🎵 “Dancing Constellation” (Original) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 105

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.


This week's Hive Open Mic theme is: "Colorful", selected by @mipiano. She is one of my best friends here on the Hive platform. I'm excited to put this song together for this occasion, knowing that she will be one of the first to see it. To me, it shows a huge amount of progress in my music journey.

I carry a lot of "colorful" songs, and the one I present today is called "Dancing Constellation." This one invites us to radiate our light into the world, like stars. I've noticed that many musicians are dimming themselves, dumming themselves down, afraid to step into the spotlight, afraid to bear their own inner light, afraid to share.

I can relate with playing it safe, and people pleasing. I've reached the conclusion that the world needs artists to be artists, and splash our colors! The world needs musicians to sing aloud, and bring our love songs full-blast. The world is calling for this community to take courage and shine on! Thankfully, we do shine, brilliant and beautiful, for all the world to see and hear.

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and some among us call this the Holy Week, with Easter Sunday in a few days. I invite us to remember that exemplary human being we call Jesus, or Yeshua, and ask ourselves how we might learn from his example. How might we light up the world in our own way, today? Forgiveness. Acceptance. Adoration. Beautification. Gratitude... Harmony.

Dancing Constellation

I send a ray of white
Through the diamond in my chest
In order to harness the rainbow inside
This is my high desire

I am a color wheel
In an arena of lights
I send the spectrum through myself as a prism
For I am crystalline

Just as the stars align
This child of light shines in beauty bright
And we are all stars together we aura
Dancing constellation

I am an open door
Hoping for you to explore
Your outer reaches and my Innermost
For I will share my aura

I share my dreams and trust
I have my pixie dust
For I am filled with the most mystical gift
This is my love

Just as the stars align...

I give my vivid violet
You iridescent blue
Metallic sheen and mother of pearl
We marble swirl

Just as the stars align...

Dancing Constellation studio recording by my band, Cosmic Butterflies




Hive Open Mic - Week 105 is underway right now, with the current theme: “Colorful". We introduce new themes every Sunday, inviting musicians to share a common current. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. There is still time to jump in and enjoy this week's Hive Open Mic event!


Enjoy? Join in.


We can't describe with any words how much we liked this song, Cosmic Butterflies sounds spectacular, we turned up all the volume of our player while listening to them, oh! it's a delight, "Brave Spirit" is another great song, they are a band with a music that enriches and brings good vibes, it's almost healing music.

Dear Cabe, you have blessed our Good Friday with this music that you have shared with us, we are happy to listen to you, the world needs more music of this kind and people like you. 🤗 🎼 🎸

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It is very beautiful this song, I can recognize the sound of the stars when dancing, I like it very much because I also think that my heart is a prism.

Aw, thanks for relating with me through the music. How awesome to be able to hear the stars when dancing, wow! That is awe-inspiring to me. I witnessed a woman speaking a star language recently and it was most amazing.

Time zones... so I was not the first to see your entry! But here I am :))

Wow, what a cool edition and song and presentation. You shine indeed 🌟🌟

the world needs artists to be artists, and splash our colors! The world needs musicians to sing aloud, and bring our love songs full-blast. The world is calling for this community to take courage and shine!

Agree with you! What would be the world without colours, without love? An important task to fulfill 🌈🎶🌟

You're so right. Reminds me of a wonderful phrase I read by Thich Nhat Hanh:

People think we have to die to get to heaven, but we only have to truly live.

Hmm, true! We just have to truly live, indeed!

Your words Cabe... certainly many artists get carried away by banalities and stop radiating light, when all of us who make music at any level, whether professionals or amateurs, must reach people with love and giving the best in our art; regardless of the musical genre we interpret, we can bring light to any place, Hive Open Mic is the best example as you mention 🙏...

I agree very much, we can follow the example of the son of God, in such a simple way, but most of us forget it with the day to day life believing that it means living in harmony!!!!

I loved your song, every line is beautiful, your interpretation was AMAZING as well as the original recording with the band, which by the way I fell in love with that female voice singing with you, it sounded GREAT!!!!

I send you a hug dear brother, thank you for motivating us, guiding us and having next to your leadership beautiful beings like @mipiano, she is very special 💖

You Rockkkk Cabe thanks for this journey 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

Your brotherhood is such a gift, you know. Do you realize the encouragement you give when you share comments like this? It is full of respect, good vibes, and friendly energy to lift a person's spirits and help them to feel seen, heard, accepted, and applauded. It is an incredible blessing to be in your circle. Thank you.

I'm blessed too Cabe, meeting you has been a beautiful journey, thank you 🙌😀💛; every word I say it comes fron my heart to you 🙌😀🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

It is very beatiful song blessed ❤️🥰

Thank you, friend. It's a joy to hear from you.

Nice, I really like this one 👍

Thank you. Hope life is treating you well. Any experiences with the mustangs lately? I have horses on my mind a lot these days. Peace.

It's been a few weeks since I've been up to visit the wild ones. I'm sure we'll be up to visit a little more this spring/summer though. Other than that, life is going alright. Got a lot of concerts to see this season, starting with Amorphis next Friday in Denver. Hope all is well on your end.

The rhythm of the song that is very easy listening and always ringing in my head, it's so amazing song sir 😍

Thanks for noticing the rhythm. I really like the energy it brings to have a beat, and I'm glad to be making progress in that area: creating a beat and integrating it into a live music performance.

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cool new song @cabelindsay , this song has a beautiful philosophy, and you're right bro, we have to shine like stars, don't need to dim, keep shining brilliantly for the whole world to hear

Man I love this tune. Sounds very Indie song with a loooot of good vibes and energy and sometimes some ancestral native Northamerican sacred chanta
I like too much

Nice to hear you sense some ancestral energy in it. I understand that many of the North American tribes speak of the Star Nation, and I am fascinated by that. Bless you, brother.

