Introducing the Hive Fantasy Premier League

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The Fantasy Premier League, popularly referred to as FPL by millions of players worldwide, has grown into a massive movement. Today, there are millions of players in the game and I bet we also have a ton of players on Hive.

Next season, we'll be starting the inaugural season of the Hive Fantasy Premier League for anyone that is interested in the game. The idea is still in incubation, but here's what to expect.


  • To create a community of FPL players that share tips, banter with each other and also earn from their football knowledge. You claim you're the baddest FPL punter, well now you can prove it.
  • To grow the Hive sports community, which in turn, adds value to Hive, by attracting FPL players from around the world.

How the league works

  • First season will be 100% Classic League
  • Subsequent seasons will have both traditional classic league and head to head leagues running concurrently.
  • Head to head league will have different tiers, depending on the number of players
  • The number of players at the end of the first season will determine the number of tiers
  • Your position in the classic league will determine which head to head tier you fall into in the next season.
  • At the end of each season after the first, a specific number of players will be relegated or promoted, depending on the number of participants.
  • All leagues will be exclusively for players with a Hive account
  • Joining the league is absolutely free now but there could be a 0.5-1Hive fee that could be used for paying participants
  • All league codes will be published in the discord


The idea is still in the incubation phases, so we're still looking for supporters. So far, what I know for sure is that;

  • Top 10 in the classic league will be rewarded weekly and then a grand prize at the end of the season.
  • Winners of each Head to Head league tier will also be rewarded.
  • There will also be wild card rewards and upvotes from the community account
  • Rewards will be derived from upvotes and generous donations.

Communication and community

Since this is a sports-related activity, all publications related to the project will be published in Sportstalk Social. Publications related to the Hive Fantasy Premier League will carry the #hivefpl tag to enable us to track publications.

Join the community on Discord to get started.

There will be a weekly FPL podcast where we share tips and talk about events related to the coming game week. The podcasts will be hosted by yours truly(@belemo), and @pappyelblanco . We'll also bring in top FPL players from within the community to share tips with us.

The logo and banner were designed by @ebingo

Join the community on Discord, help us reach more people by reblogging, follow @hivefpl and follow us on Twitter as well.

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OCD would be interested to sponsor this if and only if after this post the post rewards would be transparently shared with A, the author of highlights of past gameweeks and preparations of next one and B, rest of the rewards would go towards the grand prize for participants.

As someone who has hosted these before I would have an interested to see them happen again even though I do not have time to host them myself anymore. Let us know.

Hi Acid, I wholeheartedly appreciate your sponsorship of this project and we intend to run the project as transparent, free and fair as possible.

As mentioned in the publication, everything has been completely ironed out but here's how we intend to run the publications when the season starts;

  • Maximum of three posts a week: A round up, mid-week analysis of the season(if needed) so far, and a pre-gameweek post. Some weeks will have two posts, especially when gameweeks are not spaced.
  • Posts author will be either me(Belemo), @pappyelblanco and/or @samostically. We will host them in form of a podcast. Post authors will be made beneficiaries
  • Invited guests from the community will also be made beneficiary of any post they participate in
  • every week post earning will be accumulated for the grandprize at the end of the season.
  • A small percentage will be kept back for weekly top 5 reward.

Here's the breakdown;

  • 40% of every post will be shared between all the authors
  • 50% of every post will be accumulated for the grand prize at the end of the season
  • 9% of every post will be shared between the top 5 every week.
  • 1% of every post will be left in the Hivefpl account.

I look forward to hearing your response and input. We're open to suggestions and ideas.

Alright, sounds good to me.

Will there also be written content on top of the podcasts? Not everyone can/will be able to/wants to listen/watch content about it and would prefer written content along the podcasts I believe.

Another way to help with transparency would be to use for the part that will go towards the prizes, such as the 50% and 9% for instance so that curators would not have to dig too deep into transactions, figure out powerdowns etc but can easier count the liquid portion and where it is at any given time.

Other than that I would suggest looking for some other kind of sponsorships and collabs, maybe the Sports talk community would want to allocate some Sports tokens on top as they did with one of my leagues back in the day and maybe @rabona would be interested in checking up on this as well and attempt to get more players to their game from and outside of Hive. I suggest also creating a Twitter account for POSH to try and reach more users and build it up before it starts to attempt to get people outside of Hive to join. Hiveonboard has plenty of account credits to give out through @ocdb so it would be nice to see some action there as well although I know it is a tough ask.

Anyway, we would gladly help support it with votes to a degree and adjust them depending on amount of participants and other aspects such as attention gained to Hive on twitter, etc.

Thank you for pointing this out. Here's how we intend to handle it for people who maight not be interested in the podcast

  • In every podcast video/aidio publication, there will be a summary of everything we talk about in the video. The summary will capture virtually every detail of the podcast and anybody that reads it will not have missed anything from the podcast
  • Some weeks, we might not even use a podcast.
  • We have created a Twitter account already. This is the link here and we're actively trying to get the attention of the Hive and external FPL community. We just completed our POSH registration.


  • I'm aware of of but haven't learnt how to use it yet. Any link that could help us simplify and automate the process to make it easier and transparent for curators will be very much appreciated.
  • I have reached out to Rabona on Twitter and awaiting their response. I'll reach out to Sportstalksocial as well.

Thank you very much for your support. We will continue marketing the project and reaching out to the community.

