The 1UP-Cartel Is Growing Quickly: Investments, Operators and Content Initiative

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The @oneup-cartel is not even two weeks old but is already a massive hit for our young ONEUP blockchain gaming and NFT community on HIVE. The Discord server is booming, we have over a dozen player agreements for playing different games as well as producing regular quality content about these games and our Cartel treasury worth far over $10,000 USD in tokens and assets.


What is the 1UP-Cartel?

You can check out the announcement post with all the details about the 1UP-Cartel, to better understand this project.


Ok, time is precious and the announcement post has 2.5k words, so here is the gist of it:

The 1UP-Cartel combines a meta gaming guild, playing and investing into various blockchain games and NFT projects, with the dividend token CARTEL for sharing the revenue and with the @curation-cartel service for the most popular Hive-Engine tribe tokens. We will also do DAILY high quality game reports from our @oneup-cartel account about all our invested games and NFTs, this and more starting in 2022.

One CARTEL costs currently 10 USD, ideally paid in round numbers dividable by 10. To purchase CARTEL tokens over the counter, send any amount of HIVE, HBD, SWAP.HBD or SWAP.BUSD to @oneup-cartel. There is also CARTEL available on the Hive-Engine market for a slight premium price, if you cannot wait for the daily manual issuing.

The price of issued CARTEL will go up after the initial first month.

Dividends are locked for the first three months, then we vote if we delay another three months or begin with the weekly payouts from the ongoing revenue streams.


Cartel Investments

A total of 1290.54 CARTEL have been issued so far to investors and more have been purchased but not yet issued.

We are growing faster than expected. The Family couldn't be any happier!


Below is the entire list of assets and tokens the Cartel is currently owning in its treasury.



All of the NFTs we hold in Hashkings were swapped with @flauwy and @e-rich1 for about 50% of the market value, as originally announced, plus some MOTA governance tokens for a total of 257 CARTEL. All assets were transferred to @cartel-hashkings.

Operator: @oomrniceoo

(doesn't show our land plots that are in use right now)




The same kind of asset swap at 50% value happened for @dCrops with @flauwy and @e-rich1 for a total of 44.38 CARTEL (still to be issued).

Operator: @e-rich1

(doesn't show our land plots that are in use right now)




The first person shooter game @psyberx has been on our radar since the launch of the Cartel. Q1 will be an interesting time for this shooting star, where we will get more information and a first look at the ingame graphics.

We are part of this new frontier in HIVE gaming with 400,000 LVL tokens.

One PsyberX Crate with 5 NFT cards per month for each 200,000 LVL. This means we will get 2 monthly crates with 10 NFT cards.




With @ehon we get funky pixelart NFTs that will be playable in multiple games. The German team behind it has a long history on HIVE and the Cartel is supporting their plans.

We have invested into 50 GENONE tokens. These will be redeemable for Generation One NFTs in Q1 2022.

We also got 2,000 EGOV tokens, the governance token and funding mechanism of the team. We might see some more airdrops for holding this token as well.

In Q1 we will get the Tavern, a mating system to breed new NFTs.


Hive Folks

The @hivefolks NFT collection is one of the coolest community projects on HIVE. It features 47 of the leading HIVE members, Dolphins, Orcas and Whales. Their minting price was 80 HIVE but the Cartel missed the opportunity to mint one of them. So the Cartel bought two Hive Folks directly from the market for 99 HIVE each.

The Top 50 Holders of HiveFolks NFTs will be allowed to choose if they want an NFT created in their likeness or someone of their choice, keeping in line with the basic rule that all are made in good taste and with good intentions!
Immortalized on the blockchain we love, forever.

When we are among the top 50 Hive Folks holders, we can design one character for the next edition. Obviously that will be the 1UP Mushroom mascot, which will be a great promotion for 1UP and an honor to be among the most legendary HIVE members.

Common BlueCommon Green
Hive Folks Nathan Mars.pngHive Folks Sun.png


Hive Punks

@hivepunks is an even more famous NFT project on HIVE and sold out within a few days after its launch. It has a thriving community with multiple tools and bots. And the Cartel is now owning five Hive Punks. I made an asset swap with the Cartel at 50% floor price for each HIVE Punk, which was 15.9 HIVE at the time.

Hive Punks.PNG


Non Hive Investments

Crypto Raiders

With Crypto Raiders we have our first investment outside the HIVE ecosystem. It runs on the Polygon blockchain and is a pixel graphic dungeon crawler. Our operator @revisesociology bought us an already leveled and greatly equipped Raider from OpenSea. Apparently we were extremely lucky with all the loot he has in his inventory.

