🎵 “In The Now” (Original) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 104

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.


In The Now

This week's Hive Open Mic theme is Guitarra Automática. @alejandrorigo selected this theme, and here's his vision: Guitarra Automática, is like a machine gun guitar, a tool of peace instead of a weapon of war. This idea refers to the fact that music lets us lift up our heavy emotions to be released into song. War becomes music.

I'm proud of the fact that we explore territory like this. Our weekly themes give us a common ground for contemplation, and communication as a community. One of the reasons why I admire this week's topic is because it draws attention to warfare, violence, weaponry... suggesting that music is the answer transmutes these into tools of creation, and peace.

This topic directly aligns with our community's big mission: Global Harmony. And it aligns with our ultimate vision: World Peace.

The song I'm sharing here speaks to the inner conflict, with music as the answer. I think everyone can relate with the burden of focusing on the future or dwelling in the past, and the freedom of being in the present. I think every musician can relate with music as the solution that brings us satisfaction.

I’ve been waiting for the moonlight
To flicker out of sight and a new moon to come
I’ve been hoping for a new sun to replace the old one
I’ve been listening for a new song
So I can sing along
I’ve been living for the future

I’m in the now, now
This music that I hear is humming from me
I’m singing because I’m satisfied with the now, now
I’m in the now, now

There was a time when
I used to wonder who I will become
Now that I am him, I’m still wondering
I used to wonder if it was too late
To start over again
I was living in the past then

I’m in the now, now...

Now I’m not going far or near
I’m staying right here
I’m not going back or forward, I’m going up
Now I’m living for the moment
In the present
I’m in the now, now

I’m in the now, now...




Hive Open Mic - Week 104 is underway right now, with the current theme: “Guitarra Automática". We introduce new themes every Sunday, inviting musicians to share a common current. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. There is still time to jump in and enjoy this week's Hive Open Mic event!


Enjoy? Join in.


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Thank you for your sweet words. Sending you a hug in return.

excellent presentation my dear friend @cabelindsay, always doing a good job, I loved your song, congratulations God continue to give you more wisdom, and continue to compose beautiful songs ❤️🎸

You are so kind to bless me with your vision of more wisdom and continuation of music compositions. I love that. Thank you!

This is a great song, really dude, congratulations. I'm glad for watching all your entries.

Thanks so much. This is one of the songs I've held onto longest. It helps me through hard times, staying present. Feels good to bring it here for this week's occasion. Cheers!

Amigo me gusto tu presentación, tu editaje del vídeo excelente, felicitaciones✨✨💙💞

tu editaje del vídeo excelente

Thank you, I'm learning new tools and techniques all the time. I'm thankful for our community here, giving us a chance to use those tools for something new.

Your performances are always a vibe 😊
The effort you put into your performances are so inspiring 👏 👏 👏

Your voice is stellar ⭐️ 🌟 💫
Your talent is so sublime 😍😍

To know you is to admire you…
Keep shining star child.
You are amazing Cabe 💕💕💕

Your comments are next-level. It is so nice to hear your words, noting these various areas that I've focused energy into. Means a lot to me, especially coming from you, who shine like a rainbow person in this world.

Awwww Cabe,
You deserve all the kind words I send your way.
You are light personified.

You are always welcome ♥️♥️

Que bonito pensamiento @cabelindsay vivir el presente de la mejor manera para prepararte para el futuro. Aveces vivimos sin darnos cuentas de lo bueno o malo que hacemos. Un gran abrazo de hermano para ti. Gracias siempre, por siempre transmitir los mejores valores para este mundo en que vivimos.

Grateful for these moments we share, here and now, feeling each other's kinship. Sending you my brotherly hug, sister.

Agradecidos por estos momentos que compartimos, aquí y ahora, sintiendo el parentesco del otro. Te mando mi abrazo fraternal, hermana.

Hello Cabe! As you mention, it's time to change the weapons of destruction for musical instruments and keep insisting for global harmony.

I really liked your song. If we live in the past we cannot move forward, if we live in the future this generates anxiety. We must live in the here and now, making the most of life, remembering that it is short.


Nicely said, yes, thank you for your beautiful reflection. I am happy to be here now, sharing this present moment with you, my sister.

Another beautiful and excellent performance....
I totally enjoyed it.

You rock..
Beautiful video editing as well.

Beautiful is an understatement for this awesome performance❤

Your song choice is so on point with this week's theme. Your voice and musical arrangement are perfect.

Wow, your video editing skills are top-notch. Please how did you get to combine all videos together this way? What software do you use for editing and recording? I love...love the editing

Your entries are always great and one to learn from.

Thanks for giving us this beauty. Much love😍

This video editing technique is called "Keying", and it is achieved with a green screen—green curtain stretched behind me. I'm using Adobe Premiere for the editing. I'm pretty new at this, and still have some areas to improve, but I love the possibilities it opens up. Excited to experiment some more. I'm happy it makes a good impression on you. Thank you, my friend!

I loved the phrase "I've been waiting for a new sun to replace the old one", I think it's a thought that somehow goes through our minds when we want to move from a place we don't want to be. This original theme enjoys great content and depth, as always you have brought us excellent work dear brother.

Yes, thank you so much for understanding where I'm coming from with that line. It means a lot to me that you would listen intently and play the game of comprehending the message and its medicine.

Sí, muchas gracias por entender de dónde vengo con esa línea. Significa mucho para mí que escuchen atentamente y jueguen el juego de comprender el mensaje y su medicina.

