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In other Ligue 1 matches, Monaco finally got their first win this season: 1-2 in Troyes. A couple goals from Diop were sufficient. After their disappointment in the Champions League qualifications this Wednesday, it's a great way to get back into the competition.
Lille also gets a 2-1 win against Montpellier.
Angers, one of the newly promoted clubs continues their surprising good start with another 2-0 win at home against Rennes. They are now second in the rankings just 2 points behind PSG.
Clermont the other promoted club slowed down a bit today with a 2-2 tie against Metz. But they are still at the third position in the rankings.

Great one from the Monaco side getting past their champions league disappointment by securing a win in the league. Nice one from Lille picking up their first win of the new campaign. Impressive seeing what angers are doing. Guess we will be seeing a little change in the league table this time around with new promoted side giving a great showing in their recent matches

Juventus is out to cut tickets o😢😢

Great I don't play this things anymore has I could have easily given the Old Ladies a straight conceding the opponent they were facing. A 21st minutes goal by empoli player condemned them to their first league defeat at the L. Mancuso Allianz Stadium after starting out last with with a draw. Things not looking good for the Turin club.

It really cut mine into pieces.
I just developed a dislike for them.

i am still finding it hard to belief that people are predicting Liverpool to win Chelsea.

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good work boss

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the participation rewards!

Appreciation goes to those who deserved thank you for the talking I really appreciate it good job done

Thanks for the tokens man.

Many thanks for tokens. Much appreciated. Great to see lot of participation yesterday. I believe this is the highest I have ever seen in a single chat day since this initiative begun. I may be wrong on this. Let's do well to keep up this level of engagement. Happy weekend you all

Congratulations to us all

Thanks for the rewards.

Who else noticed that bayern doesn't just score anymore, they pour goals...

They poured 12 and scored 5, Arsenal poured 6 and collected 5🤣🤣🤣

I noticed that too.
In their over 2.5 odd, it's now very little

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Good afternoon fam!..

It's about to go Down..

Manchester City vs Arsenal...

Can Arsenal win?

Arsenal is already trailing, Manchesty City is leading.

arsenal as been humiliated as usual

I knew it. They will need a miracle to come alive this season.

serious miracle, they didn't allow any team to stay below them in the league table

That's a heavy load for the team. Carrying the whole team on their head.

smiles 🤣

Hahahahahahah humiliated as expected

yes now it wasn't a surprise

Yeah. Really disappointing one from Arsenal. Knew they couldn't pick up a point at the Etihad but didn't expect them to swept off like this by Manchester City. Something is really wrong with the club and it's seriously need quick fixing or they might be having their worst league campaign in history. Wouldn't want to see that even though I ain't a fan of the London Club.

Barcelona would taking on getafe this evening at the Nou camp. What are you prediction?

This is the worst question ever 😆😆😆 why on earth would that thought come across your mind men Arsenal will never win and will not win again Manchester city...

In the history of EPL Arsenal have been loosing against Manchester city always with countless 3:0 goals against Arsenal in all games.

And they have already played 3:0 in the first half of the game, what will now be the final score in full time? I don't know.

Arsenal is gone.... I don't even know if its the coach they should sack or some players, everyone is just weak...

they need to sack both coach and some board and some players

Exactly they have gone and I thought their coach is going as well and then bring another coach that can change there team for them

Didn't also expect that especially in this season where they London club happen to be having their worst performance since 1954. Didn't expect the Emirates club to pull any surprises despite their midweek win against Westbromich Albion.

The gunner's look like amateurs now with all the signings they made in the summer transfer window. I don't how the club reason at times. They expect young and inexperienced players from another league to come and down wonders in the most competitive league in the world which is the English premier league. They need to be more realistic it they intend to clinch more silverware.

It was a 5-0 defeat at the end of the day. I could have even been more if not for other missed chances.

that is in another season or another unwanted match for city

Welcome back @abimbola753 miss you here... you are doing well.

I bet City will win.

Even with what you see did you think that Arsenal have the team that can beat Man City which you also know
you're just ask us a question that you know the answer

They obviously lack the team to defeat the Manchester city side, the reason I knew a miracle wasn't even possible. Great you didn't expect much from your team as it could have only caused much disappointment.

I think they may win this one. 🤞

I didn't give any a chance in this one and they clearly showed they were no match against pep Guardiola's men has they were sent to the cleaners by the citizens club in 5-9 humiliation at the Etihad Stadium. The gunner's season just became much worse has it was their third successive defeat since 1954. The Club management won't be happy with this result one bit. I think if things continues like this in their next few games, Spanish manager Mikel Arteta will be shown the exit door. I don't seem to know why they play this badly. When I thought last season was bad this became much worse.

