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Welcome to the 1409th Edition of the Daily Qurator here on Hive! Our team is looking left and right for the awesome posts from all Hive users and are looking forward to feature and curate some great content. Every day we will feature 6 awesome posts picked by our curators.

Qurator's team picks - 17th of February 2024.

[PL / ENG] Walentynki My Actifit Report Card: February 14 2024
by @asia-pl

"Najważniejsza jest profilaktyka konfliktu serologicznego i wczesne jego rozpoznanie. U kobiet z Rh+ konflikt nie wystąpi. Kobiety z Rh-, których partner ma Rh+ powinny planować ciążę oraz stosować się do wszystkich zaleceń ginekologa."

Post curated by: @ewkaw

Light Play
by @terrywayne

"The Westdale area of Hamilton Ont. is considered to be the university area of the city. Meaning large amounts of both car and bus traffic, and streets lined with string lights on the trees and poles. Making for a fun spot to play with more light trails!"

Post curated by: @ackhoo

Portrait Drawing 7
by @leeendah

"I decided to draw and listen to some music."

Post curated by: @brumest

Greckie wołowe kotlety mielone z air fryer.
by @grecki-bazar-ewy

"Odkąd mieszkam w Grecji, czyli już prawie połowę mojego życia, robię kotlety mielone tylko z wołowiny. Wprawdzie poczyniłam kilka wyjątków ale za każdym razem wracałam do czystej wołowiny. I tak zostało."

Post curated by: @ewkaw

Modeling photography || monomad challenge
by @azamsohrabi

"Today's post is about selected photos of a dear groom who chose garden and studio photography for their wedding day."

Post curated by: @brumest

Coffee and Fry Up at the Limes Café
by @ellenripley

"After having a good experience at a transport cafe last week, we came across another in our neighbouring county called the 'Limes Cafe' situated on the roadside. It has been a family run business for the past 20 years. There was plenty of parking. In fact, we couldn't miss it as a couple of big lorries were parked outside."

Post curated by: @ackhoo

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