🎵 “When I Come Down” (Original) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 106

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.


This week has me in the Spring spirit, ready for a bicycle ride. In fact, it turns out there are a lot of occasions to celebrate bicycles this week: Tuesday was National Bike Day, yesterday was the 4/20 holiday, and tomorrow is Earth Day, yay! "Bicycle" is also the theme of this week's Hive Open Mic event, expertly chosen by @palimanali.

I happen to have a song that mentions bicycles in it, and I'm happy for the chance to share it today. I remember a time just before my children arrived, when I bought myself a bike to ride, while I was in grad school, and I felt like a kid again then. Yes, this song brings me back to the bicycle days of my childhood, popping wheelies.

One time, I rode my bike into a dust devil. Do you know about dust devils? They're basically whirling winds kicking up dirt, like mini tornados. Knocked me off my bike, ouch! Another time, I waved at a friend's car passing by, and then my wheel hit the sidewalk, sending me flying, flipping over the entire sidewalk, and landing on the cushy grass. So many spills, and that's just part of the thrill.

When I Come Down

In the city is where I’m living
In the country is where I’m from
Where the children freeze their toes
Making snow angels
Where the children crash their bikes
Into dust devils

I’m on my way way up to the mountains
I’m on my way way out out of town
I want to climb those hills in the clouds
I want some stories to tell when I come down

In the city is where I’m living
In the country is where I’m gonna go
Where the huckleberries hide
Where the grizzly bears reside
I’ll kick my outdoors open wide
I’ll let my inner animal outside

I am a wild child with childish needs
And the wilder part of me belongs in the country

I’m on my way way up to the mountains...




Hive Open Mic - Week 106 is underway right now, with the current theme: “Bicycle". We introduce new themes every Sunday, inviting musicians to share a common current. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. There is still time to jump in and enjoy this week's Hive Open Mic event!


Enjoy? Join in.


This is awesome man, I absolutely love your energy!

I remember, when I got out if the army, I went to University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS for a few years of art school; I found a BMX bike with flat tires that someone had left on the curb with their trash. I put new tires on it, and began to enjoy some of the best years of my life - a young man with the energy of a boy, wild and free - I rode that sucker everywhere! …and what you said just brought all that back to me in an instant - it was like being a kid again. The wind in my hair, rushing over my face and hands, the thrill of a sweet jump hopping over curbs, the slight fear when the handle bars wobble from going too fast down a hill - these feelings bring tears of joy and gratitude, I’m fortunate to have known these feelings.

This fits so nicely with this post from @mipiano that just went up today, talking about how certain things can bring memories back to life; it’s funny how things sometimes seem so intricately connected.

Anyway, thank you for awakening these memories in me, Kola!

How fun! Yes, that "wild and free" feeling you describe is just how I felt, being a young man and riding a bike. How cool of you to relate with me, and also see a relation in the post from @mipiano—she's extremely brilliant. Thanks for your great comment, my friend.

Indeed, Kola! I dig your style! Thanks for responding to me - i know I’ll see you around :)

Definitely this bike theme has brought out our inner child and made us connect with the magic of childhood, I imagined every place and experience you mention, someday I will make snow angels. Loved your song.

Nicely said. Yes, it's so true. This week is turning out to be great fun, with many of us letting out the kid inside... Oh yes, making snow angels is lovely.

Haha, you haven't been very lucky, have you!
I know all about sore knees and such, got one right now..
Didn't need a bike for me to fall over, though, just walking on a grass edge
did it for me... lol

Great tune!
You are very productive, amazing!

Yep, it's rare that I have the knees of my jeans intact. It was a common refrain at my home growing up: "How many times do I have to stitch up your jeans?!" :) Hope your sore knee feels strong again soon.

Yes, looking good, the plaster came off yesterday, thank you! 😁

Really cool video edition Cabe! 🌟 I imagine you could indeed ride the bike and play the guitar at the same time.
I remember, many many weeks ago @ricardomello had an entry riding the bike and playing, but I don't remember the number of the week.