So early! 🤣🤣🤣...

Manchester City 1 - 0 Arsenal

2 - 0

Can you imagine 20 minutes two goals already is too early from Man City and Arsenal is too early to have now relegated

Wasn't that surprised with that has I knew the Arsenal defense was porous and the Manchester city side could just find expression and satisfaction from such an amateur looking team. They don't play like one of the elite team they was were

Keep on counting the number is increasing and there are more goals coming in the game so just take it easy and count all very well.

Even outside the red card I know Manchester city is still going to win them so there is no point holding the red card as an excuse for the loose

Before the red card they were already two goals down so I there's no hidden under that. The city side even appeared to be been more lenient with them after that has they scoreline could've been much more than that

when the match is at 3-0 at half time.

Man that early...I wasn't surprised though

4th goal already

it has ended in tears for arsenal

Of course I know it will be like this since arsenal have refused to sign quality players they will keep losing so I'm not pushing them that is going to be an easy win for Manchester city

Yeah. When I saw their signings, I knew they were not ready to compete in this new season. Don't know why they always go for low quality players they have enough funds to go for any player they can considering their among the top 10 of the richest club. They apparently lack ambition has that is the only explanation I can come up with right now. I believe you are Arsenal fan. Why do you keep supporting a side like that despite the numerous disappoints?

Wow, Arsenal last in the Premier League after 3 matches! 3 matches, 3 losses, including this humiliating one... Like I said multiple times, I actually don't care much for English football, but that's big news!

Thanks for the tips

English Premier League

Liverpool vs Chelsea

Away to win

Unfortunately this game ended in a draw. Going into the match, I expected this tie to be a keenly contested in which both are very likely to share the spoil. A little excited the way it ended as both happen to continue their impressive run. Happy with the Chelsea performance especially in defense has they held on after a red card and conceding a late half first penalty. Playing against Liverpool at the Anfield wasn't easy has they were able to pick a point which is a good result for them.

I think this match will end in a draw.

Let's watch. I just feel Chelsea is blazing hot and with Lukaku, the guys will bang in goals.

That is going to be tough now with a red card just before half time

Well I don't know why I didn't say it because I know the game is gonna be a draw game.

I will go with Chelsea on this one.

It has choked someone at a very bad point. I hope you didn't bet on your option

English Premier League

Norwich City vs Leicester City

Away to win

Awesome prediction has the Foxes didn't disappoint on the evening. 1-2 it ended at Carrow Road has the away get to pick up from Last week surprise defeat against West Ham United. Hope the remain more consistent has the League progresses and that they don't repeat the mistakes of the two previous seasons.

Good guess, Leicester got the win 1-2 with an early goal and the winning goal about 15 minutes before the end.

Norwich City Would be the one I would pick here

Spain Laliga Sitander

Elche vs Sevilla

Away to win

Didn't come through as predicted. However okay has the away side was able to pick up a point in this game after conceding first at the Estadio Martinez Valero Stadium. A 40th minutes goal by Y. En-Nesyri ensured they settled for a draw.

Seville is a clear favorite.

After just 10 minutes, Elche is already up one goal. Can Sevilla come back and win it?

Sevilla tied the game 1-1 before half time. They might make your prediction true in second half.

It's over, Sevilla couldn't score a second goal and the score stayed at 1-1

I think i am choosing Sevilla

Cool prediction and over 2.5goals and away to win either half.

Thanks for the rewards I really appreciate, remain blessed

For the next hot game..

Liverpool VS Chelsea...

What's gonna happen?

1-1 at half time, and a full 45 minutes to play one man down for Chelsea. That puts Liverpool in a good position, but maybe Chelsea has more resources that I think.

Still 1-1 ten minutes from the end. So far, Chelsea managed to contain to large Liverpool domination in this second half. But they're clearly getting tired.

And they made it. With how the first half ended, I didn't think Chelsea could salvage a point today in Anfield but they did. In spite off all Liverpool efforts, Chelsea kept the 1-1 tied score.

What's gonna be will be.
Draw every where

In Ligue 1, Nice is confirming their interesting start this season. With no audience in the stadium (because of the big problems during the match against Marseille last week), they easily won 4-0 against Bordeaux. That's the same score that they won in Lille a couple weeks ago. Their forward Amine Gouiri had a couple goals today and that's 3 goals this season for him.
On the other hand, still no win for Bordeaux this season, 2 draws and 2 losses, that's not a good start!