Lvl 7 Raider

Price: 0.085 ETH

Operator: @revisesociology

Raider Link:


Inventory: Red Hunter's Garb, Shabby Spear, Shabby Mace, Iron Shortsword, Beast Pelt, Copper Mail, Iron Shortsword, Copper Mail, Basic Mail, Sturdy Bow, Basic Mail, Heavy Mace, Sharpened Spear, Crusader's Cloak, Iron Shortsword, Sledge Hammer, Iron Shortsword, Copper Mail, Sturdy Bow, Wood Chipper, Sturdy Bow, Basic Mail, Wizard's Wand, Sharpened Spear, Basic Mail, Wizard's Wand, Sharpened Spear, Great Axe, Great Axe, Sledge Hammer, Quilted Doublet, Pig Skinner, Hunter's Boomerang, Bash - Spell Rune, Farmer's Sickle, Sorcerer's Cowl, Ivy Longbow, Woodland Gabardine, Quilted Doublet, Pig Skinner, Pig Skinner, Sorcerer's Cowl, Farmer's Sickle, Bash - Spell Rune, Ivy Longbow, Apprentice Staff, Quilted Doublet, Sorcerer's Cowl, Ivy Longbow, Candy Cane, Candy Cane, A CR-mas Story, A CR-mas Story


Token Investments

To support our content creators and boost our own @curation-cartel, the Cartel has invested into several Hive-Engine tokens, as well into Splinterlands:


Our sister tribe LeoFinance is a major source for information about finance and investing. Our next liquidity pool will feature a ONEUP::LEO pair. There are really cool updates and airdrops announced for 2022.

We bought 2,000 LEO tokens, staked them on @oneup-cartel and delegated them to @leo-curator, which will produce daily curation payouts for the Cartel.


Our second sister tribe is Splintertalk, the Splinterlands community on HIVE, for which we already share a liquidity pool with the ONEUP:SPT pair.

We bought 100,000 SPT, staked them on @oneup-cartel and delegated them to @monster-curator, which will also produce daily curation payouts for the Cartel.


And finally, we took the opportunity to buy Splintershards SPS, the Splinterlands governance token, when it hit its all-time low at around $0.18. The price was very tempting and we got lucky, as just hours later Splinterlands announced their 2022 plans for SPS and price immediately recovered.

We bought 1,000 SPS and staked it in-game on @oneup-cartel, earning us close to ~40% APR, which we will compound into our position for the time being.


Flauwy's Splinterlands Accounts & Operators

While the cartel is still waiting for the retail release of Splinterlands Chaos Legion to invest into packs and cards, the cartel already manages two accounts of mine, with a 33/33/33 sharing agreement between me, cartel and operator. This offer will continue until the land expansion begins and then reevaluated.


Gold Foil account

On the account @cartel-monster I have delegated most of my gold foil cards on gold league level. The talented live-streamer @drabs587 is operating the account for ranked matches in the league and @usamaro for tournaments. You can watch Drabs regularly on Twitch playing live. This account has 3.2 million collection power - all in gold!


@drabs587 even provided the first weekly report about his progress with the account.

Cartel-Monster's First Week On The Battleground

Max Champion Account

The Cartel is also managing @monster-grinder, with my maxed out regular foil deck, that plays in Champion for leaderboard positions and is being operated for the past 15 months by the talented @dejan.vucovic.

This account is sitting on 2.8 million collection power, with a max Alhpa, max Beta, max Untamed, max Dice and many promo cards.



Content Cartel

We are actively working on bringing more and more games into the Cartel and have operators play them, learn them and write high quality posts about them for the @oneup-cartel account as beneficiary authors. We will edit and design the articles and publish them as part of an ambitious daily series of gaming posts.

We have the following operators writing weekly reports for the Cartel about their games:

Crypto Raiders@revisesociology
Gods Unchained@squirrelacus
Axie Infinity@quixoticflux
Farm Tales or Star Atlas@libertycrypto27


Join The Cartel

We are looking for more operators/authors for other games, like Rising Star, Exode, Crypto Brew Master, Rabona and much more. We are also already in talks to create a pro-team for Thetan Arena. Playing these games and staying up-to-date is as much part of the task as creating weekly content about game news and our account progress.

We are also looking for people doing other tasks for us, to push 1UP and the Cartel forward. Think about how you could yourself engage in the community and reach out to us on Discord.

Our latest addition to The Family, who will earn a weekly bounty in ONEUP for the massive service they are providing us. All three of them are already incredibly important Family members and deserve our respect and support.

Our new Discord Mod @sketchygamerguy has already restructured our Discord and shines with his activity and kindness a new light onto our channel.