Hahaha, and you flying and falling down and all. That is the part of healthy growing up!! Great!!

Oh that's right, he did play the guitar on a bicycle one time. That's probably what planted the idea in the first place. I'm really enjoying all of the childlike humor and fun coming through in the music this week!

Yes, there are a lot of those memories that were brought through the songs and stories of the members 🎶

hahah thanks for mentioning @mipiano, it was nice time, amazing that you remember that video from almost a year ago, have a nice day you are very friendly

I have elephant memory, I remember so many things, posts, people...
And even I can say that I remember your first (or one of the first) entries in Hive Open Mic 🎶 :D

wooh! I knew it, you are super hero, elephant memory is an amazing power

Hahahha, super elephant hero 😂

As expected, you did a great editing on your video, fortunately this time you didn't fall hahaha.

I think biking is partly like life, we fall down but we have the ability to get up, sometimes we wobble but eventually we straighten up.

Congratulations for this great composition dear Cabe.

Yeah, it's true. Falling is an essential part of learning. I'm so glad you raised emphasis to that point, because I really need to integrate it as a lesson. I used to let myself go super fast, crash hard, and then do it all over again. I'm catching myself being hesitant to fly like that these days, in various areas of life, but maybe it's time to take some more risks—musically, for starters.

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Very cool song!

Sound like fresh air in Spring and the background fit perfectly with the theme.

Good vibes for you 🎶🌸✌️

Thank, friend. I had a lot of fun with this one. Feels good to carry a song so lighthearted.

Okay the bike edit is crazy cool. Your lyrics capture the theme in a unique way as usual, fascinating that you had this song before now.

It's a blessing to be able to write your own songs. This was so good.

Thank you, my friend. I'm glad to be learning some new tricks and playing with different techniques visually like this. I am a videographer by occupation, and I'm always finding room for improvement. Songwriting is the gift that keeps on giving; I'm so grateful for it! Where are you at in your songwriting journey these days?

wow 😳 Cabe I love your posts I'm sincere, your photos your videos your voice, well don't even say you're an excellent artist, everything is spectacular, I love it 😍✨ I enjoy watching it haha!!! 🤩✨ I love it thank you for sharing this beautiful presentation.

Wow right back atcha. Your post this week is stellar, friend! I always knew you had the bright singing voice, and this week your video just showed you as the star you are. 🌟 I'm really grateful for your words here, thank you. So glad we have this community to witness other people's artistic journeys, feel inspired, and fly with our ideas.

😍🤩🤗 Si mi querido amigo, muchas gracias por tener está hermosa comunidad yo la amo, jajj, gracias a ti que la creaste, nos deleitamos viendo los trabajos de otras personas también, y es muy agradable. Muchas gracias 🥰 te queremos mucho Abrazos...🤗💞✨

@cabelindsay , What a wonderful energy you transmitted to me in this topic, I could travel to those beautiful places and enjoy the video, the music, everything you expressed.
I always wanted to learn to ride a bike, I didn't have one as a child, but someday I will have one and I will learn even with training wheels 😂🤭🥰.
To be able to feel that sensation that must produce to go driving while your whole body travels in harmony with nature enjoying the fresh air and a beautiful landscape.
Thanks for making me fly with that theme, I imagined myself on a bike 🤭🌸🎶.

P.S. I couldn't help, seeing the name of the bike , it's named almost the same as me (Maya)💖🎶.

I love it💖🌸🎶

Oh I so wish we could ride bikes together. It's never too late. Yes, being on a bicycle is a total blast, going fast, feeling the breeze, connecting with nature and moving through beautiful space. I'm glad to know you, Itzche Maya.

Yes, that's how you describe it, that's how I've always imagined it.
And yes it would be super cool to ride a bike together while we philosophize a bit about the mysteries of the universe 🤭🧘🏾🌼.
It also gives me great joy to meet you and even more so because it's been through art 🙏🌼🎶🤗🌸💖.