Another very easy win for Bayern Munich in Bundesliga. 5-0 win against Hertha Berlin, one of the weakest team in this league though. Of course, a hat trick from the inevitable Robert Lewandowski. That's already 5 goals for him this season in Bundesliga. Can he go after his own 41 goals season record?

It was an ask woops.
To many to be counted, very comparable to that of arsenal.

Well, I think it's a little different. Hertha Berlin usually doesn't have too much ambition in the Bundesliga, they mostly target staying in the league, and avoid the relegation. On the other hand, Arsenal is still supposed to be one of the "big" teams, and they spent a lot on the transfer market. In other words, Arsenal's loss is much more humiliating in my opinion.

So what's the need?
Hertha is controlling the goals to stay in the league while Arsenal is not controlling the goals but wants to come back to the top 4.
They'll soon have a taste of championship after decades

It was really a strong game between Chelsea and Liverpool, Chelsea still help to their Stand with a man down....

Chelsea keep making their fans proud and I don't think they are stopping anytime soon...

That's the nature of a good team. No matter the number, they'll still defend their pride.
Chelsea to the Moon with hive.
Am proud to be a fan.
!giphy Chelsea

Marseille is playing against Saint-Etienne in the last Ligue 1 match for today. They scored first with Mattéo Guendouzi's first goal this season in Ligue 1, but after about 30 minutes, Timothée Kolodziejczak just tied the match. That's also his first goal this season. I'm of course rooting for Saint-Etienne, my favorite team, but to be honest, I would be okay with yet another draw.

Well, it's lost for Saint-Etienne, 3-1 is the final score. I knew Marseille was a better team, but after the first half, I thought maybe Saint-Etienne could get the draw today. Unfortunately, Marseille showed in second half they were far superior. Lots of work to do for Saint Etienne this season, the main objective is only to stay in Ligue 1, but that needs points early in the season to be achieved.

It's starting to be really difficult for Saint-Etienne. With about 20 minutes left, Marseille now in the lead 3-1. After Gerson earlier, Ünder scored the third goal. It's three goals this season for Çengiz Ünder, the Turkish forward.

Draw is not an option.
Go for the winning teams

I am not sure I understand what you're saying. I've been a Saint-Etienne supporter my whole life but I know that right now Marseille is a far better team, with Saint Etienne mostly trying to rebuild with a lot of young players. So getting a point at the Velodrome with a draw would have been a good performance. That doesn't mean by the way that they should only play defense, which they didn't.

I understand that you're an old fan of the team.
Let's hope they maintain the draw and winning streak.

Surprising first half score at Allianz Stadium, with Juventus trailing 0-1 behind Empoli. Juventus started well but couldn't score, and Empoli punished their lack of efficiency with Mancuso scoring after about 20 minutes. Let's see how the second half goes, I hope Juventus can turn it around.

And that is it! Empoli, the newly promoted club, wins at Juventus. After just two matches in Serie A, this already looks kind of worrying for Juventus. I hope they can fix it soon, but I am not sure Massimiliano Allegri is the right man for that.

Really disappointing performance from the Old Ladies letting a newly promoted side get a vital win from them. Not such a good start so far this season after playing a draw in their first league. One point in two appearances, not w great way they would have love to start the new season. Hope to see them getting to winning ways in their subsequent games

Very disgraceful.
Juventus can not even win home games without Ronaldo

I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now. They need to adapt to their new systems without Ronaldo, particularly with Allegri's return as manager. Let's see how it goes in a few games.
The way they started the match yesterday was actually pretty good, but they kind of gave up after Empoli's goal.

That's it.
Football is not about giving up after a goal.
After all, teams still resist after being giving 5 goals, just like arsenal. Winks

With him having departed, the club will have to find a way get back up. His void will remain but I trust they will find their form once again. The empoli loss was quite shocking. It shows that the club must have lost their touch.

Yeah. The departure of Ronaldo is really effective on the club.
The whole will hardly be filled, even after a month. This happened to Man United when he left for Madrid. Even Madrid also suffered when he left.
I hope they come back in track before it's too late

Yeah it is normal any club feel the impact of such players. Also believe they will recover from it

Is Lazio a team to follow this season is Serie A? For their opening match last week, they won 1-3 in Empoli. And today, after quickly conceding the first goal, they destroyed Spezia 6-1! For their defense, Spezia had to play one man down almost the entire second half because of a red card. Ciro Immobile scored three today, that's 4 goals for him this season.

Lazio is like a hot cake. It will soon cool and melt

I'm not sure, if Immobile can keep that form, and they have a few other good players in the squad, they may be able to cause problems to many teams. It's of course too early to say after only 2 matches though.