And @spiritsurge is taking tons of work off my hands, as our new Cartel Manager. Within a few days he basically took heavy responsibility away from me and juggles it with ease and professionalism. We should probably call him The Hand...


HIVE name1UP RoleDiscord contact
@spiritsurgeCartel ManagerSpiritsurge#0222
@sketchygamerguyDiscord ModSketchyGamerGuy#1171
@crazyhBot Developernot yet on Discord

Cartel Graphics For You

The amazing Cartel logo was create by @veith-yaeger. Shoutout to her creativity, this logo is seriously the coolest thing I could have hoped for the Cartel. I had zero creative influence in it but am 100% satisified. She will get a ONEUP bounty for it and @e-rich1 and I will gift her X CARTEL, that we will buy with our funds for her.

Feel free to use the following versions of our logo, as well as our new divider for your 1UP and Cartel posts:



This should suffice for now, many more updates are in the pipeline!



So the cartel...when in doubt talk to the hand...badum tss...

Jokes aside...Glad to be part of this amazing community...Credits to Flauwy for taking a gamble and trusting me...But I guess that's what you do in this cartel...

Trust begets trust and performance

Trust Family.gif

Looking amazing so far Flauwy all of these seem very promising and the community is here in full force showing support for the cartel and all it is involved in.

Blessed to be an operator and can't wait to see where the cartel will be in one year's time very exciting indeed.

Epic 2022!

One CARTEL costs currently 10 USD, ideally paid in round numbers dividable by 10. To purchase CARTEL tokens over the counter, send any amount of HIVE, HBD, SWAP.HBD or SWAP.BUSD to @oneup-cartel. There is also CARTEL available on the Hive-Engine market for a slight premium price, if you cannot wait for the daily manual issuing.

^^^ The most important part of the post ^^^
Going to see if I can afford some 2...

Seems like this cartel will fulfill my thug dream! Can I just join as regular player who posts contents about Splinterlands, rising star and other play2earn games?

Yes, that would be lovely. We still need a Rising Star player. And/or maybe another game. Exode, Cryptobrewmaster, Rabona are other HIVE games where we have no operators yet. Or look beyond HIVE, there is so much out or coming out - I want it all!


Hey @flauwy, i would love to be an operator for crazy defense heroes or thetan arena!

Amazing! and 3.2 million collection power in gold cards... wow I thought i was getting somewhere going from 80k to 200k total collection power lol

Right I was thinking that when I read it. Like dam 3.2 million. Wonder the airdrop points for that alone 😂

Hello @flauwy , The Farting Community has 4 games + an NFT set that we would like to develop however we need a Developer and an Advisor. Please let me know if you can assist us on any level. $FART Token has already been minted. See this post for our 1st game

Lol, sounds smelly! Let's talk on Discord. ;-)

ok, let send me a discord link and I will get on tonight, thanks

This is really a great achievement in the blockchain. Keep up the good work moving.

Great project, I'll join the 1up Cartel for sure. Just one question though: If I would send @oneup-cartel HIVE worth $10 today and the price would go down after that and before the CARTEL have been send - Would I still get 1 or less (so the question is: Which HIVE price is the relevant one)?

I hope you understand what I mean 😅 !PIZZA

No, you would get the HIVE price from the moment of issuing, which is why I highly suggest to send stablecoins instead of HIVE, like HBD, SWAP.HBD, or SWAP.BUSD.

Okay. So I better transfer some HBD from my savings to buy some CARTEL 😅

Just bought 2 CARTEL, glad to join this community :)

Drabs told me to get in touch with you guys! I am willing to help out on RisingStar content or any others that I am currently streaming. This is SilentxNecrosis on Twitch, BTW!!

Awesome sauce!

Please get on Discord and contact @spiritsurge to get you started with all the infos you need.


Gotchu! Thanks!

The Hand will take care of you....untitled.gif

$10 for 1 Cartel...

But some of us little fish only have a limited amount of crypto so hive-engine it is. Unfortunately its not a little premium, its selling for close to $14 :(

Regardless just bought my tiny portion today. Let's see how it goes.

 11 months ago (edited) 

Doing it manually is a lot of work and $10 is a good bottom for that.

I have adjusted to the CARTEL price on the Hive-Engine market to the risen HIVE price. Will keep an eye on the price but over New Year I was ultra busy with a few other things that kept me occupied.

Thanks for joining the Cartel!