Ah, should have noticed the @poshtoken comment earlier, lol.

tl;dr on, you set a % of the post you want liquidated, for instance for you you would place 59% to and the rest to the authors contributing to the content of the post. will take this 59% and return it in liquid Hive and HBD rather than Hivepower and HBD. There is a fee to using the service but 1% is not a lot, it does also have another feature where curators can get extra incentivized to curate your posts as we wanted to see how promotion on posts could work this way now that we have downvotes if it becomes abused, but basically you just send it a memo with the number 0 to 100 of how much of the benefecator rewards you send it you want to go to curators. In this case it would be 0 as you want to liquidate all of the rewards and keep them.

so a shorter tl;dr:
sent as beneficiary of the amount of rewards you want liquidated on your post (example 59%)
send a 0.001 memo with the number 0 to not send curators extra rewards

Ah yes, this is actually perfect. I was wondering how we were going to power down all along. makes it perfect. On top of everything being transparent on-chain, we will also make a weekly publication about the current value of the grand prize as the days go by.

I really appreciate your input.

Yay! This would be lovely. Will you be participating at least? And I'm also curious, What premier league club do you support?

(Hoping you say Arsenal lol)

Haha. All club supporters are welcomed in the league

I will try to participate, yes. ^^

I like Arsenal but became a Liverpool fan when they had their long streak of not having won the PL.

Wtf!! You jumped ship coz they didn't win?!!! Shame on you!!!

not a fan myself, just supporting hubby who is a gunner

lol, no, I became a liverpool fan when liverpool had not won in a very long time, so I was a fan when they won recently but still like arsenal somewhat

at least they are not manchester united, gross.

at least they are not manchester united, gross.

Hubby would echo that 😄

We are in the trophy less phase which Liverpool went through. We would bounce back stronger, better and more UNITED. Maybe in 3 years from now. Our glory days will be back soon. UNITED 💪

I'd love for SPORTS to sponsor this as well. Would you be willing to publish a proposal so that we could distribute rewards from our token fund towards this contest? If you would just respond to this comment and I'll make sure I give you an upvote that would cover the cost of the proposal.

I'd also be willing to personally sponsor 2M sports towards @hivefpl to use for SPORTS NFTs related to the league. I'd love to see you be able to issue NFTs to winners as trophies or maybe even as a means for who can play in certain leagues in the future. I could see lots of ways it could be utilized and would be happy to discuss ideas if you all wanted.

Our NFTs require users to have 1M SPORTS staked to their account and to also pay a fee of 1M SPORTS to become a registered issuer. I'd need to power down but I'd happily send over the SPORTS needed if you think you'd be users of that system. That'd also let you use that account for curating with a bit more weight behind it from the 1M.

If you all have any other ideas how the SPORTS token could benefit the project I'd be happy to see what I can do to get stakeholders on board with it.

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Hello Patrick, I'm absolutely thrilled by this offer and I look forward to partnering up with you. I'll create a proposal in a moment that should span between today and the end of the FPL season.

We're excited about the use of sports NFTs and I think there's something huge there. Right now, there's a lot of interest in NFTs as a whole, so I reckon that with the right amount of push, especially outside hive, we could end up attracting more people to Sportstalksocial and the hive community at large.

Once again, thank you very much for this generous offer and we look forward to this partnership.

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Perfect! I just staked 1,000,000 SPORTS to @hivefpl and sent over a little over 1,000,000 SPORTS as liquid value to cover the issuance fee plus enough to help cover some issuance costs. I'm sure the project will end up having lots of SPORTS to play with for more issuance funds.

I'll definitely be a supporter of the proposal. It'll need other stakeholders to get us over the burn proposal but I'm sure that won't be an issue. If you'd like I'll make a comment on the proposal to notify all of our top 100 stakeholders.

I agree on the NFTs. I think this could really highlight a use case for our tokens as a means of sports achievement issuance. Those achievements could unlock additional opportunities or features within subcommunities.

I'm really excited by this development. I've seen you in the discord channel and we could talk a bit more about how to execute the NFT project.

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Best of luck. I shall put in a team full of champions league players coupled up with a few rubbish arsenal players.

only a "few" rubbish Arsenal

Not that I can shout too loudly being a Saints fan ... lol


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I have my eye on Ward Prowse

So has the rest of the league. We'll do well to keep him tbh, and even though his contract ends in 2026, that's never a guarantee of a player staying these days. No doubt he has the potential to be even better, and as everyone knows is lethal with a free-kick. Of course, I hope he turns out to be like Matt LeTissier and choose to stay with only 1 club, especially as he is a product of our youth/academy setup.


Creekside FC coming straight out of the meandering creeks of the River Forcados is here to own this league 😁

This is fantastic @belemo. I'm all ready to wipe anyone including you 😅. Good luck bro. We move

Woo, there's now a hive fpl. I've been playing for a while now and was actually wondering if hive had one, I guess now they do. Count me in, let me tell you ahead of time, I'm winning the league 😁


!giphy soccer

Oooh perfect gif for when I win the league 😂

lol You'll need plenty luck

Of course, lots of luck and a degree of tactics


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This is a massive project that I'll love to be part of once it kick start, let me go and draw my formation.
Haaland hope you there🤔.

@lensworld the Brila FM Radio broadcaster who do you think.

Interesting one my brother...

I can't wait.

I think I'll still stick with Kane and Salah for start. Pep unpredictable rotation policy might cause problem having Halland for long time

This is an excellent initiative and I cannot wait for it to get is totally great

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Very cool idea! Cant't wait for the new season to start. IS the league already up and running or do we have to wait?

We wait until the new season starts and we'll share a form to everyone that wants to participate

Cool! Thanks for the information and for organazing :)

This is an amazing development on Hive and the Sportstalksocial community. Cheers to this awesome beginning.

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Awesome will look into this more thanks for sharing
@hivefpl have a wonderful day 😎

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