Hive Open Mic | Week 106: “Bycicle” | Rondo Alla Turca - Violin duo - Mozart

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Es un placer una vez más poder participar en la semana del micrófono abierto de Hive. El tema de la semana, que por cierto ya termina para seguir con la próxima, me ha dejado pensando mucho en que podía presentar.

La temática "Bicicleta" sí que trajo muy buena participación esta semana que termina, pensar en bicicleta me transporta a la infancia; a esos momentos en los que uno se siente libre y solo el viento te acompaña. El motivo principal de escoger el "Rondo Alla Turca" o marcha turca del gran Mozart, es la Sonata para piano 11 en la mayor de este compositor; una sonata para piano muy conocida aunque sea de oído.

Ese aire juguetón y libre, que invita a divertirse, a volar e imaginar, se puede comparar fácilmente al montar una bicicleta y es por ello que lo he elegido esperando sea de vuestro agrado.

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It is a pleasure once again to be able to participate in Hive's open mic week. The theme of the week, which by the way is already ending to continue with the next one, has left me thinking a lot about what I could present.

The theme "Bicycle" did bring very good participation this week that ends, thinking about bicycle transports me to childhood; to those moments when you feel free, and only the wind accompanies you. The main reason for choosing the "Rondo Alla Turca" or Turkish march by the great Mozart, is the Piano Sonata 11 in A major by this composer, a very well piano sonata even if it is by ear.

That playful and free air, which invites to have fun, fly and imagine, can be easily compared to riding a bicycle, and that is why I have chosen it, hoping it will be to your liking.


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Detrás de cada grabación por lo general hay algo que confesar, la verdad es que no fue nada fácil hacer este tema. Grabar ambas voces por separado para luego unirlas, me dio mucho trabajo y finalmente aquí está. La grabación fue realizada con el programa para PC "Audacity" luego utilicé los apps "DolbyOn" y "BandLab" en mi teléfono Android para los retoques finales de ecualización.

En cuanto el video, volví a "Filmora X", pero ya mi computadora de escritorio pide clemencia y creo me toca obligadamente hacerle algunas mejoras si pretendo seguir exigiéndole a la hora de editar.

Finalmente, no tengo más que agradecer por llegar hasta acá y cualquier comentario lo atesoro muchísimo. Espero sea de vuestro agrado y espero seguir mejorando con cada grabación realizada.

Behind every recording there is usually something to confess, the truth is that it was not easy to make this song. Recording both voices separately and then joining them together, gave me a lot of work, and finally, here it is. The recording was done with the PC program "Audacity" then I used the apps "DolbyOn" and "BandLab" on my Android phone for the final touches of equalization.

As for the video, I went back to "Filmora X", but my desktop computer is already begging for mercy and I think I have to make some improvements if I want to continue demanding it when editing.

Finally, I have nothing else to thank you for coming this far and I treasure any comment. I hope you like it and I hope to keep improving with each recording.


  • Los separadores usados y muchos otros están disponible haciendo clic aquí y su uso es de libre distribución, hay muchos que son realmente geniales se los recomiendo.

  • Fuente de Imágenes, captura de pantalla del video editada en Paint para Windows. Vídeo realizado y editado con mi Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro.

  • The separators used and many others are available by clicking here and their use is free for distribution, there are many that are really cool and I recommend them.

  • Image Source, screenshot of the video edited in Paint for Windows. Video made and edited with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro.


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Me alegro que también has traído música clásica a la escena, Mozart por supuesto es una elección muy buena. Buen trabajo tocando dos de tí :))
Gracias por tu participación en la semana 106 de hive open mic.


Gracias @mipiano es bueno poder ofrecer algo de diversidad... Hay muchísimos géneros y por qué no algo de música clásica. Gracias por comentar, saludos.

siii, siempre tenemos que ir ampliando nuestro repertorio.
y si esto significa otro género, pues esto también !🎶

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Wow, brilliant, just brilliant!
Your twin is just as good as you! 😁
Great job, love it! 👏

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the praise. 😂 I pulled out a few gray hairs so that my twin would show up just today. 😅 It makes me happy to know that you liked it. Thank you for your kind comment.

I bet you did get some grey hairs putting that together!
Tough one to get that right.
Got one like that on my blog, so I know.. 😀
Yours looks even more tricky with the speed.. impressive!


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Its nice and for sure a lot of effort behind, but sorry as from Austria I never can otherwise than to compare Mozart played by the best, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. I know this may be unfair to take them to compare ;-)
And so to be honest I think it would sound better taking only one single tune, so you would avoid some strange sounding parts and could dive soulful into this wonderful music

!LUV but I apreciate your music :-)

I really appreciate your comment, the truth is that it is very complicated to make this kind of music without having the connection with your partner or that both violins are together. Musicians are like doctors, there is always something to learn, something to improve. Thanks for stopping by to watch the video. Greetings from Venezuela

For sure its very difficult :-) and you did great

Thank you very much, thank you for taking the time to view.

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