I totally agree with the minimum to buy direct as you are absolutely right its a lot of work :) I'm happy to be part of the crew although I'm doing almost the same thing for my guild. Hold their coin, invest it, then use the dividends to purchase upgraded buildings. Not nearly on the scale you are doing but I certainly like the idea :)

Thanks for making the curation pool

Any chance you are looking for operators for Gods Unchained? I'm a mythic player there and also started to write content for the game. Thanks!

We already have an operator with @squirrelacus. Thank you so much for your offer though. Come join us on Discord and see if we can do stuff together nevertheless!

thank you! will see you there! :)

Really cool concept! I learned a lot about new crypto games to check out and just joined your Discord. Looking forward to seeing more of your content!

Finally got some HBD to purchase a token.

Excited to see how this goes!


wow awesome stuff!!



The other day I sent my girlfriend a huge pile of snow.
I called her up and asked “Did you get my drift?”

@flauwy, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @forsakensushi
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (1/6)

This project sounds very promising.


Excellent update. It's exciting how the project is picking up steam.

I'm waiting for the curation team to be formed to bring all my Hispanic community to the project. :D

We are 90% done with our new voting bot.

will there be manual curation?

 11 months ago (edited) 

100% manual! But not the way you are used to.

The One-up cartel is in good hands. Seems very promising, and at the least will help other upcoming projects too.

One time OneUP way to go. Bring it on, or as they say in New Bombay "bring it an come".

Congrats on a successful launch of the 1UP Cartel and glad to hear that the next liquidity pool will feature an ONEUP::LEO pair. Symbiosis for the better!

Bought a couple of tokens on the Engine. Interested to see where this will go, and it seems like you've thought this through, so I'm in.

I think the Cartel project has so much potential. Really good work.
I've started studying Farming Tales as my first evaluation looks promising....
!discovery 20
@tipu curate

Sent 0.1 PGM tokens to @flauwy

remaining commands 0

Buy and stake 10 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM per day,
100 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM three times per day
500 to send and receive 0.1 PGM five times per day
1000 to send and receive 0.1 PGM ten times per day

Discord image.png

Damn, slow down, Flauwy. So productive!

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I want check the taste of ONEUP

Excellent update

Up and away, let's climb one order of magnitude at a time.

I'm FOMOing hard. I want in on this. Can I be your Derace guy?

What's a Derace guy?

DeRace is a play to earn NFT horse racing game, with a gambling element thrown in. It's an upscale version of ZedRun. It's not really "out" yet, but it's got a beta version that can be played. I've been staking their $DERC tokens for a bit in anticipation. I was hoping to get time to play the game later today for the first time. The beta gameplay has only been out for a week or two.

I've got some Hive powering down right now, I'm hoping to buy into the Cartel within a few days, and I'd like to be your DeRace guy. It's a bit premature because I don't know a heap ton about the game yet, but let me submit a write up to you by this weekend and see if you like my style!

The game has had some delays in production that has hurt it a bit, but it's got some top notch marketers behind it (Alex Becker for one) and if they deliver a decent product it should really make some money in 2022.

Man, this sounds amazing! I have heard about these racing games, there are a few others coming out as well. You could the entire racing niche of blockchain games, that is popping out now, if you like. Bit by bit as most of them are not yet playable as far as I know.

Very exciting subject. After getting a better overview of the market in your cartel posts we can make an investment choice to buy some assets there as well.

Posts are published via the @oneup-cartel account, with you as author and you 50% beneficiary. We do the editorial, text styling and graphic design. Weekly or bi-weekly.

Please get on Discord and contact @spiritsurge, to set up a schedule for your articles and please drop me a friend request. I will create a template for the post in the next week but you can get started anytime. We need all the info about wallet and account access for a new cartel account.

A whole racing game niche is brilliant! Off the top of my head I know there is ZedRun which has a working game now, and DeRace which is coming very soon. There is also a car racing game that is partnered with DeRace. So if you have a great race horse NFT on DeRace, it will translate into a hot racing car in the racing game.

I sent you a friend request on Discord.

I'll get researching tonight and tomorrow and get in touch with @spiritsurge.

Just started staking 1up and pizza on some Tribaldex pools ;)

excellent project. this and 1UP as a whole. I hope it will progress and grow well (as I am investing money in it hahaha)

A 1UP LeoFinance pairing is an interesting concept. For the liquidity pool having two tokens like that, will one help to stabilize the other?

Well, with more liquidity in this pool, price swings from people dumping are less likely. But when LEO goes down, it would pull ONEUP with it. We have seen that with ONEUP:SPT now: SPS went down, pulling down SPT via the shared pool, pulling down ONEUP via our shared pool. It is not a huge influence, but it exists. Works in the other direction as well. ;-)

That is fascinating. Amazing to see how the different tokens influence each other 😀