Yeah. He's human which can fade off at any point.
Wining the first 5 games doesn't mean that a team will win the league.
It's not that am doubting their strength. It's football. There must be critics

Lazio is sure a side to watch out for seeing their two convincing win against quite decent side. Beginning at this form is a good one has it will them go a long way. Hope they maintain their consistency. Would also love to see their performance against a much tougher side. Nice one from the Italian forward Immobile always bringing in those goals. Beautiful hat-trick. Really impressive numbers in just two appearances in the season. Believe he will be clinching the top scorer award's in the serie A with Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo having departed to the English league.

There are a few other very good goal scorers, but he does have a decent chance this year. It will depend if Lazio stays in good form overall of course.

Yeah. He has however been a name in the league for some time now in terms of goals scored per season. Lazio performance will ultimately depend the numbers he pull up this season

As usual with team sports, it's kind of interlinked. Immobile needs support from his teammates to get goal opportunities, and the team needs him to score lots of them to keep the momentum. It's going well for now, so let's see how long that lasts, particularly against bigger teams.

Been a team sports, everyone needs to work together to achieve a great result. Hope people at the middle of the park and other positions supply him him with the most needed pass to help him convert. The more he scores, the better for the Club. Yeah, would love to see he and his perform against a much competitive side.

In one of the last matches in European football leagues this Saturday, Real Madrid went to Betis Sevilla and got the win by just one goal 0-1. They're temporarily taking the lead in La Liga, but still plenty of matches on Sunday, including Atletico Madrid against Villarreal, and Barcelona against Getafe.

Madrid is just crawling to win.
That's better than loosing, just like Juventus

Yeah, I saw the highlights, they struggled, but like you said, it's still a win and 3 away points.

Great one real Madrid pick up the three maximum point after a very cagey affair against the betis side. In other matches, great one from Barcelona in picking up a 2-1 against getafe. Quite an interesting encounter at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano. A injury time goal from Aissa Mandi ensured the home picked up a point from the game.

Barcelona win was not really a surprise. Actually the surprise was that it was so difficult for them against Getafe, which is quite weak at the moment. But I was surprised by Atletico Madrid almost losing at home against Villarreal. And they needed that weird own goal at the end to tie the match. It seems they're really lacking efficiency: they shot 23 times, while Villarreal only shot twice (and got 2 goals with these 2 shots!)

Yet to see the Catalan club has a solid club with the departure of Lionel Messi so wouldn't be surprised if they struggle in any game. Just expected getafe to give them some tough time with the fear factor gone out of the team. Expected the Atletico Madrid versus villarreal game to go that way has the yellow submarine are also a very good side to watch out for especially against the Spanish top three. Atletico was not clinical has their conversion rate or efficiency was quite poor on the tonight. Hope the improve much better on that in their subsequent games

Today, Messi finally played a few minutes with his new Paris Saint Germain club, just about 25 minutes. The match was in Reims, and PSG won 0-2. A double from Mbappe. Mbappe's future is still not decided, will he go to Real Madrid? But in any case, just like last week end, he shows he's a major player.
And for PSG, 4 matches, 4 wins. I already said that last week, but if this keeps going this way, Ligue 1 might become a battle for the second place only.

Battle for the second place and top three to be added to the permanent 1

Great form from the France international having banged quire so number of goals. I believe he has about four goals in his first four appearance for PSG. He has shown he is quite a very good player and that the club needs. If he will remain is yet to be seen has the move to real Madrid seem certain. I guess we will find out in the next few days if the move see the light of the day. Nice seeing Lionel Messi few minutes in the game he still showed quite some brilliance but was unable to register a goal in debut game. By December I also believe other clubs will be fighting for the other spots has this league seem destined for PSG seeing their current form and their superiority over other Clubs.

It sounds like Real Madrid just decided to stop the discussions and it seems likely Mbappe will stay at PSG at least this season. So many twists and turns in this story...

I think it is quite possible has the France international is yet to sign a contract extension for the Paris Saint-Germain club. Think we might be seeing a deadline move with just a day or so to go in the summer transfer window. Whatever happens, I believe Kylian Mbappe will sometime in the future play for real Madrid.


Manchester City?_?Arsenal

Manchester City wins

Clear victory for Manchester City.

Wow...this is good news...


Aston Villa?-?Brentford





Nice prediction mate the game played out just as you predicted.

Chelsea is winning 2-1

Still waiting to see the magic

This is the second prediction and both team have scored.

You predicted well

Wow...that's great one I have predicted here....

Good predictions mate ...Under 3.5goals is certain and over 1.5goals.

Thanks for the giveaway boss mate you are doing well keep up the good works kudos.