Scuba Diving in Taiwan - Final Exam Day

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I have always wanted to know how to scuba dive due to the fact when I went snorkling in Thailand for the first time in my life I felt the sensation of weightlessness.
True 100% absolute feeling that I didnt feel my body weight being drawn towards gravity and in the clear water about 3 meters deep I felt a sense of peace and calm for a brief moment. With my mind in a state of bliss in the warm ocean I felt like I was actually flying and floating above the air... I started to make believe and imagining the corals were buildings in the city and I was in the sky looking down at the city... it was pretty fun. Felt like a child at the moment too.... I guess these are the feelings of our own true happiness... inner happiness I guess.

Either way, the next logical step was to figure out how to scuba dive.
Luckily in Taiwan I heard that scuba diving is well developed here and price is also great compared to other countries. I didnt hesitate and got my wife together to get our scuba diving license. We enrolled in a scuba diving school called SSI, and I heard once you get a licesnse then you can use it internationaly anywhere... shwwweeeeet! :) The video is taking our final field test in action... the test was so fun. I wish all tests were like this.. hehehehe.
Thanks for watching!!!

"Set Da Tone!!!" :)

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Wow nice

So you are a student of scuba dive learning.
Good to hear that. I hope you score well.
All the best for final day.

Yes, for scuba diving I am still a learning student. As much as it is fun it also needs attention when needed as all activities. There was no score that day, it was a pass or no pass~~~ and everyone passed that day. :)

Aha good. If studies were the same pass or fail , it would be good.😀😀
Congrats to everyone who participated.

looks exciting 😊

Thanks @celeste413 . Its a great activity to explore and also to just relax. :)

👍👍yeah it is ,hope you have a good time!

There's a free diving community that you may want to entertain when you share future diving posts here.

Hive just has too few content creators under the Free Diving niche unfortunately. Cool vid man, wish I had more courage to overcome the deep sea. The sea creatures look so nice and I want more than just looking at them at the aquarium.

Hi~ and thanks a lot for referring me to the right direction. :) Blog posting and exploring communities in the Hive system is so fun to find. I realize our community collaborative efforts really bring something unique and original to the Hive platform. I didn't know we had a scuba community. :) I will join them right away.

As for scuba diving itself, or any new sport/activities in my experience it seems we just need to "just do it" action. I as well have been keep delaying and lagging with activities that need learning... I think the more we postpone it, the harder it becomes to take action for some reason. At least it is for me. :) So I have to kick my own ass up... A LOT. Scuba is one of those activities... and when its done... it feels really good in my soul. :)


It may take some more effort to get any community going on Hive due to the lack of audience pool but it just takes one or few people to get things rolling consistently to make it work. I know people go where the votes are for some communities, that's a given but I do hope communities running for fun still thrive long term.

I think you said it correctly spot on. Since we are still at an early stage in the beginning it really needs ones steady action of pure consistency. In time it will create familiarity and thus a following fan base. I go back n forth with consistency, however I am trying to give the Hive community more focus and began to post more things about my experiences which can hopefully be entertaining, original, and informative.

When it comes to tech... I consider myself an early adapter and I enjoy tech in general. However when I was first introduced to Hive through my friend @solominer I had absolutely no idea what the hell he was talking about. Lolz!~

But seeing him so passionate about the Hive community and its system, There was no way I could have said "naawww... next time man." :)

I just jumped into the Hive wagon right away and asked @solominer "where can I buy what you call the power of Hive - Hive Power!!!" Hahahaha

Good to hear some positive feedback about the ecosystem. I know this reply is overdue but I've been having some irl stuff that keeps me occupied to mind what goes on here. I hope you get to meet more people with like interest :>

Thank you~ and yes this eco system is definitely something fresh. Its not easy to approach and I do think everyone thinks the on boarding process needs to be more user friendly however once you do get in~ it feels different. Cant explain but its definitely there. :)

This is actually a great skill to know as you have now found a whole new world.

A whole new world indeed. Every time I go in the water with my gear, there is multiple senses of excitement, wonder, and also some fear too~ I realize there is so much to explore inside the ocean and so much beauty as well. :) M

Scuba diving is something I've always wanted to try. I hope you enjoy the experience.

Give it a try when you have time to spare. It not difficult if you know how to swim. What you can do is just get your license first and the class will provide you with all the gear necessary before you go buy your own.

I certainly will someday. I only just started taking swimming lessons. Thank you.

Well~ there you go~ :) The first step to the next~ Your practically there.
and Yes~ its good to know how to swim well. I think it will help greatly especially for safety.
It also helps keep your mind in peace as you scuba dive.

Wow, how deep did you guys go? That would be real fun if you ask me but how do you tell if a water is safe for scuba diving?

I didn't know this need tutorial, i thought you just need the gas tank, other gadget and just go straight into the water. That must be great fun, I love how you involve your wife in all this activities.

Super fun.

Hi George, we didn't go too deep because this was our final test to get our license, and I believe it was less than 15 meters. The area of the water I ask the dive instructor about safety and I think he told me that for scuba diving you dont just go to any ocean and dive by yourself. Most of the time people find group diving events online and book an event together and swim with a local dive instructor who is familiar with the area. I am still a beginner so as I gain experience I will post more about it. :)

and Yes! I try to get my wife involved as much as I can so we can share the experience together good or bad we still learn from each other. hehehehe.
Thanks for the comment!!~~

Awesome! Welcome to water world! It's beautiful down there and the beauty is only revealed for those who brave dare and tried.

Indeed true, it really is a different world in the ocean. There is so much we dont know about our oceans and we know more about outer space. :)

I love scuba diving but I feel little fear of water 🌊

Fear not my friend!~~ Because I think all of us have the same feeling as you do... including myself. And the best way to overcome this is to always dive together with a team or dive buddy. Never go out on your own is what makes the experience much safer and fun. :)

Hello I like to make free diving in Greece is beautiful

Greece must be so beautiful to dive. And Free diving is an extremely hard diving skill!!! I give you respect!!! :)

Congratulations 🙌 Are you planning to buy your own gear?


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At the moment the only gear my wife and I own is Scuba Goggles and mouth Piece... because I just dont like using other peoples mouth piece and googles... heheheheh.
The other gear we will think about it as we dive more into the ocean. and I know it can get pretty expensive too when choosing brand name gear.

True, and then there's the expense of taking it along...

and then there's the weight of taking it along.... it is extremely heavy.... possibly it maybe the heaviest gear you will ever buy in your life I bet. :)

Yes, except perhaps a shark cage is heavier 🤣


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