Yess brother your músic is so spiritual . You know that I like too much! Yesss the Star nation and cósmics ancestral beings. Amazing sacred and wisdom cultures
Blessings aho

Me encanto @cabelindsay mucha pureza en tu actuación. Felicidades y Bendiciones

My good friend, your songs always come with deep meanings and the need to check ourselves.

I agree with you that we need to shine our lights to the world. The world needs to see us shine.

Awesome music. I love your video editing too

Much love😍

The world needs to see us shine.

Yeah, man. Shine bright! Someone might need light.

There is a lot of magic in this cosmic journey my friend. I identify very much with the lyrics of this song and I loved the version you have recorded with your band. The girl's voice sounds great next to yours... On the other hand, the message you say in the writing of your post has come through loud and clear to me. Right now I am going through a stage of acceptance, adoration, beautification and gratitude to achieve harmony first within myself and to be able to reflect it. Thank you for sharing this, it has come at the perfect time. I admire your wisdom and learn a lot from your way of seeing the world.

Openmic in English.jfif

Right on, brother. I'm so glad you are standing in your sovereignty. I see that and I feel it in the music you share, and the energy of your words. Thank you for shining in all the ways you do.

This song has become my favorite. You are an awesome musical mix, the beatles, blind melon, nirvana, pink floyd, new radicals.... I really don't know if you listen to those bands but I feel something of them in your music.

A big hug!!!

How nice of you to share these band names as comparison points with me. Yes, they are some of my primary influences, each of those you named. You are so kind. Thank you.

Thank u for share your talent and your music with us. Peace!!

Hola @cabelindsay, hermosa presentación 🥰 disfruto mucho escuchar tus hermosas canciónes, Dios le bendiga más y más

Your videos are so dreamy and magical.💫💫💫💫
I could get lost in dreamland just listening to you sing and watching your videos.

Oh my...😍😍😍
Your edits are always so on point!

I nodded my head all the way through the performance and had so much fun tuning in.
This was such a stellar performance.👌👌👌

Thanks so much. I'm really excited to introduce a beat into the tunes, and liven them up. Next I think I'll work on freshening up the guitar sound. Always room for improvement in my vocals, and that's where you come in, coach! You teach me each and every time you share. Sending a hug.

Always room for improvement in my vocals,

Indeed Cabe!

and that's where you come in, coach! You teach me each and every time you share.

So sweet of you...

Sending a hug.

Sending you big hugs...

Very nice music and performance.👏👏👏

The lyrics of this song is so deep
Every word caught my attention..
I agree with you cabe, We are all stars meant to shine together.

Great Music our dear friend.
I loved it.

Thank you. I'm so glad we have this community—a place where likeminded souls like you and I can come and share what lights us up. Sending a hug.

Hug received😊😊
And you are very welcome.
And very glad I have a place like hiveopenmic too

This one is an upbeat one! i felt like daydreaming while listening to it, the video edition was very cool too! it was cool to travel along the stars while hearing you sing and play, so honestly , from your heart, as always! i particularly liked the end when you strum those chords on the guitar without drums or voice, it was a nice ending ... sending love your way brother!! thanks for your art and for your generous kindness, you really are a shining being Cabe :)

Man this comment of your is so special to me. Thank you. It means a lot to me to feel your presence, sending me your brotherly love. I appreciate you, brother.

Singing and playing. Amazing. I love the presentation

This song is beautiful and has an excellent sound, the video is great with those novel effects, your musical creation is very beautiful, how interesting it would be if you allow me to make a version in Spanish, it would be great greetings and success dear brother

Oh yes, definitely, feel free to run with this song. I bet you would play it brilliantly in Spanish. Sending a hug, brother.

What an exciting background! I really liked this video, this week I have been reading about the universe, galaxies, black holes and the vastness of the universe and you just come with this video in this perfect way!
Your lyrics are always poetic bro and good vibes, I had time without listening to you, I've been a little inactive but I'm back, greetings friend nice composition! @cabelindsay

Yay, I'm glad you're back! How cool to know this video's imagery resonates with where you're at in life too. I'm grateful for your comment, brother, it feels like brotherly love to me.

Hola amigo que lindo ea visitarte de nuevo y poder escuchar este tema tan espléndido. Me encanta como escribes, tienes un alma pura que ilumina el corazón de todos los usuarios de esta comunidad. Tu originalidad transmite motivación y amor por la música. Pronto estaré de nuevo con ustedes, mi voz ha estado en reposo amigo. Dios te bendiga siempre, hermosa canción y me encantó la temática que dió nuestra querida @mipiano. Un abrazo fraternal.

It's a very good cover. Watching these types of videos inspires me. Will you be able to play facing the camera next time? I like seeing chords and trying songs that I like too. 😊 I learned to play most songs by watching them. So I can learn from you. Well done sir. ✨✨🌈🌈🌈🌈

Thank you for your interest in this song! Yes, I think you're right about shifting my posture to face the camera, thanks for letting me know your thoughts on that. I invite you to play the song. It is in standard tuning, and here are the chords. Verse: Bm G D Bm G D Bm G D Em Bm G D. Chorus: G D A Em G D A G D A Em G A D. Bridge: Bm D Bm D Bm G D Em Bm G D.

not a cover friend, is an original song ...

Ov sorry for that. I missed the huge detail. :( You are great. I will listen again and I will feel your song and with lyrics, like listening to a poem. With all my love. 😊

hehe dont worry friend! its not my song im just a friend of the author , greetings! :)