Friend, I admire your thought and I loved the phrase "the freedom to be in the present" connects with me, the lyrics of the song that you share with us today reflect that freedom of thought, of feeling, of acting, and expressing it through music is the most beautiful gift that God gives us, this theme is ideal for me in meditation! You are an artist, I want to be able to play the electric guitar, thank you, I really loved your interpretation, a hug.

Aw, thank you for a wonderful comment. Feels good to connect with you. I'm so happy the music brings us together. For me, the electric guitar is new. I really enjoy the way it can be a vessel for positive energy - amplified, sustained, given effects... Endless ways to explore and express.

Oh, gracias por un comentario maravilloso. Se siente bien conectar contigo. Estoy tan feliz de que la música nos una. Para mí, la guitarra eléctrica es nueva. Realmente disfruto la forma en que puede ser un recipiente para la energía positiva: amplificada, sostenida, con efectos... Infinitas formas de explorar y expresar.

It is a privilege for me, as you say, that music allows me to connect with extraordinary people, I appreciate it and enjoy it, many blessings to you my friend

I like your approach to the theme and your thoughts... living in the now... So important that we live in the moment, in the present, and not in the past or future. Your song has some sounds that resemble the very far Oriente. And this video edition is top-notch :)

Thank you for connecting with the sentiment, and offering your reflection. I'm really enjoying the learning process with this green screen effect, although it isn't easy to achieve and I have much room for improvement.

Until we are improving, it is all good :)

Music should be present in as many schools and places as possible.
For many an instrument has been the salvation and escape from an unhappy life.
I loved this week's theme, although I understood late what the purpose was.
See you soon.

Oh yes, I completely agree. Music is one of those life-long activities that can be embraced at an early age and carried throughout life. It brings me escape, and also connection. It brings me medicine for the body, heart, mind, and soul.

Me encantó la letra, es tan importante vivir en el ahora, gran ejecución vocal e instrumental hermano! Y el editaje de tus videos va mejorando cada vez más. Felicitaciones, Bendiciones y abrazos!

I loved the lyrics, it's so important to live in the now, great vocal and instrumental performance bro! And the editing of your videos is getting better and better. Congratulations, Blessings and hugs!

Thank you for noticing the improvements I'm making. Yes, I'm so happy to see signs of growth in the videos, and the musicianship, and other areas too. Both in myself, and practically every single one of the musicians in our community.

Gracias por notar las mejoras que estoy haciendo. Sí, estoy muy feliz de ver signos de crecimiento en los videos, la maestría musical y otras áreas también. Tanto en mí como en prácticamente todos y cada uno de los músicos de nuestra comunidad.

@cabelindsay Amé tu canción, sus frases , tu presentación, la técnica.
Eres poesía pura 🌼🎶💕😱🙏🌸🥰💞😍.
Te mando un apapacho lleno de bendiciones y buena vibra 🌼🥰

Delightful! Thank you. Sure feels good to begin knowing you. I'm grateful for the music, for introducing us. Happy we have this place to deepen our knowing through the expression and connection that music makes possible.

¡Encantador! Gracias. Seguro que se siente bien empezar a conocerte. Estoy agradecido por la música, por presentarnos. Felices tenemos este lugar para profundizar nuestro conocimiento a través de la expresión y conexión que la música hace posible.

what a beautiful answer, 🌸🧘🏾🌸🙏mirror.
happy to find someone with such beautiful energy
grateful that by flowing in the muse we were able to connect through it,🎶🎶🌸🙏🌸🎶

by flowing in the muse we are able to connect through it

Ah, I feel that! My happy heart honors you and your words too, friend.

Bro your sound is so unique, you definitely make a difference in this community, the arrangements, the editing, very good job.

From the first time I heard you I said umm you are not afraid to take risks, you are confident in your lyrics and your music, you feel that freedom and peace in your interpretations.

You are an example for many and for me obviously. A hug, peace 🙏

Bro tu sonido es tan unico, definitivamente marcas la diferencia en esta comunidad, los arreglos, la edición, muy buen trabajo.

Desde la primera vez que te escuche dije umm no teme arriesgarse, confia en sus letras y en su musica, se siente esa libertad y paz en las interpretaciones.

Eres ejemplo para muchos y para mi obviamente. Un abrazo, paz

Oh! Your words are so deeply felt, brother, thank you. I cherish what you have written here. Thank you again, yes! I'm so happy for the ways this community brings musicians and listeners together to learn and grow, and deepen bonds of brotherhood around the world. Sending you a hug too. Peace.

¡Vaya! Tus palabras son tan profundas, hermano, gracias. Aprecio lo que has escrito aquí. ¡Gracias de nuevo, sí! Estoy muy feliz por las formas en que esta comunidad reúne a músicos y oyentes para aprender y crecer, y profundizar los lazos de hermandad en todo el mundo. Te mando un abrazo a ti también. Paz.

brother, what a beautiful song you have brought us! the lyric bring a lot of inspiration. Sometimes thinking too much about the future or the past exhausts me! I loved the background of the electrical storm, it's very cool. a hug brother 🤗.

Thank you! This song is one of the first ones that brought me peace when I played it. It has often challenged me to learn techniques, and seek beauty, and be present with the here and the now. Nice of you to notice the intention and the effort, thanks again.

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Ohh beautiful song! I also love the video style withe the background and you being there twice!

Excellent song brother, I congratulate you, you are very creative and your songs reach the soul with those extraordinary messages, the editing of the video is spectacular, those rays give the divine energy of the Universe, what a wonderful publication, greetings and success brother

Beautiful! You write your own stuff?
I wish I could do that.. never tried it..
Food for thought. 😀
Thanks so much for sharing! Love the vibe!

I love this! Cool production quality, I really appreciate the positive message behind it, and I love the creative quality of your work. Keep it up my dude!