained by simply seeing how they all upvote together their posts, flag their victims, and proxy @berniesanders.

Yet another proof that we are dealing with ideologically possessed communists who don't believe in private property rights.

What a lovely message for all the investors and users.

If you don't like our commy utopia, we will excommunicate you.

This is their vision of decentralization :D


"...private property rights."

What private property rights do you refer to? Your right to free Hive tokens?

Make your own fork and exclude anyone you want.

Why do you care if HIVE isn't going to give you any free tokens? You still have your steem, let people do what they want with their stake

Why wouldn't they? Hive is a steem fork and the existence is going to crash steem. If the community was going to leave to a new chain and exclude everyone but you, you would probably be pretty annoyed about it as well.

let people do what they want with their stake

Says the person defending the exclusion of certain steemians stake.

Boo hoo, should have thought of that before siding with Justin!

They didnt side with Justin, try and keep up here. They voted for enpugh witnesses to keep a power balance and stop either side from hard forking and encouraged communication.

So then they can stick with steem! Looking for some scapegoat for a free lunch is lame, get over it and move on, we all have

So then they can stick with steem!

Again, they didnt side with justin.

Looking for some scapegoat for a free lunch is lame, get over it and move on, we all have

Thats a real strong statment coming from someone who is going to be stuffing his face with that free lunch.

Lol oh wow as if its a life-changing amount, look at me and my few extra digital cents, seriously?! You're just looking for a bone to pick!

Hey why dont you show me up and send your hive to @null instead of sitting here boasting about how you already gotten over other people not getting the same benefits that you are.

저들에게 프록시토큰의 보팅은 유지되나요?

지금 철회 했습니다.

kr 많은 분들 제외군요!! 저도... 잘가라 하이브~

한국 유저들은 거의다 뺀다고 보면 되겠네요

그런거 같습니다. 재미진 친구들이예요.

한국 분들은 거의 스팀에 남겠네요...

Accounts excluded who voted a minimum of two sockpuppets or proxied someone who voted a minimum of two and who didn't unvote before the hive announcement with more than 1k sp

nothing about race here...


LOL! Enjoy the centralized pump and dump network you voted for. Hive doesn't airdrop on the people who voted to attack it.

kr 을 의도적으로 배척하네요.
고민하지 않게 알아서 해 줘서 고맙네요.

I'll just leave this here for no reason.

하이브가 도대체 뭔지...?;;;;;;;

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what can I say? I didn't even know what I've supported because I voted @justyy as my proxy.

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (

You call Hive centralized, yet fail to mention what is happening on Steem now that Sun Yuchen has centralized governance in his person: massive censorship, $300+ downvotes, and zero ability of the community to influence governance.

When you voted for his socks for witness, that's what you voted for. That's what you got. Hive was a rejection of that governance, and since you voted to centralize governance on Steem, Hive didn't offer you free tokens to use on Hive to use to try to centralize governance here.

I don't think that's an unreasonable position for Hive to take. Why does Hive owe anyone tokens? What did you do to earn Hive tokens? I didn't earn my Hive tokens - except as those that airdropped them to me reckoned I had.

I posted on Steem my recommendation to you to pick a side and stop trying to extort the community, warning that would do you harm. I didn't even recommend you pick the side of those now on Hive. I just recommended you pick a side.

Here you are now, having failed to take my recommendation. I hate to say I told you so, but I sure as hell told you so, and you chose to try to play both sides against the middle, pissing everyone off, and gaining no allies by extorting them. Today you have no tokens airdropped from the Hive community you tried to extort and who left you to your Steem, now controlled by Sun Yuchen. How grateful is Sun Yuchen? Is he now ending downvotes? No?

I'm not surprised, and I don't think you are either. Your protestations are disingenuous today because you were absolutely aware that you were extorting the Steem community and Sun Yuchen by voting for both sides of the hostile takeover attempt, and now you reap the fruits you have sown. Don't complain if your blackmail victims aren't giving you free stuff now. It's really like begging, and when you have a mechanism in the HPS system to make a case for a free airdrop, begging does not inspire expectation of responsible and productive contributions from you. It's like holding up a sign that says 'wil work for food' but when someone offers you a meal for some work you turn it down.

We're here because we want to be here, and if you want to run a witness, earn tokens, buy tokens, submit HPS proposal for free airdrop tokens, you're free to do that. So am I. That's not centralization.

That's freedom.

Hi @kopasi

I see my name is on the list of people voting for 2 x sockpuppets or gave a proxy to somebody who voted for them. According to me I did not give any proxies. I know I voted for goodguy24 by mistake and changed immediately when I was made aware. I also changed all my witness votes to the top real steem witnesses as soon as the trouble started in order to help get them to the top. I also started powering down immediately.

You should also note that I am one of the older steemians, since August 2016, who never once used bidbots, and build up a reputation of 71 through just posting, and not paying for any votes!! You will note that I had one of the longest running series on steemit, with over 1000 Daily Scripture posts, and a total of 1886 posts. I also have 34 625 comments and 50 982 replies. I gave 184 886 vote and received 147 468 votes, thus you can see I did bring my side, through the years and should not be punished, like this.

Please let me know of the details why I am on the list!!