I send you a musical hug @cabelindsay

Hi brother. Video clip is so nice and excellent. Colorful entry 🙂

Hey thanks for your comment. I appreciate you for checking it out, brother.

So original! Too much talent in a video, I liked it a lot, I hope you are very well. Always showing him the artist in you 🚴👏✨💫

This was a lot of fun, and I'm thankful for the "bicycle" invitation to remind me to be playful while I'm playing music. Thank you!

Cabe that was nice and fun 🙌😀💛, playing and singing on a bike 🚲, was one of the most creative I've seen for the theme without a doubt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. This song is very cool, I like its spirit and its essence, it is the exact story of how we can feel on a bicycle, because in it there are many adventures!!!!

A hug dear Brother, you did a great job with the edition, very realistic and undoubtedly an audiovisual enjoyment, you make your songs a complete and unforgettable experience 💖, You Rockkkkk 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

You're so cool to keep your comments so vibrant, and enjoyable to read, as well as being the generous listener and thoughtful friend you are. Thank you!

You are welcome dear Cabe 🙌😀💛, it is a really pleasure for me 💖 and thank you for your kindness and brotherhood, I am very grateful to you dear Brother 🙏, we are one big FAMILY!!! 👊😊🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯.

Brother Cabe, you brought me so much joy with this video. I loved watching you riding your bike up the country mountains while playing this great song.

I have a bike too and I definitely feel like a kid when I ride it. It brings me a lot of joy, besides being very good for my health and for the planet.

Keep it up, giving your best in every performance.

:) Thanks sister! Feels good to bring some humor into the music. This week has given our community a breath of fresh air, I feel, while we reflect on our childhoods, and remind ourselves of the simple pleasure of riding a bicycle. Ah, I'm happy.

That's a great clip, man. I can say that I have watched it over and over again.😄😄😄✌️✌️

Nice of you to give it a listen, friend, thank you.

Fresh and happy and funny!!!
I am transported to your journey here and full of joy!!!
Hills in the clouds.. that reminds me of Albert Hoffmans bicycle trip!!!
Also I like the image of the kids playing uin the snow and its message:

When life is joyfull, cold is nothing!!!

cheers Cabe, and again, amazing art man!!!

Thanks so much! Man, look at all of the fun music you prompted with your "Bicycle" theme. What a good idea. I was just reflecting with someone else that it feels like a breath of fresh air, with the invitation to remember our childhood days, and honor the inner child today too. Thank you for being a good friend to this community, and a brother to me.

I hadn't heard of Albert Hoffman, although he sounds familiar. I looked him up. What a great story of the origin of Bike Day, and LSD, and all. This man seems like a brilliant person. Yeah, similarly, when I was making the video I remembered some trippy scenes in the old Willy Wonka movie, and also a bicycle scene in the Pee Wee's Big Adventure. :)

Image Source: https://www.inverse.com/article/14503-bicycle-day-albert-hofmann-lsd-acid-trip

Exactly!! that Hoffman!!

I'll check out pee wee adventures!!!

How spectacular the video looks and the song is wonderful, that beautiful lyric of your music is appreciated, the effect of riding a bicycle and playing and singing is incredible greetings and successes

Thanks for being here and showing your support, my friend. It was a joy putting this one together.

Oh qué hermosa letra mi querido amigo,escuchar tu canción me trajo muchos recuerdo. En especial empeze aprender a manejar bicicleta, sufrí muchas caídas pero lo logré, jeje fue un placer escucharte🥰🤗

What always gets me about your performances is how unique one is from the other.
It is in the details, the passion, the energy, the vibe, the whole performance is pure magic.

Yet another exceptional performance Cabe!😊😊😊😊👌👌👌💫😍😍😍😍

Woow bro! Just amazing, funny and really nice singing. Gratz

What a funny idea you came up with for this video, I never expected to see something like this, now I feel like riding a bike x.x I liked the tone of this song, you were very original :3 @cabelindsay

Happy you're feeling some good memories. I'm glad to look back sometimes and reflect on life. Maybe it means we're overdue for a bicycle ride?